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Type W RotoClone

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Type W RotoClone photo other equipment air pollution control devices recycling and environmental protection recycling and environmental protectionThe Type W RotoClone, Arrangement A is recommended for the collection of light loadings of granular dusts and mist. Dynamic forces developed by the rotating impeller cause even the finest particles to impinge on, and be trapped by, the flowing water film which covers all blade surfaces. The slurry formed by water and collected dust drains from the bottom of the RotoClone expansion chamber.

The Arrangement A model is available in 12 sizes from 1,000 to 50,000 CFM.
CFM (Air Volume): 1,000-50,000
Efficiency %: 99.00
Grain Loading/cf: 1-2
Hours of Operation: 24/7
Material Characteristics: Dry, Wet, Sticky, Corrosive, Oily, Fibrous, Ambient Air
Max Temperature: 400° F
Type of Collector: Wet

Air Filter Equipment 1-800-477-1214

Welding Fume Purifier / Extractor

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Welding Fume Purifier / Extractor photo other equipment air pollution control devices recycling and environmental protection recycling and environmental protectionThe LB-JZ(D) model (pulsing automatic back-flushing)Welding Fume Purifier / Extractor is designed specially for purfifying the industrial welding fume and light particles. It is light and flexible, easy to operate, widely used in chemical, electronics, metal processing, tobacco, glass, pharmaceutical, food processing, clean rooms, hospitals and other industries and plates which has the fume and dust pollution. Under the premise of insuring no secondary pollution, no effect on production operating, the LB-JZ Purifier use the multi layer purifying devices to purify the welding fume and dust. It can get rid of welding fume and exhaust gas, and can also remove the fume tar smell and various of hazardous and harmful gas.

1. Facility Characteristics
1) It is equipped with ABB turbo fan and motor imported from Germany and America, with overload prevention circle to avoid motor damage. It is of steady performance.
2) It is equipped with built-in centralized PLC controlling system. The operation panel is clear and simple, very easy to operate.
3) Pulsing back-flushing automatic dust-removal system: The filter core is the automatic rotating and back-flushing type, which keeps the filter core surface clean when working, to insure the stable blowing rate; The air compressor parts are connected with high pressure rubber pipe with high pressure air-inflow in the bottom, which insure the facility always in good working condition.
4) The filter core is imported from the large company in America with long useful life. It can arrest the 0.3μm particles. The filtering effect is good for all kinds of particles including the wet particles.
5) It is equipped with the all-directions sucking arm of 360 degree rotating. It can suck the fume exactly from the source which make best of the fume collection efficiency, and insure the workers’ health in the largest extent.
6) It is equipped with three layer filter system to avoid the damage effect of flame and large slag particles, which extend the useful life, more safe and more reliable.
7) The clean air is exhausted uniformly and diffusely through the gridiron outlet, so it can minimize the noise.
8) It is attached with all-direction caster wheels, which makes the facility movable freely and easy to position.
9) Photoelectric controlled on/off, energy saving and high efficiency. The hood has the lighting device which is upon customer’s choice.
10) The parts working condition are all stable and has long useful life, meantime easy to be replaced

Qingdao Loobo Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd
Office Address: Floor 10, No.127, Liaoning Road, Qingdao, China
Factory Address: No.3, Jinshajiang One Road, Tongji Industry
Park, Qingdao, China
Phone: +86-532-8068 7563
Fax Phone: +86-532-8068 7573

Vacupac Bustle Filter

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Vacupac Bustle Filter photo other equipment air pollution control devices recycling and environmental protection recycling and environmental protectionThe Midwest Vacupac Bustle Filter is designed to meet loading requirements for most fine, granular or lumpy products. The Vacupac Bustle Filter’s withdrawal point is located at the bottom of the shiploader. This simplifies the system, and eliminates the need to withdrwal the dust long vertical distances. There is also no plugged dust piping to clean as the closed system places the MIDWEST loading system under a vacuum which is maintained during loading.

Fugitive dust and product is withdrawn up and into the filter module. Dusty air is filtered with only clean air being discharged from the Vacupac Bustle Filter fan. Dust and cargo trapped on the filter media is automatically purged off and is recycled back into the vehicle being loaded. There is no loss of product to the environment, plant housekeeping is reduced and vehicles usually need no cleaning after loading is completed.

Contact Midwest
Midwest Plaza
105 Stover Road
Charlevoix MI 49720-0438
Phone: 231-547-4000
Email: info@midwestinternational.com

MCB Cross Ventilation Dust Collector

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MCB Cross Ventilation Dust Collector photo other equipment air pollution control devices recycling and environmental protection recycling and environmental protectionRemove fine airborne dust from industrial processes while allowing workers complete freedom of movement. The MCB is an obstruction-free dust collector that uses cross-draft ventilation to eliminate hazardous contaminants before they reach a worker’s breathing zone. Ideal for applications where source capture is impractical—like grinding, sanding and abrasive blasting—the MCB is easy to install, extremely quiet and requires no tools for filter change outs.

Available in 3’, 6’ and 9’ modules, MCB dust collectors can be fitted with a booth enclosure for containment and additional sound absorption. All MCB modules come standard with vertically hanging Protura® Nanofiber cartridge filters. Classified as “surface-loading filters,” Protura® cartridges collect particulate on an exterior filter coating before it becomes deeply embedded and hard to remove. So when the MCB pulses to clean the filters, dust is easily knocked off and less stress is applied to the filter.

Booth Enclosures
Dust-Resistant Light Fixtures
Motor Starters
On-Demand Cleaning Panel
Safety Afterfilter
Sprinkler Couplings

United Air Specialists Headquarters
4440 Creek Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
Local: 513-891-0400
Toll-Free: 800-252-4647
Fax: 513-891-4171

Dust Handling Systems

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Dust Handling Systems photo other equipment air pollution control devices recycling and environmental protection recycling and environmental protectionDust Silos
Heavy duty all-welded construction
Large capacity
Suitable for storage of dust or mineral fillers
Available with weigh depletion pods
Overflow port for disposing of fines
Environmentally friendly nuisance dust collector
Steep silo cone to avoid material bridging
Computer controlled precision vane feeder to accurately meter fines back to the mix
OSHA approved hand rails and ladder

Primary Collectors
All welded steel construction with structural steel legs
Standard positioning over dryer requires no additional feeder or screw conveyor to return collected dust to the mix
Impact plate knocks down larger fines to collection hopper
Large volume design promotes low velocity air flow resulting in reduced wear and improved collection efficiency
Steeply sloped lower hopper section to avoid bridging and plugging of material
Discharge draft gate prevents air leakage

Dust Runaround Systems
Removes collected fines from bag collector for storage, proportionally metering back to the mix, and/or disposal
Completely eliminates dust surges
Computer controlled Precision rotary air lock
Can be sized per specification requirements for dust

Dillman Equipment, Inc. at:
Phone: (608) 326-4820 | Fax: (608) 326-4962
Parts: (608) 326-4820 | Parts Fax: (608) 326-7575 | Service: (608) 326-4820 | Service Fax: (608) 326-5116
34618 Cty Hwy K | Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Mikro-Pulsaire Bin Vent

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Mikro Pulsaire Bin Vent photo bin ventsEconomical, compact dust collector for bins and material receivers.
Two Basic Styles
• A Style with plenum only; bags hang directly in the receiver.
• B Style includes plenum and housing. Size ranges from four to
ten feet.

• Shipped completely assembled for rapid installation.
• Simple design for easy maintenance.
• High efficiency: 99.9%
• Filter areas from 25 to 106 ft2
• All headers, pipes, and valves shipped installed and wired to
solenoid valves and timer.
• Welded 12 gauge carbon steel construction.
• Operating pressure to 30″ w.g. std. (higher levels available).
• Standard operating temperatures to 200°F.

• Stainless steel tube sheet, housing, and/or venturis
• Special interior or exterior coatings to your specification
• Explosion proof electricals
• 425°F temperature capability
• Bag grid and/or man grid
• High quality Mikro bags in wide variety of materials and finishes
• All surfaces that may come in contact with dust or product can be
fabricated of stainless steel or other materials
• All surfaces that may come in contact with gas can be fabricated of
stainless steel or other materials

MikroPul Headquarters
4500 Chesapeake Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28216
Tel: 704-998-2600
Fax: 704-998-2601
Customer Service:

Acrison’s Bin Vent

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Acrison’s  Bin Vent photo bin ventsAcrison’s Bin Vent Filters trap dust particulate from escaping into the atmosphere during refilling of an Acrison “Weight-Loss” Weigh Feeder hopper. In addition, a Bin Vent Filter will prohibit either a positive or negative pressure from occurring within the hopper to which it attaches.

During refill of a hopper, the displaced air (often dust-laden) enters the Bin Vent Filter, passing through its cartridge filter(s) where dust/air separation occurs. Dust particulate is trapped on the outside of the surface of the filter, allowing only clean air to pass through and into the atmosphere. Acrison Bin Vent Filters do not have any moving parts or a motorized blower and no special ventilation required. Though designed primarily for use with Acrison “Weight-Loss-Differential” Weigh Feeders, Acrison Bin Vent Filters may also be utilized with any Acrison storage hopper to allow air to exit and enter as the product level changes.

Automatic Filter Media Cleaning – occurs after a periodic and automatic reverse blast of dry, filtered, compressed air cleans the filter media (cartridge) to minimize manual cleaning
Cartridge Filter – material of construction releases most adhesive products and is capable of trapping particles down to sub-micron in size
All Steel Construction – provides long-term reliability with minimal maintenance requirements
Range of Model Sizes (based on cloth area of filter cartridge) – single and double filter cartridges supplied depending upon model

Acrison, Inc., 20 Empire Blvd., Moonachie, NJ 07074
Toll Free: 1-800-4-ACRISON • Tel: (201)-440-8300 • Fax: (201)-440-4939 • informail@acrison.com

Automatic Bin Vent

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Automatic Bin Vent photo bin ventsWhen material is conveyed to the storage tank, the increased volume within the tank reduces the air stream velocity, the material drops, and the excess air is vented through the filter. During the venting process, airborne dust particles are trapped by the filter bags.

Sequentially timed bursts of compressed air controlled by solenoid valves, pulse the bags and dislodge the dust particles. All of the product remains in the storage tank and clean air exhausts through the tank vent into the atmosphere.
Materials of construction

The bin vent is constructed of epoxy-coated carbon steel.

For applications requiring it, the material contact surfaces or the entire unit can be constructed of 316 or 304 stainless steel. Stainless steel construction is an excellent choice for abrasive, corrosive, and foodgrade applications.
Quick-access door

The bin vent’s filter bags are easily accessed for service through the quick-access door. Latches unscrew by hand and swing to the side, allowing the door to open on left-hand hinges. The filter bags and cages can be reached through the door for removal, cleaning and eventual replacement.

K-Tron Process Group
Routes 55 & 553
Pitman, NJ 08071
Tel: +1 (856) 589-0500
Fax: +1 (856) 582-7968


U.S. Air Filtration Bin Vent

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U.S. Air Filtration Bin Vent photo bin ventsU.S. Air Filtration Inc., manufactures bin vents for silos and customized applications.

Our bin vents require little maintenance after installation. Usually our customers enjoy a short lead times, cost effective solutions, and very little maintenance to the unit. Call an engineer today to see if we may be a fit for your next bin vent dust collector project.

Midwest Branch Office
Equip., Systems, Engineering 3450B Stellhorn Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46815 USA

Flex-Kleen Bin Vent

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Flex Kleen Bin Vent photo bin ventsFlex-Kleen Bin Vent Filters feature rugged welded housings and can be furnished to handle air volumes ranging from 50 to 5,000 cubic feet per minute. All Flex-Kleen Bin Vents are equipped with automatic on-line pulse-jet cleaning. Individual unit sizes range from 17 to 457 square feet of fabric. Flex-Kleen Bin Vent Filters and dust control systems offer:

High Efficiency – Filter media removes 99.99+ percent of entrained particles.
Low Energy Requirements – Compressed air usage is miniminzed through precise matching of cleaning requirements and cleaning frequency.
Low Maintenance Requirements – No moving parts inside the collector. Pulsing system can be inspected without shutting down the collector.
Quick Installation – Welded housing is shipped ready to install for minimum erection costs. Collector may be mounted directly to the bin or silo, or supplied with a hopper and support legs as a freestanding unit.
Quality, Economy, Dependability

45 North Brandon Drive
Glendale Heights, IL 60139
Toll Free: 1-800-621-0734
Phone: 630-775-0707
Fax: 630-295-9019
E-mail: info@flex-kleen.com

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