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GP3-402 Fur Sewing Machine

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GP3 402 Fur Sewing Machine photo fur sewing machinesGP-3 series machine is suitalbe for furs, leathers, gloves, sports shoes, clothing & hats etc.

Description: Materials feeding by 2 row exeeeded clutch, ensure to be reliable, auto-lubricated
Speed: 3,200
Needle Use: 1567
Gross Weight: 21 (kgs)
Measurement: 45×35×40 (cm)
CBM: 0.06 (m 3 )

Address: No.100 Lane 3333, Gu Dai Road, Shanghai, China
Postal Code: 201100
Tel: + 86-21-5227-3650
Fax: + 86-21-5227-3651
Email: japsew@japsew.com

MODEL JJ-402 Fur Sewing Machine

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MODEL JJ 402 Fur Sewing Machine photo fur sewing machinesMODEL JJ-402
SEWING WIDTH 5 17.5kg nett head
NEEDLE 135X5 SIZE 9 TO 110
MOTOR single phase 220-240vlts


Fur Sewing Machine (JJ2610)

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Fur Sewing Machine (JJ2610) photo fur sewing machinesThis fur sewing machine is one of the latest special sewing machine developed by our company. It is a necessary fur sewing machine for clothing, shoes and hat industries and it is widely used in various thick- thin furs.

The lubrication system has been innovated on the basis of similar products. Improvement on process structure of upper cover plate, sealing device, presser bar mechanisms and feeding driven gear. The successful development of the product has solved many problems, such as oil leakage of lubrication system, abrasion of feeding driven gear, uneven feeding, loosing of presser bar mechanism, influence of stitch, etc.

Max Speed: 2800
Needle: 60-90
Thread: 7.5tex/cotton thread
Description: Medium and thick fur
G. W.: 26.5kg
N. W.: 23kg
Packing Size: 50*41*37.5cm

Jiajing Sewing Machine Co. Ltd.
Company Address: Qianruan Industrial Area, Xiachen, Jiaojiang District, Taizhou, Zhejiang, China
City/Town: Taizhou
Province/State: Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 318014

GP-4-4 Fur Sewing Machine

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GP 4 4 Fur Sewing Machine photo fur sewing machinesIt is applicable for factories manufacturing fur, costume, ferry, hat and toy to sew thin, middle thick and thick artificial ferry of all kinds.

Description: The main body for machine is designed with case type. It is equipped with automatic lubrication device, designed with needle bar to pick up thread, crochet hook to crochet thread, and gear tray to feed. It is with the character of compact structure, stable running, low noise, easy operation, safety and reliable, and endurable.

*Automatic lubrication device
*High speed sewing
Speed: 3200
Needle Use: 1567 (45# – 110#)
Gross Weight: 21 (kgs)
Measurement: 45×35×40 (cm)
CBM: 0.06 (m 3 )

Address: 11-11, 4-Chome, Na Kanocho, Miyakojimaku, Osaka, Japan
Postal Code: 0534-0027
Tel: + 81-6-6353-5570
Fax: + 81-6-6353-5593

MY-GP4 series fur sewing machine

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MY GP4 series fur sewing machine photo fur sewing machinesMY-GP4 series fur sewing machines have adopted the case machine frame, the needle bar thread taking-up, crochet hook thread-hooking and fluted disc feeding to formthe single-thread overlock stitches. They have theautomatic lubrication system.
Such machines feature compact structures, smooth performances, low noice, handiness, reliability, safety and durability.
The oil pump automatic oil supply system can reduce the abraison on thespare parts. Exposed assemblies have adopted the sealing devices and the return-oil technology and feature good sealing properties.

These products are applicable for the sewing of medium and thick fur and artificial fur products. They are widely used for the fur products made from the mink, skin, fox skin and weasel skin as well as the sewing of overcoats, toys, footwear and fur caps.

contact us!
Phone (403) 653-0000

Chandler CST-16 Drapery Pleater

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Chandler CST 16 Drapery Pleater photo other machines sewing machines industrial textile and leather productsThe Chandler CST-16 is a cam driven machine with a fixed pattern. It is specifically designed to pleat drapery. It is far superior in speed and accuracy than trying to do the same work with a straight stitch machine. This specialty lockstitch machine automatically produces a straight line of stitching that is adjustable from 2 1/2 inches continuously up to 5 inches. It automatically tacks at both ends of the line and stops by itself. So easy to use, even unexperienced operators can quickly become efficent pleaters. The machine gives a perfect lockstitch and sew with any tyoe of thread.

* Heavy Duty, Single Needle Lockstitch Machine
* Easy Threading
* Front Loading Bobbin for Quick Change
* Pleats from 2 1/2″ – 5″
* Automatically tacks at both ends of line and stops

Maximum Speed: 800 SPM (48 stitches in 3.6 seconds)
Pleat Size: 2 1/2″- 5″ (continuous)
Needle: 135 X 7

Los Angeles Location
2320 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA 90007
tel: 213-745-8844 * fax: 213-745-8855

Uber 7000S Halogen Sewing Light

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Uber 7000S Halogen Sewing Light photo other machines sewing machines industrial textile and leather productsOur line of ÜberTM light sewing and task lights will change the way you view ergonomic lighting. Designed to appeal to a wide variety of users, ÜberTM lights are used in any area where quality bright light is needed.

The 7000 series ÜberTM light halogen sewing lights are designed to make your sewing job a whole lot easier.

* With proven halogen technology, ÜberTM light will provide up to 40% more cool-bright light (the kind of light that is easy on the eyes) while generating up to 70% less heat.
* Plus, ÜberTM light is easy to install, and is built to the same high standards as all RELIABLE brand products.
* 12V bulb and transformer
* Choice of 110V or 220V
* S mount – for direct connection to sewing tabl
* 1-Year Warranty with RELIABLE

Electrical: 12V
Tubing: Superior Quality, Flexible
Swivel Joint: Heavy-Duty Type
Shipping Dimensions: 9″ x 18″ x 3″
Shipping Weight: 5 lbs.
Warranty: 1-Year Reliable Warranty

Reliable Corporation
5-100 Wingold Ave.
Toronto, Ontario M6B 4K7
416- 785-0200
Toll-Free: 800- 268-1649
FAX: 416- 785-7038

Econosew Cylinder-arm Lockstitch Machine 153E8B

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Econosew Cylinder arm Lockstitch Machine 153E8B photo other machines sewing machines industrial textile and leather productsSingle needle, high-speed cylinder arm, unison-feed (needle-feed & drop-feed with alternating presser feet) lockstitch machine with reverse feed.

* Uses Singer 111W style walking feet
* Safety clutch prevents hook damage
* Unison feed prevents slippage between layers
* Sliding thread take-up, vertical rotary hook, thread releasing lever
* Reverse stitching with lockable stitch length regulator
* Timing belt driven
* For sewing medium & heavy materials

Maximum Sewing Speed 2200 spm
(Depends on thread, material & type of operation)
Stitch Length Adjustment 0 to 5mm
Presser Foot Lift By hand: 8.5mm
By pedal: 10mm
Needle System 135×17
Needle Bar Stroke 33.2mm (1-5/16″)
Feed Type Needle feed & drop feed
Cylinder Diameter 65mm (2-9/16″)
Amount of Alternating Presser Foot Lift 2.7 to 5.5mm (3.2 standard)
Working Space 258mm (10-5/32″)
Lubrication System Manual

Feit Company
E-mail: feitsew@feitcompany.com
Phone: (800) 526-7426 (in the U.S.)
+1 (213) 747-9383 (int’l).
Fax: (213-748-7178

Juki APW-297B Automatic Pocket Welting Machine

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Juki APW 297B Automatic Pocket Welting Machine photo other machines sewing machines industrial textile and leather productsIn addition to improved seam quality and increased productivity, the APW-297 and APW-298 also delivers dramatic improvements in basic performance such as better maintainability, reduction in thread length after thread trimming, and the adoption of a needle-feed type machine head and direct-drive machine-activating method.

Newly developed welting patch cutting device and automatic flap/ pocket bag feeder are now optionally available. These components work to upgrade seam quality and further increase productivity over all processes, including the after-process.

* For sewing bottoms
* Automatic Pocket Welting Machine with Automatic Welting Patch Feeder
* Newly developed devices (optional) for upgrading the basic performance of the machine
* *The same optional parts are offered for the APW-297 and APW-298. Since optional parts can’t be retrofitted to the machine after purchase, be sure to specify any that you may need when placing your order.
* The knife is motor-driven
* To cut the welting patch as short as possible, it automatically adjusts itself to the sewing length established on the operation panel. This enables more consistent welting patch feed and folding operations
* The welting patch cutting knife is located under the welting patch table. This keeps the knife from damaging the garment body. In addition, the knife can be changed with ease
* Welting patch cutting, a job conventionally done by hand in the after-process, is no longer required. The result is a substantial reduction in the processing time
* The clamp exclusively used during welting patches cutting allows the cutting device to cut welting patches even when the binder is in the lower position. This further eliminates wasted time due to welting patch cutting
* Automatic flap and pocket bag feeder: SA104
* Automatic flap feeder: SA103
* Higher productivity
* The length of thread remaining after thread trimming is further reduced to eliminate thread picking
* The length of thread remaining at the beginning and end of the seam has been shortened to 15 mm for needle thread and 22 mm for bobbin thread
* Thread picking to streamline the after process is no longer required
* The shortened remaining length of thread can reduce bobbin thread waste, increase the number of welts sewn per bobbin, and reduce the frequency of bobbin thread changing
* Shortened cycle time
* When running at its maximum sewing speed of 3,000 rpm, the machine increases the traveling speed of the clamp foot and promises an extremely rapid response time at startup and stop
* This explains the machine’s unrivalled production speeds among automatic welting machines
* The operator can set the next welting patch, flap (with the automatic flap feeder), and garment to be sewn while still sewing those currently set. This shortens the cycle time and increases productivity
* The machine is equipped with excellent capabilities as standard
* Needle-feed system using a stepping motor
* Newly developed division binder
* Crank-type folding plate
* Automatic welting patch feeder
* Large-size operation panel with improved capabilities
* As many as 100 different patterns can be stored in memory and 10 different cycle sewing programs can be established
* The direct drive method is adopted to drive the machine
* APW-298 for slanted pocket with flap
* Dart reference marking lamp
* Bobbin thread remaining amount detecting device
* Bobbin thread winder
* Complete with table stand and motor

UL. Poleczki 21 Platan Park C,
02-822 Warsaw

Pfaff 335-G-6/01 BLN Cylinder Bed Needle

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Pfaff 335 G 6/01 BLN Cylinder Bed Needle photo other machines sewing machines industrial textile and leather productsSingle-needle, cylinder bed, unison feed for industry and handicraft. General sewing and tape binding operations on footwear, bags and leather articles.

* 2800 Stitches Per Minute
* Finger Guard
* Belt Guard
* Take Up Lever Guard
* Includes Table, Stand and Motor
* Cylinder Bed Industrial Sewing Machine
* Available in 110V or 220V

Lockstitch, cylinder-bed sewing machine with unison feed.
The modern, industrial housing is designed taking into account strict ergonomic aspects.
Quality and efficiency are the hallmarks of this cylinder-bed sewing machine.

Proven, high performance , technology for universal upholstery sewing operations

This cylinder-bed sewing machine can be used for:
■ leather accessories
■ leatherwear
■ upholstery
■ shoes.
■ working on tubular or pre-attached articles
■ standard sewing work on leatherware, bags and leathercraft articles
■ binding of shoes and leatherware with leather, imitation leather or textile tape
■ piping work on bags, suitcases and upholstery
■ Together with the unison feed of this machine, the high top-feed lift of 7 mm ensures consistently high quality, even with different workpiece materials and structures.
■ Attachment and extras for many further operations comprise
– welting operations
– zipper operations
– binding operations

General sewing work on voluminous workpieces with device for binding the edges

■ Superb seam quality with high output and sewing reliability
■ Thin cylinder bed for easy handling of three-dimensional parts.
■ High-traction triple feed: shift-free sewing, even on difficult materials.
■ Built-in bobbin winder in the operator’s field of vision
■ Fewer bobbin changes, due to large bobbin capacity

PFAFF Sewing and Repair Centre
217-219 Whitley Road
Whitley Bay
Tyne & Wear, NE26 2SY.
TELESALES : 0845 4309824
TELESALES : 0191 2525825
(International Sales 0044 191 2525825)

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