MICROFILL high speed microdosing machine photo filling machines for powdersMICROFILL is the new generation of high speed microdosing machines for aseptic environments that guarantees total control of production batches by means of a highly sophisticated 100% IPC of all vials filled (IMA LIFE PATENT PENDING).
The series is characterized by an increased output of up to 400 pcs/min, thanks to double dosing discs which fill four vials at a time.

The machine performs an electronic multi-dosage with an infinite number of dosages inside the same vial, programmable directly from the operator panel.

Powder filling is achieved by means of a vacuum-pressure dosing system.
The CIP/SIP system is available for all the parts in contact with the products.

- Standard designed for isolator application (with possibility of installation under conventional laminar flow and under isolator).
- Positive vial in-line transport system, with st. st. dowels provided with “quick snap release”.
- 100% IPC of filled volume with machine running at production speed (IMA LIFE PATENT PENDING)
- Stoppering station ergonomic design
- HMI with PC touch screen

Vials diameter (mm) 20 32 32 52
Vials height (mm) 40 75 75 110
Stopper diameter (mm) 20 20 28
Output up to 400/min up to
32 mm vial diameter
(4 fials at a time) up to 200/min with
diameter 32-52 mm
(2 fials at a time)
Standard voltage 400v – 50hz- 3 phase
Installed power 20 – 22 kw
Dosing unit compressed 35 nm3/h
Air consumption (0,2 micron– dew point– 40°)

I.M.A. Industria Macchine Automatiche S.p.A. – Via Emilia 428-442 – 40064 Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bo)

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