Progressive Cavity Pump photo dewatering and transporting equipmentJohnson Screens offers a wide range of progressive cavity pumps and after–market replacement parts that are interchangeable with other manufacturers of pin and gear joint style pumps. Extensive research and testing has ensured interchangeability of the pump and parts that meet or exceed the performance and longevity of the original equipment.

Johnson Screens’ after-market replacement pumps and parts offer outstanding quality at very competitive pricing. To ensure accountability and operational durability Johnson Screens develops and manufactures the stator elastomers in-house to ensure the highest quality.

Whether searching for after-market replacement pumps, or parts for a pin or gear joint style pump, new application for sludge transfer, polymer dosing, chemical blending or food processing, the progressive cavity pumps by Johnson Screens provide the highest quality for the most severe and extensive applications.

The progressive cavity pumps by Johnson Screens can easily handle fluids from thin, flowable liquids to highly viscous, abrasive materials, as well as high concentrations of suspended solids.

Viscous fluids, slurries, and abrasives (viscosities up to 100,000 CP)
Suspended particles of varies shapes and sizes
Non-Shearing – shear sensitive fluids: wine, food product, polymers. Does not alter the fluid during pumping process
Flow from fraction capacity to 2000 GPM (454 m3/hr) and pressure to 2300 PSI (160 kgf/cm2)
Temperatures to 300°F (149°C)
Self priming (high lift capability)
Non-pulsating / vibrating for accurate flow monitoring
Positive displacement – flow rate directly proportional to speed change

With a professional staff of sales, service and engineering personnel ready to support your needs Johnson Screens has the solution for your pumping requirement.

Johnson Screens – New Brighton
Sales and Manufacturing Location
1950 Old Hwy 8 NW
55112 New Brighton
+1 651 636 3900 or +1-800-VEE-WIRE
+1 651 638 3132

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