John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker photo other machines harvesters farm use agriculture and food processingThe 7760 Round Module Builder is the next generation cotton picker, combining harvesting and module building solutions into one versatile cotton harvester.

Take a look in your equipment shed and think about the cost of the module builders, boll buggies and the number of tractors (and fuel!) you need to run it all – and that’s not including labour or insurance.

Now consider the John Deere 7760 Cotton Picker. No module builders are necessary, no boll buggies and no tarping. There is a significant reduction in the harvest time fuel and labour costs – and you could probably reduce your fleet size too – saving you thousands of dollars.

Virtually every study performed on the subject concludes that a basket picker spends up to 20% of its time unloading, waiting for boll buggies or driving back and forth to a module builder. This is time spent not picking.

Because of it’s ability to harvest virtually non-stop, the 7760 Cotton Picker gives you back that time. You get an immediate increase in your harvesting efficiency. If your harvest typically takes four weeks, you could be finished up to five days earlier!

Key features include:

* 13.5 L 6135H John Deere PowerTech Plusâ„¢ engine, delivering 500 hp (373 kW)
* 1,135 litre fuel tank
* 1,362 litre water solution tank with remote fill
* Full time 4WD
* Adjustable guide wheels for accurate row spacing
* On-board round module builder
* ProDriveâ„¢ automatic-shift transmission with 6.8 km/h picking and 8.1 km/h scrapping speed

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Lokomonkatu 21
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