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ALAR’s Flex-O-Star® system

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ALAR’s Flex O Star® system photo wastewater filtersALAR’s Flex-O-Star® system provides comprehensive wastewater treatment for water-based effluents, slurries, and problem wash waters. The design is universal and works with virtually any industrial liquid waste.

The entire process of the Flex-O-Star® is automatic, which is built on a structural steel skid, pre-piped and pre-wired for easy installation.
The Flex-O-Star® Incorporates A Two-Step Wastewater Filtration Process

ALAR’s Flex-O-Star® is engineered to incorporate a two-step filtration process: Chemical and Mechanical. The first step, chemical treatment, breaks the solids and liquids apart by automatically adding chemical pre-treatments such as pH adjusters, polymers or clays. The second step, mechanical filtration, physically removes the precipitated solid particles from the sludge.
The Flex-O-Star® Features:

12 Filter Sizes
Auto-Vac® Filter Technology
Easy Operation
A Variety of Batch Treatment Options

ALAR Engineering Corp
9651 W. 196th St. | Mokena, Illinois 60448
708.479.6100 | info@alarcorp.com

Hollow Fiber Ultrafilter

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Hollow Fiber Ultrafilter photo wastewater filtersUF also known as ultrafiltration, used to retain particles which is as big as the size of colloidal in water, while water and low molecular weight solutes is allowed through the membrane. Mechanism of ultrafiltration is the combined effect of membrane surface mechanical sieving, membrane pore blocking and adsorption of the membrane surface and membrane pore, mainly sieving.

The company’s a hollow fiber ultrafiltration is a hollow columns which builds-in many of the hollow fiber capillary, both ends communicate, tube inner diameter is generally around 0.2mm, the effective area can be achieved 1 square centimeter, every fiber capillary is like a micro dialysis bags, which greatly increases the permeability of the surface area and improves the ultrafiltration rate.

The products are widely used in the physical separation, concentration and purification. Such as water, wine, air and other media clean in drinks, food, electronics, pharmaceuticals, ferment, chemical and other industries; the separation and concentration of biological agents,; oil-water separation and recovery of other useful substances.

Jiangsu Asia Environmental protection CO.,Ltd
Company Address: Middle Of Qigao Road,West Area Of Yixing Economic
City/Province: Jiangsu Province
E-mail: aepc@watertreatings.com , sales@watertreatings.com
Zip/Postal Code: 214213
Telephone Number: +86-510-87861735
Fax Number: +86-510-87863636

Aqua MiniDisk®

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Aqua MiniDisk® photo wastewater filtersThe Aqua MiniDisk® filter provides the solution for smaller flows. It is based on the same operating strategies as its larger counterpart, the AquaDisk®, but with smaller diameter disks.

Up to 6 vertically oriented disks per unit
Average hydraulic capacity from 50,000 to 300,000 GPD
Available in painted steel or stainless steel tanks
Gravity flow operation
Steel tank packaged units minimize field installation requirements
Fully automatic, PLC based control system

Unique cloth media
Reuse quality effluent
Low backwash rate
Small footprint
Low head requirements
No downtime for backwashing
Less maintenance than sand filters
New plants or retrofits
Lowest life-cycle cost

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
6306 North Alpine Road
Rockford, IL 61111 U.S.A.
815-654-2501 (phone)
815-654-2508 (fax)

STiR Industrial Water Filter

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STiR Industrial Water Filter photo wastewater filtersFiltra-Systems STiR industrial water filter is the next generation of automatic back washable media filter. It incorporates Filtra-Systems patented STiR fluidization technology which significantly improves filter performance when compared to older technologies like sand, anthracite and carbon media filters which do not completely fluidize the media during backwash and are susceptible to media fouling. The STiR filter fluidization technology has been validated in production and mathematically proven to clean 100% of the filter media during each backwash cycle.

Generates the smallest backwash volume of any competing technology. Only ½% of throughput.
Regenerate the media for the life of the product (20 years).
Consistently provide high removal efficiency; year-after-year.
Easily handle upset conditions (very high loading of solids or oils)

Other benefits include:
Lower Capital Cost – The StiR Filter utilizes an open tank design, in lieu of a pressure vessel, which significantly reduces costs.
Lower Installed Cost – The STiR Filter is provided with level control and a dedicated pump to control both flow rate and pressure. No additional equipment is required to operate.
Permanent Filter Media – The STiR Filter utilizes black walnut shell media, a “green” sustainable material, which is not mined, chemically inert, hard, resilient and preferentially water wetted.

Filtra Systems
23900 Haggerty Road
Farmington Hills, MI 48335 USA
Phone: 248-427-9090
Fax: 248-427-9895
Email: info@filtrasystems.com

Duplex Gravity Filter (DGF)

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Duplex Gravity Filter (DGF) photo wastewater filtersThe Smith & Loveless Duplex Gravity Filter (DGF) removes suspended solids and particles, improving effluent quality. The standard system is available in sizes to fit any application, providing up to 200 square feet (18.6 square meters) of effective filtration area per unit. Dual media filtration increases filtration depth and limits the head loss problems associated with single-media designs.

Duplex design allows one cell to operate while the other backwashes, requiring only one DGF unit for continuous operation.
Integral backwash storage and mudwell
The mudwell’s backwash water is metered back to the plant for reprocessing.
Integral DGF is designed for inclusion within Smith & Loveless wastewater treatment systems such as the ADDIGEST® and Model R OXIGEST® plants.

Contact Smith & Loveless Inc.
Main e-mail:answers@smithandloveless.com
Main Phone:913-888-5201
Main Fax: 913-888-2173

Landy™ aerator

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Landy™ aerator photo aeration systemsThe Landy™ aerator is a low speed device that incorporates an open non-clogging impeller. The unique impeller design eliminates rag build up that can result in unbalanced operation, a situation common with other impeller designs. Each aerator is fabricated in a specialized fixture and is balanced prior to shipment to assure a long life of trouble-free operation. The Landy™ is mounted on a bridge, platform or floats. Materials and sizes are available to meet all needs, as new units or retrofit to existing drives. Over 40 years of use and continuing development, The Landy™ is an aeration value for oxidation ditches, and many other applications.

Ongoing testing over forty years in both the field and testing facilities confirm that the Landy™ performs as designed. The Landy™ is supplied with operational and process guarantees.

• Rugged and Reliable
• Non Clogging
• Energy Efficient
• Guaranteed Performance
• ISO 9001 Certified Supplier
• Stable Performance Over a Full Range of Immersion Depths

Contact WesTech China Main Office
Suite 17-11, Wangfujing Building B,
Shapingba, Chongqing 400030, China
Tel: (86 23) 65416377
Fax: (86 23) 65409075
E-mail: info@westech-china.com
Website: http://www.westech-china.com

Magna Rotor

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Magna Rotor photo aeration systemsTwelve blades bolt together to create a ring held to the torque tube by a compression fit, securing the rotor blades in place. This design minimizes the potential for fatigue failure by eliminating the need the weld pins to or drill holds into the tube. The individually die-formed blades create a cross section that increases the blade’s bending strength more than 200 percent. For long life, standard Magna Rotor blades are constructed of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. The rotor’s design allows a single rotor to span openings up to 31 feet in width. The cost savings are significant when this design eliminates additional equipment that would typically join multiple rotor assemblies.

The key to the Magna Rotor’s reliable operation is its design. Each component of the Magna Rotor works together to create maximum reliability. The conservatively designed components are easy to maintain and are built to withstand harsh environments. Each component’s design and layout considers the plant operator who provides maintenance during the equipment’s life. Maintenance requirements are typically infrequent and easy to perform.

Vital component of the CLR Process
Horizontal, bladed rotor aerator
Provides oxygen to the biological mass
Mixes microorganisms uniformly
Adds mixing velocity to the channel to prevent solids from settling
More than 1,700 installations worldwide, since 1962

Promag Enviro Systems Ltd.
8042 Winston St.
Burnaby B.C.
V5A 2H5
T: 604.421.6844
F: 604.421.6842
Toll Free: 1.866.449.2781
General Inquiries: info@promagenviro.ca
Sales: sales@promagenviro.ca

Loop Brush Aerator

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Loop Brush Aerator photo aeration systemsSmith & Loveless’ horizontal LOOP Brush Aerators provide premium oxygen transfer and mixing over a wide range of flow conditions. We design LOOP Brush Aerators for the greatest efficiency and cost-effective service.

Provides premium oxygen transfer and mixing over a wide range of flow conditions.
Flexible for providing a wide range of oxygen transfer.
Keyed, tapered bushings eliminate shaft fatigue failures associated with welded stub shafts.
Designed with a safety factor of 5:1.
Bolt-together construction eliminates the stress potential in the torque tube created by welding. Smith & Loveless uses two reinforcing ribs running the full length of the blade.
Blades are aligned so that only every other row of blades hits the wastewater at any given instant, eliminating shockloads on the entire drive system.
Blade removal/replacement easily accomplished in the field.
A keyed, tapered bushing mounts the gear reducer to the rotor shaft. This eliminates the potential for movement associated with set screw type connections.
The torque tube features a 14 in. (35.6 cm) diameter offering the potential for a submergence of 14 in. (35.6 cm).
Optional weir system effectively controls the aerator’s immersion in the wastewater, allowing for increased oxygen transfer rates when required.
Optional patented turning baffles insure proper velocity throughout the entire cross-section of the channel.

Contact Smith & Loveless Inc.
Company Hours: Monday – Friday 7:45 – 4:30 Central Time
Main e-mail answers@smithandloveless.com
Main Phone:913-888-5201
Main Fax: 913-888-2173
Order Parts:800-922-9048 – Option 5 / Fax: 913-748-0106
Customer Service:800-922-9048 – Option 7 (24 Hours a Day)

ABS submersible aerator TA/TAK

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ABS submersible aerator TA/TAK photo aeration systemsSelf-aspirating submersible aerators for wastewater and water treatment in municipal and industrial plants. Main areas of application are mixing and equalisation tanks, activated sludge tanks, SBR-reactors and sludge storage tanks at a water depth between 2 and 9 m (7 – 30 ft).

The aerator is free standing on the bottom of the basin and hence can be installed without emptying the basin. The aerator is characterised by a very low noise level and no aerosol formation. The aeration produces fine bubbles and the oxygen transfer factor is high.

Oxygen transfer up to
80kg O2/h (176lbs O2/h)
Motor output, max
75 kW (100 hp)

ABS Global website
Head Office
Cardo Flow Solutions AB
Roskildevägen 1
Box 394
201 23 Malmö, Sweden
Tel: +46 10 4747 200
Fax: +46 40 30 50 45
E-mail: info.abs@cardo.com

Aqua-Jet® surface mechanical wastewater aerator

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Aqua Jet® surface mechanical wastewater aerator photo aeration systemsThe continuous heavy-duty operating life of rotating equipment, such as a wastewater aerator, demands a vibration-limiting design that will assure smooth operation long after the unit has been installed. The velocity must be controlled to 0.3in/sec. or less. If this limitation is not met, early machine failure is inevitable.

Proper design and the use of the highest quality materials have made the Aqua-Jet aerator the most durable and reliable wastewater aerator in the industry. On properly maintained units, Aqua-Jet aerators outlast other aerators 2 to 1. On poorly maintained aerators, Aqua-Jet aerators outlast other aerators by more than a 3 to 1 margin. Scheduled maintenance consists only of motor bearing lubrication 2-4 times per year, depending on motor size.

Motor options: single, dual or variable speed
Flexibility in materials of construction
Vibration-controlled design
Superior oxygen transfer
Horsepower: 1 to 150

Proven oxygen and mixing performance
Easy and flexible installation
Short lead times
Easily added to existing plants

Aqua-Aerobic Systems, Inc.
6306 North Alpine Road
Rockford, IL 61111 U.S.A.
815-654-2501 (phone)
815-654-2508 (fax)

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