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Fan gun M18 Automatic

Fan Guns Comments Off

Fan gun M18 Automatic photo fan gunsFan gun M18 Premium – Technical data
Length (with undercarriage) 114 inch
Width (with undercarriage) 96 inch
Height (with undercarriage) 92 inch
Weight of gun 1224 lb
Weight of undercarriage and supports 364 lb
Rotation 360 deg.
Max. angle 45 deg.
Connected load 12,5 kW
Compressor 4 kW
Heating 0,3 – 1,0 kW
Voltage 480/600 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Connecting plug (CEE compliant) 63 A
Kamlok water coupling 2“
Min. water pressure 116 PSI
Water filter 250 micron
Fixed nozzles 10 Quadrijet
Variable nozzles 10 Quadrijet
Nucleators 5

TechnoAlpin Austria GmbH
Stadlweg 25
A-6020 Innsbruck
Telephone +43 (512) 341 501
Fax +43 (512) 341 501-4
www www.technoalpin.com
e-mail info@technoalpin.at

GEMMODUL M4 Polariscope

Polariscopes Comments Off

GEMMODUL M4 Polariscope  photo polariscopes First time ever a cool, diffuse fluorescent lamp replaces the traditional incandescent bulb.
High Colour Rendering Index of CRI = 90.
7 Watt white energy saving lamp.
Flickerfree high frequency operation with electronic ballast.
Extendable with optional accessories.
Order code:

White Fluorescent Lamp
Cool diffuse 7 Watt 4,000 Kelvin white lamp with the intensity of a traditional 35 Watt incandescent.
Optional Stoneholder
MAGNET-CLICK stoneholder system left or right position selectable.
Interference Figure Lens / Conoscope
Optional sphere lens, to swivel in / out. Height adjustable.
Wide Field Filters
Both filters of 50mm / 2″ diameter. Analyzer filter rotatable 360° on the bracket.
360° Stone Support Disk
Free turnable glass disk of 50mm / 2″ diameter.

Borsteler Chaussee 85-99
22453 Hamburg
Phone: +49 40 514 000 0
Fax: +49 40 514 000 30
E-Mail: info(at)eickhorst.com
Internet: www.eickhorst.com

Skrebba W117L Long Reach Heavy Duty Stapler

Staplers Comments Off

Skrebba W117L Long Reach Heavy Duty Stapler photo staplers office equipment and supplies office and computerStaple documents and organize papers with the Skrebba W117L heavy-duty stapler. The W117L stapler is capable of stapling up to 120 sheets of paper at once. Dual stops adjust from 1/8-inch to 10-inches. This stapler has a fully adjustable, 10-inch throat depth

Easily binds up to 120 sheets at once.
Great for 11″ x 17″ center stapling.
Super long reach.
Fully adjustable 10″ throat depth.
Powerful lever action.
Dual stops, adjust from 1/8″ to 10″.

skrebba-werk gmbh
neuwerkhof 8-10
d-77933 lahr
e-mail: info@skrebba.com
fax-export: 0049-7821-892-52

Staplex® ST Executive Electric Stapler

Staplers Comments Off

Staplex® ST Executive Electric Stapler photo staplers office equipment and supplies office and computer Fits anywhere super sleek footprint uses minimum desk space
Quickly and neatly staples 2-18 sheets of 20-lb. paper using full tracks of standard-size staples
“Pop-out” front loading
Adjustable depth to 1″ (2.5 cm)

Uses Staplex® Type DS 1/4″ leg High Speed Staples.

Weighs only 2‑˝ lbs. (1 kg), is only 2″ wide, 7‑˝” deep and 4‑˝” high (5 cm x 19 cm x 11 cm).

The Staplex® Company
777 Fifth Avenue
Brooklyn, New York 11232-1695
Phone: Tollfree 1.800.221.0822
or 718.768.3333 in NYC and
outside USA
Fax: 718.965.0750
E-mail: info@staplex.com


Other Equipment Comments Off

FM 1 FRAME METER photo other equipment machinery and equipment for the optical industry and for opticians other machines and equipmentThe frame’s dimensions can be identified by simply dropping the frame into the self-centering table and measuring the frame PD and both monocular PD.
Checks accuracy of patterns and finished lenses.

Pinpoints the optical center or boxing center on the frame eyeshape. Ensures the perfect lens placement of any single vision, bifocal or multifocal lens.

Range of Measurable P.D. 50mm-84mm/25mm-42mm (Monocular PD)
Range of Measurable Height (from Center) 15mm-25mm
Dimensione 200(W)x125(D)x90(H)mm
Weight 1.0kg

Cosmo Optical Co., Ltd.
President Akio Suzuki
Founded February, 1986
Country Japan
Location 200-168 Nakayama-cho
Nara 631-0012
Tel +81 (0)742 51-3527
Fax +81 (0)742 51-3528
E-Mail info@cosmo-optical.com


Lens Groovers Comments Off

AG 5 AUTO GROOVER photo lens grooversThree grooving styles – • center, • front curve and • back curve grooves – are available.
Depth and location of the groove are adjustable simply and precisely.
A high quality mond cutter wheel grooves both mineral grass and plastic lenses.

Width of Groove 0.6mm(0.7mm or 1.2mm with extra wheel)
Max. Depth of Groove 0.7mm
Tickness / meter of Lens Acceptable 1.5mm-11.0mm/28mm-70mm(25mm with extra chucks)
Dimensione 170(W)x210(D)x150(H)mm
Weight 2.7kg
Power Requirements 100-120V/60Hz AC or 200-240V/50Hz AC, 57W

Cosmo Optical Co., Ltd.
President Akio Suzuki
Founded February, 1986
Country Japan
Location 200-168 Nakayama-cho
Nara 631-0012
Tel +81 (0)742 51-3527
Fax +81 (0)742 51-3528
E-Mail info@cosmo-optical.com


Lens Drilling Machines Comments Off

DM 3 LENS DRILLING MACHINE photo lens drilling machines Two-sided drilling system performs speedy drilling without cracking of lens.
Available for all current lens materials-mineral glass. CR-39 and polycarbonate as well.
The meter of hole is simply adjustable to a precision if 0.2mm with a directly-readable scale.

Possible meter of Drilling 0.8mm-2.8mm
Dimensions 140(W)x185(D)x275(H)mm
Weight 4.1kg
Power Requirements 100-120V/60Hz AC or 200-240V/50Hz AC, 17W

dia Optical co
Tel +81(0)72-222-5767
Fax +81(0)72-238-0656
E-mail info@dia-optical.com

EZ Tracer/Blocker CFR-3000

Lens Tracers Comments Off

EZ Tracer/Blocker  CFR 3000 photo lens tracersThe Excelon EZ Series is a cost-effective and compact finishing system that integrates edging, blocking and tracing for ease of use. The one-body combined tracer and blocker provides various functions in a smaller and more convenient footprint. The Excelon EZ edger combined with the EZ tracer/blocker reduces non-value added steps and delivers high quality lenses to the market at the lowest cost of ownership.

Automatic detection of reading point
3-Dimensional feeling of front /rear sides of lens
Normal frames, rimless, and high-curved goggles can be traced
Layout adjustments done on the tracer without moving the jobs to the edger

1600 Park Avenue
Aztec West
Almondsbury Bristol, BS32 4UA
South Gloucestershire, England
Phone: +44-14-54-20-0780
Fax: +44-14-54-20-0787
E-Mail: info@gerbercoburn.co.uk


Lens Blockers Comments Off

TREDIO LS 80 BLOCKER photo lens blockersReceives digitized frame eyeshape from the the PM-80 Scanner and displays the image of the eyeshape exactly in a 1:1 dimension on an easi-view screen. Projects a super-clear, parallax-free image image of any single vision, bifocal or multifocal lens on the same screen.

Computerized automatic decentering
Once you input the patient’s P.D. directly into the PM-80 Scanner and scan the frame for the “boxed” eyeshape, no longer need to calculate to decenter the blank! The LS-80′s screen automatically pinpoints to you where the optical center of the blank should be placed against the eyeshape image. The rest of your job is just depressing the blocking knob to block the blank.
With this style of blocking the lenses are always chucked up on those geometric center (boxing center) on the edger, which style of chucking can result better bevel placement or rimless finish on the lens in comparison with the chucking up a lens on the optical center.

Style of Blocking Suction cup blocking / adhesive pad blocking
Dimensions 215(W)x270(D)x310(H)mm
Weight 4.5kg
Power Requirements 100-120V/60Hz AC or 200-240V/50Hz AC, 20W

Cosmo Optical Co., Ltd.
President Akio Suzuki
Founded February, 1986
Country Japan
Location 200-168 Nakayama-cho
Nara 631-0012
Tel +81 (0)742 51-3527
Fax +81 (0)742 51-3528
E-Mail info@cosmo-optical.com

Linde Separation Plant

Separation Systems For Gas Production Comments Off

Linde Separation Plant photo separation systems for gas productionFor customers who need large amounts of oxygen, nitrogen or argon, Linde can provide either the gas or the Air Separation Plant to generate the gas at the customer’s site.

Linde Gas and Linde Engineering work closely together and provide customers with the best individual solution.

For Air Gas Separation Plants, Linde Engineering Division is a leading technology partner for plant engineering and construction worldwide.

Global success is built on an extensive process engineering expertise in the planning, project development and construction of turnkey industrial plants.

Process plants belong to the largest and most sophisticated building structures of mankind.

Worldwide, only a few contractors are capable of designing and constructing them. With more than 1,000 process engineering patents and 4,000 completed plant projects Linde ranks among the leading international plant contractors.

Linde AG
Head Office
Klosterhofstr. 1
80331 Munich
Phone +49.89.35757-01
Fax +49.89.35757-1075
E-Mail: info@linde.com

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