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Pneumatic bottle/ air trolley/ auto jack, capacity: 30 ton

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Pneumatic bottle/ air trolley/ auto jack, capacity: 30 ton photo jacks pneumatic

Pneumatic bottle/ air trolley/ auto jack
Pneumatic bottle jack ,air trolley jack ,auto jack
MIN.H: 250 MM
G.W/N.W: 24/23KG

Jiaxing Mingheng Tools Co., Ltd.
Xinfu Road Yuxin Town
City: Jiaxing
Province/State: Zhejiang
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 314009
Telephone: 0086-137-36456019
Mobile Phone: 0086-13736456019
Fax: 0086-573-83161733

Fully Automatic Hard Capsule Production Line

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Fully Automatic Hard Capsule Production Line photo gelatine capsule making machines

Hard Gel Capsule Machine Production Line Main Function & Parameters (Type:NJ212D)
NJ212D fully automatic hard Capsule Production Line is a professional equipment specially used for producing hard empty capsule. It is used advanced single line pin pin-bar. The gel liquid which is in suitable temperature and viscidity to be added in the CPL , through the procedure of gel mixing , gel dipping , pin-bar drying transmission , extracting , opening cutting , cap-body combination , then automatically collects the requested finished production into the special container . CPL has a series function ,such as automatic speed stepless gearing , low speed starting, emergency stop , problem screen and alarm , auto temperature control , auto viscidity adjustment , auto problem recorder etc. To adapt the difference of production order , just need change some parts and pin-bar, CPL can produce 0#1#2#3# capsules .

Sky Fair Technology Co.Ltd.
4 / flr. No. 1-1, Alley 24, Lane 284,
Wu-Xing St. Xin-Yi Dist.
City: Taipei
Country/Region: Taiwan
Zip: 11043
Telephone: +886-2-27362179

Dual-hopper type Fertilizer Bagging Machine

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Dual hopper type Fertilizer Bagging Machine photo other machines fertiliser production plant and equipment chemical industry equipment

Dual-hopper type Fertilizer Bagging Machine
Suitable Materials:
It is suitable for all kinds of granular materials, such as plastic granular fertilizer, rice, sugar, salt, plastic granular in food, grain, feed in grain, food, fertlizer, feed and chemical industries.
1. Highly precision
2. Easy operation and maintainence
3. Reliable quality
4. Customer-oriented design
Main Structures:
1. Auto filling system
2. Auto weighing balance
3. Auto belt conveyor
4. Auto sewing machine or Auto heat sealing machine
5. Electric control cabinet
Flowing Process:
Manual bag placing–>Auto filling–>Auto weighting–>Auto bag conveyor–>Auto bag sewed or sealed–>Next round
Technical Parameters:
Precision: +/-0.2%
Packing speed: 150~200bags per hour or 250-350bags per hour
Weighing scale: 10-25kg, 25-60kg per bag, can be adjusted freely
Power Supply: 220Va. C and 4N-380Va. C
Power Dissipation: 1.5kW
Compressed Air: 0.4MPa-0.6MPa
Compressed Air Consume: 0.5m3 per hour

Wuxi Ruili Technology Development Co., Ltd.
No. 22, Jinyi Road, Qianqiao Industry Park,
Huishan District, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Wuxi/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 214151
Telephone Number: 86-13812005190
Fax Number: 86-510-83019122
Mobile: 86-13812005190

Freight Elevator / Cargo Lift

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Freight Elevator / Cargo Lift photo lifts passenger and cargo

Freight Elevator / Freight Lift / Cargo Lift
Full-computer professional control system, classic and reliable driving style, outstanding performance of door operating structure, high-intensity car design, make our freight elevators suitable for different locations easily. With full specifications, good performance, high reliability and superior performance-price ratio, Aote freight elevators provide relevant solutions for diversified cargo carrying and can be suitable for different architectures’ construction, extensively used in goods transportation locations, such as factory, producing line, workshop, marketplace, shopping center and exhibition hall.

Zhejiang Aote Elevator Co., Ltd.
No. 68 Xunheng North Road,
Nanxun, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Wuxi/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 313009
Telephone Number: 86-510-85917876
Fax Number: 86-510-85917876
Mobile: 86-15906172662

High Capacity Grain Cleaner Model 480

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High Capacity Grain Cleaner Model 480 photo grain cleaners milling and pasta processing equipment agriculture and food processing
Farm King builds two grain cleaner models that are designed to separate the dockage from grain before it gets shipped or stored, increasing profit in a variety of ways. Dockage reduces bin storage capacity and increases shipping costs. Cleaned grain dries faster and screenings can be used as animal feed.
The 360 can clean up to 1000 bushels per hour and the two-stage screening system ensures that most of the dockage is removed. The screenings are discharged onto the ground while cleaned grain is distributed through a built-in chute for convenient loading. The pulleys and adjustable mounts on the 360 are designed to fit most 1-horsepower motors. Lightweight and compact, the 360 is available with an optional 6″ intake auger for easy loading.
The higher capacity model 480 cleans up to 2500 bushels per hour, depending on moisture content and the amount of dockage. The two-stage screening process and large 48″ diameter drum ensures the trash and fines are thoroughly removed from grain. Powered by a 3-horsepower motor, the 480 includes an optional removable intake auger and a hand-operated jack for in-field operation. Fines are separated from larger screenings and are unloaded from separate chutes. An optional trash pan is available for collecting screenings. 15″ wheels and a full frame transport are included.

Farm King
301 Mountain St. S.
Morden, Manitoba
Canada R6M 1X7
Ph.: 204.822.4467
Toll Free: 888.524.1004
Fax: 204.822.6348
Email info@buhler.com

Rotary Grain Separator

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Rotary Grain Separator photo grain separators

Rotary Grain Separator. Material to be separated falls freely through the inlet onto the coarse screen, which removes such coarse impurities as string, straw and stones. Throughs fall onto the sand sieve, which removes broken kernels, sand and other fine impurities. Tailing from the lower sieve layer consist of cleaned grain passed onto the outlet.The circular movement of the sieve facilitates an increase of the capacity on a given sieve surface and also an increase of the sieve effect. If the product must be aspirated, the SIFTER separator can be supplied with aspiration channel-built on the outlet. It will improve the efficiency of separating results.An oscilating feeder delivers a thin, uniform stream of product over the entire width of the aspirating channel. The light particles are carried away by the aspirating air that flows through channel while the separated and aspirated product drop to the outlet. Because of the many possible ways in which the air velocity can be regulated by adjusting the value of the aspiration channel. The aspirating effect can be adjusted to an optimum for he product to be aspirated.

Sifter International
Corporate office : Plot no. 227, sector-24,
Faridabad 121005, Haryana (India)
Phone no. :91-129-4060039, 2234540
Fax (Corporate Office) : 91-129-2230039
E-mail: sifter@ndb.vsnl.net.in

Strong Dry Magnetic Separator

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Strong Dry Magnetic Separator photo magnetic separators

The machine adopts permanent magnet in design, which is stable in working and the concentrate grade can be guaranteed.
The dry magnetic separator adopts single magnetic system according to the grain size. The mineral grain size of the body part is insured below 8mm guarantee, and the grain which is more than 24mm can enter for choosing. Based on the feasibility of magnetic separation, through the combination forms of design, the distributed processing is changed into centralized processing, which will improve the efficiency of the processing and grade.
The strong magnetic separator is designed with an adjustable demarcation strip, which is made of stainless steel. It can effectively guarantee the service life of the machine, and at the same time avoid the possibility of the rust influence the mineral grade. Demarcation strip can be adjusted flexibly and fixed quickly, which plays a significant role in the production process for the guarantee of mine quality.
The whole structure is simple, and the transmission part adopts the naked type, which realizes rapid maintenance and repair in the production process.
Combined with higher electrical control technology, the production and operation is more convenient and easy to understand, which not only raise the efficiency but also reduce the operator in labor force.

Tianchuang Machinery
No. 354, Liu Yong Road,
Liuzhou, Guangxi,P.R.China
Tel:+86-13707729857 (li)
Contact:Lan Yaochun
Mobile:+8613507726005 (lander)

High-performance Seed Grain Beans Magnetic Separator

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High performance Seed Grain Beans Magnetic Separator photo magnetic separators

Seed Grain Beans Magnetic Separator
1, 5CX-5 high-performance magnetic election graders is to separate clod from grain.
2, It is based mainly on grain mixed with mud and clod, with the appropriate speed through a closed strong magnetic field, when the material spilled out, due to the different strength of attraction of the magnetic field, and shed the near and far, to separate clod from grain.
1, 304 stainless steel sheet metal machine, magnetic closure strict, less magnetic flux leakage.
2, the magnetic field strength of magnetic roller is greater than 14, 000 gauss. The magnetic field strength, large magnetic, good magnetic effect
3, the wide magnetic surface design, width of magnetic election surface is 1300m, to ensure that the processing capacity and improve the magnetic effect.
4, the original design of bulk grain equipment, bulk grain uniform, no maintenance, greatly reducing the losses caused by the vibration feeder damage.

Shijiazhuang Julite Machinery Co., Ltd.
No. 10 Gaoji Street North Outer Ring,
Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
City/Province: Shijiazhuang/Hebei
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 050061
Telephone Number: 86-311-87796919
Fax Number: 86-311-87790905
Mobile: 86-15930185899

Effective CASH Poultry Killer –.22 Cartridge Powered Tool

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Effective CASH Poultry Killer –.22 Cartridge Powered Tool photo killers

CASH Poultry Killer –.22 Cartridge Powered Tool
Suitable for use on chickens, turkeys, ducks and geese
Easy to use and reliable tool for on farm use
Effective lightweight tool
Well balanced
Uses low cost cartridges

Accles & Shelvoke
Selco Way, Off First Avenue,
Minworth Industrial Estate,
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands B76 1BA
Main Office Switchboard Tel: +44 (0) 121 313 4567
Fax: +44 (0) 121 313 4569

Trouble-free Turkey Neck Cutter Model CPP

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Trouble free Turkey Neck Cutter Model CPP photo neck cutters

Turkey Neck Cutter Model CPP
Absolutely the most durable, trouble-free hock and neck cutter available.
No springs – pneumatic blade closing and opening insures no down time due to spring failure.
More power – the Model CPP does not have to overcome springs; all air pressure is converted into cutting force.
Rugged construction for low maintenance.
Constructed from corrosion resistant materials for optimum hygiene.
Meets national and international requirements for safety and hygiene.

Sedgbeer Processing Supplies
Unit 13
Mill Road
Phone: +44 (0)1373 812 445
Mobile: 07850 975303
Email: info@sedgbeer.co.uk

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