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PGL-B Spray Drying Granulator

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PGL B Spray Drying Granulator photo granulating machinesSpray Drying Granulator

Application of Spray Drying Granulator
1. Suitable for Chinese traditional medicine granule, such as capsule and no or low sugar and tablet or coating granule
2. Particularly suitable for material that contains component of amylase and has strong viscosity or heat sensitive product.
3. it is particularly suitable foe micro auxiliary raw materials and heat sensitive raw materials
4. it is equipped with powder returning device

To keep a certain powder materials at the fludizied bed as crystal seed.To pump the liquid materials to sprayer.Firsts to remove most of the water by instant contacting with the high-temperature air,and the residual moisture will be low-temperature dried at the fludizied bed,and at the same time to be grain.

1.The structure of spray drying chamber, filtering chamber, fluid-bed and secondary air supply system has been improved greatly.
2. Designed and manufactured laid out by GMP
3. Can realize continuous spray process of immersed paste.
4.Compared with FL, the fluid-bed is more constant and the adjusted air amount is more reasonable.
5.The drying degree is improved and the “dead bed” is overcome
6.Multi-fluid atomizer.

Nanjing SF Machinery Co., Ltd.
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Country: China (Mainland)
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TVG Series Granulating Machine

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TVG Series Granulating Machine photo granulating machinesTVG granulating machine has a long history in the pharmaceutical industry. When the process requires high granulate density and speed, our machines are always the first choice. Our machines require little space and are easy to operate and maintain. Our machines use a filter screen with special holes for tiny particles and its pole can crush the solid ones. This makes our machine viable substitute for the traditional granulators used in the medical, chemical and food industries.

TRUSTAR granulating machine features a conical working vessel, “Z” shaped rotor blades and various choppers. The HMI touch screen and Siemens PLC control system make the operation easy to operate. The machine can be filled manually by means of containers with lift and transporter devices or pneumatically by means of suction conveyor systems. The finished granule is discharged from the working vessel into a fluid bed machine or a container. It can easily be incorporated into horizontal or vertical product flow.

Working Principle
In the wet granulation process, powder is presented in the vertical granulator and subsequently moistened or sprayed with molten materials. The shear forces produced by the Z-shaped rotor blades lead to an intensive mixing of the powder and, with the addition of binder solutions, to the rapid formation of high-density granulates. The chopper on the side wall of the container assists the formation of larger agglomerates.

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GCZL-10 Granulating Machine

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GCZL 10 Granulating Machine photo granulating machinesGCZL-10 GRANULATING MACHINE
* GCZL-10 is mainly used for deposing of metal power or diamond power, make definite size of grain.
* It makes the diamond distribute well in the segment and tools, improving the cutting capability of tools.
* It cuts down the ingredient difference of metal power when sintering, improving the compactness and alloying.
* The grain has good fluidness, making the positive displacement craft of cold press come true, also extend the life of graphite mold.
* It improves the automatization and consistancy, reduces the dust pollution and improve the working condition.

Capability 4-10kg/h
Power supply 11kw
Overall dimension 2650*850*1870mm
Weight 1750kg

7#-1201,Honglian Road,Xiamen,Fujian,361008
Phone: +86-592-5336191 Fax:+86-592-5336199
Mail: info@gcstonemachines.com

Rotary Granulating Machine

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Rotary Granulating Machine photo granulating machinesWorking Principles
The rotary granulating machine is equipped with a set of rotary grinding blades. It pelletizes wet materials into columned granules by stainless steel sieves. Granules with different sizes are also available by using different stainless steel sieves.

The rotary granulating machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, and beverage industries. It can pelletize materials into needed granules, and is particularly suitable for materials with high viscosity.

The granules our rotary granulating machine made are listed as follows.
1. Aspirin granules, compound paraceli and ama-ntandine hydro chloride capsules, antibiotics, cathartic, and kitasamycin.
2. Organic fertilizer and lithium cobalt oxide granules.
3. Chicken powder granules

Our rotary granulating machine has good appearance and high granulation rate. Its parts in direct contact with materials are made by stainless steel. Besides, it can automatically discharge materials, which effectively avoid granule breakage. Due to those advantages, our granulator is well accepted by customers from the United States, Australia, Italy, Spain, Japan, Brazil and other countries.

Yo Tong
Zhenlu Town, Wujin District, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China
Tel.: +86-519-88900598
Fax: +86-519-88902649
Mobile: +86-13861087188
Email: ytdryers@gmail.com

The Big One Granulator

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The Big One Granulator photo granulating machinesNow the largest (biggest) sound deadened granulator in the world.
With a 1000 x 800 mm feed opening.

Fully sound deadened.
Fully safety interlocked.
Integral granule conveying fan.
Twin flywheels.
Electric hopper opening.
Electric cutting chamber opening.
Easy access for cleandown.
Available with or without sound proof cabinet.
Conforms to machinery directive.
CE marked.

Suitable for:
Large mouldings.
Auto & truck panels.
Fuel tanks.
Rotational mouldings.
Blow mouldings.
Thermoforming waste.

Blackfriars Limited
Bingswood Road, Whaley Bridge, High Peak, Derbyshire SK23 7NB United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1663 718967 Fax: +44 (0)1663 719771
E-mail: sales@blackfriars.com

High Speed Film Blowing Machines HP-35HD

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High Speed Film Blowing Machines HP 35HD photo plastic film machinesThe ‘HP-HD’ Series Machines are Specially Designed for the Film Blowing of HDPE.

The Gear Box is ’3 Shafts Type’ to Achieve Low Electricity Consumption, Low Belts Replacement, High Durability, Noiseless During High Speed Operation.

The Material of Screw and Barrel is PTA, Bi-Metal Alloy Treatment and Grinding to Ensure High Durability, High Stability and Output Increasing. Without Problem to Use Recycled Materials.

Optional Attachments:
Automatic Hopper Loader
Extrusion Pressure Gauge
Pneumatic System Screen Changer
Manual System Screen Changer
Rotary Die
Bubble Guide of IRIS Diaphragm Type
Automatic Film Width Controller
Embossing Roller
Film Surface Treater
Static Eliminator
Back to Back Winder
Semi-Automatic (Flying Knife System) Film Roll Changing System
Air Shaft
Inverter for Main Motor Speed Control (Made in France, ‘TELEMECANIQUE’ Brand)
Heat Slitting Knife
Waste Film Collecting Unit
Air Compressor

HYPLAS Machinery Co., Ltd.
TEL: 886-2-2778-2985 / FAX: 886-2-2731-5179

Film Blowing Machine

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Film Blowing Machine photo plastic film machinesFilm Blowing Machine
SJ Series

SJ series film blowing machine is used for producing various kinds of plastic films made of LDPE, HDPE, and LLDPE, and more. Produced plastic films are extensively used in food and beverage packing industries.

Advantages of SJ series film blowing machines:
1. The cylinders and the screw stems of the extruding unit feature optimum hardness and high corrosion resistance, because they are made of high quality alloy steel and are nitrogen treated and precision machined.
2. Its auxiliary equipment is designed with a platform worktable. This provides our film blowing machine with simpler operation.
3. The rewinding unit is designed with double-rolling and double-cutting mechanism and is driven by a torque motor. This provides the rewinding unit with proper tension control and regular material rewinding. Meanwhile, it also provides our film blowing machine with convenient roll material replacement.

Wenzhou Kingsun Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd.
Add: No.1002, Heyuan Mansion, Xincheng, Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, P.R. China.
Email: info@wzkingsun.com

Plastic Film Blowing Machine

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Plastic Film Blowing Machine photo plastic film machinesDescription:
It is used for blowing the various plastic films of low density polyethylene (LDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) etc, which are widely used for packing industrial products, garments and food and for covering farmland.

The cylinders and the screw stems of the above extruders are made of high-quality alloy steel with optimum hardness and strong corrosion resistance after precision finishing and nitrogen treatment.
The auxiliary machine has a platform working table for making operation easy.
The coiling unit adopts torque motor to keep proper tension and make rolling even and roll-changing easy.

Contact Person: sell manager : davidhe MSN Online Status Indicator
Tel: 86-579-85530989
Fax: 86-579-85412794
Email: seller1@innovomachine.com

LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE Monolayer Blown Film Machine

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LLDPE/LDPE/HDPE Monolayer Blown Film Machine photo plastic film machinesMono layer Blown Film Machine is ideal for shopping bags. Grocery bags, Liners, Sheet, Lamination film for aluminum foil, Detergent packing, Salt packing, Bread packing Confectionery, Dairy products packing, Textiles, Garments Hosiery, Fast food packing, Green house film, packing for frozen foods, carry bags, general purpose films, HDPE pick-up bags, LD / LLD / HD lamination films, HD twist wrap films, stretch and cling films, shrink films, anti-rust films etc.

We Offer a diverse range of customized Monolayer Blown Film Lines to suit a customer’s specific requirement.

Our most appreciated Monolayer Blown Film Plant are available with outputs ranging from 35 kg/hr to 450 kg/hr and lay-flat widths ranging from 50 mm to 6000 mm for processing polymers as LD, LLD, HM / HDPE.

The Monolayer Blown Film Plant are also available with special configurations to process wide width HDPE film, similarly these lines are also available with up to 4 color inline flexographic printing.

Our Monolayer Blown Film Machine incorporate advanced features like-grooved feed barrel, barrier screw, dosing system, Liquid PIB dosing system, manual as well as automatic screen changer, Rotating Die / platform , internal bubble cooling, automatic bubble cage, online thickness monitoring and control, 2/4 station surface and center winders , Auto tension control, Corona treaters etc. for longer life, higher productivity and better quality.

S.S.Mechanical Engineers Pvt. Ltd.
WZ-106/56, Rajouri Garden Extn.
New Delhi-110027 (India)
Phone : +91-11- 25458082, 25106174
Fax : +91-11-25106130

PP Blow Film Machine

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PP Blow Film Machine photo plastic film machinesFeatures of the PP blow film machine
1. Die head can rotate 360° and can enhance the strength and uniformity of plastic film.
2. Both the screw and charging barrel are made of 38crmoal alloy steel and created through nitrogen treatment and precision processing. Thus they have the advantages of hardness, corrosion resistance and durability.
3. Die head has been plated with hard chrome and with spiral mandrel-type structure, which renders smooth and even discharging. The melting charge extruded from the die head is well-distributed; and the blown film is highly polished. The air-cooled unit adopts labyrinth structure with even air flowing. Cooled by circulating water, the film can achieve optimum transparency.
4. The coiling unit adopts pressure friction rewinding or center rewinding. Driven by torque motor, it boasts smooth and even rewinding and easy roll changing.
5. Optional parts
Auto loader
Rotary die head
Double winders
Air shaft
Corona treatment processor

Contact Us
Ruian MINGDE Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add.: New Qiaotou industrial district, Shangwang, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province
Tel.: +86-577-65166180
Fax: +86-577-65166189
Mobile: +86-13967700552
E-mail: may@mingdechina.com

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