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Emission Tester for Petrol MGT 5

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Emission Tester for Petrol MGT 5  photo emission testersWide-range application from a simple, portable standalone unit with internal LED-display up to a sophisticated, networked PC-station with easy, self-explanatory software screen.

Future oriented concept with variable plug-in modules, e.g.: multi-RPM recording, E-OBD communication unit.
Interface modules for various connection possibilities to the PC and test lane.
ASA/Eurosystem-network capabilities.
NOx-measurement optionally possible.
Combi-unit for diesel- and gasoline emission testing in connection with MAHA MDO 2 LON (Diesel smoke meter).
PTB approval of the test equipment under approval number: 18.10/99.25.
Accuracy class 0 (based on OIML R 99).
BAR-97 conform.
Successful in vehicle monitoring in serial application.

Measurable gases CO, CO2, HC, O2, NO (Option)
Meas. range drift smaller ± 0,6 % from meas. range end value
Lambda value display range: 0.500 – 9.999 • increment: 0.001 • calcu. according to Brettschneider
Flow through rate total max. 3,5 l/min. • min. 1,5 l/min.
Meas. gas volume flow max. 2,5 l/min. • membrane pump
Working pressure 750 – 1100 mbar
Pressure flunctuations max. error 0.2 % with flunctuations of 5 kPA
Power supply 85 V – 280 V • 50 Hz • 65 W /12 V-24 DC
Operating temperature + 5 ° – + 45 °C • deviation ± 2 °C
Dimensions 560 x 240 x 300 mm

MAHA Maschinenbau Haldenwang GmbH & Co. KG.
Hoyen 20
87490 Haldenwang
Phone: +49 (0)8374/585-0
Fax: +49 (0)8374/585-497

SPX’s SmogTamer™ Emission Analyzer

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SPXs SmogTamer™ Emission Analyzer photo emission testersIntroducing the SPX SmogTamer™ Emission Inspection Analyzer for the Georgia Market. We’ve led the way for years with rugged and dependable Emission Inspection equipment and our new SmogTamer™ inspection analyzer incorporates some of our latest innovations as standard equipment. This includes our new and improved, scan tool-like SPX OBDII CAN interface (wireless interface optional), multiple USB ports for future expansion, newly designed user interface and Windows® XP Operating System, heavy duty flat screen monitor, redesigned cabinetry, and of course, we still use the Horiba gas bench—the most reliable on the market—which translates into less downtime for your business.

The current Georgia emissions program is scheduled to continue until at least 2013. If you currently don’t have SPX inspection equipment and you are faced with purchasing an upgrade from your current emissions provider, consider SPX, and put your money to work towards the purchase of a new SmogTamer™. Our after sale support is unmatched in this industry; and we feel that you will find there is more value, more profit potential, and more solutions designed for your business available from SPX, than what is currently being offered in the marketplace.

SPX Emission Test Solutions
6475 Technology Avenue, Suite G
Kalamazoo, MI 49009


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OmiEmissioncenter photo emission testersThe OmiEmissioncenter provides vehicle technicians with a complete emissions testing solution.

The fully integrated, PC based equipment offers smoke and gas testing for both vehicle workshops and MOT testing stations.

Purpose designed, robust trolley stores all equipment and probes
PC with 17-inch TFT colour monitor, 40Gb hard drive, CD drive, keyboard, mouse and A4 printer. All software is factory installed and tested.
OmiGas is a compact, future-proof petrol emissions tester. Latest high reliability design reduces downtime by featuring ‘Fast Warm Up’ and easy maintenance.
OmiSmoke is a next generation diesel emissions tester meeting Category A and B requirements. Built in smart battery management and FAS test saves time and money.

Mains voltage range 100 – 240V AC
Mains frequency range 50 – 60Hz
Power input 500VA Max
Operational temperature range 2°C to 50°C
Operational temperature (nominal) 20°C
Storage temperature range -4°C to 70°C
Approved class of vehicle
Category A and Category B
Relative humidity (operational and storage) 90% (non-condensing)

Omitec Limited
Hopton Estate
London Road
SN10 2EU
United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0)8701 664832

CET 2200 B – Emission Analyser

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CET 2200 B   Emission Analyser photo emission testersKey Features
Compatible to E-OBD standard
Measurement CO, HC, CO2, O2 – NOx optional
Lambda calculation
Petrol RPM measurement with RPM pincers or RPM antenna
Oil temperature measurement by oil temperature sensor
User’s guide via colour display
Possible input of customer and vehicle specific data
Automatic message when maintenance work is required
4 interfaces RS-232
Integrated data printer

Measuring range and measuring accuracy:
Range 0-14 Vol.% / Resolution 0,001 (up to 9,999) (0,01 at 10 – 14 Vol.%)
at 0-9,999 Vol.% = +/- 0,01 Vol.% or 3% of measured value
10 – 14 Vol.% +/- 5% of measured value
Range 0,00 – 18 Vol.% / Resolution 0,01 Vol.%
+/- 0,3 Vol.% or 3 % of measured value
Standard: Range 0-9999 Vol. ppm / Resolution 1 ppm
Optional: Range 0-20,000 Vol. ppm / Resolution 1 ppm
0-2000 Vol. ppm +/- 4 Vol. ppm or 3 % of measured value
2000-5000 Vol. ppm +/- 5 % of measured value
Standard: 5000-9999 Vol. ppm +/- 10 % of measured value
Optional: 5000-20,000 Vol. ppm +/- 10 % of measured value
Range 0,00 – 25 Vol.% / Resolution 0,01 Vol.%
+/- 0,1 Vol.% or 5 % of measured value
Range 0-9999 Vol. ppm Resolution 1 ppm
> 10 % of measured value

Elektronics und Software:
emission test in idle and icreased idle
test program with disturbance variable compensation for Lambda control
non-dispersive infrared method (NDIR)
infrared measuring bench for CO, CO2 and HC
electro chemical NOx
pressure and temperature compensated
meets OIML “0″ standard

Temperature range (°C)5 – 40 Humidity (%)-90 Pressure adjustmentautomatic Warm-up time max. (min)2 Power consumption (W)60 – 100 Board voltage230 V / 50-60 Hz Exhaust probe hose (m)8 Emission fine filter (µm)5 Emission coarse filter (µm)5 Water filter (µm)10 Trolley (kg)26 Display unit Height (mm)240 Display unit Width (mm)510 Display unit Depth (mm)480 Display unit Weight (kg)24

Snap-on Equipment GmbH Testing Division
Konrad-Zuse-Straße 1
D-84579 Unterneukirchen
Tel: +49 (0)8634 / 622-0
Fax +49 (0)8634 / 5501

Emission Measurement Systems OBS-2000

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Emission Measurement Systems  OBS 2000 photo emission testersAn addition to concentration measurement of CO, CO2, THC and NOx emitted from moving

vehicles, the OBS-2000 series also calculates mass emissions for these gases and fuel consumption. OBS features include an exhaust flow meter, a GPS receiver for global positioning data and other sensors to monitor engine parameters and atmospheric conditions in real time.

The OBS-2000 series is a system that analyzes vehicle emission in a real-world situation
CO and CO2 concentration in vehicle emissions is measured by a NDIR analyzer without water extraction
THC concentration is measured by a FID analyzer
NOx concentration is measured by a CLD analyzer
OBS-2000 series also calculates mass emissions for these gases and fuel consumption
Compact, self-contained analyzer unit, enabling it to fit in a small space
Easy installation and operation
Suitable for all types of vehicles, from cars to trucks, and a variety of fuel types

HORIBA engineers created the OBS-2000 series in response to new requirements for exhaust measurement from vehicles being driven on the road. The OBS-2000 series allows you to measure actual exhaust emission under real-world conditions and investigate the relationship between emissions and other parameters such as type of vehicle, fuels, driver behavior, traffic, road conditions, and weather.

Efficient data collection supports energy and environmental decision making.
With this flexibility, the OBS-2000 can significantly contribute to pollution reduction studies and improved fuel economy. Vehicle emission measurement is no longer limited to the laboratory. Placed on-board a vehicle the OBS-2000 Series emissions capabilities permit a broad range of practical applications.

112-6 Sogong-DongDong-Yang Building,
8th floorChoong-ku,
Phone: +82 (2) 753-7911
Fax: +82 (2) 756-4972

Mustang’s HD Series Heavy Duty Transmission Dynamometer

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Mustang’s HD Series Heavy Duty Transmission Dynamometer photo transmission dynamometersMustang’s HD Series Heavy Duty Transmission Dynamometers are designed to test applications ranging from heavy-duty trucks and buses, military, industrial and off-road vehicles. Standard HD Series systems incorporate the latest motor/drive technologies to provide the ultimate AC motor control performance for input speed and torque control, while output loading is handled utilizing Eddy Current PAUs. Options are available to meet any specific performance criteria.

Standard Features
Engine Simulation w/ AC Motor
Air Cooled Eddy Current Loading
Oil Reservoir w/ Filter System
Power Indexing
Trans Mount w/ Plates
Trans Direct Solenoid Control
Production Auto Loading / Clamping
Advanced Control and Data Acquisition

Mustang Advanced Engineering
2300 Pinnacle Parkway
Twinsburg, OH 44087
Main Line: (330)963-5400
Toll Free: (888)468-7826
Fax: (330) 425-3310

Automatic Transmission Service Evaluation Center – 450-Series

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Automatic Transmission Service Evaluation Center   450 Series photo transmission dynamometersAvailable in both hydrostatic (Model 450) and electric motor drive (Model 450E) configurations, the AIDCO 450-Series
transmission test
stands are designed for testing all automatic and power shift transmissions used in commercial applications built by Allison Transmissions, ZF, Renk, and Voith as well as automotive and military transmissions.

Based on the popular Model 450 Transmission Test Stand, the 450E provides the same testing capabilities of the 450 without the use of a hydrostatic drive system. The result of continuous development of AIDCO transmission test equipment, this progressively engineered, quiet, compact test system keeps vehicle downtime to a minimum by greatly reducing critical failures on the road or in the field. In most cases, performance testing on this machine will eliminate the cost of additional disassembly and repair for rebuilt or serviced components.

Perform all of the following tests:
Check shift points (automatic transmission test)
Set shift points (automatic transmission test)
Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
Downshift inhibitor test
Measure output torque (stall test)
Locate shaft seal leaks
Identify clutch leakage
Check noise/vibration
Detect mechanical binding
Check main, clutch and converter pressure
Monitor converter flow and temperature
Determine converter inlet and outlet pressure

Power Test Europe
Verduinsbos 39
4661NT Halsteren
The Netherlands
Phone +31 65605 1795

97040 ECRH Transmission Dynamometer

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97040 ECRH Transmission Dynamometer photo transmission dynamometersThe 97000 ECRH is the most advanced dynamometer available today for testing automatic car and light truck transmissions. This compact tester has the capacity to adapt to most domestic and foreign rear-wheel transmissions, including the Allison 1000/2000. Its Rotating Head Stock can also adapt to the front wheel drive transverse transmissions, including Honda and Mitsubishi, and longitudinal 42LE transmissions such as the Chrysler 606. The Rotating Head Stock makes conversion between front-wheel drive and real-wheel drive transmissions easy.

It will test transmission line pressure, shift point and response, downshift and converter lockup and stall speed – all under simulated vehicle load conditions. The operator can spot oil leaks and pressure leaks, check hydraulic and system controls and make minor adjustments while the transmission is mounted on the tester. The unit includes a 30 horsepower electric drive, 120 ft/lbs torque load motor, eddy current loading, cross slide and rotating head stock. There is also an optional 40 horsepower electric drive.

Contact SuperFlow

Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand – 900-Series

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Transmission and Hydraulic Component Test Stand   900 Series photo transmission dynamometersA versatile test stand designed for testing heavy-duty off-highway hydraulic components, the AIDCO Model 900 Hydraulic Test Stand features some of the most advanced technology on the hydraulic test equipment market today. A hydraulic test bench designed for hydrostatic transmission testing as well as complete hydraulic pump, motor, and cylinder testing, the 900 is the ultimate in hydraulic test equipment.

The Model 900 hydraulic test stands provide a durable and reliable platform for performance testing transmissions, torque converters, gear pumps, vane pumps, hydrostatic pumps and hydraulic motors, cylinders, and valves.

Performance testing results in reduced operating costs due to rebuilding error and possibility of critical failure in the field. With the right hydraulic testing equipment, dealers can realize more profitable maintenance contracts and increased customer satisfaction. Additionally, the Model 900 hydraulic test stand features an independent closed loop hydrostatic drive for a contamination free drive system, independent constant display digital instrumentation for easy readability, and industrial grade glycerin filled pressure gauges.

Perform all of the following tests:
Hydraulic Testing Equipment Components:
– Gear Pumps
– Vane Pumps
– Hydrostatic Pumps
– Motors
– Cylinders
– Valves

– Check and set shift points (automatic)
– Full and closed throttle upshift and downshift test (loaded or unloaded)
– Downshift inhibitor test
– Measure output torque
– Locate shaft seal leaks
– Identify clutch leakage
– Check noise/vibration
– Detect mechanical binding
– Check main, clutch and converter pressure
– Monitor converter flow and temperature

Power Test, Inc.
N60 W22700 Silver Spring Drive
Sussex, WI 53089 USA
Phone: 262-252-4301
Fax: 262-246-0436

MAE-LDU-40 Universal Automotive Transmission Dynamometer

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MAE LDU 40 Universal Automotive Transmission Dynamometer photo transmission dynamometersMustang’s latest product innovation for automotive transmission repair and remanufacturing professionals is the MAE-LDU-40, a universal automotive transmission dynamometer that represents the most advanced, next-generation dynamometer for testing automatic passenger car and light truck inline and transverse transmissions.

Mustang designed the LDU-40 to specifically address the short-comings of the standard transmission dynos found in the market today. The result is a transmission dynamometer that is more easily adaptable, more accurate, more user friendly, with a more flexible software and data acquisition package, and most importantly, is more sensible from an economic standpoint.

The LDU-40 Universal Transmission Dynamometer is a quantum leap forward from the outdated systems that once upon a time were considered state-of-the-art. Take your transmission testing to an unprecedented level of accuracy, efficiency and usability.

Forget the hassles of using custom mounting plates and spacers to get a torque converter fitted just right. Mount and test transmissions faster and easier than ever before with a universal system so flexible, you can change setup configurations in a matter of minutes, with a single operator.

Universal Hardware
The MAE-LDU-40 transmission dynamometer is by far the most easily adaptable test system on the market. Test a wide variety domestic and foreign rear-wheel transmissions without the need to purchase countless custom mounting plates.

Our patented Universal Adapter Plate virtually eliminate the need to have expensive custom plates for each transmission you need to test – saving you both time and money and simplifying your testing operations.

Mustang’s system easily adjusts to fit any torque converter without the need for complicated spacers and bushing combinations, making it easier to center and mount more transmissions faster.

Our rotating head stock also allows you to easily adapt and configure the test stand to test front wheel drive transverse transmissions, including Honda and Mitsubishi, and longitudinal 42LE transmissions such as the Chrysler A606.

Our use of U-joint drive shafts simplifies set up and dramatically minimizes the chance of damaging rear seals due to misalignment issues.

Standard Features
40-hp AC Motor Engine Simulator
40-hp Eddy Current PAU Output Loading with torque feedback
Includes Complete Data Acquisition System
Upgradeable to Test With CAN communication
MAE-TCM Electronic Shifter Included
Script Editor & Shift Table Editor – add new transmissions with ease.
Automated Testing and calibration programs Standard

Mustang Advanced Engineering
2300 Pinnacle Parkway
Twinsburg, OH 44087
Main Line: (330)963-5400
Toll Free: (888)468-7826
Fax: (330) 425-3310

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