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Rolling Mill Monitoring

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Rolling Mill Monitoring photo rolling millsTo keep up with the high demand for steel, rolling mills must stay on schedule and in production. Whether it is a hot or cold operation, drive train system components must be kept in check with continuous rolling mill monitoring. Waiting for scheduled maintenance checks to identify potential operational problems may not be enough to avoid debilitating production downtime. Because rolling mills are working 24/7, monitoring operation must be constant to be effective.

True continuous rolling mill monitoring must encompass the entire mill operation. While vibration monitoring of select components may be effective to identify vibration problems, this will only tell part of the story. Since steel rolling involves a sequence of inter-related functions, a complete picture of the process is necessary to keep the entire system going. Such things as temperature, torque and speed will also be important to monitor. While the monitoring of separate systems working independently is beneficial, it will not provide all of the data necessary for generating an accurate assessment of conditions.

Xtek, the internationally recognized leader in drive train component technology, has made the complete picture available with the DriveWatch system, a network approach for comprehensive rolling mill monitoring. The Xtek DriveWatch™ system tracks irregularities in vibration, temperature, torque, current, speed and other parameters on a continuous basis.

Because Xtek has over 70 years of experience developing technology for the steel industry, we understand the complexity of rolling mill operations and the components involved. We have put this expertise into creating the ideal technology for rolling mill monitoring. Our engineers understand the problems caused by vibration, temperature and torque and have created a method for gathering the data needed to head off vibration issues before they occur. The Xtek DriveWatch™ system allows this data to be retrievable at any time, from any location with internet access, for 24/7 real time reporting.

Xtek, Inc.
11451 Reading Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio 45241
513-733-7800 office
888-332-XTEK toll-free
513-733-7939 fax

Steckel rolling mills

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Steckel rolling mills  photo rolling millsGeared to high demands. If you specialize in stainless or acid-resistant grades, a Steckel rolling mill is the ideal choice for you. Why? Because these grades are usually manufactured in small batches, so the versatility of a Steckel mill compared to a conventional hot wide strip mill makes good economic sense. And it’s this flexibility plus cost-effectiveness that also makes all the difference when you produce nickel and cobalt alloys or titanium alloys.

Compact and low-cost. A Steckel rolling mill is a compact plant with an annual capacity of up to 1 million t. Much cheaper than a conventional hot stripmill, a Steckel mill finish-rolls the strip in reversing mode. It features one coiling furnace each at the entry and exit sides of the mill stand to keep the strip hot. That is how it can roll up to nine passes.

Our expertise. You benefit from our worldwide experience in building single-stand Steckel mills with extremely high rolling forces. Alternatively, you may be interested in one of our innovative revamps that significantly increase the production capacity and availability of existing plants. Our subsidiary, SMS Demag Tippins, is your specialist for tandem and heavy-plate Steckel mills. All this expertise makes us a partner you can rely on to support you with this kind of plant – wherever you are in the world. Integrated in our Steckel rolling mills are all the adjustment and control systems for strip thickness, profile and flatness that have proven their worth in conventional hot strip mills and CSP® plants. For simply outstanding rolling results.

Eduard-Schloemann-Strasse 4
40237 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 (0) 211 881-0
Fax: +49 (0) 211 881-4902
Internet: www.sms-siemag.com

Rolling mills – ANDRITZ METALS

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Rolling mills   ANDRITZ METALS photo rolling millsANDRITZ METALS has been one of the preferred cold rolling technology suppliers for carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metals for decades. This is based on our exceptionally broad range of cold rolling mills for strip widths from 60 to 2,100 mm, in our innovative technologies and cost-oriented solutions.
Numerous patents for processes and components as well as high-level automation, measuring and control technology are other important milestones of our success.

Product portfolio
20-high rolling mills
Skin pass rolling mills
S-high rolling mills
2/4/6-high rolling mills
Inline rolling mills
Tandem rolling mills
Temper rolling mills
Reversing rolling mills
Multi-high rolling mills

– all these products feature high quality according to our precept: narrowest tolerances – highest yield.

Furthermore we provide production optimization services like pass schedule optimization, production capacity simulation, production efficiency study, product mix studies, handling times optimization, logistic investigation studies, optimization of mill drive-train system, trip quality optimization, study of linked process sections, layout studies, safety analysis, mill measurement / alignment, mill window study and roll crown optimization.

ANDRITZ AG, Stattegger Strasse 18, A-8045 Graz, Austria, Phone: +43 (316) 6902 0,

Power Mills – DRM 130 Double Sided Power

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Power Mills   DRM 130 Double Sided Power photo rolling millsDurston’s new power mills. All 5 of the new bench top power mills have cast iron bases, cast iron gearbox with powerful motors and of course the standard one piece cast iron mill frame incorporating our high quality steel rolls which run in heavy duty roller bearings.
All include the new safety features of the emergency stop button, safety bars at front and rear and guards covering the extension rollers at the end of the mills.
Easy to use control featuring forward and reverse. Also, a further 2 buttons to easily increase or decrease roll speed.

High capacity rolling mill with large flat area.
The most powerful, robust and high specification rolling mill available
Powerful enough for Continuous Operation.
Variable speed as standard (5 – 30 r.p.m.). Incorporating emergency stop button and forward and reverse.
Cast iron gearbox
Two sets of extension rolls.
Large easy to read calibrated disc giving exact roll measurement. Including easy to operate hand wheel.
Very compact. Dimensions.

Durston Rolling Mills
Grafton Street
High Wycombe
HP12 3AJ
Tel (+44) 01494 446424
Email info@durston.co.uk

H-beam Hot Rolling Mill

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H beam Hot Rolling Mill photo rolling millsH-BEAM HOT ROLLING LINE
Product mix

Wide web H125x125x6.5×9, H150x150x7x10, H175x175x7.5×11

Medium web H200x204x12x12, H148x100x12x12, H194x150x6x9, H244x175x7x11, H294x200x8x12

Narrow web
H198x99x4.5×7, H200x100x5.5×8, H248x124x5x8, H250x125x6x9, H298x149x5.5×8, H300x150x6.6×9, H346x174x6x9, H350x175x7x11, H400x200x8x13

Material dimension
280×280mm L: 5.56-9.51m
280×380mm L: 8.65-9.75m
220×220mm L: 6.79-7.89m
320×410mm L: 7.89-9.20 m

Capacity: 500,000 TPA

Beijing Phamitech Electronics Company Ltd.
Registered address:
502, 27 Zengguang Plaza, Beijing 100044, China.
Contact address:
B503 New Millennium Plaza, 72 Xisanhuan Beilu,
Beijing 100048, China.
Tel: +86 10 68730450
Fax: +86 10 68470948
Email: sales@phamitech.com (sales)

GW65 steel bar bending machine

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GW65 steel bar bending machine photo other machines steelwork and rolling mill equipment metallurgy and metalworkThis product has three: GW50 manual, GW50 (A) semi-automatic, GW50 (Z) automatic.

Use and features:
  the machine for bending a variety of A3 steel and Class II screw steel, the work of the program is simple, the same curved shape, adjust the simple, easy, reliable and stable performance. It can work the material needed to complete a variety of shapes. After a period of time the machine should work with disk for use of 180-degree position, so that the internal parts have changed 180 degrees, and make the mechanical parts to achieve uniform wear, prolong machine life.

Main technical parameters:
  bar diameter: 10-50mm (ordinary steel)
          10-40mm (steel)
  Steel tensile strength: ≤ 450 Mpa
  Spindle speed: 3.7-14 rpm
  Motor power, speed: 4kw, 1400 rpm,
  Dimensions (L * W * H): 890 * 890 * 860mm
  Weight (including accessories): 450kg

Jianlian Reinforcing Bar Conjunction Co.,Ltd
Add:Hengshanqiao town Changzhou City, Jiangsu.China
Service MDB:0086-18261196616(24-hour online)
Legal representative:Changjun Li 13951237198
Contactor :Qiaomei Tang 13861187773
Headquarters :0086-519-88602940

Roll Forming: WH-Style

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Roll Forming: WH Style photo other machines steelwork and rolling mill equipment metallurgy and metalworkDrive Stand Highlights:

“C”-washer end shaft arrangement allows removal of outboard housing without complete removal of shaft bolt.
Slotted outboard housing allow removal without fully removing holddown bolt.
Timken tapered roller bearing in both inboard and outboard bearing boxes.
Inboard bearing box does NOT need to be dismantled to set bearing pre-load OR to set shoulder alignment.
Common bearing seals used on both inboard and outboard bearing boxes.
Shaft keys are bolted to the shaft so they will not fall out and get lost.
Single-Point Adjustment (SPA) feature available.

4899 Commerce Parkway
Cleveland, OH 44128
Phone: (216) 292-4460 or (800) 631-0520
Fax: (216) 831-7948

Continous Galvanizing Line

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Continous Galvanizing Line photo other machines steelwork and rolling mill equipment metallurgy and metalworkIt can be divided into cold rolled strip continuous galvanizing line and hot rolled strip continuous according to the different raw material.

Cold Rolled Strip Continuous Galvanizing Line
Raw material Strip spec: 0.18-1.2(1.5)mm x 600-1550mm, Cold rolled low carbon steel SPCC, SPCD, accords with JIS G 3141
Coating type GI, GA, GF; weight: 60-300g/m2
Product quality CQ, DQ, FH, accords with GB/T 2518 or JIS G 3302
Line speed entry section 0-240mpm; process section 0-180mpm; exit 0-240mpm
Capacity 100,000 – 300,000 TPY
Energy s aving with heat recovery system from waste gas, SUNNY Patent
Annealing furnace Radiant tubes heating, vertical or horizontal
Fuel type Natural Gas, Liquefied Petroleum Gas, Mixed Gas, Coke Oven Gas, and Electricity
Welding machine Automatic narrow lap seam welder
Degreasing style Chemical degreasing+ electrolytic degreasing+ three stages water rinsing, vertical or horizontal
Zinc pot type Ceramic induction zinc pot
Air wiper SUNNY Patent
Skin pass mill Four-High, wet, roll force 4000KN
Stretch leveler Two bend units, one/two leveling unit
Passivation/anti-fingerprint roll coating style + solidifying oven
Oiling style Electrostatic oiling
Electric system VVVF control system, SIEMENS elements
Automatic instrument PLC, intelligent auto control system

Beijing Phamitech Electronics Company Ltd.
Registered address:
502, 27 Zengguang Plaza, Beijing 100044, China.
Contact address:
B503 New Millennium Plaza, 72 Xisanhuan Beilu,
Beijing 100048, China.
Tel: +86 10 68730450
Fax: +86 10 68470948
Email: sales@phamitech.com (sales)

POLYCOM® high-pressure grinding roll

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POLYCOM® high pressure grinding roll photo other machines steelwork and rolling mill equipment metallurgy and metalworkThe high-pressure grinding roll has proved extremely effective for the grinding of mineral raw materials. With more than 250 POLYCOM® installations in different industrial sectors, Polysius is the worldwide market leader for this technology.

60 % of the high-pressure grinding rolls installed in the minerals industry are from Polysius: the POLYCOM® operates convincingly all around the world, comminuting • copper ore • gold ore • iron ore • diamond ore • platinum ore • coal • granulated blast furnace slag • limestone • cement clinker and • other mineral raw materials.

This type of mill offers the minerals industry numerous benefits:
Low operating expenses: in comparison to other systems, both the power consumption and the costs for wear parts are significantly lower.
High throughput rates: a high-pressure grinding roll can replace several reduction crushers.
Metallurgical advantages in the downstream process stages.
Shorter delivery and commissioning times than can be achieved with other systems.

POLYCOM® units are designed for throughput rates in excess of 3,000 tph. The mill feed material can be dry or moist and with particle sizes ranging from below 1 mm to more than 75 mm. If required, the material can be dried in screens or air separators in a closed circuit grinding system.

Contact us!
Polysius AG
Graf-Galen-Straße 17
59269 Beckum
Tel.: +49 2525 99 -3999
Fax: +49 2525 99 -2100
E-Mail: Service.polysius(at)thyssenkrupp.com

Merchant Mills

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Merchant Mills photo other machines steelwork and rolling mill equipment metallurgy and metalworkAvtron has experience with drive systems installed on Merchant Mills. We have applied our SCR Retrofit and DC Drive products for the horizontal stands in the Roughing and Intermediate trains, and for alternate vertical and horizontal stands in the Finishing train.

Our drive hardware and software features are ideal for the Merchant Mill because the standard drives can perform the Cascaded Speed Reference function directly from drive-to-drive. Further, the drives can control the Shears more accurately because of the superior internal resolution and update times of the control loops. This results in a more efficient mill which produces less waste and more shippable product.

Less waste and more shippable product is also the result of the Performance View (TM) System we use for these mills. This Process Diagnostic System continuously and automatically gathers and stores all of the critical mill drive and process control data. This data can easily be manipulated and correlated to find problems on the mill faster so that troubleshooting and repair time can be minimized. Further, the data can be used to establish a �benchmark� operating condition for the establishment of a mill Predictive Maintenance Program.

Phone: (216) 642-1230
Fax: (216) 642-6037
Address: 7900 E. Pleasant Valley Road, Independence, Ohio, U.S.A. 44131

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