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BCI Digit 3420 Finger Pulse Oximeter

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BCI Digit 3420 Finger Pulse Oximeter photo pulse oximetersThe Digit® Finger Oximeter delivers fast, reliable oximetry in an extremely handy, pocketsize solution by combining the monitor and sensor into one unit. While it’s small in size, Digit® is big on performance, providing SpO2, pulse rate and pulse strength measurements on patients from pediatric to adult. This affordable, non-invasive device offers the convenience clinicians appreciate in EMS, hospital or clinical environments, as well as home use.

Product Features
* Easy-to-use one button keypad
* Easy-to-read, large LED display
* Runs on standard AAA batteries
* Auto power shutdown after 8 seconds
* Low battery indicator
* High-impact polycarbonate shell

BCI Digit 3420 Finger Pulse Oximeter Specifications:

Displays, Indicators & Keys:
SpO2 LED numeric display 0.32 inches (8.1 mm) high
Pulse Rate LED numeric display 0.32 inches (8.1 mm) high
Pulse Strength LED bar graph display 0.32 inches (8.1 mm) high
Keys On key

Range 0 to 99% functional SpO2 (1% increments)
Accuracy ±2% at 70 to 99%, less than 70% unspecified

Averaging 8 pulse beat average

Pulse Rate:
Range 30 to 254 bpm (1 bpm increments)
Accuracy ±2% or 2 bpm (whichever is greater)
Averaging 8 second average

Power Requirements:
(2) “AAA” Cell Alkaline Batteries (IEC Type LR03)

Battery Life:
16 hours continuous use 1400 spot checks, 1 min. on, 2 min. off

1.7”W x 2.25”H x 1.5”D
(4.33cm x 5.72cm x 3.81cm)

3 oz. (85 grams) with batteries

Operating Temperature 32°F to 131°F (0°C to 55°C)
Storage Temperature -40°F to 167°F (-40° to 75°C)
Relative Humidity 10 to 95% (storage) (non condensing) 15 to 95% (operating)

Smiths Medical International Ltd (EMEA)
1500 Eureka Park, Lower Pemberton, Ashford, Kent, TN25 4BF, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1233 722100 – Fax: +44 (0)1233 722153

SPO 5500 Finger Pulse Oximeter

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SPO 5500 Finger Pulse Oximeter photo pulse oximetersThe SPO 5500 is ideal for home use. We recommend the SPO 5500 for home and personal use because of its Auto On/Off power shutdown feature that conveniently shuts the unit down immediately after usage and the rubber book that keeps the oximeter secured to your finger.

Features and Benefits
* Addresses problems typically associated with motion artifacts, ensuring accurate and reliable reading.
* Designed to utilize very low power for extended usage, eliminating the need for frequent battery replacement.
* Perfect for measuring blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate.
* FDA approved for accuracy.
* Weak signal indicator to assist in obtaining a strong reading.
* Can be used outdoors in many conditions, including high altitudes, at high and low temperatures, and even in the dark.
* Ideal for home asthma monitoring requirements.
* Soft rubber boot sensor keeps it in place even while you are in motion.
* Battery life indicator.
* Superior battery life (1000 hours)
* Weight: 1.8 Oz. (50 Grams) including battery
* Digital LCD display for SpO2 and pulse rate with backlight.

Technical Specifications

Signal Indications
“Sensor Off” and “Weak Signal”

Measuring range
Saturation 40-100%
Pulse rate 40-250 beats per minute (bpm)

Pulse rate 1 digit

Accuracy ­ including motion and low perfusion
Saturation +/- 2 digits
Pulse rate +/-3 digits

Operating voltage 3.3V Nominal (2.7 to 3.6 V)
Average current 1.0mA
Average power 3.3mW

Operation temperature 4oC to 42oC
Storage temperature -20oC to 70oC
Operating humidity Up to 95%, non-condensing
Dimensions (excluding sensor) 1″ (25 mm.) disk, 0.2″ (5 mm.) height
Weight 0.3 oz. (10 gr.) excluding sensor

Materials Included
* Lanyard cord
* 3.6v lithium battery 1/2 AA size.

Warranty Information
* Two-year warranty

IRoams Network
713 W. Duarte Rd Suite G810
Arcadia, CA 91007 USA
E-mail: iroams@earthlink.net
Customer Service: (888) 666-1557

Mindray PM-50 Highlights

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Mindray PM 50 Highlights photo pulse oximetersMindray PM-50 Highlights:
* FDA Approved for accuracy
* Low Cost of Ownership – replacement probes cost just $75!
* Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patients
* Convenient size and weight for spot check monitoring without batteries & sensors) (4.5 oz
* Automatic Standby and Power-off
* Stores up to 100 patient IDs and 200 measurements
* Data transfer to PC for storage or printing
* Convenient AA size alkaline or rechargeable batteries
* Mindray PM-50 Pulse Oximeter comes with a 3 year Manufacture’s warranty

Mindray PM-50 Pulse Oximeter Includes:
* Adult Sensor
* Users Manual

Technical Specifications
Mindray is a trade mark of Shenzhen Mindray Bio-Medical Electronics Co. Ltd. Specification subject to be changed without notice

The PM-50 pulse oximeter is intended for noninvasive spot-check measurement of functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2).

Patient Range
Adult, Pediatric and Neonatal

Range 0-100%
Resolution 1%

Accuracy (70-100%) +/-2% Adult
Method Dual wavelength LED

Heart (Pulse) Rate
Range 25-254bpm
Resolution 1bpm
Accuracy 2bpm

Type Backlit LCD
Parameters SpO2; PR
Status Standby; Communication; Download
Information Patient ID; Indicator of data storage; Low power; Pleth. Bar;

Error; Standby

Weight 130g without batteries and sensors
Size 65 x 140 x 32mm(WxHxD)

Type 4 AA Alkaline batteries or 4 AA rechargeable batteries

Life Approximately 15 hours for normal measurement status

Operating Temperature 0 – 50c
Storage Temperature -20 – 60c
Operating Humidity 15%RH – 95%RH(noncondensing)
Storage Humidity 10%RH – 95%RH(noncondensing)

Type of Protection Internally powered equipment
Degree of Protection Before (BF)
Safety IEC 60601-1, EN 865, ISO 14971

Patient ID Up to 100
Data records Up to 200

System Output
Com Port RS-232
Auxiliary Software Record management and data Printing through PC

Mindray Medical France SARL
Address: Europarc Créteil Cedex 123, Chemin des Bassins 94000 Créteil France
Tel: (33-1) 4513-9145
Fax: (33-1) 4513-9151

PalmSAT® 2500 Portable Handheld Pulse Oximeter

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PalmSAT® 2500 Portable Handheld Pulse Oximeter photo pulse oximetersThe PalmSAT® 2500 series are small, versatile digital pulse oximeters for accurate assessment of blood oxygen saturation and pulse rate. Choose alarm or non-alarm versions for your portable monitoring needs.
NEW Data Transfer Device Now Available

1000USB Adapter
Nonin Medical’s 1000USB adapter enables fast and convenient download of secure data. With three interface ports, the 1000USB adapter easily connects to any of Nonin’s handheld oximeters, a receiving device such as a personal computer, and a patient sensor for data collection and transfer. The 1000USB features a convenient LED indicator to signal that the device is properly connected and ready for data transfer in real time or from memory.

U.S. Military Airworthiness Certifications: Required Testing
Product Highlights:

* SimpleEasy two-button operation
* Compact Size7.5 oz. (213 g.) unit
* Flexible3 power options
* Powerful72 hours data storage
* Efficient 2500: 80 hrs of battery life: 40 hours from rechargeable batteries
2500A: 60 hours of battery life: 40 hours from rechargeable batteries
* CompatibleWorks with Nonin’s full line of PureLight® sensors
* User-FriendlyLarge LED display; low battery indicator

Nonin Medical, Inc.
13700 1st Avenue North
Plymouth, Minnesota
55441-5443 USA
Toll Free: 1.800.356.8874 (USA and Canada)
Phone: +1.763.553.9968
Fax: +1.763.553.7807

Pulse Oximeter LM-850

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Pulse Oximeter LM 850 photo pulse oximetersLandon Medical’s LM-850 (FDA Approved) Digital Finger Pulse Oximeter measures SpO2 (percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood) and pulse rate with accuracy and ease. Specifically manufactured to be lightweight and portable the LM-850 model provides fast and accurate readings of blood oxygen saturation, pulse rate, Perfusion Index, and audio/visual alarm functions. Small and compact it provides complete oximetry solutions while still able to fit in your pocket.

The LM-850 is a widely used medical device all health-care facilities, including hospitals, nursing homes, outpatient surgery centers, physician offices, dentist offices, emergency and ambulatory situations, sport athletes, as well for home diagnostics for monitoring such illnesses as COPD, cardiac problems, respiratory issues, asthma, and many more. The LM-850 model features an Organic Light Emitting Device (OLED) display and Plethsmograph capabilities.

Plus Free Accessories!
* Lanyard
* Carrying Pouch
* Two (2) AAA Batteries
* User Manual

Displays, Indicators, and Keys
* SpO2: OLED Display
* Pulse Rate: OLED Display
* Plethysmograph: OLED Display
* Keys: Power button/Display button

* Range: 35% – 99%
* Accuracy: ±2% (during 75% – 99%), ±3% (during 50% – 75%)
* Resolution: ±1%
* SpO2 Alarm: ±90% (low limit)

Pulse Rate
* Range: 30bpm – 240bpm
* Accuracy: ±2bpm or ±2% (whichever is greater)
* Resolution: ±1bpm
* Pulse Rate Alarm: 50bpm (low) – 120bpm (high)

Perfusion Index
* Range: 0.2% – 20%
* Accuracy: ±0.1% (during 0.2% – 2%), ±1% (during 2% – 10%), ±2% (during 10% – 20%)
* Resolution: ±0.1%

* Two AAA alkaline batteries
* Battery life: 30 continuous hours of operation

Dimensions and Weight
* 2.6in x 1.4in x 1.3in (66mm x 36mm x 33mm)
* 2.1oz (60g) (including batteries)

Operating and Storage Environment
* Operating Temperature: 41º – 104ºF (5º – 40ºC)
* Storage Temperature 14º – 104ºF (–10º – 40ºC)

*FDA and CE Approved
* Lightweight, compact, and easy to carry
* Accurately measures SpO2 value and pulse rate
* High-quality OLED monochrome display
* Innovative 2 display modes
* Auto shut-off after idle for 8 seconds
* Low voltage indicator
* Audio and visual alarm functions
* Measures perfusion index
* Plethysmograph capabilities
* 2 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Landon Medical, LLC
2 Professional Drive, Suite 230
Gaithersburg, Maryland 20879

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