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GT-541 Digital Garment Printer

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GT 541  Digital Garment Printer  photo heat transfer presses rinter for tshirtsThe Brother GT-541 uses ink jet technology that prints on many garments in high quality color directly from a computer. This ink jet garment printer is as simple to operate as a desktop printer, which can be networked with multiple units, to deliver great print quality and still remain cost-effective for short-run apparel graphics applications.

The GT-541 is faster and less expensive to operate than traditional screen printing machines because there is minimal set-up, tear-down, clean-up, screens, squeegees, or pallet adhesive. The GT-541 water based ink can be cured by a standard heat press, eliminating the need to purchase a conveyor dryer, and significantly reducing operating space requirements.

Printing Method Direct Inkjet Garment Printer
Max printing area 355.6mm x 406.4mm (14″ x 16″)
Platen Height Adjust Manual 12mm (0.48″)
Machine size L x W x H 1183mm (W) x 940mm (D) x 610mm (H) (Approx. 4′ x 3′ x 2′)
Machine Weight 220lb (100kg)
Ink Type Water Base Pigment Ink
Ink Color 4 colors (CMYK)
Ink volume Approx. 220cc usable ink
Ink-Head Type On demand piezo head
Number of Ink-Heads 4 heads, 1 for each color and a total of 128 nozzles
Ink-Head Resolution 600 x 600 (dpi)
Print Mode Single, Double
Printed Substrate 100% cotton, 50/50 cotton/polyester
Operating system requirements Windows® 2000/XP/Vista
Environment 50F(10C) to 95F(35C) Humidity 20 – 85% RH
Interface USB (USB1.1/2.0), Compact Flash
Power consumption 90VA (average), 20VA (idling)
Power supply AC115V ±10% 50/60Hz ± 1 Hz

Brother International
100 Somerset Corporate Blvd.
Bridgewater, NJ 08807-0911
Phone: 1-908-704-1700
Fax: 1-908-704-8235

Ricoma HP-3838H High Pressure Flat Heat Press Machine

Heat Transfer Presses & Printer for Tshirts Comments Off

Ricoma HP 3838H High Pressure Flat Heat Press Machine photo heat transfer presses rinter for tshirtsFeatures
* Rugged and durable for years of trouble-free performance
* Use to transfer onto T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse pads, license plates, magnetic material, bags, and much more!
* Opens up approximately 70 degrees
* Press items up to 1″ thick
* Thermometer for heat platen temperature
* Adjustable thermostat
* Heat indicating light
* Silicon gel base board to endure temperature up to 575F without deformation
* No color difference after heat transfer
* Pressure adjustable
* Electronic time control
* Electronic constant temperature control accuracy
* Safe, durable and economical

* Voltage – 110V/60 hz or 220V/50 hz (upon request)
* Power – 2200W
* Temperature range – 0-599F
* Time Range – 0-999 seconds
* Working Area – 15″ X 15″

By Mail: 3450 NW 114th Ave
Doral, FL 33178
By Phone: (305) 418-4421
Toll Free: 1-888-292-6282
By Fax: (305) 418-5036 or (305) 418-446

Insta Graph MS-138 Digi Press

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Insta Graph MS 138 Digi Press photo heat transfer presses rinter for tshirtsFeatures
* Low profile, ergonomically compact clam style; perfect if limited on counter space.
* Protective heat shroud, low maintenance.
* One piece handle assembly, adjustable pressure control.
* Integrated digital controller for time, temperature and counter.
* 60˚ machine opening which allows for easy placement and removal of garments.
* Lifetime warranty on the heating element – one year parts – 90 day labor.
* UL, CuL, CE approved, RoHS/WEE compliant.
* Temperature can be displayed in Fahrenheit or Centigrade.

Working Space:
Depth: 25” (63.5 cm)
Width: 35.5” (90.17 cm)
Height: 28.5” (72.39 cm)

Platen Size:
15” x 20” (38.1 x 50.8 cm)

Shipping Weight:
136 lbs. (62 kilos)

Insta Graph
13925 E. 166th St, Cerritos,
CA 90702-7900 U.S.A
• Fax (562) 404-3010 In CA (562) 404-3000 Outside CA (800)421-6971

Ricoma HP-1508T Hat Heat Press Machine

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Ricoma HP 1508T Hat Heat Press Machine photo heat transfer presses rinter for tshirtsFeatures
* 4″ X 8.5″ Teflon Coated Heat Platen
* 3.5″ X 6″ standard lower platen
* Auto Reset Timer
* Easy read temperature gauge
* Interchangeable platens
* Scratch Resistant powder coat finish
* Power: 300W

* Voltage:110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
* Power:420W
* Temperature range: 0-240F
* Time Range: 0-999 seconds
* Working Area: 3″ X 6″

By Mail: 3450 NW 114th Ave
Doral, FL 33178
By Phone: (305) 418-4421
Toll Free: 1-888-292-6282
By Fax: (305) 418-5036 or (305) 418-446

Black Body LB06-4000 Heat Set 33″ Conveyor Dryer

Heat Transfer Presses & Printer for Tshirts Comments Off

Black Body LB06 4000 Heat Set 33 Conveyor Dryer photo heat transfer presses rinter for tshirtsThis Black Body® oven provides a very short cure time, eliminating extra handling and allows you to cure multiple shirts continuously. The color of the print remains intense and vibrant. You will now be able to dry and set direct to garment prints without leaving heat press or paper lines.

Compact, lightweight and versatile, the Dryer features Black Body® Heaters and a floating belt tracking guide. The Dryer is designed to provide years of dependable, trouble-free service. The heat control allows for the curing of Plastisol inks too!

* Forty-second cure – conveyor eliminates extra handling
* Designed in conjunction with digital to garment printer manufacturers
* Color remains vibrant and intense
* Ink stays on the shirt – no wasted ink left on transfer paper
* Digital speed control
* Dry and set without leaving heat press lines or paper lines
* Locking casters
* Three year warranty on element
* 208 / 240 VAC, 3,037 / 4,032 watts, 14.6 / 16.8 amps

Length x Width x Height: 64” x 28” x 46”
Belt Width & Height: 18” & 33”
Belt Drive: Digital Speed Control
Belt Speed: .5 FPM – 15 FPM
Chamber Length: 30”
Heater Wattage: 4,000 kw
Power Requirements: 208/240 VAC, 14.6/16.8 Amp
Heater Plug Type: NEMA 6-20P
Approx. Shipping Weight: 282 lbs.

BBC Industries Inc.
5 Capper Dr.
Pacific, MO 63069
Phone: 1-800-654-4205
Fax: 1-636-343-3952
Email: info@bbcind.com

Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000

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Entrepreneur® Pro PR 1000 photo other machines embroidering machines textile and leather productsExperience the Next Dimension in innovation, creativity, productivity, and expansive space with the innovative Entrepreneur® Pro PR-1000 10-needle home embroidery machine. The PR-1000 raises the bar in embroidery for hobbyists, crafters and home-based entrepreneurs, with its 10 needles, InnovaChrome™ Thread Color System, InnovEye® technology, and more. The state-of-the-art InnovaChrome™ system provides colored LED lights under each spool, making thread color selection easy – simply match your thread color to the LED light color under each spool. The lights also double as a visual status system, so you can spend less time supervising the machine. And with the enhanced InnovEye® technology, you can view, in real time, a sharp, magnified view of the needle area – it’s like a having a built-in camera above the needle. As an added bonus, the included PE-DESIGN® Next Upgrade software* offers the ability to link up to four Brother PR-1000 or upgraded PR-650 machines to one computer, for enhanced productivity. The PR-1000 allows you to finish most multi-color designs faster, easier, and with greater precision than with most single or six-needle machines. Create professional results on a wide range of items with logos, monograms and more. Add the optional frames – from the jumbo 14”x14 frame and wide cap frame, to the border, cylindrical, round and quilt square frame for even more versatility. Let the PR-1000 inspire you to create designs you’ve only dreamed of before!
Main Features

* 10-needle embroidery machine with new easy Eyelet Threading System and automatic needle threading
* Large, full color 4.3” x 7.2” HD touch screen by Sharp Corporation
* Enhanced InnovEye® technology is like having a built-in camera above the needle, providing a close-up view of the needle area
* Ultra-precise design positioning with the Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker
* NEW InnovaChrome™ LED Thread Color System simplifies thread color setup and provides status cues
* 110 Built-in designs, 28 size-adjustable fonts, plus frames and decorative alphabet designs
* Includes BONUS PE-DESIGN® Next Upgrade software* for linking machines, advanced editing and additional designs

http://www.brother.com/ +1-908-704-1700

Ricoma HP-08P Plate Heat Transfer Press Machine

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Ricoma HP 08P Plate Heat Transfer Press Machine photo other machines embroidering machines textile and leather productsFeatures
* Press can work on size of 8″ and base diameter is 4.92″, the base of the additional plate is 6.10″
* Easy parameter setting.
* Integrated electric control system for simple adjusting and maintenance

Voltage: 110V/60Hz or 220V/50Hz
Power: 380W
Temperature range: 0 – 240F
Time range: 0-999s
Working area: 12.5cm
Gross weight: 26.5LBs
Net weight: 31LBs
Box size: 51X42X27CM/20”X17”X1

By Mail: 3450 NW 114th Ave
Doral, FL 33178
By Phone: (305) 418-4421
Toll Free: 1-888-292-6282
By Fax: (305) 418-5036 or (305) 418-446

Melco Amaya Bravo BUNDLE

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Melco Amaya Bravo BUNDLE photo other machines embroidering machines textile and leather productsThe AMAYA BRAVO is a commercial and professional 16 needle embroidery machine capable of embroidering a wide variety of products at speeds up to 1000 stitches per minute.

Based on the world class AMAYA XT platform (same head), the AMAYA BRAVO allows for optional cap embroidery and small pocket embroidery. A wide selection of additional options are available for the BRAVO, making it a perfect entry-level embroidery machine for companies with a limited budget.

If you are thinking of investing in embroidery production on a tight budget, the AMAYA BRAVO is a great place to start.

The BRAVO 16 needle professional embroidery machine offers businesses of any size powerful embroidery capabilities at an affordable price.

The BRAVO can embroider apparel, caps, bags, and a wide variety of textiles with beautiful quality. Based on the powerful AMAYA XT embroidery machine platform, the BRAVO produces all the professional quality embroidery your customers will keep coming back to you for.

Personalized and embroidered goods are in demand and the BRAVO is built to produce a wide variety of products to meet these demands. The BRAVO can embroider: Tubular or Flat Shirts, Blankets, Bags, Jackets, Pants, Jeans, Leather. Hats and Pockets with Optional Cap and Cylinder Equipment.

Melco Amaya is the Only Embroidery Machine Made in the USA.
* Type and # of Heads 1 Arm & Bed
* # of Needles: 16
* Maximum Tubular flat hoop size (X by Y): 360mm x 300mm (14.17″x 11.8″)Effective sewing area is 1/2″ less.
* Removable Table Top with Tool Bays : Yes
* Min/Max Sew Speed Flat Hoops: 300-1000 SPM
* Min/Max Sew Speed Optional Cap Hoop: 300-1000 SPM
* Stitch Length Range: Only Limited by Hoop Size
* User Interface: (AMAYA OS Lite only)
* Machine Configuration: single head, cannot be linked with other machines.
* Simplified User Interface: Step by Step Guide Software
* Thread Feed Technology: Patented Acti-Feed Auto Tension
* Thread Break Detection: Yes
* Automatic Thread Trimmer: Yes
* Lighting Type Cold Bright: Cold bright LED
* Power Supply (V): 90-260V (Single Phase, 50/60 HZ, 4A)
* Power Consumption (W): Typical: 200 Watts Max: 650 Watts
* Temperature Range: 15-40° C
* Humidity: Max 85% RH
* Installation Category (overvoltage): II
* Pollution Degree: 2
* Motor Type(s): Servo
* Motor Capacity (kV): X and Z: 100 Watts Y: 250 Watts
* Machine Construction Material: Aluminum Frame

Physical Specifications with Cart
* Width: 724mm (28.5″)
* Height: 1584mm (62.4″)
* Depth: 944mm (37.2″)
* Weight: 95.4kg (210.3 lbs)

Call Toll Free: 800.799.8313
Email: sales@melco.com

Meistergram PRO1500

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Meistergram PRO1500 photo other machines embroidering machines textile and leather productsThe Meistergram PRO1500 features all of the following:
* Commercial Embroidery Equipment
* 15 Needle Automatic Color Change Embroidery Machine
* Panasonic Power Control System using Japanese technology
* Linear Pantograph Drive Movement
* Built in energy saving fluorescent lights
* 270 Degrees Cap Frame Kit with 2 cap hoops
* User Friendly LCD Control Panel
* 2,000,000 Stitch Memory
* Embroidery Design Memory – 99 embroidery designs
* USB Jump Drive
* Aggressive Hoop Kit – 2 of each popular hoop size 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 12 x 12 and 13 x 18 hoops
* Narrow Cylinder Arm
* Automatic Thread Trimmers
* Built-in Bobbin Winder
* Emergency Stop Switch
* Very Quiet Machine Operation
* Heavy Duty Steel Workstation – stand
* Five Year Warranty
* Toll Free Telephone Support and Equipment Training included

Embroidery Applications include: Embroidering Names, designs, logos and specialty sewing for caps, hats, shirts, pants, bags, leather products, etc.

* Pantograms Mfg. Co., Inc.
* 4537 S. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, FL 33611
* 800.872.1555
* info@pantograms.com

Brother Quattro® 6000D

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Brother Quattro® 6000D photo other machines embroidering machines textile and leather productsThe ultimate creative partner in sewing, embroidery, quilting and crafting, Brother gives you Creativity Times Four™. The Quattro® 6000D boasts 100 new and improved features including industry firsts such as InnovEye™ Technology, an Up Close™ Viewer function and Runway™Lighting. Sew effortlessly while the embroidery arm is still attached using 30 inches of work space. Embroider with brilliance using over 600 built-in embroidery designs and the new Jumbo 12-inch x 8-inch hoop. Inspiration is standard. Let the Quattro® 6000D inspire you with its ground breaking technology only from Brother.

Main Features
* 4.5″ x 7″ wide-angle HD LCD display by Sharp Corporation.
* Almost 50 square inches of work space to accommodate your largest projects.
* Exclusive Innoveye™ Technology and Snowman® Embroidery Positioning Marker
* Print and Stitch Technology to combine printed images with embroidery designs for 3D art
* Sew with the embroidery unit attached
* Over 600 built-in embroidery designs

7777 North Brother Blvd.
Bartlett, Tennessee 38133
1-877-BROTHER (877-276-8437)
901-379-1210 (fax)

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