Diesel electric BDmh 2Z+4A/12 Rack wheel train photo other machines rail transport motorization and transportationThe Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) will obtain 4 new Diesel electric trains for there rack rail line in the north of the Peloponnese. The new 3 car units will replace the existing rolling stock, in operation for more than 40 years. The trains will operate on the 22.3 km long line from Diakofto, a city located at the sea side, to Kalavrita, a village in the heart of a very attractive tourist area in the mountains. The line has been built in an unusually narrow gauge standard of 750mm, overcoming the difference of altitude of 700 meters in a mixed adhesion / rack system. As a result of the ambitious conditions on the rack railway, the design of the diesel train became tailor-made and unique. Furthermore the fully air-conditioned and spaciously designed
passenger compartments contribute to an optimal ride quality.

Technical features
• Car body dimensions optimized for given loading gauge
• Attractive passenger compartments equipped with half drop windows
• Transparent driver‘s cab rear panel to view attractive landscape
• Generous luggage compartment with ski rack and luggage loading doors in the middle car
• Wheelchair space in the middle car
• Air-conditioned passenger and driver compartments
• Light weight steel car body design
• Minimum curve radius of 30 meter
• High-performance traction equipment system with a diesel engine, a three-phase asynchronous generator, an IGBT power converter and four self-ventilated asynchronous drive motors
• 3 different type of bogies: rack-wheel motor bogie, adhesion motor bogie, and trailer bogie with cog-wheel brakes
• Control and communication system with can open bus and a diagnostic display in the driver‘s cab
• Fire detecting system in the engine room and at the fuel system
• Vehicle front-end with special windshield for frontal emergency exit

Vehicle data
Customer Hellenic Railways Organisation
(OSE), Greece
Lines operated Diakofto to Kalavrita,
Gauge 750 mm
Designation BDmh 2Z+4A12
Axle arrangement 2‘B’+2’2’+B’2’ (Adhesion)
2’2’+1A’1A’+2’2’ (Rack-wheel)
Number of vehicles 4
Service start-up 2008
Seating capacity 104
Fold up seats 4
Floor height
Low floor 850 mm
High floor 1‘200 mm
Longitudinal strength 400 kN
Overall length 34‘950 mm
Vehicle width 2‘200 mm
Vehicle height 3‘100 mm
Tare weight 55 t
Bogie wheelbase
Adhesion bogie 1‘800 mm
Rack-wheel bogie 1‘900 mm
Trailer bogie 1‘600 mm
Trailer wheel diameter (new) 675 mm
Diesel engine MAN, 12 Zyl., 588 kW, Euro 2
Maximum output at wheel 4 x 105 kW
Starting tractive power 40 kN (Adh.) / 80 kN (Rack.)
Maximum speed 25 km/h uphill
16.5 km/h downhill
60 km/h adhesion
Maximum gradient 152 ‰

Stadler Bussnang AG
Industriestrasse 4
CH-9565 Bussnang, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)71 626 20 20
Fax +41 (0)71 626 20 21

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