Pepe EZ Cast Chamber Style Vacuum Casting Machine photo casting plantThe EZ-Cast is a combination vacuum investing/chamber style vacuum casting machine. A powerful 3 CFM heavy duty direct drive two stage vacuum pump pulls 29.9” of negative mercury pressure using a 9” x 8” bell jar in 30 seconds at sea level. That’s faster than machines costing almost twice as much and the number one reason we recommend this combination invest and cast machine for your casting shop. As an investing machine the EZ-Cast will handle large flasks up to 4” x 7” with ease, and as a chamber casting machine it can handle perforated flasks from 3-3/8” x 4” up to 4” x 7”. Plain flasks of any size can be placed on top of the chamber with the use of the proper gaskets. The EZ-Cast comes complete with all the gaskets and accessories needed for operation

* 3-3/8” x 4″ perforated flask
* 3-3/8″ sprue base
* Rubber flask sleeve
* Perforated flask tongs
* Melting dish with handle
* 1 Quart Vacuum pump oil
* Investment table rubber pad 10-1/2″ square
* 2 Steel adapter rings: 4-1/4″ & 3-1/2″
* Solid flask adapter plate with 1/4″ hole
* Silicone Seals: 5-5/8″, 4-1/2″ 3-1/2″
* Silicone Casting Pad 5-3/4″ square
* 8″ x 9″ Bell Jar

Shipping weight is 110 lbs. The EZ-Cast can be shipped via UPS or FedEx. Ships in 2 boxes. The EZ-Cast measures 23″ Wide by 21″ High by 14″ Deep. Measurement is with the bell jar on.

Shipping box sizes: Box #1, 30″x17″x15″, 89 pounds, Box #2, 21″x14″x12″, 11 pounds. Because this product ships in two separate boxes, the shipping weight used for shipping charge calculations is higher than the net shipping weight.
Similar to Pro-Craft, procraft vacuume vacuum caster

Weight 120.000 lbs
Part No. 121.800P/240V
Brand Pepe
Dimensions 23″W X 21″ H X 14″ D

Otto Frei
Main Office & Warehouse Located in Oakland, California USA
126 2nd Street
Oakland, California 94607
Customer Service: 1-800-772-3456 x 1 in the USA and Canada
From outside the USA and Canada 1-510-832-0355 x 1

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