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Green Energy Turboexpander

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Green Energy Turboexpander photo turboexpandersTurboexpanders coupled to generators can be used to generate clean electricity in many different applications. Producing up to 15MW of clean electricity, they can also provide the necessary temperature or pressure drop required in certain processes. The ability to operate efficiently with over 40% liquid by mass at the expander outlet make them viable in applications where the superheated steam conventional turbines require is not available. They are also highly efficient, with isentropic efficiencies over 90% and extremely reliable, with availability factors approaching 99%.

Geothermal energy is a rapidly growing industry as environmental concerns about other power generation techniques capture the attention of governments and the public. Unlike other renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, geothermal energy has the advantage of stable operation independent of the time of day or the weather, making it an important part of a well balanced renewable energy portfolio. The exploration phase for high temperature applications requires much more capital investment and risk, and millions of dollars can be spent investigating a site only to find that it is not hot enough to produce dry steam needed to drive normal axial multi stage turbines. Low temperature (under 175 degrees Celsius) geothermal sites are much more common than high temperature sites that can produce sufficient quantities of dry steam to drive a conventional turbine or hot brine fluid for the ORC energy recovery. It is predicted that use of low temperature sites using Binary cycles will increase as demand for geothermal energy increases.

Binary cycles use the hot water from the geothermal well to heat a working fluid such as isobutane via a heat exchanger. The working fluid is then expanded through a turbine that drives a generator, producing electricity. A condenser and pump complete the cycle. Because of the smaller temperature ratios that Binary cycles are used for, little energy is available for expansion before condensation begins. Thus, radial expansion turbines, which can operate at lower vapor qualities than conventional turbines, are the ideal prime mover in Binary cycle applications.

Contact Information
International Headquarters
3037 Industrial Parkway
Santa Maria, CA 93455
Phone: +1-805-345-4104
Fax: +1-805-925-3861
Web: www.turboexpanders.com

Turbo-expanders for natural gas processing

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Turbo expanders for natural gas processing photo turboexpandersCryostar is a pioneer in active magnetic bearings expanders:
Cryostar was the first company to develop an expander equipped with active magnetic bearings (AMB) in 1988.
Cryostar was the first company to supply 8 AMB expanders for natural gas processing (offshore conditions in the North Sea environment)
Cryostar has the largest base of expanders equipped with AMB in operation in the world
Proven expertise of applications: dew point control, ethane recovery, NGL recovery, LNG production and project with high amount of liquid at expander outlet.
Full range of oil lubricated bearings turbo-expanders with different shaft sealing systems
Capability to reply to the applications of petrochemical industry such as ethylene plants, CO processing, etc.
A complete range from 100 kW up to 12 000 kW with inlet pressure up to 150 bar and inlet temperature down to -196°C as standard
A company certified ISO 9001/2000. Cryostar was one the first companies to be ISO certified in its field of activity.
Cryostar uses the latest technologies to design its turbo-expander. Each wheel is unique and completely optimised for its designated project. The company also employs final element analysis, computational fluid dynamics, 3D modelling, and laser holographic testing.
Cryostar combines its qualified service department with a design focus towards minimal downtime and high availability, resulting in maximum savings for your plant operations.

Cryostar SAS
2 Rue de l’Industrie
ZI BP 48
68220 Hésingue
Phone: +33 389 70 27 27 or for call Customer Contact Center : +33 389 70 00 00
Fax: + 33 389 70 27 77
E-mail : info@Cryostar.com

Hydrocarbon Turboexpander

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Hydrocarbon Turboexpander photo turboexpandersAtlas Copco Gas and Process is continuously working to improve and extend the capabilities and performance of radial in-flow turbines, or turboexpanders. As the market leader for this technology, we see it as our responsibility to help our customers achieve superior productivity in their processes.

To achieve this goal, we foster innovation and engage in a close dialogue with our customers early in the design process. With thousands of our machines in operation worldwide, we are your ideal partner to drive expander technology well into the twenty-first century.

Customer Benefits
- Custom engineered solutions
- Ultra high efficiency
- Robust construction
- Wide operational range
- Highest quality
- Reliable performance
- Thousands of references worldwide

Atlas Copco Comptec LLC.
46 School Road
Voorheesville, NY
12186-9698 USA
+1 518-765-3344
+1 518-765-3357

L.A. Turbine

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L.A. Turbine photo turboexpandersL.A. Turbine specializes in the manufacture and repair of application-specific, highly engineered turboexpanders and expander spare parts used in hydrocarbon processing, geothermal power generation, and other power-recovery applications in industrial processes worldwide.

L.A. Turbine is an ISO 9001:2008 certified supplier that is earning a reputation for on-time delivery of high quality products. Customers worldwide have experienced our field service expertise and fast turnaround on repairs.

L.A. Turbine also now does complete PLC systems engineering and construction by adding new balancing capability and highly advanced resonance testing.

Frame Size HP Exp. Flow (ACFM)
Min Max Min Max
L1000 530 880 80 320
L2000 1100 2200 320 2000
L3000 2200 4500 720 3920
L4000 3600 8800 3920 8000
L5000 8200 14500 5120 11520
L6000 14000 21000 8000 25920

L.A. Turbine – The Turboexpander Company
29151 Avenue Penn, Valencia, CA 91355
Phone: 1-(661)-294-8290
Fax: 1-(661)-294-8249

Subsea Flowlines Umbilical

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Subsea Flowlines Umbilical photo umbilicals machinery and equipment for gas rigs mining and geologyAs part of its continuing work for the world’s major cable manufacturers, installers and owners BPP-TECH has developed unique methodologies for the laying and structural analysis of deep water flowlines, risers, umbilicals and cables.

These methodologies address:
* Hydrodynamic and structural analysis of installation and service conditions.
* Prediction of looping and kinking.
* Prevention of armour failures and S lay and Z lay conductor failures.
* Design of more effective cable cross sections.

BPP-TECH works for all major oil companies, engineering contractors and manufacturers in the field.

Services include:
* Naval Arch & Marine Eng
* Design
* Turnkey Naval Arch
* Loading Calculators
* 3D Visualization
* DP & Mooring
* Drilling Support
* Motion Control
* Capability Plots
* Model Testing
* Motions Monitoring
* Loads Monitoring
* GPS Monitoring
* Position Monitoring

PennWell Corporate Headquarters:
1421 S. Sheridan Road
Tulsa, OK 74112 | USA
Phone: +1 918 835 3161
Toll Free: +1 800 331 4463

GE Hot Gas Expander

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GE Hot Gas Expander photo turboexpandersGE Hot Gas Expanders for power recovery systems help refinery operators make the most of process waste gas; turning it into power and consequently decreasing energy costs and CO2 emissions. Our advanced engineering and manufacturing processes have made us a global leader in turboexpander solutions for energy recovery and refrigeration.

Turboexpanders are available configured with centrifugal compressors, generators or oil brakes for natural gas applications, petrochemical plants or refineries. They are also designed for applications such as energy recovery from refinery hot gas waste streams.

Features & Benefits
GE 18 MW Hot Gas Expander can save about $9 million in electricity costs per year while avoiding more than 244,000 metric tons in CO2 emissions
Extensive improvement programs for expanders enable us to guarantee 4-5 years of uninterrupted run time
Materials selection and mechanical/aerodynamic design enable GE expanders to withstand corrosion and erosion caused by crude oil

GE Oil & Gas Headquarters
Via Felice Matteucci, 2
50127 Florence, Italy
T +39 055 423 211
F +39 055 423 2800

SSIV (Subsea Isolation Valve) umbilical

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SSIV (Subsea Isolation Valve) umbilical photo umbilicals machinery and equipment for gas rigs mining and geologyCortland offers a wide range of umbilical types combining hydraulic and electrical control services, including small single line hoses for SSIV or SSBV control. Often these can be many kilometres long and permanently installed. Special consideration is given to the stresses encountered over the long working life. To account for strength and cut/drop protection, synthetic fibre braids or multiple armour layers provide excellent tensile strength and protection ensuring these umbilicals remain in full working order for the field life.

A range of subsea and topside terminations can be engineered and supplied covering junction boxes, amour bodies, pull in heads, hang-off collars, stab-plates, J tube seals, quick-connects and electrical connectors.

Full Dynamic Analysis, Fatigue Analysis and Seabed Stability Analysis can be offered using an aligned group of analysis sub-contractors. Verification and qualification testing can be conducted using a range of in-house test rigs and sub contract testing equipment to verify Cortland’s designs.

Benefits / Features
Over 15 years supplying the oil & gas sector
ISO 13628-5 compliance
Choice of wire and synthetic strength members & ropes
Wide range of cover materials
Variety of hoses offering the widest of pressures and chemical compatibility
Choice of sheath colours, print and length/depth marking
Full range of terminations
In-house and sub-contract verification test rigs
Fill and flushing service
Knowledge and experience on both hose and cable components

Emergency shut down control operation applications

Cortland Cable
44 River St.
PO Box 330
Cortland NY 13045
Tel: +1 (607) 753-8276
Fax: +1 (607) 753-3183
Email: cortland@cortlandcompany.com

Umbilical Provider

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Umbilical Provider photo umbilicals machinery and equipment for gas rigs mining and geologyOceaneering Umbilical Solutions (formerly Oceaneering Multiflex) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of subsea control umbilicals for offshore applications. Established in Houston, Texas during 1977 and acquired by Oceaneering in 1994, the company manufactures umbilicals utilizing thermoplastic hoses, electric cables, high collapse resistant flexible pipes, steel tubes and hybrid combinations for all types of subsea systems.

The Umbilical Solutions product range also includes umbilicals for installation and workover control, blow out preventer control, geophysical survey, electric power & signal transmission, flying leads and jumper assemblies. In addition, any of the company’s three manufacturing locations can supply high-pressure hoses, end couplings and associated tools.

Positioned to serve the most active subsea regions in the world, Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions manufacturing plants are located in the Gulf of Mexico, the North Sea and Brazil. Rosyth, Scotland and Rio De Janiero, Brazil are purpose-built manufacturing sites with state-of-the-art equipment and processing methods, including deep-draft quay access for direct loadout to installation vessels. The Panama City, Florida location has the largest planetary cabling machine in the world and also features direct deepwater loadout.

Global Business Focus
Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions uses a global business strategy for the supply of subsea umbilicals to the offshore oil and gas industry. By operating as one company from three manufacturing sites, Umbilical Solutions delivers cost effective, quality based technical solutions to its customers. Each facility provides specific centers of excellence for engineering, procurement and manufacturing activities required for subsea umbilical distribution systems.

Oceaneering Umbilical Solutions – USA
Corporate / Sales Office
11911 FM 529
Houston, TX 77041
(713) 329-4500
Fax: (713) 329-4603

CGT-02 Turbine Gas Meter

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CGT 02 Turbine Gas Meter photo gas meter pulsersCGT series turbine gas meters are flow meters designed to measure quantity of gases. The meters are mainly used for gas flow ranges from 6.5 up to 6500 m3/h. The CGT series gas meters are applied in measurement systems where high accuracy is required:
transportation of natural gas
primary and secondary measurements
control metering of the natural gas and non aggressive technical gases in industry
flow measurement for technical purposes

The meters may be applied for measurements of aggressive gases. Any application of that kind should be individually proved and agreed between the client and COMMON S.A.

The turbine gas meter measures the quantity of gas basing on the flow principle. The gas flows through an integrated flow conditioner, which distributes the flow proportionally in the annular slot and guides it to the turbine wheel. The wheel is driven by the gas flow, and the angular velocity of the rotation is proportional to the gas flow rate. The energy consumption, perceived as pressure loss, is reduced to absolute feasible minimum due to the application of the flow conditioner, highest precision ball barings, most accurate tolerances of all measuring parts and their proper alignement. The rotary motion of the turbine wheel is transferred mechanically by gear wheels, and the incorporated gas tight and hermetic magnetic coupling, to the index unit, which is mounted on the top of the body, and shows the operating volume on the totalizer.

The basic components of the COMMON CGT series turbine gas meter are as follows:
pressure resistant meter body
inlet flow conditioner
measuring cartridge with the turbine wheel
magnetic coupling as the transferring element between measuring cartridge and the index
lubricating system (some meters are provided with self lubricating bearings)

ul. Aleksandrowska 67/93
91205 Lodz, Poland
General information
Fax +48 42 253 66 99
Email common@common.pl

Purchase Gas Meter

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Purchase Gas Meter photo gas meter pulsersProduct Description
System volume dm3: 2
Maximum flow-rata(Qmax) m3/h: 6
Minimum flow-rata (Qmin) m3/h: 0.040
Total pressure loss Pa: d200
Maximum operating pressure kPa: 10
Permissible Error
Qmin d Q < 0.1Qmax % ±3
0.1QmaxdQdQmax ±1.5
Pulse rate: 100 imp/m3 1 imp = .35314667 cu ft. Min. Recording numeric dm3: 0.2
Max. Recording numeric m3: 99999.999
Readout is in m3, with resolution to thousandths Operating ambient temperature C: -10~40
Memory temperature C: 0~40
Service life: 12 years
Suitable gas: Artificial coal gas, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, air, inert gases

EKM Metering, LLC
363 Berkeley Way
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
email: info@ekmmetering.com
or leave us a voicemail:

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