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C06 Series – Pancake Style Load Cell

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C06 Series   Pancake Style Load Cell photo load cells machinery and equipment for oil rigs mining and geologyPRODUCT DESCRIPTION
Compact, low profile compression style load cell
Some models can be used in tension and compression
Available with Solid, Hollow, or Threaded “Load Button”
Sealed against moisture and chemical attack
High accuracy and signal linearity
Custom designs available

Model C06-10KC
Weight Capacity 10,000lb / 4,535kg
Accuracy +/- 0.25%
Operating Temperature -40F to 140F / -40C to 60C
Safe Overload 100%
Full Scale Output 2mV/V @ full load
Maximum Excitation 15 V ac or DC
Bridge Resistance 350 ohms nominal

Reliable Scale Corporation
# 6 – 1480 28th Street NE
Calgary, AB
T2A 7W6
Tel: (403) 272-8784
Fax: (403) 273-9818


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TENSION LOAD CELL photo load cells machinery and equipment for oil rigs mining and geologyTension Load cells are designed to indicate accurate readings by transmitting the applied tension load to an indicator. The Tension Loadcell is available in many sizes and is used in many applications.

Otherwise known as tension transducers, tension load cells are a style of transducer because they can convert sensed mechanical force into usable electrical signals for measurement in various applications which include mechanical testing, continuous system monitoring and as components of other measurement devices.

Our Tension Load Cells Feature:
Precision Accuracy
Compact Design
Wide Tension Capacity Range
Durable Construction

Available 365 Days Per Year / 24 Hours Per Day.
Toll Free Number: (877) 908-3790
Email: sales@DrillingInstruments.com

Polished Rod Load Cell

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Polished Rod Load Cell photo load cells machinery and equipment for oil rigs mining and geologyThe Unico Polished Rod Load Cell is an accurate, reliable transducer for
measuring rod string force in sucker-rod pumping applications. It is the ideal choice for oil wells requiring pump-off control.
Designed for Oil Field
The load cells have been developed, field-tested, and accepted for oil-field use.
Units are waterproof and corrosion resistant for use in any kind of weather.
Exceptional Life
A fatigue life exceeding 50,000,000 cycles ensures many years of reliable operation.
Transient Protection
Transient voltage protection safeguards the load cells from lightning and/or power line disturbances for uninterrupted operation.
Load cell performance is virtually unaffected by changes in temperature and is insensitive to off-center loads.
Load cells feature a safe overload of 200% of rated capacity. This provides a safe limit of 100,000 pounds with the 928-744 model and 60,000 pounds with the 928-758 model.
Load cells install directly on the polished rod. No welding or special brackets are required.

3725 Nicholson Road
P. O. Box 0505
Franksville, Wisconsin
voice: 262.886.5678
fax: 262.504.7396

Tong Torque Gauge

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Tong Torque Gauge photo load cells machinery and equipment for oil rigs mining and geologyIndicates torque in foot pounds applied to each joint when using power tongs to run oilfield tubulars. These systems are available for all makes and models of power tongs and come with either compression or tension type load cells that provide an accurate check of make up torque for all oilfield tubulars. Dual scale variations are also available. Rugged, simple load cell designs guarantee extra long life and ease of maintenance.

Tong Torque Systems consist of a Tension or Compression Load Cell, 6” fluid filled Gauge, 5’ hydraulic hose (additional hose lengths available), fluid hand pump and 1quart of Crown Oilfield Instrumentation all weather instrument fluid.

CTP Series:
Indicates make-up or breakout torque (in pounds of line pull) for all oilfield tubulars.
6” fluid filled gauge..
Operator adjustable target pointer that the driller sets to a corresponding torque requirement.
Models and variations of available to work with all manual tongs.
Capacity ranges from 10,000 pounds to 30,000 pounds of line pull. English, metric and dual scale dial readings available. Customer logo on dial available.

CTT Series:
Indicates torque in foot pounds applied to each joint when using power tongs to run oilfield tubulars.
Models available for all makes and models of power tongs.
Tension or Compression style load cells available for use in all power tong configurations.
Wide variety of capacities available to suit all applications and tong configurations.
English, Metric or dual scale variations available.

Systems designed and built for the rugged requirements of the oilfield. Load Cell’s are designed to ensure a long service life with minimum maintenance.
6” Fluid filled gauge has years of proven reliability and ease of maintenance.
Target pointer on gauge helps operator maintain accurate torque.
Box mount or panel mount configurations available.

P.O. Box 790
Maurice, LA. 70555
Toll Free Number: (877) 908-3790
Fax Number: (337) 898-2377

COILED TUBING Oil Field Load Cell

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COILED TUBING Oil Field Load Cell photo load cells machinery and equipment for oil rigs mining and geologyStandard Features
• Low Profile Design
• Tension/Compression
• Intrinsically safe
• CSA / ATEX approved
• 4-20 mA output
• Welded Stainless Steel
• Ranges to 120,000 lbs
• Hermetically Sealed

Standard Specifications
Accuracy 0.10% BFSL.
Output 4-20 mA.
Ranges 20,000 lbs to 120,000 lbs.
Compensation Temperature Range -40° F to 200° F (-40°C to 95°C).
Operating Temperature Range -65° F to 250° F (-54°C to 120°C).
Temperature Effect on Zero 0.005% FSO/° F (0.009% FSO/° C).
Temperature Effect on Span 0.005% Reading/° F (0.009% Reading/° C).
Mechanical Characteristics
Calibration 5 Points (0, 50%, 100%, 50%, 0).
Max. Overload 150% FSO.
Construction Welded Stainless Steel.
Electrical Characteristics
Excitation 9-36 VDC.
Output 4-20 mA.
Insulation Resistance Greater than 100 megaohms at 50 VDC.
Connector Hermetic glass to metal sealed connector.
Many styles to choose from Consult factory.

237 Commerce Drive • Amherst, NY 14228 • USA
Tel: 716.250.1900 • Fax: 716.250.1909
Email: info@stellartech.com

Oilfield Wellhead Adapter

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Oilfield Wellhead Adapter photo pressure control equipment Made from 4130 or 4140 HT LF2 material to meet NACE specifications

Custom lengths are available

All threads made to API specifications

Many different top unions and bottom threads available

Reduces leakage and minimizes rig-up time

The FHE wellhead flange provides the safest possible installation compared to other types of adapters like swages

If working at pressures over 3,000psi then the wellhead adapter must be flanged

2252 Colex Dr.
Grand Junction, CO.
81505 United States
T: 1.877.222.3099

CFI “Class U” hydraulic preventer

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CFI Class U hydraulic preventer photo pressure control equipmentControl Flow’s Shearing Rams shear the pipe in the hole to allow quick sealing in the event of unexpected downhole pressure or conditions. Shearing capabilities for the CFI “Class U” BOP’s vary with the style of rams, bonnets and/or boosters.

All styles of Control Flow’s shearing rams offer the following features:
• 3,000 psi shearing operating pressure
• Single-piece body construction
• Suitable for Sour Service – H2S – per NACE MR-01-75

All sizes of the CFI “Class U” BOP packers are available in a wide variety of elastomer material. Refer to the chart for the type of elastomer that best suits your needs.

All Control Flow-built replacement parts for the CFI “Class U” hydraulic preventer meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specification and conforms to all applicable API and other industry standards. Replacement procedures are, in all cases, identical to the original equipment manufacturer. Refer to your CFI “Class U” maintenance manual for specific tear-down or assembly instructions.

If the appropriate publication is unavailable to you, call the Control Flow District Office nearest you for assistance in any phase of parts installation.

Control Flow Incorporated S. de R. L. de C.V.
Calle 33 No. 58, entre 42 X 44, Colonia Tila, c.p. 24170
Cd. del Carmen Campeche, Mexico
Phone: 52-938-3825599 & 2861704
Fax: 52-938-1310135
E-Mail: rcullingford@controlflow.com

Annular Blowout Preventers (API-16A)

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Annular Blowout Preventers (API 16A) photo pressure control equipmentWe supply type S and type G annular blowout preventers; their sizes and models are in the table below. Type S annular blowout preventers have bolted-cover and wedge-cover; type G annular type blowout preventers have screwed-head and latched-head. Our blowout preventers are manufactured in accordance with API Specification 16A, Third Edition and NACE MR0175 per API Specification 16A, Temperature T20. They meet the applicable API and NACE requirements for H2S service.

Working Pressure (psi)
3,000 5,000 3,000 5,000 3,000 5,000 10,000
3,000 5,000 10,000 3,000 2,000
Operating Pressure (psi)
1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500 1,500
Gallons to Close
4.92 4.57 7.23 11.05 11.00 18.67 30.58 23.50 23.58 40.16 43.40 31.10

Sunnda Corporation
19424 Park Row, Suite 170
Houston, TX 77084
Phone: +1-281-646-7880
Fax: +1-281-646-7988
Email: sales@sunnda.com

221212-SERIES Pressure Transducer

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221212 SERIES Pressure Transducer photo pressure control equipmentThe NOV M/D Totco Pressure Transducer converts pressure into an analog electrical signal. Converting pressure to an electrical signal is achieved by physically deforming the strain gauges which are bonded into the diaphragm of the pressure transducer and wired into a bridge configuration. Pressure applied to the pressure transducer produces a deflection of the diaphragm which introduces strain to the gauges. The strain will produce an electrical resistance change proportional to pressure.

The 221212 Series Pressure Transducer is assembled with a union and installed into an electronic pressure transducer assembly (221145 Series). It is available in flanged, threaded, or weld on sub configurations and calibration certificates are provided.

Maximum Working Pressure: 15,000 psi
Overload: 150% of capacity without damage, 300% without burst rupture failure
Output: 4-20 mA, loop powered
Excitation: 8-28 VDC
Calibration error: 0.25% of full scale output (nominal), including hysterisis, repeatability and nonlinearity; based on straight line fit
Temperature range: -40° to 140°F (-40 to 60°C)
Temperature effects: +/-0.01% of capacity sensitivity shift per °F

7909 Parkwood Circle Dr.
Houston, TX 77036
Phone: 713 375 3700
Phone: 1 888 262 8645

Hydril Pressure Control MSP™-2000 BOP/Diverter

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Hydril Pressure Control MSP™ 2000 BOP/Diverter photo pressure control equipmentThe Hydril Pressure Control MSP-2000 PSI offers outstanding performance that sets the industry standard for simple, reliable blowout protection. Its design includes important features found in the GK® annular BOP, and it has been field and laboratory proven to deliver a long, dependable service life. In addition:

It has a screwed head design that ensures safe operation with no loose parts to be lost.
Latched head design is available.
There are only two moving parts, the piston and packing unit, for less maintenance and less downtime.
A field-replaceable wear plate eliminates metal-to-metal contact between the packing unit inserts and the BOP head, making repair fast and economical.
A bolted-in inner sleeve eliminates the need to stress-relieve if the inner sleeve is damaged in the field.
A telescoping actuating piston makes the MSP-2000 compact and lightweight.

Designation 21-2 21-2
Bore Size (inches) 21-1/4 21-1/4
Head Type Screwed Latched
Working pressure (psi) 2,000 2,000
Shell Test Pressure (psi) (Factory Test Only) 3,000 3,000

GE Transportation Rail, Field Service – U.S.
Casper, Wyoming
United States
Phone: 1 (307) 262 – 1396
Fax: 1-866-420-0377

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