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Unocode 399 Plus

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Unocode 399 Plus photo key cuttersUnocode 399 Plus is the new Silca electronic machine for the cutting of flat cylinder or vehicle keys with single or double sides.
Accurately studied, it adds a high degree of cutting precision to operating speed and ease of use.

Main Features
Key cutting by direct code (S.A. / PC).
Key cutting by indirect code (PC).
“Code Maker” available also in S.A. mode (data card creation or editing).
Electronic control on the 3 axes.
External device with ON/OFF push button (supplied with the key-cutting machine when the safety shield is replaced by a safety cabin).

Erwe Gmbh
Feldgasse, 16
Feldkirchen A-9560
phone: +43 42762816
fax: +43 42765054

HPC-9120RM Mini Speedex Lightweight Manual Key Duplicator

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HPC 9120RM Mini Speedex Lightweight Manual Key Duplicator photo key cuttersThe most accurate small key machine on the market. Has 4-way jaws which allow a wide variety of key cuts. Cut regular or large-bow keys (Flat steel and safe deposit box keys can be cut with optional cutter kit – CW16KIT). Comes with HPC Softie rotary brush. Durable construction and bronze bearing. With CW 23RM cutter.

- 120 V AC 1/10H.P., 1.5 Amps. Wt. 16 lbs.
- Shipping Wt: 16 lbs. Machine Size: 11″W x 8″D x 8″H.
- Bench Size: 16″W x 11″D

Assured Lock Tool & Supply
Sales 1-888-318-8940
Fax 941-761-9293

Silca Bravo III with EZ JAW

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Silca Bravo III with EZ JAW photo key cuttersThe Bravo III is a high quality and sturdy semi-automatic key machine that is reliable and dependable. Lever operated, the Bravo III is equipped with 4-way vise jaws that securely clamp residential, commercial, padlock and automotive keys without adapters. The Bravo III key machine is provided with the versatile CU50A cutter and a corresponding cutter guide. The durable cobalt steel cutter ensures a smooth, clean, accurate cut every time. The cutter is designed to cut the common North American key blanks such as TitanŽ, older GMŽ, and others that have 90 degree first cut bitting characteristics.

The New EZ Jaw is much simpler to operate. You just turn it. No lifting off studs, no separation of the top and bottom half, no place for chips to get stuck.

LV Sales
323-661-4746 or 800-894-KEYS(5397

Ilco Manual Key Cutter

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Ilco Manual Key Cutter photo key cutters045 Manual Key Cutter
A real money-maker, the 045 is the perfect basic key duplicator, ideal for virtually any key cutting outlet. Economical, accurate, and simple to operate, the 045 is loaded with useful features any user will readily appreciate.
Its performance tested design makes it excellent for either shop or mobile use and assures years of dependable service.
NEW Features
1. Wide spacing between vise jaws; accommodates new, longer key types.
2. Dial type depth adjustment system; greatly simplifies calibration and improves accuracy.
3. Ideal for mobile use; efficient 1/4 Hp motor will operate with most inverters and generators with 500 watt or higher output (115Volt AC).
4. Special device guards against cutter contact with vise jaws.
5. Four-way reversible vise jaws securely clamp residential, padlock, and automotive keys without adapters, including double-sided types.
6. Features a “soft-touch” deburring brush.
7. Cutter is made of high speed tool steel, coated with titanium nitride for longer cutting life.
8. Built in circuit breaker protection.
9. Chip tray provided.

Key supplies

Chacka Bay Cylinder AND Laser Key Cutting Machine

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Chacka Bay Cylinder AND Laser Key Cutting Machine photo key cuttersThe Chacka Bay is an ideal key machine where space or portability is an important requirement. Being a fraction of the size of other machines, as well as combining cylinder & laser key cutting, the Chacka Bay suits mobile or shop based companies alike.

Tech Spec
• Cuts to code by entering code or cuts
• Cuts cylinder & laser keys all in one machine
• Stand alone – No PC required
• Easy setup – one jaw, one cutter
• Built-in battery – Fully portable
• Can be powered by 240V, 12V or internal battery
• Very small, lightweight and easily transported
• 270mm x 250mm x 310mm (HxWxD)
• Bright LED illumination built-in
• Cuts partial cuts
• Accepts Instacode and Silca codes, vehicle manufacturer or key maker
• Database history of keys cut

Hickleys Ltd
Castle Street
Garage Equipment (01823) 328530
Diagnostic Equipment (01823) 328532

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