Fesco Model 1.5 Tree Planter  photo planting machines forestryDesigned for small to medium size tree farms, contractors, or Christmas tree farms. Requires 25+hp tractor. This three-point hitch tree planter is equipped with an adjustable 24″ leading coulter followed by a 1-1/2″ thick chisel type planter foot with adjustable depth and replaceable point. Designed to allow depth adjustment by the three-point hitch, the rider sits on a floating platform directly over the angled tires that heal the cut and firmly surround the seedlings after planting. The sturdy frame is constructed of heavy gauge steel with all stress points reinforced. Removable four bolt packing wheels with angle adjustment for varying soil conditions. 4″ x 12″ ribbed tires. 1.5″ x 8″ tree planter foot.

About Forestry Suppliers

When Jim Craig started this company in 1949, packages wrapped for Parcel Post shipment to customers were loaded on a Red Wagon and pulled to a nearby post office. Today, Forestry Suppliers, Inc. is a direct-mail supplier for natural resource professionals worldwide.

Our annual catalog features thousands of quality products for the forestry, environmental science, surveying/engineering, horticulture, grounds maintenance, educational professionals and more.

And our Red Wagon service continues with product support services including technical support before and after the sale, a bilingual sales staff, experienced customer service representatives, a knowledgeable bid and contract department, and an in-house repair service which all reinforce our guarantee of 100% satisfaction.

Company History

With a graduate degree in forestry and following over four years World War II service with the United States Army in England, 33-year-old James William “Jim” Craig returned to his native Mississippi in 1946 and soon began working with the Mississippi Forestry Commission. On July 1, 1948, Jim Craig hung out his shingle as a Consulting Forester, making him a Mississippi pioneer in that field. Things went well for a while until a business recession in 1949 began to take its toll. Lumber and pulpwood industries were hard hit, and the demand for consulting forestry services took a nosedive.

The economic downturn forced Jim Craig to seek ways to supplement his income. He then got the idea for a new business sideline, which he called Jim Craig’s Supply Service. The company’s first sale, invoiced February 21, 1949, was for a tree scale stick. The retail price was $1.60, plus Mississippi sales tax of 3 cents. Operating from their home, Jim and his wife, Dorabel, were soon exhibiting merchandise at gatherings for foresters. They used simple brochures to attract new customers. Word-of-mouth “advertising” also came into play. The little business grew.

In December of 1951, Jim and Dorabel set up an impressive exhibit of forestry equipment for delegates at the national convention of the Society of American Foresters held in Biloxi, Mississippi. The response exceeded expectations and, virtually overnight, the business began to spread nationwide.

During January, 1952, Jim Craig’s Supply Service was incorporated as Forestry Suppliers, Inc. Leaving his business in the hands of others, Jim Craig served as State Forester of Mississippi during the administration of Governor Hugh L. White from 1952 until 1956. He returned to Forestry Suppliers, Inc., as president and general manager in 1956. In 1963, after outgrowing three earlier locations, Forestry Suppliers moved into its own building at 205 West Rankin Street. A major expansion project was completed in 1974, one in 1990, and another in 1995 making a total now of over 100,000 square feet of office and warehouse space under one roof. Because of its unique brand of customer service, Forestry Suppliers, Inc., continues to grow and to build new friends all over the world.

Mailing Address:
Forestry Suppliers Inc.
205 West Rankin Street
P.O. Box 8397
Jackson, MS 39284-8397
Phone Numbers:
Customer Service: 800-752-8460
Sales: 800-647-5368
Technical Support: 800-430-5566
International: 601-354-3565
Bid & Contract: 800-752-8461

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