TAK Precision Wire Straightener photo wire straighteners wire treatment machinery metallurgy and metalworkTAK offers only “Precision & Premium Grade” wire straighteners. Our wire straighteners are ideally suited to remove “cast” or “helix” from round wire as well as flatten strip material. In many cases even strip “camber” can be controlled. TAK has available Precision Wire Straighteners ( PWS ) that can handle wire diameters up to .375″ ( 9.4mm )

All TAK wire straighteners incorporate the following special features:
Seven or more roll bearings per plane – Standard grade wire straighteners have as few as three.
Independent adjustments for each roll bearing – Standard grade wire straighteners typically have only some that are adjustable.
Low friction 120-degree “V” groove control channel. – Standard grade wire straighteners typically use a harsher 90-degree that can mark round wire.
Caliper Measurement Set-up & Confirmation – Lesser grade straighteners use the unreliable “touchy, feely” method which is slow and does not address ISO procedure & documentation requirements.
Bearing Position Locking Torque Wrench – Always a “free” tool included with each TAK wire straightener purchased. Eliminates brakeage of the positioning and bearing screws through over-torquing.
Smaller Bearing Roll Diameters and Closest Center to Center Positioning – Results in an easier breaking of the wire memory and reacts to fine adjustments more aggressively.
Scientific Straightening Approach with TAK “Quick Set Reference Chart” – Allows for a very quick “zeroing” of the wire straightener and faster set-up.
TAK Recording Chart – Used to record each wire application set-up for future use. It eliminates the need to go through the set-up effort on duplicate applications.

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