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Dining car Model 61-536.1.002

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Dining car  Model 61 536.1.002 photo other machines rail transport motorization and transportationDining car is used to serve meals in the manner of a full-service, sit-down restaurant. It is a part of long-distance trains using «Russian Railways» OJSC main lines with rail gauge 1520 mm and maximum design speed up to 160 km/h. The car has proved to be a highly reliable and safe vehicle, provides a high standard comfort and service and contains advanced storage, cooking and dish washing appliances. The car is equipped with audio- and video- systems, communication system, air conditioning system, ecologically friendly toilet and dining room with comfortable chairs and tables, bar counter and galley. Structural materials used to decorate its interior are ecologically clean and fire-resistant.

Special features contributing to enhanced performance

* In 2009, the company modified core model of the dining car. The modification was based on experience gained during continuous operation of «Russian Railways» OJSC premium service trains;
* Furniture in the dining hall is made of modern decoration materials instead of traditional plywood and wood. New decoration is wear-resistant and, therefore, has a longer life;
* Interior is decorated with thermoformed plastic elements. This high quality material is more practical. It belongs to the family of fire resistant materials, has low fire spreading and smoking coefficient, antiseptic and noise absorbing characteristics;
* The car is tinted with panes providing enhanced noise reduction and heat protection. There is a window for emergency escape on each side of the car;
* The interior of the dining car is illuminated with LED and luminescent lamps;
* The galley contains multi-function electric oven with six burners specially designed for railway cooking;
* The car has a special compartment for dish washing with filters for water purification and disinfection;
* Capacity of the battery used in the car (350 A•h) is sufficient to keep kitchen appliances working yet during layovers and low speed travel regardless of the generator operation. Diesel generator is used as a supplementary power supply, as well as for battery recharging;
* High capacity diesel generator has an extended service life, it does not have to be serviced frequently. Diesel generator requires additional vibration absorbers and dumpers, which prevent vibration transfer to the car body;
* Central panel controlling major car systems has a “lateral” layout. This substantially reduces adjustment time during start-up or maintenance;
* The dining car has fire alarm system and water extinguishing system. Heat and smoke detectors are installed in different areas of the car. The water extinguishing system is permanently kept fully operational, as it is connected directly to the battery;
* Unlike similar conditioning system mounted under the car, in this case air conditioning system has a built-in voltage adapter protected from external shocks, dust, stones, snow and water. As air conditioning system consumes 2.5 kW less than the previous model, it becomes possible to switch on more appliances at a time;
* The car is equipped with ecologically friendly toilet; the toilet is intended for maintenance staff, whereas car service personnel can use the shower.Basin mixer tap is combined with an expandable shower hose;
* The car was built with a lateral and frontal manually opened swing doors ideal for temperature range from –50 to + 50 ºС.By customer’s request, our company can install automatic veener-sliding doors with electric drive and swiveling foot boards;
* The exterior of the car was painted with polyurethane enamel; life of the top layer may exceed six years;
* The customer can suggest his own interior design solutions and request additional kitchen appliances.

Address: 115 Moskovsky pr.
St. Petersburg
196084 RUSSIA
Tel. +7 (812) 388-35-23 – Reception Director General
Fax +7 (812) 388-83-78
E-mail: info@vagonmash.ru


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BOMBARDIER INNOVIA ART photo other machines rail transport motorization and transportationOur BOMBARDIER INNOVIA ART advanced rapid transit system solutions fill the gap between street-running trams (low capacity) and heavy rail metros (high capacity). INNOVIA ART excels as a medium capacity transit system on dedicated guideways, whether at-grade, elevated or underground.
Technological Innovation

INNOVIA ART’s revolutionary Linear Induction Motor (LIM) propulsion system enables fully automated driverless train operation. It consistently delivers in excess of 30,000 passengers per hour, per direction, around the clock, in all weather conditions.
More Affordable Train Transit

INNOVIA ART typically requires half the capital cost of a conventional underground metro system.

* Operates on small curves and steep grades to allow greater use of less expensive guideways
* Permits smaller, less expensive stations
* Reduces operating costs

Sustainable Advantage

A climate-friendly, non-polluting alternative to motorized road and air travel, INNOVIA ART offers superior service that entices people from their cars.
* Lighter trains, slender guideways, unobtrusive stations blend attractively with or into planned and existing buildings, structures and streetscapes
* Lowest wayside noise of any rail transit system
* Consistent and dependable service with short wait times at stations and quick journey times

Key Features
* Suitable for multiple applications
* Lower annual operations and maintenance costs
* Ability to operate at very high service frequencies
* Easy system expandability
* All-weather operation on challenging alignments
* Accommodates far more passengers than rail systems with grade crossings at higher than average speeds
* High levels of safety, reliability and low life-cycle costs

In major cities throughout the world, INNOVIA ART systems transport 150 million people per year.

Schöneberger Ufer 1
10785 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 986 07 0
Fax: +49 30 986 07 2000

Electric 2-frequency Shunting Locomotive Ee 922

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Electric 2 frequency Shunting Locomotive Ee 922 photo other machines rail transport motorization and transportationIn December 2007, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) ordered a lot of 21 Shunting Locomotives Ee 922. The first of these new Locomotives was delivered according to schedule to the SBB on the 1st of July 2009 for commercial service. The remaining locomotive has to be delivered until the end of 2010 completely.
The Ee 922 is specially designed for shunting-services and also can be used on railway-line operation. It is based on a of Stadler Winterthur AG developed product-family which meets requirements of shunting- services and cargo-conveyance.
The Ee 922 specially features a compact design, high traction-effort and performance as well as an optimal view and ergonomic working- conditions for the operating personal.

Technical features
• Compact design and the centric placed cabin with a free passageway from one side to the other help to ease and speed-up the working-processes
• Ergonomic and air-conditioned driver’s cab featuring optimal view for shunting-services
• Economic power-consumption, long maintenance-intervals and therefore high availability as well as a long life cycle due to electric- drive
• Due to the maximum speed of 100 km/h and the possibility of multiple-unit-control, the locomotive can be used for shunting- services and cargo-conveyance
• Nonwearing electric brake with refeed in the brake-power catenary- line system (recuperation)
• Pneumatic brakes; indirectly for the trailed cars, directly for the locomotive
•Powerful screw-type compressor with an output of 2400 l/min
• Latest generation of vehicle control system including detailed diagnostic features
• In regional and S-Bahn transit approved IGBT-electric-power- converter
• Train protection (optional), prepared for Integra, ZUB 262ct or Eurobalise, Indusi
• Remote radio-control and radio-control in multiple-unit-control (optional)

Vehicle data Costumer SBB AG Swiss Federal Railways
Gauge 1‘435 mm
Catenary supply voltage 15kV / 16.7Hz und 25kV / 50Hz
No. of motors 2 Axle arrangement Bo
No. of vehicles 21
First year of operation 2009-2010
Length over buffers 8‘800 mm
Vehicle width 3‘100 mm
Vehicle height 4‘306 mm
Tara weight 40 t / 44 t (convertible)
Wheel diameter, new 1‘100 mm
Wheelbase 4‘000 mm Max. power at wheel rim 750 kW
Starting effort 120 kN Max. speed 100 km/h (designed for 120 km/h)
Loading gauge UIC 505-1 AB-EBV U3
PA-Line 1000 V / 800 A

a company of the Stadler Rail Group
Industriestrasse 1
CH-9565 Bussnang, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)71 626 21 20
Fax +41 (0)71 626 21 28

Double-deck intermediate trailer series 051

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Double deck intermediate trailer series 051 photo other machines rail transport motorization and transportationTrailer series 051 is designed for suburban traffic in vicinity of large cities on tracks with standard gauge 1435 mm together with driving car series 951.

The design and main dimensions are derived from intermediate trailer series 071. The trailer is equipped with classic draw and buffing gear and it is fit out by electro-pneumatic brake with possibility of emergency brake overbridge.
Technical description

The carbody is of well proven concept from large aluminium profiles. Cars have advanced high capacity interior of 2nd class, close type WC, information boards wit acoustic announcement possibility.

Cars are equipped with comfortable seats mostly in 2 + 2 arrangement. A socket for PC supply is at disposal for each two-seat. Compartments are equipped with very effective system for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Low level of internal noise contributes to passengers’ comfort.

Internal cameras together with external anti-graffiti painting help to increase passengers’ safety and decrease vandalism. More safety is provided also by modern elements against compression by doors, intercom for emergency communication between passenger and train crew and modern flame resistant materials use in relation to passive safety. Wide lowfloor entrance doors for quick and safety passengers’ entrance and exit contribute to operation effectiveness.

Tylova 1/57
301 28 Plzeň
Czech Republic
Telephone: +420 378 186 666
Fax: +420 378 186 455
E-mail: transportation@skoda.cz

Diesel electric BDmh 2Z+4A/12 Rack-wheel train

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Diesel electric BDmh 2Z+4A/12 Rack wheel train photo other machines rail transport motorization and transportationThe Hellenic Railways Organisation (OSE) will obtain 4 new Diesel electric trains for there rack rail line in the north of the Peloponnese. The new 3 car units will replace the existing rolling stock, in operation for more than 40 years. The trains will operate on the 22.3 km long line from Diakofto, a city located at the sea side, to Kalavrita, a village in the heart of a very attractive tourist area in the mountains. The line has been built in an unusually narrow gauge standard of 750mm, overcoming the difference of altitude of 700 meters in a mixed adhesion / rack system. As a result of the ambitious conditions on the rack railway, the design of the diesel train became tailor-made and unique. Furthermore the fully air-conditioned and spaciously designed
passenger compartments contribute to an optimal ride quality.

Technical features
• Car body dimensions optimized for given loading gauge
• Attractive passenger compartments equipped with half drop windows
• Transparent driver‘s cab rear panel to view attractive landscape
• Generous luggage compartment with ski rack and luggage loading doors in the middle car
• Wheelchair space in the middle car
• Air-conditioned passenger and driver compartments
• Light weight steel car body design
• Minimum curve radius of 30 meter
• High-performance traction equipment system with a diesel engine, a three-phase asynchronous generator, an IGBT power converter and four self-ventilated asynchronous drive motors
• 3 different type of bogies: rack-wheel motor bogie, adhesion motor bogie, and trailer bogie with cog-wheel brakes
• Control and communication system with can open bus and a diagnostic display in the driver‘s cab
• Fire detecting system in the engine room and at the fuel system
• Vehicle front-end with special windshield for frontal emergency exit

Vehicle data
Customer Hellenic Railways Organisation
(OSE), Greece
Lines operated Diakofto to Kalavrita,
Gauge 750 mm
Designation BDmh 2Z+4A12
Axle arrangement 2‘B’+2’2’+B’2’ (Adhesion)
2’2’+1A’1A’+2’2’ (Rack-wheel)
Number of vehicles 4
Service start-up 2008
Seating capacity 104
Fold up seats 4
Floor height
Low floor 850 mm
High floor 1‘200 mm
Longitudinal strength 400 kN
Overall length 34‘950 mm
Vehicle width 2‘200 mm
Vehicle height 3‘100 mm
Tare weight 55 t
Bogie wheelbase
Adhesion bogie 1‘800 mm
Rack-wheel bogie 1‘900 mm
Trailer bogie 1‘600 mm
Trailer wheel diameter (new) 675 mm
Diesel engine MAN, 12 Zyl., 588 kW, Euro 2
Maximum output at wheel 4 x 105 kW
Starting tractive power 40 kN (Adh.) / 80 kN (Rack.)
Maximum speed 25 km/h uphill
16.5 km/h downhill
60 km/h adhesion
Maximum gradient 152 ‰

Stadler Bussnang AG
Industriestrasse 4
CH-9565 Bussnang, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)71 626 20 20
Fax +41 (0)71 626 20 21

Railcar Class DM12

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Railcar Class DM12 photo other machines rail transport motorization and transportationMotor car is equipped with two power units consisted of MAN engine and VOITH gearbox and located in underframe and each bogie one driving axle. The railcar interior is divided into two passenger compartments, two entrance vestibules and two driver’s cabs.

The front part of railcar is designed for immobile passengers traffic. Two lifting platforms for passengers’ on wheelchair ingress and large closed toilet of Evac 2000 system serve for this purpose. Wheelchairs are placed into reserve room in the front compartment which is connected by broad sliding door to entrance vestibule. The central and rear parts of the railcar are created by two passengers’ compartments.

Seats are arranged 2+2 face to face and longitudinal racks are above them. Two-leaved sliding plug doors enable quick entrance and exit of passengers. Heating is warm water using waste warm from diesel engines. Ventilation is forced one with air heating. Both driver’s cabins are equipped with air-conditioning of the driver’s cabin space.

Track gauge 1524 mm
Maximum speed 120 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers 25200 mm
Vehicle width 2850 mm
Vehicle height 4218 mm
Weight 48000 kg
Number of 2 class seats 63
Power transmision DH
Engine output 2 x 301 kW
Engine MAN D2876 LUE 606
Axle number 4
Axle arrangement (1A)’ (A1)’

1. máje 3176/102
703 00 Ostrava
+420 59 7477 111
+420 59 7477 190

Panoramic Coaches trains

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Panoramic Coaches trains photo passenger carriages diesel multiple unitsThe Rhätische Bahn purchaes once again a total of 16 of these comfortable panoramic coaches (6 First Class coaches equipped for wheelchair access, 6 Second Class coaches and 4 Second Class/Service coaches) for service on the entire RhB lines network, but particularly on the Bernina Line. A unique feature is the large panoramic windows which allow an unhindered view of the idyllic Alpine scenery. The advanced constuction methods using aluminium extrusions enables weight and cost optimisation for the carbody design well in line with the existing vehicle concepts. One significant innovation in these further developed coaches are the pneumatic spring fitted Stadler bogies which ensure a quiet and comfortable ride.

Technical features
• Car shell body of Aluminium Extrusion Profile
• Light, passenger friendly interior with
• Window panes extended into contour of the roof
• Enhanced journey comfort due to proven seating arrangements and bogie air suspension
• Air-conditioned passenger compartments
•Anti-glare central lighting with a comfortable light distribution
• Passenger Information System
•A sound studio with a public address system installed in the service car
• Comfortable and concealed WC system in the B cars
• Handicapped accessible WC in the A-Coaches
• Use of the latest technology in the area of energy supply g
• Good accessibility to the components needing service
• Vacuum- or pheumatic-controlled load-dependent compressed air brakes, spring-operated brakes
• Air-cushioned trailing bogies

Vehicle Data Coach A Coach B
Customer Rhätische Bahn, Switzerland
Lines operated Chur/St. Moritz – Tirano “
Gauge 1000 mm “
Designation Bernina Express “
Number of vehicles 6 6 (+4 Service)
Service start-up 2006 / 2007 “
Seating capacity 28 51 (43)
Standing capacity 57 46 (49)
Service coach – - (1)
Floor height 993 mm “
Door width 850 mm “
Longitudinal strength 800 kN “
Overall length 16‘450 mm “
Vehicle width 2‘650 mm “
Vehicle height 3‘540 mm “
Tare weight 18 t 18,2 t (18 t)
Bogie wheelbase 1‘800 mm “
Trailer wheel diameter (new) 685 mm “
Maximum speed 100 km/h “
Effective load 6.4 t 6.2 t (6,1t)

Stadler Altenrhein AG
Park Altenrhein für Industrie und Gewerbe
CH-9423 Altenrhein, Switzerland
Phone +41 (0)71 858 41 41
Fax +41 (0)71 858 41 42

Passenger Coach I11

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Passenger Coach I11 photo passenger carriages diesel multiple unitsThe I11, a modern passenger coach of the SNCB was supplied to Belgian Railways in 1996 and 1997 at a level of 163 vehicles. Its new concept of interior space distribution and seating arrangement based on Bombardier’s high-speed train technology and experience created a high level of comfort to passengers, drivers and supervising crew. At a speed of 200 km/h the coaches, identified by the SNCB (Belgian Railways) as I11, have a maximum noise level of only 65 dB(A). Other features making the vehicles attractive to the public are the air-conditioning, the comfortable seats and the indirect lighting system. Technical advantages are the secondary air suspension, the automatically operated interior doors and the passenger information displays inside, above the compartment doors, and on the outside of the coach. An area for wheelchairs as well as a toilet for disabled people is included to meet all of the passengers’ needs and requirements.

Operator SNCB
Length 26,400 mm
Width 2,860 mm
Max. Speed 200 km/h
Seated Passengers 140

Schöneberger Ufer 1
10785 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 986 07 0
Fax: +49 30 986 07 2000

Ampz first Class passenger coach

Passenger Carriages, Diesel Multiple Units Comments Off

Ampz first Class passenger coach photo passenger carriages diesel multiple unitsAir-conditioned vehicle, pressure-tight version, comply with UIC 567-2, closed system vacuum toilet. The windows are glazed with determal panes. The entrance doors are controlled by means of push-buttons.

The interior of the coach is divided into two passenger saloons with laminate panelling which comply with UIC requirements.

The aesthetic appeal of the interior is enhanced by the 2+1 seating pattern, longitudinally arranged luggage racks, fluorescent lighting, and reading lamps. The air-tight entrance doors are of a sliding-plug design and are controlled electropnematically by means of push-buttons. The interior doors as well as the twin-leaf front communicating doors open and close automatically.

Basic data
Track gauge 1435 mm
Maximum speed 200 kmph
Vehicle length over couplers 26400 mm
Vehicle width 2825 mm
Vehicle height 4050 mm
Maximum axle load 11,775 t
Number of 1 class seats 58
Axle number 4

1. máje 3176/102
703 00 Ostrava
+420 59 7477 111
+420 59 7477 190

AVA 200 Rail Vehicle

Passenger Carriages, Diesel Multiple Units Comments Off

AVA 200 Rail Vehicle photo passenger carriages diesel multiple unitsThe carbodies manufactured in ASTRA Vagoane Calatori SA are made from corrosion resistant steel. According with the clime conditions, special steel qualities with high copper content can also be used.

The engineering process that begins with the sheet preparation and anticorrosion primary weldable painting, provide the use of welding machines and specialized jigs & fixtures allow the manufacture of a diversity of carbodies at different gauges.

Main characteristics:

vehicle type: Z1 with compartments 2nd class
carbody: steel, corrosion resistant
sitting: 66 seats in 11 compartments and 18 folding seats in the corridor
maximum speed: 200 km/h
user: SNTFC “CFR Calatori”
in operation: since 1996

ASTRA Passenger Coaches Plc.
Romania, 310210 Arad, Str. Petru Rares 1-3
phone: 0040-257-232425, 0040-257-233651
fax: 0040-257-258168, 0040-257-270185
e-mail: astra@astra-passengers.ro
website: www.astra-passengers.ro

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