Vamatex R880 Rapier Weaving Machine

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Vamatex R880 Rapier Weaving Machine photo looms and weaving machinesThe Vamatex R880 is the result of the long standing experience in the design of rapier weaving machines. The unique rapier drive system is based on the proven Propeller. Further improvements increased the output of the R880. Very strong steel side frames combined with rigid and sturdy cross members result in a high machine stability and low vibrations.

The compact dimensions and small cross section of the Vamatex R880 rapier heads, the optimized guiding elements over the full width of the machine and strong rapier tapes made from carbon assure an optimal performance at high weaving speeds. Special clamps in the rapier heads ensure the insertion of a wide range of cotton and filament yarns.

On the Vamatex R880 style changes and warp changes are easy and quick. The easy to open spring locks facilitate rapid
changes of the warp beam and cloth roller without the use of any tool. Quick warp changes are made easy because the
warp beam gear wheel remains on the weaving machine. For symmetrical width adjustments, setting of the temples and
the selvedge cutters very little effort is involved and few tools are required.

Handling and maintenance
The R880 weaving machine has a low maintenance concept. All gear transmissions are oil immersed and virtually maintenance
free. Thanks to the low number of moving parts the Vamatex R880 excels in low energy consumption. There are few
wear and tear parts and the reduced consumption of spare parts allows a low cost of ownership.

Technical Specifications
Fabric widths 1900, 2100, 2300, 3400 mm (other optional)
Width reduction 600 mm standard, 1000 mm optional
Performance Up to 550 picks/min or max. 1200 m/min weft insertion rate
Yarns Yarns made from natural and man-made fibres. Spun as well as filament
Weft selector 4 or 8 colours
Weft yarns Spun: Ne 4 to Ne 80, filament: 20 dtex to 900 dtex
Weft density 4 to 84 picks/cm, 1 to 20 or 8 to 150 picks/cm optional
Weft insertion Flexible rapier tapes with special rapier heads
Weft feeders Electronically controlled
Weft cutter Mechanically driven
Weft stop motion Piezo-electronic
Pick finding device Fully programmable pick finder
Shedding Positive rotary dobby type Staubli 2658 with max. of 20 heald frames or arrangement for Jacquard
Warp beam Single or twin warp beam with diameter 800 mm or 1000 mm.
Warp stop motion Electric with 6 or 8 rows
Warp let off Electronically controlled, synchronized with cloth take up
Cloth take up Electronically controlled, Max. diameter 500 mm with easy doffing arrangement
Main drive Asynchronous motor, creep speed and pick finding driven by supplementary motor
Sley drive Asynchronous motor, creep speed and pick finding driven by supplementary motor
Selvedge formation Positive cam drive
Selvedge cutter Lateral independent leno formation with one or two thread pairs, auxiliary selvedge formation by
means of independent mechanism
Lubrication Mechanically driven Forced circulation lubrication with micro filtration for tape and sley drive, all other drives in oil bath
Machine control system User-friendly graphical interface for setting and monitoring all important weaving machine functions,
weave and weft pattern. Interface to standard data acquisition systems
Machine installation Low vibration, no fastening to floor

Promatech SpA
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Sultex G6500 Rapier Weaving Machine

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Sultex G6500 Rapier Weaving Machine photo looms and weaving machinesWith the Sultex G6500, ITEMA sets new standards in rapier technology. Excellent fabric quality, high machine performance
and low production costs are the three key features that make this rapier weaving machine the new front runner, giving today’s weaving industry an advantage in quality and performance coupled with unprecedented economy

The Sultex G6500 is based on ITEMA’s decades of experience and expertise. This rapier weaving machine is a synthesis of proven technology and pioneering new developments. Thanks to the use of leading-edge CAD tools, precise matching of the
individual components was possible from the outset. Thus, even during the design phase, the machine’s functions could be simulated, tested and optimized to meet the demands of everyday weaving practice. To maximize the productivity of this new
machine, ITEMA engineers focused on lowload weft insertion and minimal warp loading. Available in ten machine widths from 170 cm to 360cm, the G6500 is the economically efficient way to a quality product for every type of fabric.

Your benefit:
With a machine speed of up to 700 rpm and a maximum weft insertion rate of 1520 m/m, the G6500 is the top performer among rapier weaving machines.

The G6500 was designed for a broad range of styles. It can be set up very quickly and flexibly to meet changing market requirements.

Economic efficiency
The straightforward engineering design and a correspondingly low number of mechanical parts, as well as the short set-up times, help to keep running costs to a minimum.

By minimizing stoppages and thanks to the reproducible settings, excellent fabric quality of a consistently high standard is achieved.

Weaving environment
The low vibration level and standardized interfaces to the weaving accessories and production management
systems mean that the G6500 can easily be installed in an existing weaving facility.

ITEMA (Switzerland) Ltd.
Binzackerstrasse 41
8620 Wetzikon ZH, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)43 488 21 21
Telefax +41 (0)43 488 21 01

LWT710 water-jet loom

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LWT710 water jet loom photo looms and weaving machinesThe new LWT710 water-jet loom is a fusion of the fundamental technologies in the LW Series water-jet looms perfected over the past 40 years, the carefully planned functioning concepts of the JAT710 air-jet loom which has achieved the major share of the global market and the needs and expectations of our customers. Through our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, we have created the ideal weaving machine, combining higher speed and lower vibration with a wide range of new and improved features.

The new LWT710 Series Water Jet Loom has these superb features,

Enhanced Operability
The function panel offers vastly improved communications features. We have made use of the latest in electronics technology and troubleshooting, with our sights firmly set on the future of fabric mills to achieve not just great visibility, but also dramatically improved machine operation and handling.

High Speed
Maximum speed: 1,250 rpm
A new beating mechanism, new frame structure, ultra-fast CPU processing speed and other design features enable operation at a maximum speed of 1,250 rpm (R/S 190, single-color, crank-shedding specifications).

High Quality
Offering a short stroke and extended weft insertion time has allowed us to dramatically shorten the distance from the beating point to the heald frame. Beat-up performance is improved and shedding volume is reduced enabling the weaving of high-quality textiles while placing minimum strain on the yarn.

Use of the beating link and let-off / take-up controller from the dependable and proven JAT710, along with use of a new weft-insertion mechanism, make possible weaving that is gentle on the yarn, from light to heavy fabrics. The full complement of standard equipment, together with a diverse range of options that include our own innovative w-FIS and a ten-frame negative cam, make it easy to accomplish weaving fabrics of varying fineness, high-density fabrics, and more.

Low Vibration
Through 3D design and computer analysis, we have achieved optimization of the frame structure, including the cross-rail connections, along with lighter weight and optimized balance for the beating mechanism. This in turn achieves low vibration during high-speed operation.

Communications Features
The function panel enables communication in-house as well as with customers and the Toyota head office through the application of TMS or iTTCS.

Toyota Textile Machinery Europe AG Weiherallee 20 P.O.Box 410 CH-8612 Uster
Tel.: +41 44 943 36 10 Fax: +41 44 943 36 11 Mail:

Bonas LJ range weaving machine

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Bonas LJ range weaving machine photo looms and weaving machinesThe LJ range of jacquards is suitable for weaving all kind of flat fabrics such as damask, airbag, silk applications, apparel, curtains, furnishing fabrics, lining, terry,… LJ performance meets customers demand: long lifetime, low maintanance, high performance, flexibility, high speed,…

LJ3, LJ4, LJ6, LJ7, LJ9, LJ11, LJ14.
Hooks ranging from 2688 to 14400. Coupled jacquards capacity up to 23040 hooks.

All flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics.

Revolutionary drive mechanism developed especially for producing at high speed with high load and maximum flexibility.

Double cambox, completely balanced
Direct drive for high shed accuracy
Dwell: longer insertion time, reduced angle for optimised weaving for each application
Fine shed adjustments: optimal shed without tilting jacquard

Robust 100% electronic selection offering complete control and 100% diagnostic.

Bonas delivers harnesses of the highest quality customised for all applications from high speed to heavy duty. Quick connect for easy handling is standard.

Bonas Textile Machinery NV
M. Vandewielestraat 7
B – 8510 Marke (Kortrijk)
Tel. + 32 56 24 32 11
Fax + 32 56 24 35 40

Air jet weaving machine JAT710

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Air jet weaving machine JAT710 photo looms and weaving machinesSince its introduction, the JAT610 has become the best-selling air jet loom in the industry, enjoying high acclaim from customers around the world. Now, as the world becomes more and more information-oriented, the needs of the customer are becoming more diverse and complex. With this in mind, Toyota has taken the JAT610 a step further and developed the new JAT710.

The JAT710 is designed with the same concept as the JAT610: “weaving the highest quality fabric at the lowest possible cost,”and boasts improved features such as higher speed, lower vibration and lower energy consumption. Plus it is equipped with the latest electronics technology such as a new Internet-capable color function panel, taking today’s weaving mill into a new dimension.

With its superb reliability and performance, the JAT710 will offer customers a bright new future in weaving.
New technology offers even greater savings in air consumption.

High Speed MAX 1250rpm
Thanks to a new weft insertion mechanism, a new frame structure and a faster CPU, the JAT710 is capable of running at maximum 1250 rpm.

Less Vibration 30% DOWN
The JAT710 was built using 3D design and computer analysis to optimize the frame structure, including the cross rail connections, and to realize lighter weight and optimum balance of the beating mechanism. These improvements enable lower vibration even during high-speed operation.

Equipped with the Latest Electronics
The JAT710 features the most advanced electronics technology in the industry, including a new Internet-ready color function panel with enhanced communication capability and a new, faster CPU.

Greater Flexbility
A full range of standard equipment and a variety of options allow the JAT710 to weave fabrics that were previously mostly woven by rapier looms, including ultra-wide home furnishings fabric, stretch fabric, fabric of different yarn types and counts, airbags, seersucker and fabric with tuck-in selvages.

Toyota Textile Machinery Europe AG
Weiherallee 20
P.O.Box 410
CH-8612 Uster
Tel.: +41 44 943 36 10
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