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Industrial AQE8000 Reverse Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collector

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Industrial AQE8000 Reverse Pulse Jet Cartridge Dust Collector photo dust collectorsThe AQE 8000 is an external unit that offers up to 5700 cfm of air flow. These dust collectors utilize a pulse jet cleaning system that increases filter life and service interval making it ideal for heavy dust loading applications. Standard photohelic controller minimizes compressed air requirement while monitoring filter life. You won’t find a better Industrial dust collector no matter what the price!

Principles of Operation:
The AQE 8000 is self cleaning. Four solenoid valves utilized for reverse pulse cleaning are maintained by a photohelic controller. By simple adjustable presets, the reverse pulse cleaner is scheduled to clean at a desired pressure drop across the filters. The controller offers the option of both on-line and off-line cleaning. Cartridge cleaning is accomplished by the use of 3/4″ Goyen Valves and sonic nozzles positioned behind the cartridge filters. The specially designed sonic nozzles precisely direct and increase the air velocity into the cartridge filter to reverse pulse the contaminants from the filters.

Automatic cleaning system
Solid state control timer
1100 square feet of media
99.8% efficient at .5 micron
Disconnect and overload protection
Manufacturer’s warranty

19 Somerset Place
Clifton, NJ 07012-1123 1-973-473-7527 Telephone
1-800-295-3047 Toll free
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sales@brookaire.com Email


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DUST COLLECTOR MODEL : RD 110 AL photo dust collectorsFeatures
- High air flow with new designed turbo fan
- Polyester fabric filter with manual shaker
- Easy dust bucket release and latch

Maximum Air Flow: 550 CFM (15 M3/min)
Maximum Vacuum: 6.5″ H2O (165 mm)
Input Voltage: 115 / 230 VAC, 1Φ
Input Power: 1.0 kW
Input Current: 9.2 / 4.6 A
Power Cable: 10 FT, 16 / 18 AWG
Fan Wheel Size: 10-5/8″ Dia x 2-1/2″ W
1st Filter Area: 22 sq ft, Polyester
2nd Filter Area: N/A
Dust Capacity: 2 Gallon
Noise Level: 80 dB A
Hose Inlet Diameter: 4″ (100 mm)
Size W x L x H: 22″ x 22″ x 39″
Weight: 120 lbs

RV-00091-2, Polyester Duck, 12″L, 8 pcs (Standard)
RV-00091-4, One Micron Non-woven, 12″L, 8 pcs

Ryvac Engineering Company
673 New York Drive, Pomona, CA 91768 U.S.A.
Tel: 818-241-7436 / Fax: 818-241-8712

Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collection System

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Air Boss DownFlow Dust Collection System photo dust collectorsAir Boss Vertical Cartridge Dust Collectors offer a variety of cost-efficient answers for the most difficult dust, smoke and fume collection needs. Their modular design allows for a large range of sizes for the largest dust collection tasks.

Air Boss DC series includes a full range of units — from the DC-2 which collects dust at a single workstation to a DC-128 which controls particulates in large manufacturing facilities.

Air Boss helps meet and exceed NIOSH and OSHA codes for cleaning and recirculating industrial air, giving 99% effectiveness in removing submicron particles (<0.5) while being energy and cost efficient.

Cartridges arranged in vertical orientation
Structural integrity of filter is maintained
Ensures consistent air-to-cloth ratio for each filter

Patented downflow/vertical airflow
Ensures uniform loading of filters while minimizing abrasion
Process air assists cleaning action during online pulsing
No-flow area below filters acts as settling chamber for dusts
Eliminates 90° filter rotation and 22% to 25% filter area loss inherent with horizontal filters

Small, solid-welded tube sheet below vertical cartridge
Gasket seals enhanced as filters load and cartridge becomes heavier
Eliminates potential for metal distortion and possible leakage

Solid welded construction separating clean air and dirty air plenums
Reduces potential for leakage

Reverse jet pulse design
Venturi-assisted to optimize cleaning effectiveness

Pulse valve silencers
Reduces overall system dBA
Standard vs. competitor’s option

Programmable Smart Boss pulse control with digital pressure differential sensor
Allows for on and offline initiation of cleaning cycle
15 digital display functions
Saves compressed air and increases filter life

Side Inlet
Acts as dropout box for sparks
Reduces overhead ductwork clearance

Explosion Vent Door/Latches
Latches designed to release, eliminating replacement of expensive membrane panels

Centrifugal Partial Width Fan
Eliminates need for volume outlet damper

Fan Silencer
Reduces sound levels to comply with OSHA and EPA standards

Trion Indoor Air Quality
101 McNeil Road
Sanford, NC 27330
E-mail: customerservice@trioninc.com
Telephone: (919) 775-2201
Fax: (919) 777-6399

CA3000C and CA6000C Cartridge Air Cleaners

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CA3000C and CA6000C Cartridge Air Cleaners photo dust collectorsTrion’s CA3000C and CA6000C Cartridge Air Cleaners used in either source capture or unducted ambient applications will help solve heavy welding smoke, dust and other indoor air pollution problems. They have been designed to be very efficient, self-cleaning, easy in servicing, and prolonged filter life.

For industrial work areas, Trion Cartridge Air Cleaners are great for applications where heavy smoke, powders, and dust create unhealthy and hazardous environments. The intake can be ducted into problem areas to provide ambient air cleaning, or it may be ducted with source capture arms sucking the contaminants right at the source of your cutting, welding, grinding, etc.
trion cartridge dust collectors

Features & Benefits of CA3000C & CA6000C Dust Collectors
4 or 9 Long-Life Filter Cartridges – provide up to 99% efficiency. Cartridges have 8 times more surface collecting area than comparable bag media type air cleaners, resulting in greater dirt-holding capacity and longer filter life
In-place, cartridge cleaning utilizing compressed air – minimizes maintenance and reduces downtime
Each filter is pulsed independently – better cleaning of cartridge during cleaning cycle
3 Pulse Options
Manual Pulse – initiate when desired
Timed Pulse with 7 Day-Clock – initiate at predetermined intervals
“On Demand” Sensed Pulse – initiate at set static pressure
Side Access Doors – simplifies maintenance and cartridge removal
Backward-inclined Airfoil Fan – energy efficient and quiet operation

Trion Indoor Air Quality
101 McNeil Road
Sanford, NC 27330
E-mail: customerservice@trioninc.com
Telephone: (919) 775-2201
Fax: (919) 777-6399

AQE4000 Industrial Cartridge Collector

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AQE4000 Industrial Cartridge Collector photo dust collectorsThis industrial air cleaner is a self-contained overhead cartridge system for use in source capture or ambient applications. Pulse jet cleaning system increases filter life and service interval making it ideal for heavy dust loading applications.

Available options for this jet dust collector include 11′ and 14′ arms, hood mounted halogen light, source capture plenums, dust hopper, drum mounting kit, silencer and many more. The reverse jet cartridge air filtration systems are ideal for heavy welding applications to maximize production and minimize maintenance.

Principles of Operation:
Airborne contaminants enter the AQE4000 through the optional hood/arm assembly at a rate of 1250 cfm per arm. Heavy particles are propelled downward through the venturi and into the clean out drawer. Small submicron particles are then trapped within the pleats of the four 99.8% efficient cartridge filters. The cleaned air is then discharged through the back of the unit. The cartridge filters are cleaned automatically using a Goyen valve reverse pulse system and a solid state automatic control timer.

Automatic cleaning system
Solid state control timer
5 HP TEFC motor
1100 square feet of media
99.8% efficient at .5 micron
Disconnect and overload protection
Manufacturer’s warranty

Air Filtration
15 North Washington St • Plainville, CT 06062 | P: 877-410-1887 • F: 860-747-3989

Breathing Air Purifiers (50-300 scfm)

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Breathing Air Purifiers (50 300 scfm)  photo other equipment air purifying equipment recycling and environmental protectionPneumatic Products BAP desiccant dryer purifiers are designed to provide a continuous supply of clean, safe breathing air from your existing compressed air system. Every purifier is a complete full-capacity purification system that performs effectively with lubricated or non-lubricated compressors.

Meets OSHA and CSA breathing air standards.
Protects workers from ambient and compressed air respiratory hazards.
Increases worker comfort and productivity.
Simple installation-air and electric only.
RS-232 monitoring of system operations and maintenance schedule.

Pneumatic Products
4647 S.W. 40th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34474-5788
United States
Telephone: 352-873-5793
Fax: 352-873-5770
Email: pneumatic.products.sales@spx.com

Air Boss® Model 75

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Air Boss® Model 75 photo other equipment air purifying equipment recycling and environmental protectionA perfect fit for your specific application… effectiveness…availability. For even more value, add a variety of applications and simplicity of operation. Back all these features up with substantial product and application expertise, superb technical services and unconditional support anywhere, anytime, and you’ve got the first name in air purification systems: Trion.

Since 1947, Trion has combined the leading-edge technology you expect with the value-added services you want to provide unique, effective air purification solutions for numerous applications in industrial and commercial markets.

Numerous applications. One solution.
When you need one system for cleaning numerous applications, such as kitchen grease and smoke, oil mist, and contaminants from other industrial processes, Trion has the kitchen exhaust, commercial, and large industrial solutions just for you.

Atmospheric contaminants may be either liquids or solids, in the form of oil, water, grease, smoke, fumes, dusts or similar particulate including gaseous and vaporous odors. The Model 75 readily adapts to the various air collection methods utilized to recover contaminants for collection. Air inlet and outlet flanges on the modules include predrilled holes to connect adjoining duct work. Module support rails are optional for multiple mounting methods.

With your unique needs in mind, the Trion Model 75 utilizes five individual sections, each with specific air treatment tasks that are pre-selected, then factory assembled to form a compact, inline, drop-in unit. The modules and their basic functions include:

Module Name Normal Function
Prefilter/Impinger Mist Eliminator/Grease Extraction
ESP-Electrostatic Precipitator High-efficiency Primary
or Secondary Filtering Device
Media Primary, Secondary or Backup Filter
Adsorber Odor Control and Removal
Blower System Air Mover

Trion Indoor Air Quality
101 McNeil Road
Sanford, NC 27330
E-mail: customerservice@trioninc.com
Telephone: (919) 775-2201
Fax: (919) 777-6399

Refrigerated Air Dryers High Inlet Temps – RHT Series

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Refrigerated Air Dryers High Inlet Temps   RHT Series photo other equipment air purifying equipment recycling and environmental protectionGardner Denver RHT Series High Inlet Temperature refrigerated dryers feature a unique design which works directly with reciprocating air compressors. A unique heat exchanger allows the dryer to accept elevated inlet air temperatures, up to 180°F (82°C). This allows compressed air users to send high temperature air straight from their compressor directly to the RHT Series refrigerated dryer and maintain a 50°F pressure dew point. The RHT Series is ideally suited for auto body shops, auto service centers, and light industrial facilities with 5 to 30 horsepower reciprocating air compressors.

20 – 125 SCFM
Maximum Inlet Temperature: 180°F
Maximum Working Pressure: 250 PSIG
Automatic Zero-Loss Drain

Design Advantages
Stainless steel heat exchangers with high heat transfer coefficients allow inlet temperatures to 180°F (82°C). All models feature air-to-air and air-to-refrigerant heat exchangers.
FIL Series Grade B Separator/Filter.
Zero air-loss condensate drains with reliable pneumatic operation.
Environmentally-friendly R407c refrigeration system maintains reliable dewpoint temperatures automatically. Hermetic, no-maintenance refrigeration compressors.
Fan switch allows operation in low (35°F, 2°C) ambient temperatures.
Power cord with molded plug.
Instrumentation has convenient on/off switch for start-up and fault light for system malfunction.
CSA Certified on 115 volt models.

Gardner Denver, Inc.
1800 Gardner Expressway
Quincy, Il 62305
Phone: 800-682-9868
Fax: 217-221-8792

H Series Refrigerated Dryer

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H Series Refrigerated Dryer photo other equipment air purifying equipment recycling and environmental protectionKaeser’s H series dryers are hot gas by-pass valve-controlled for reliable performance – even when operating under high ambient temperatures and harsh environmental conditions. Constructed from high-quality, industrial materials for a long service life, these dryers offer a very low pressure drop. Our proven stainless-steel heat exchanger technology maximizes performance and consistently produces dewpoints as low as 35ºF. Integrated automatic drain traps quickly and automatically remove condensate for optimum dryer performance, and the reduced footprint minimizes space requirements.

Outstanding Quality
Constructed from high-grade, industrial materials for a long service life, these dryers offer a very low pressure drop. With our specifically designed hot-gas bypass systems, highly efficient refrigerant circuits and electronic “no air loss” condensate drains, every aspect of the H Series refrigerated dryers is designed to provide outstanding quality and performance.

Stainless-Steel Plate Heat Exchanger
The dryer’s stainless-steel plate heat exchanger is corrosion resistant. All dryer components and piping meet the highest standards in quality and reliability.

Condensate Separator
Kaeser’s H-Series refrigeration dryers are designed for maximum reliability. They are equipped with a specially designed condensate separator made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel that reliably removes condensate from the air even under fluctuating airflow conditions.

Kaeser Compressors, Inc.
PO Box 946
Fredericksburg, VA 22404
Fax: 540-898-5520

CATALITE® CBA Series Air Purifiers

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CATALITE® CBA Series Air Purifiers  photo other equipment air purifying equipment recycling and environmental protectionThe Catalite Breathing Air Series Purifiers encompass Hankison’s premium performance technology in order to provide the clean, dry air necessary to keep your workers safe. The CBA Series is designed to be used as an addition to your plant air source to convert compressed air to breathable air for those processes identified as hazardous.

Hankison’s Catalite CBA Series purifiers have been engineered to handle flow capacities from 15 to 940 scfm (25 to 1597 nm3/h) and remove contaminants in six stages of filtration in order to meet OSHA, CGA, ANSI, and CSA breathing air standards. At the core of the process is a heatless regenerative desiccant dryer with a fixed 10 minute dryer cycle delivering consistent ISO 8573.1 Class 2 (-40°F, -40°C) outlet pressure dew point quality air. Offering advanced controls and analyzers the Catalite CBA Series Breathing Air Purifiers is complete solution for your Breathing Air Treatment processes!

SPX Flow Technology North America
Hankison Headquarters
TEL | 724 | 745 | 1555
FAX | 724 | 745 | 6040

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