Diamond + Crystal Microdermabrasion System photo microdermabrasion systems

Diamond + Crystal Microdermabrasion System
1. Improve facial skin such as
A. Improve the lack elasticity dim aging skin;
B. Lighten pigmentation, acne scars, whitening skin;
C. Accelerate the regeneration of the skin tissue, smooth the facial fine thread, let the skin cool cleanness and soft smoothness;
D. Shrinking the crass pores, increase the absorb of skin care products;
E. Improve the age spot and skin after the sunburnt, after using it the skin will tender and high elasticity as baby.

2. Improve the body skin such as
A. Lighten the striae of pregnancy, fat stripe; Whitening the skin;
B. Remove old horny, stimulate blood circulation, accelerate the skin regeneration, let the body skin with high elasticity.
9PCS of sculpture peeling heads, they can be used on different part of skins.

Conclusion- How Microdermabrasion Works
In a nutshell, microdermabrasion works by causing a small amount of trauma to the skin, causing the skin to repair itself in a more organized fashion. This creates younger, healthier looking skin.

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