Manual crimping tool for cable lugs photo cable crimping machines

Manual crimping tool for cable lugs
Mechanical crimping tool
with revolving dies 6-35 mm²
for cable lugs acc. to DIN 46234

Cutting tools for Alu- and copper conductors

Normal hand cable cutters up to 50 mm Ø
Hand cable cutters with ratchet up to 80 mm Ø
Hydraulic operated cable cutter up to 90 mm Ø
Battery-operated cutting tool up to 54 mm Ø
Universal cutter
Stripping tools

Stripping tools for PVC cables 0,08-16 mm²
Stripping tools for Teflon insulated cables 0,05-4 mm²
Stripping tool for coaxial cables
Crimping tools

For cable end sleeves
For cable end sleeves/strip form
For insulated cable lugs
For uninsulated tabs and receptacles
For uninsulated cable lugs and connectors
For coaxial cables
Crimping tools with exchangeable die-sets

Tools with ratchet
Hydraulic operated tools
Battery operated crimping tool
Electric driven hydraulic pumps

Electrical operated crimping machine
Tool sets

Crimping set for cable end sleeves in strip form
Profi crimp set
Tool sets
Crimpset with locators
Crimp sets linear-crimping
Crimp set for coaxial cables

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