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RDL EZ-PH1 Turntable (Phono) Preamplifier

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RDL EZ PH1 Turntable (Phono) Preamplifier photo phono preamplifiersThe RDL EZ-PH1 Turntable (Phono) Preamplifier enables turntables to be connected into standard line inputs on amplifiers, receivers, mixers, etc. The EZ-PH1 features level attenuation knobs for input / output volume adjustment, phono RCA inputs and output and grounding terminals. In addition, two bright LED peak meters provide level information.

- Phono Input on Gold-Plated RCA Jacks
- Line Output on Gold-Plated RCA Jacks
- Front-Panel GAIN Trimmer for Each Channel
- Dual-LED VU Meter for Each Channel
- RIAA Equalization
- Turntable Grounding Screw Provided

Impedance 47k ohms on stereo RCA jacks
Power 24 VDC power supply current: 30mA (idle), 45mA (max.)
Distortion < 0.05% (20 to 20 kHz, 36dB gain)
Output Level -10dBV nominal on stereo RCA jacks
Signal to Noise Ratio < -74dB (36dB gain, 1kHz), < -80dB (36dB gain, 1kHz, “A-weighted”)
Frequency Response Frequency Response: 20Hz ~ 20kHz +/- 2dB
Base Dimensions (WxD) 2.9 x 3″ (7.4 x 7.6cm)

(800) 281-2683, (928) 443-9391, Fax: (800) 289-7338, (928) 443-9392
RDL, 659 6th Street, Prescott, AZ. 86301 USA

Nady PHP-3 DJ Phono Preamplifier

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Nady PHP 3 DJ Phono Preamplifier photo phono preamplifiersThe Nady PHP-3 DJ Phono Preamplifier is a compact turntable preamplifier and an ideal solution for anyone who doesn’t have a phono input on their receiver, amplifier, mixer etc. Connect a turntable to the PHP-3 phono input, and the outputs to a receiver’s line input. A separate stereo 1/4″ phone output is also provided for connecting to recording mixers, recorders, etc.

- Converts Phono signals to Line Level utilizing standard RIAA equalization – amplifies and EQs vinyl records to interface with mixers, main or monitor systems, audio workstations, and sound cards
- Works with all turntables using magnetic cartridges
- Plug-and-play operation with full patching facilities for easy connection of phono turntables to any sound equipment
- External power adapter for low-noise operation
- Rugged metal case for maximum reliability

Connections Input: Stereo RCA Jacks
Output: Stereo RCA Jacks, 1x 1/4″ TRS Phone Balanced
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20kHz +/- 0.5dB
Impedance Input: 47k Ohms
Output: 1k Ohms
Maximum Level Input Level: 135mV / -15dBm @ 1kHz
Output Level: > 2V
Gain 30dBv
Indicators 1 Green LED (Power On)
Power External power adapter, 12 – 16 Volts DC, tip negative jack
Case Heavy-duty, all metal construction
Dimensions (WxDxH) 3.74 x 2.87 x 1.57″ (95 x 73 x 40mm)
Weight 0.78 lbs (289g)

Nady Systems
6701 Shellmound Street, Emeryville, California 94608
Phone: 510.652.2411
Fax: 510.652.5075

Behringer PP400 Ultra Compact Phono Preamplifier

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Behringer PP400 Ultra Compact Phono Preamplifier  photo phono preamplifiersThe Behringer PP400 is a handy phono preamplifier for turntables. The unit is a compact problem solver for today’s home theater systems which do not provide an input for a turntable. The PP400 features an RCA input and output, a balanced 1/4″ TRS phone output is also provided. The balanced output enables a turntable to be connected to professional mixers, recorders, amplifiers, etc.

RCA and 1/4″ TRS Balanced Outputs
The PP400 provides a consumer RCA output suitable for stereo receivers and other consumer electronic devices. A balanced 1/4″ output is ideal for connecting to audio mixers, professional recording devices, etc.

Miniature Design
The compact design ensures the PP400 will perform as a handy utility device while remaining out of site.

Input Type: RCA Connector
Impedance: approx. 47k ohms
Max. Input Level: -23.5 dBV @ 1kHz
Output Type: RCA and 1/4″ TRS Stereo Connectors
Impedance: approx. 50 ohms
Max. Output Level: +11.5dBV @ 1kHz
Frequency Response RIAA
THD & Noise 0.06% typ. @ -40 dBu/1 kHz
Gain 35dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 68dBu @ 0 dBu, A-weighted
Input Sensitivity 5.3 mV @ 1kHz
Power USA/Canada 120V ~, 60Hz
Power Consumption: approx. 1.5 W
Main Connection: External Power Supply
Dimensions approx. 1.26 x 4.05 x 2.52″ (32 x 103 x 64mm) (HxDxW)
Weight 6.4 oz (181.44 kg)

BEHRINGER International GmbH
Otto-Brenner-Strasse 4a
47877 Willich, Germany
Tel.: +49 2154 9206 4149
Fax: +49 2154 9206 4199

ATI Audio Inc P1000-2 – Stereo Phono Preamplifier

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ATI Audio Inc P1000 2   Stereo Phono Preamplifier photo phono preamplifiersThe P1000-2 from ATI is a stereo turntable preamplifier, providing very low noise and high circuit headroom that the physics of disc cutting requires. The unit incorporates a low noise input stage designed for use with the low source impedances typical of phono cartridges. The output stage is free of crossover distortion and of sufficient current swing capability to drive 600Ī© loads to full supply voltage.

Signals that are strongest in the neighborhood of the cartridge/tone arm resonant frequency, (typically 6Hz to 10Hz) can be generated due to record warp or seismic pickup from people walking, bumping studio desks etc. An active two pole, subsonic filter bridged around the RIAA equalization network protects downstream equipment from overload due to these signals. The Q of the filter avoids the noticeable low-frequency roll-off of regular “Rumble Filters”.

Included high-boost and high-cut switches allow for brightening a muddy recording or aid in reducing stridency. DIP switches allow for cartridge loading to compensate for various cable capacity effects.

- High-gain, low-noise stereo turntable preamplifier with balanced differential outputs
- RCA inputs and terminal block outputs
- Two pole active filter provides a 30dB roll-off by 7Hz (typical arm resonance) for cleaning up sub sonic material
- Push button low and high pass filters
- DIP switch cartridge loading allows precise compensation for cable capacity effects on the cartridge

ATI Sales, Marketing and Customer Support Center
223 Peppermill Road
West Berlin, NJ 08091
Tel: 856-626-3480
Fax: 856-504-0220
Email: sales@atiaudio.com

ART DeeJayPRE Turntable Phono Preamplifie

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ART DeeJayPRE Turntable Phono Preamplifie photo phono preamplifiersAs digital audio technology moves forward, those who still favor vinyl records are finding themselves at a loss. The ART DeeJayPre is a convenient solution for professionals or consumers who recently found themselves deprived of the trusted phono input found on older receivers and preamplifiers. The DeeJayPre is a compact phono preamplifier that provides adequate gain for connection to a standard line level input on newer preamplifiers, mixers and stereo receivers.

The DeeJayPre features L/R RCA inputs and outputs with a ground screw terminal. A gain dial is provided for level adjustment and RIAA EQ compensates for low frequency loss and high frequency noise. Low frequency roll-off filter eliminates unwanted hum and rumble. The DeeJayPre is a handy utility that compliments recording studios, broadcast studios and home stereo systems alike.

Signal to Noise Ratio >84 dB “A-weighted”
Gain 30dB @ 1kHz typical
Input Impedance 47k Ohms in parallel with 100 pF
Maximum Output Level 4Vrms
Input Connectors Dual RCA-type inputs
Output Connectors Dual RCA-type outputs
Power Requirements 12V DC (Adapter included)
THD & Noise .02% typical @1kHz
Frequency Response 20Hz – 20kHz +/-1dB of the RIAA standard
Dimensions 3.75 x 2.875 x 1.75″ (95mm x 73mm x 45mm)
Weight 1lb (454g)

Sweetwater Sound Inc.
5501 U.S. Hwy 30 W
Fort Wayne, IN 46818
Toll-Free (800) 222-4700

Behringer EUROLIGHT LC2412 24-Channel DMX Lighting Console

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Behringer EUROLIGHT LC2412 24 Channel DMX Lighting Console photo dmx controllersThe Behringer EUROLIGHT LC2412 24-Channel DMX Lighting Console is a professional, yet cost-effective DMX controller for nightclub lighting, stage lighting, mobile DJs, bands, etc. The EUROLIGHT LC2412 boasts a feature set that includes 24 preset channels that are assignable to 512 DMX channels. Up to 120 scenes may be stored in 10 banks and an integrated chaser features 650 steps with sync-to-bass, and the frequency dependent sound-to-light function. There are 2 multifunctional channels for operating fog machines, color changers and other non DMX effects. Save complete settings on standard PCMCIA cards (not included), and install the EUROLIGHT LC2412 into a standard 19″ rack enclosure.

- 24 preset channels, assignable to 512 DMX channels
- Up to 3 DMX channels can be controlled per preset channel
- 120 scenes storable in 10 banks
- Integrated chaser with up to 650 steps featuring sync-to-bass beat
- Frequency-dependent sound-to-light function
- Crossfade time freely selectable for super-smooth scene fades
- 2 additional, multi-functional channels for special effects (fog machine, color changer, etc.)
- Ultra-flexible fading functions for manual and automatic operation
- Intuitive solo and channel flash functions
- Extremely effective preview function allows “hidden” memory and chaser checks even during live performances
- Dimmer control via DMX or analog output (0/+10 V)
- MIDI interface for cascading of 2 LC2412s (master/slave setup)
- PCMCIA card slot for storing of up to 25 complete settings (PCMCIA card not supplied)
- Illuminated display/controls and BNC Lamp socket for easy operation in dark stage environments
- Rack-mounting kit for installation in standard 19″ racks included
- High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
- Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

BEHRINGER International GmbH
Otto-Brenner-Strasse 4a
47877 Willich, Germany
Tel.: +49 2154 9206 4149
Fax: +49 2154 9206 4199

NSI/Leviton N6300 DMX DigitalController

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NSI/Leviton N6300 DMX DigitalController photo dmx controllersThis NSI N6300 Series Lighting Console features an advanced microprocessor based design containing many benefits found in today’s personal computers. This technology provides for the option of adding programmable memory scene masters and chase effects to the simplicity of a familiar two scene console.

6300 is capable of storing 128 scenes in internal memory. These scenes are completely user-programmable and may be reprogrammed at any time. The memory scenes are organized into 16 pages of eight. Eight memory scene access buttons are available on the controller to bring up any of the eight scenes within the page indicated on the LCD display. Scenes that have been programmed can be recalled at any time by pressing the desired Memory Scene button when the proper Page is active. Pressing the button a second time will cause the scene to fade out. All programming is stored in non-volatile memory which retains information for at least ten years, even when power is removed.

Simple Micro-Plex: Connect a single three conductor audio cable (standard microphone cable with 3-pin XLR connectors) or equivalent shielded cable to the Micro-Plex output jack on the back of the console. The other end of the cable is then connected to the first NSI dimmer pack. Another three conductor cable is used to connect the first dimmer pack to the second dimmer pack. Additional NSI dimmer packs may be connected in the same manner.

DMX 512 is a digital signal that provides the highest speed, precision, and noise immunity.

Multitude of Controls

The Channel Level, Master Level
Audio, Chase, Fade Rate
Stack, Channel Bumps, Program Pile
Snapshot, Snapshot Clear
Blind, Blackout, Configuartion
Select, Next, Previous

Leviton Mfg. Company Inc.
201 North Service Rd.
Melville, NY 11747
Phone: 800.323.8920
Fax: 800.832.9538

CHAUVET Obey 4 DMX Controller

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CHAUVET Obey 4 DMX Controller photo dmx controllersChauvet’s Obey 4 DMX Controller (100-240VAC) is a compact controller that’s ideal for LED wash lights with 3- or 4-channel modes. Red, green, blue and white/amber channels are available for simple color-mixing control. The Obey 4 can control fixtures in 4 different zones independently of each other with one-touch buttons for pre-mixed colors, built-in chases and strobe and dimmer controls–it’s great for anyone looking for an easy-to-learn way to control LED washes. The Obey 4 has built-in automated, sound-activated and manual playback options. Supplied for use with 100-240VAC.

Compact DMX-512 controller for LED fixtures (up to 4 channels:
Channel 1: red
Channel 2: green
Channel 3: blue
Channel 4: white (or amber)

Controls up to 4 separate fixtures

Each fixture can be in different playback modes simultaneously

Playback options include automated, sound-activated or manual RGBW

Playback modes:
Preset: 9 built-in colors
Chases: manually trigger automated programs
Color macro: manually scroll through the color spectrum
RGB fade: automatically scroll through the color spectrum
RGB fade delay: automatically scroll through the color spectrum with a small delay to each fixture
Auto: randomly selects different colors for each fixture

Variable fade times for all playback modes

Variable strobing on the fly

Adjustable blackout allows fixtures to fade in and out

Adjustable audio sensitivity

CHAUVETĀ® Lighting
5200 NW 108th Ave.
Sunrise, FL 33351
Call Info
Phone | 800.762.1084
| 954.929.1115
Fax | 800.544.4898
| 954.929.5560

Elation Control DMX Operator 192

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Elation Control DMX Operator 192  photo dmx controllersThe Elation DMX Operator 192 Intelligent Lighting Controller is an economical solution to controlling DMX fixtures. You can program up to 240 scenes and the controller features 12 individual fixture channels, so you can control up to 12 separate intelligent lights with up to 16 DMX channels per fixture–192 DMX channels under your control. You can record as many as 6 programmable chases with fade time and speeds, as well, and there are 8 individual faders that give you easy programmability for dimmer packs or intelligent lighting. This controller also features an assignable joystick, changeable pan/tilt option, a pan/tilt fine button and a built-in microphone for a sound trigger. This is an ideal way for small clubs or theaters to control their DMX fixtures.

- Assignable Joystick
- Changeable Pan/Tilt Option–ohoose between built-in joystick or optional rotary knobs (sold separately)
- Pan/Tilt Fine button
- 192 DMX channels
- 12 Fixtures–16 DMX channels each
- 30 programmable scene banks–240 total programmable scenes
- 12 programmable chases
- 8 control faders
- Speed and Fade faders
- USB input for optional “USB Lite” or “USB MemStick”
- Built-in microphone for sound trigger
- Line level RCA audio input for music trigger
- MIDI input for scene, chase or blackout trigger
- LCD display
- DMX polarity switch
- Power failure memory
- Tap Sync button for chase speed over-ride
- Fog Machine input and trigger button (compatible with select ADJ foggers: Fog Storm 1200 HD, Fog Storm 1700 HD, Vapor Flow & Vaporizer)
- Compatible with select Antari foggers (Z-800, Z-1000 & Z-300 II)
- RS-232 input
- Blackout button

Elation Professional
6122 S. Eastern Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90040
Toll Free: (866) 245-6726
Phone: (323) 582-3322
Fax: (323) 832-9142
General Information:
E-Mail: info@elationlighting.com


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COBRA 4 CHANNEL LED LIGHTING CONTROLLER photo dmx controllersThe Colour Control 4 is a DMX controller suitable for four 4-channel LED par cans (with the DMX layout of red, green and blue plus dimmer). It will allow scenes and chases to be stored. This controller is designed for led cans but can be used on any 4 dmx lights with up to 4 channels of control.

Features include:
1. Controls 4 RGB LED fixtures.
2. Up to 16 scenes can be stored.
3. Up to 16 chases can be stored.
4. A chase can contain up to 99 steps.
5. 16 chases can contain a maximum of 392 steps in total.
6. Chases can be run with adjustable speed.
7. Chases can be run with adjustable fade.
8. Chases can be run to the beat of the music.
9. Strobe functions on scenes and chases.

Name: Colour Control 4
Code: Control 4
Power Supply: DC 12v 500mA
Power Consumption: 20 watts
Output: DMX 512 (3-pin XLR)
Size: 172 x 156 x 58mm
Weight: 1.74kg (1.90kg including 19″ rack kit)

Terralec Ltd
Osprey House
Featherby Way
Purdeys Industrial Estate
Phone: 01702 547571
Fax: 01702 541075


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