H beam Hot Rolling Mill photo rolling millsH-BEAM HOT ROLLING LINE
Product mix

Wide web H125x125x6.5×9, H150x150x7x10, H175x175x7.5×11

Medium web H200x204x12x12, H148x100x12x12, H194x150x6x9, H244x175x7x11, H294x200x8x12

Narrow web
H198x99x4.5×7, H200x100x5.5×8, H248x124x5x8, H250x125x6x9, H298x149x5.5×8, H300x150x6.6×9, H346x174x6x9, H350x175x7x11, H400x200x8x13

Material dimension
280×280mm L: 5.56-9.51m
280×380mm L: 8.65-9.75m
220×220mm L: 6.79-7.89m
320×410mm L: 7.89-9.20 m

Capacity: 500,000 TPA

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