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Can-sealing Machine

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Can sealing Machine photo other machines tinned food manufacturing equipment gastronomy food production

Can-sealing Machine. Application:It is applicable to EOE covers of pop can, plastic can, paper can, glass can, starter can, chicken essence seasoning can, health product can, fish egg can, tea can, aluminum can and iron can. Sealing of cans in different specifications and sizes is available through exchange of a few spare parts. It is ideal can-sealing equipment for medium- and small-sized food & beverage plants.Characteristics:The product boasts the features of sound sealing quality, simple and compact structure, convenient operation and repair, small size, small weight and low noises.

Leeland machine factory
Telephone:0757-86607890 86662381
Adress:Danzao Town, Nanhai Area, Foshan, Guangdong

Automatic can seamer for tin/ aluminium/ composite cans (cardboard closures) 40 – 50 p/min, max. ø 100 mm, INDOSA-matic 100 K2

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Automatic can seamer for tin/ aluminium/ composite cans (cardboard closures) 40   50 p/min, max. ø 100 mm, INDOSA matic 100 K2 photo can seamers

Automatic can seamer for tin/ aluminium/ composite cans (cardboard closures) 40 – 50 p/min, max. ø 100 mm, INDOSA-matic 100 K2. Fully automatic seaming machine for sealing of environmentally friendly cardboard bottoms onto composite cans
In basic structure and conception this machine is exactly alike the thousand times well proved INDOSA-matic for seaming of “normal” tin or aluminium bottoms onto tin or composite cans. Even the handling and capacity do hardly differ from a tin bottom seaming machine. Instead of a lid destacker with slide a lid destacker with suction cup and in lieu of a seaming chuck with 2 seaming rolls 2 heat-sealing stations are in use. For the applier the machine is just as uncomplicated and easy to handle as all INDOSA-matics. Instead of tin bottoms the can manufacturer supplies you with cardboard bottoms, also made with an appropriate INDOSA tool.

It is as well possible to integrate into this INDOSA-matic seaming machine an INDOSA filling machine suitable for your product. Consequently, this automatic machine can in a simple manner be extended to a compact automatic filling and seaming unit.

The INDOSA programme aIso includes corresponding transportation belts, accumulation tables, packaging tables, etc.

Likewise, in case of great need the cardboard bottoms can be manufactured directly from a cardboard reel, using an INDOSA KST blanking and deep-drawing machine.

Some advantages of the cardboard bottom on composite cans:
- Environmentally friendly, future-orientated
- Reasonable in price with regard to manufacture and basic material
- Reasonably priced waste disposal (paper can with paper bottom)
- Perfect, tight sealing (heat-sealed and compressed)
- Fully automatic seaming machine for sealing of environmentally friendly cardboard bottoms onto composite cans

Industriestrasse 24
P.O.Box 447
CH-9434 Au (St.Gallen)
Telephone: +41 (0)71 747 57 57
Telefax: +41 (0)71 747 57 47

Downdraft sanding table 53 808 LPM (1900 SCFM)

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Downdraft sanding table 53 808 LPM (1900 SCFM) photo sanding tables

Downdraft sanding table 53 808 LPM (1900 SCFM)
- Eliminate airborne dust and contaminants while sanding.
- Ideal for use with non-vacuum, central-vacuum, orvacuum ready tools equipped with non-vacuum pads.
- Dual filtration – accepts 1-micron pleated paper filters and one 5-micron pre-filter blanket
- Rhino Linings coated tabletop surface is durable and anti-slip.
- Electric capacity: 230V/50 Hz single phase.

8989 Sheridan Drive Clarence,
New York 14031-1490
United States

Electric cable recycling machine

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Electric cable recycling machine photo other machines cable processing equipment electronic and electrical engineering

Electric cable recycling machine. Cogelme complete system for cable scrap separation recovers pure COPPER, ALUMINIUM and other valuable metals from cables.
The system is very compact and comfortable to achieve purely separated different materials of a cable.
Functioning of the system:
- cables are grinded to very fine homogeneous sizes
- metals are automatically separated from inert materials
- paper, powder, etc. are absorbed by aspirator

In the result you have pure copper, aluminium or steel granules recovered from plastics and rubber.

The system process around 120 Kg/h of cables. Apart of standard version of 400 V is available a model of 200 V 3,5 KW.

S.S. per Genova / Via Postumia
15057 Tortona (AL) – Italy
Tel. +39 0131 861880
Fax. +39 0131 866337
e-mail: info@cogelme.it

Medium-Sized Rotary Tablet Press Machine MODEL. KTMS series

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Medium Sized Rotary Tablet Press Machine MODEL. KTMS series photo presses for extrusion of products from tanks

Medium-Sized Rotary Tablet Press Machine MODEL. KTMS series. We were established in 1989 as the first privately owned export representative in Korea and we are a member of KOTRA, KITA & KOIMA.

Established in 1989 as an export representative of machine manufacturers in Korea, JIN SUNG ENTERPRISE CO. is one of reputable exporters and importers with all range of Paper Mill Plant, Tissue Converting Machinery, Corrugated Board and Carton Manufacturing Machinery, Die Cutter, Folder Gluer, Paper Cup Making Machinery, Soft Gelatin Capsule Making Machinery, Cartoning Machinery, Aluminum Foil Converting Machinery & Plastic Converting Machinery, etc.

Since our beginning, we have become a reputable and reliable company in the machinery industry of Middle East by constantly supplying best quality machines and services at competitive prices. Especially, we are now providing worldwide customers with innovative machinery and customer-oriented services in our main fields of Paper Mill Plant, Tissue Converting Machinery and Corrugated Board & Carton Making Machinery.

Based on accumulated high technology and know-how, we have tried to maintain our growth by expanding our business scope to other machinery and overseas markets.

Tel. 82-2-325-5986
Fax 82-2-325-5989
E-mail jsentco@jinsungent.com

Work bench G-line 600 – manual glueing machine

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Work bench G line 600   manual glueing machine photo mosaic glueing equipment

G-line 600 – manual glueing machine. Work bench fully equipped to glue mosaic compositions (borders, rosettes etc.) on a support made of paper or glass fibre net so as to aid treatment and laying.
Technical Specifications
Tubular frame with adjustable feet
PVC support top for mosaic preparation and mounting operations
Brass glue-spreading roller driven by adjustable-speed motor (0.18kW / 0.25hp)
Support for paper mesh or net roller
Manual cutter to cut paper mesh or net to desired size
Drying tunnel with heater elements (L = 600mm)
Rollers at tunnel exit for tray collection.
Installed power: 0.2 kW
Dimensions: length 2600 X width 800 X height 1900 mm
Weight: 165 kg
Max operating temperature: 80-100C

Via Selice Provinciale, 17/A
C.P. 113 40026 Imola BO
VAT N. IT00498321207
Corp. Reg. BO and
Tax code 00287010375
R.E.A BO-8924
Tel: +39-0542-607111
Fax: +39-0542-642354
Email: sacmi@sacmi.it

Efficient and Durable Cigar Film Wrapping Machine

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Efficient and Durable Cigar Film Wrapping Machine photo cigar wrapping machines

Cigar film wrapping machine.
Whether it is meant to give the cigar an extra protection or to keep the humidity of the cigar on the exact level, a cigar always looks good and remains fresh when it is film wrapped by a C-100 film wrapping machine. Some time ago film wrapping of cigars was done by cellophane or on occasion by paper, but now polypropylene is mainly used and laminate films are becoming more and more popular.
For the C-100 film wrapping machine this is no problem at all for it will handle cellophane, polypropylene, laminate films as well as paper. This film wrap can easily be opened by a tear strip or a roll band which is added to the film on the C-100 film wrapping machine.
The C-100 cigar film wrapping machine can be equipped with an in feed table for manual feeding of the cigars or with a JL-hopper feeder for automatic feeding. Although the C-100 film wrapping machine is often seen as a standalone unit it is also a lot of times one of the machines in combination with other PMB-100 series machine, for example a S-100 single die-cut banding machine.
PMB Tobacco
P.O. Box 7196
5606 JD
The Netherlands
T: +31 (0)40 282 50 00
F: +31 (0)40 282 50 01
E: sales@pmb-tobacco.com

cafe italia coffee vending machine

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cafe italia coffee vending machine  photo coffee vending machines You can expect great high quality, continental-style coffee and tea at the exact strength and temperature.
High Cup capacity lengthens the time between routine filling.
Paper or Plastic Cups.
Advanced Power Management system powers down the Cafe Italia during low use times.
Enhanced Customer Interface, Large, backlit LCD screen and positive feel keypad makes choosing a drink simple.
Quick selection code for those who know what they want helps save time eg: a Strong Cappuccino with extra Sugar would be for example a number 12.
Will make drink into jugs or your own cups.

Height: 1830mm
Width: 700mm
Depth: 710mm

Revive Vending Ltd
1 Scotts Close
Downton Bus. Centre
f: 01725 513135
e: sales@revivevending.com

Duplo DFC-80 Roller Feed Collator

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Duplo DFC 80 Roller Feed Collator photo other equipment fur working machinery and equipment textile and leather productsThe Duplo DFC-80 Roller Feed Collator offers all the sophistication of a larger finishing system but at an affordable price. This roller feed collator handles up to 70 sets per minute or 4,200 straight stacking sets per hour and has a receiving bin capacity of 350 sheets. It has various error detections and paper feed bin detections such as misfeed, double-feed, paper jam, conveyance cover open/close, receive bin full, bin empty, and more. Some of the DFC-80′s features include an LCD control panel, 4-digit ascending/descending counter, reset button, straight/offset stacking, energy saving mode, and much more.

Roller feed collator handles up to 4,200 sets per hour
8 feed bins
Paper sensor can detect misfeeds, double feeds, out-of-paper, and paper jams
Bin capacity of 350 sheets
LCD control panel displays current operating status
4-digit ascending/descending counter
Quickly and easily feed wide range of stocks with tray tension and separator control
Overlap function allows operator to vary sheet overlapping for more efficient running of the most difficult stocks
Reset button sets up all detectors
Programming mode allows operator to load stock while machine runs
Straight/offset stacking

3050 South Daimler Street. Santa Ana, CA. 92705
949.752.8222 TEL
800.255.1933 TEL
949.851.3054 FAX

Cimage K10 Photo ID Card Printer

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Cimage K10 Photo ID Card Printer  photo other equipment fur working machinery and equipment textile and leather productsA cost-effective and very compact monochrome card printer to print text, logos, and bar codes. It can also print on paper business cards. Prints at the same 300 dpi resolution as larger more expensive printers. Has many applications for your low volume card printing needs

Prints a plastic card in 6 seconds
300 dpi print resolution
Small footprint (7.28″ W x 5.21″ D)
Can print on paper cards

Cimage Global Headquarters
1000 Great West Road
Telephone +44 (0)208 232 2555
Fax +44 (0)208 758 9388

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