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TRANS 70 Container and Pallet Transporter

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TRANS 70 Container and Pallet Transporter photo other machines airport equipmentThe TRANS 70 is a most versatile Container and Pallet Transporter. The modern concept of the TRANS 70 is designed to encounter all operational modes with the best performance. A dolly finger system can be added to adapt the TRANS 70 to your existing fleet of dollies. The small turning radius allows perfect manoeuvrability on the congested airport apron. The large wheels allow a comfortable drive on all kinds of road surfaces at a high driving speed. The TRANS 70 is designed in a modular way that allows every customer to configure it according to their specific requirements. For example, the driving station can be fitted on either side of the vehicle.

Performance TRANS 70
Dimensions L x W x H 5.560 x 3.890 x 1.500 mm
Capacity 7.000 kg
Driving speed (loaded) 32 km/h
Gradability (loaded) 8 %
Loading width (between guide rails) 2.500 mm
Loading length (between stops) 3.285 mm
Loading height front/rear 450 to 690 mm / 450 to 540 mm
Ground clearance (driving position) 150 mm
Turning radius 7.700 mm

TREPEL Airport Equipment GmbH
Hagenauer Straße 42
D-65203 Wiesbaden / Germany


phone: + 49 (0) 611 – 880 88 – 0
fax: + 49 (0) 611 – 880 88 – 11
e-mail: airport@trepel.com

Tempest Proportional Mix Deicer

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Tempest Proportional Mix Deicer photo other machines airport equipmentStandard pre-mix deicers have a single tank for deicing fluid with a fixed concentration of glycol. To ensure adequate deicing capabilities over a whole season the glycol concentration has to be high enough for the worst possible weather conditions. This means that on days with milder weather more glycol is used than is necessary.

JBT AeroTech’s proportional mix system consists of a main fluid tank and a tank with pure (neat) glycol. A sophisticated mixing system adds pure glycol to the fluid stream to achieve exactly the correct concentration of glycol in the deicing fluid for the current conditions. By not spraying an unnecessarily strong glycol mixture on days with mild weather, a JBT proportional mix Tempest can save thousands of liters of glycol per season.

Proportional Mix Specifications
Fluid Tanks Std Prop-mix blendUP
Main tank (water or mixture) 4163 L 5487 L
Pure glycol tank (type I, II or IV) 2649 L 1325 L
Anti-ice tank (type II or IV) 1514 L 1514 L
Fluid System
4 Hardi diaphragm pumps equipped with automatic greasing
2.8 MBTU four stage combustion heater
Main tank – direct heating
Pure glycol tank – Indirect heating through water coil
Mix Control
Electronic controller with fixed presets or 1% increments
Positive displacement calibrated flow meters

658 River Gardens
North Feltham Trading Est.
Feltham, London Heathrow
Middx, TW14 0RB, UK
Phone: +44 20 8587 0666
Fax: +44 20 8587 0660

Catering Trucks and Derivatives CHTP-PM5.9

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Catering Trucks and Derivatives CHTP PM5.9 photo other machines airport equipmentThe CHTP PM-5.9 is a self propelled vehicle equipped with a liftable lounge , for the transportation of elderly people or handicapped people between airport concourse and aircraft door and vice-versa. Installable on various commercial trucks with G.V.W. between 7.5 tons and 8.5 tons (depending on options). This vehicle allows the transportation of a maximum of 2 handicapped persons and 2 stretchers or 6 handicapped persons at the same time as 2 attendants.

The ERMA CHTP PM-5.9 can be used on at a very large range of aircraft : from M80/B737/A319 to B747/A340/MD11. The ERMA CHTP PM-5.9 is designed for intensive use, whatever the climate conditions, with simple and low maintenance costs.

TLD America – Central US
14200 Midway Road
Suite 114
Tel: +1 (972) 490-4538
Fax: +1 (972) 490-4539

CLT200E – Electric Lav Truck

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CLT200E   Electric Lav Truck  photo other machines airport equipmentThe CLT-200E Lav Truck is an affordable 80V battery powered electric lavatory servicing vehicle. This Low-profile design makes it perfect for regional jet and narrow-body applications. The unit incorporates a 200 gallon waste tank situated at the front of the vehicle to simplify movement around the aircraft. The 100 gallon water (blue juice) tank is located in the rear behind the 500 Ah industrial battery.

Power is supplied by a 40 hp (30 kw) AC motor which is directly coupled to the heavy-duty Charlatte-design rear axle. The unit has excellent visibility, maneuverability, and has a maximum speed of 19 mph (30.5 km/h). Options include: On-board charger, Fast Charge port, Cold weather package, defroster, mirrors, wiper, and vinyl doors.

Power Steering
Rugged Design and Construction
3/8” Thick Polypropylene Tanks
Split Braking System
High Efficiency Low Maintenance AC Tram Motor
Storage Area in Rear for Cleanup Material
Storage Tray Behind Operator for Equipment

Charlatte Manutention (France)
Z.I. – Route du Boutoir
89210 Brienon sur Armancon (France)
Telephone: (33) 386 43 04 53
Fax: (33) 386 43 04 66
E-mail: contact@charlattemanutention.fayat.com

GPU 140 – Ground Power Unit

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GPU 140   Ground Power Unit  photo other machines airport equipmentGPU 140, the modern Ground Power Units can offer the best combination of superior design, performance, proven reliability and value to meet the critical needs of the airline industry. Integrated with the best technology, customer influenced design and our years of experience, our ground power units can be trusted to meet your aircraft’s needs for quality 400 Hz power.

Altitude above sea level: <4000 m
Relative humidity: ≤95%
Ambient temperature: -40℃—+50℃

400Hz 115/200 volts nominal, ±10% adjustable, 3 phase four wire system, Y connection. Lagging power factor: 0.8, synchronous brushless, self-cooling
Permanently lubricated dual bearings, brushless rotating rectifier assembly, directly coupled to the engine.
Vibration absorber mounted on the trailer.

Deutz diesel engine, Water cooled
Model: BF6M1013EC; 162KW/2000RPM; Emission standard: Stage Ⅱ
Turbocharged 4-stroke, inline 6 cylinder
24 VDC battery system
Low oil pressure shutdown
High coolant temperature shutdown
Intake air restriction indication
Electronic governor system

GSE Europe
Mortimer Glinz General Manager +49(0)209 38 61 92-00
Sarah Friese Personal Assistent +49(0)209 38 61 92-00
Mark Durber Senior Sales Manager +49(0)209 38 61 92-22

ASU-600-100 Air Start

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ASU 600 100 Air Start photo air startsThe ASU-600-100 are truck or trailer mounted continuous flow jet engine starting units producing 100 PPM and up to 40 psig start air pressure to meet the needs of most regional jets and narrow body aircraft.

Basic components include an air-cooled rotary screw compressor, diesel engine, and the TLD air regulating system. Standard features include dual mode operation, automatic throttle rollback and an easy access canopy. These components and features combine to produce the most versatile and cost-efficient air start units available.

TLD Group
Parc d’Affaires SILIC
21, rue du Jura
BP 10525
94633 Rungis Cédex
Tel: +33 (0)1 56 34 10 40
Fax: +33 (0)1 56 34 10 45

Aircraft Air Start Unit Model TMD/TRD-250

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Aircraft Air Start Unit Model TMD/TRD 250 photo air startsThe Stewart & Stevenson Model TMD-250 air start unit represents the 250 ppm
variant of our all new family of air start units. Designed from a clean sheet of paper,
these units offer lower operating costs and decreased environmental impact. The
TMD-250 unit will handle the engine starting needs of all wide-bodied aircraft engines requiring 250 ppm of continuous airflow, with the exception of the B-777.
One of the many standard features of the TMD-250 air start unit is the dualpressure
regulators with an “On Demand” automatic engine throttle control system.

The operator simply selects either the “Air Start” or the “Air Packs” mode and the
control system automatically adjusts the pressure and throttle settings. Benefits of the “On Demand” system include; fuel economy, decreased maintenance, and noise

Standard features include:
• Dual discharge air outlets with manual shutoff valves
• Automatic discharge air pressure safety relief system to protect aircraft
• Discharge hose manual bleed-down valves
• On Demand automatic engine throttle control
• Leaf spring rear suspension
• Corrosion resistant fuel tank
• Rust proof engine/compressor heat exchanger
• Remote lube oil drains
• Maintenance-free batteries
• Large full-length “gull-wing” module access doors
• Engine lube oil magnetic sump plug
• Sound and vibration dampening material
• Illuminated operator control panel with complete gauge set

Contact Us
Address: 9 Jalan Rengas, Singapore 808529
Phone: (65) 64815760 (Office)
Fax: (65)64401338
Mr Sanny Soh E S – (65)96788190
Mr Fok Pak Cheong – (65)98639947

Air Starter ACE-600-400

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Air Starter ACE 600 400 photo air startsThe 600 Series units are truck or trailer mounted continuous flow jet engine starting units producing 400 PPM at up to 40 psig start air pressure. Basic components include an air-cooled rotary screw compressor, diesel engine, and the ACE air regulating system.

Standard features include dual mode operation, automatic throttle roll-back, and an easy access canopy. These components and features combine to produce the most versatile and cost efficient air start units available.

TLD America – Latin America
9600 NW 25th Street
Suite – 4D
Tel: +1 (305) 716-1130
Fax: +1 (305) 716-1178

Aircraft Pneumatic Air Start Unit type GS

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Aircraft Pneumatic Air Start Unit type GS photo air startsMain characteristics
Output air pressure 42 psig relative pressure (56 psia absolute pressure)
Maximum air temperature Approx. 200°C
Engine Turbo charged 8 cylinders DEUTZ diesel engine
Compressor Air Screw compressor GHH-RAND
Option Air pacs mode (32 psi)

- DEUTZ Turbo diesel 8 cylinders
- Water cooled engine
- Electronic engine speed regulator EMR (Deutz)
- Batteries : 4 x 12V –125Ah each

- GHH-RAND Screw Compressor
- Integrated multiplication gear
- Screw rotating speed: 5000-8000rpm
- Integrated oil tank and external oil cooler
- GUINAULT pressure/air flow PCB control board type RS686

- Truck Mounted Air Start Unit: MERCEDES truck type Atego, IVECO Eurocargo or any other upon request
- Air-Pacs mode: output air flow of 32psi for aircraft air conditioning system
- Noise reduction: 83dB(A) @ 7m
- Winter kit

PAOS La Saussaye
F – 45590 Saint-Cyr en Val
Tél : +33 (0) 2 38 63 84 00
Fax : +33 (0) 2 38 69 66 22

Rheinmetall Air Start Unit

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Rheinmetall Air Start Unit photo air startsRheinmetall manufactures Air Start Units for commercial and military purposes. The task is to start all main engines of today’s and tomorrow’s generation of aircraft.

The MSU (Mobile Start Unit) features compact design and multi fuel capability. High reliability and no scheduled maintenance result in very low cost of ownership. The units are proven in all climatic conditions on five continents in more than 30 countries.

The MSU is powered by a simple cycle bleed type gas turbine of the latest state of the art design. The units deliver compressed air for starting the main engine and for the operation of any onboard Environmental Control System.

Contact Us
All truck
Unit 1, 8 Stennett Road
Ingleburn NSW 2565
Postal Address:
PO Box 1003
Ingleburn NSW 1890
Phone:+612 9605 9779
Fax:+612 9605 9775
Email: sales@alltrack.com.au

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