Microdermabrasion Machine (ZYD 1) photo microdermabrasion systems

Microdermabrasion Machine (ZYD-1)
Our Microdermabrasion machine can be used to treat many kinds of skin problem. Such as Improve the skin, which lacks luster or has thick cuticle.
Increase the collagen and enhance the skin’s elasticity
Used to treat splash and the skin, which is damaged by the light.
Reduce big pores, remove blackhead and acne mark
Improve the thin wrinkle
Improve aged skin and keratinized skin
Increase skin’s luster
Keep up With the World Fashion
Flexible adjustment of spray force makes it suitable to treat all kinds of skin.
The special design of transmittal ensures no jam within pipes
With the import key part, the system can be operated steady in a long period
With patent design of nozzle, the crystal can be saved while the effect is the same.
Accurately control of polish depth guarantees the high security
Its right treatment method and the effect have been accepted in the world.
Advantages of Microdermabrasion
To the beauty parlor: It has obvious effect, safety, no anaesthetic, short treatment period, and easy operation. It will become a feature item in your beauty parlor and bring high benefit with low investment.
To the customer: It has good treatment effect, no influence of face painting, no influence of daily life and no time needed to comeback.

Mini Microdermabrasion System lets your customers have full confident of you.
Mini Microdermabrasion System lets you keep up with the world paces.
Mini Microdermabrasion System helps you to develop your enterprise quickly and safely.

Physical Dimension: 34cm(L)*38cm(W)*24cm(H)
Weight: 20Kg
Vacuum pump power: 140VA
The pressure of alleyway of the machine: -90-0kpa
Electrical Requirement: Single Dedicated Line: 90-130V/50HZ or 60HZ; 200-260V/50HZ: 250W
The noise: 70dB(A)

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