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Floor standing wood burning boiler (logs) VEDOLUX 30

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Floor standing wood burning boiler (logs) VEDOLUX 30 photo boilers wood

Floor standing wood burning boiler (logs) VEDOLUX 30.
The wood boiler has been designed to make wood firing as easy and uncomplicated as possible. The wood boiler is very easy to keep clean and keep free from soot. This allows you to maintain its high level of efficiency.
Vedolux 30 works using reverse combustion with the help of a suction fan. The fan means that Vedolux 30 has one of the lowest chimney requirements of all boilers on the market. So Vedolux 30 is the right choice if your chimney has a poor updraught!
The fan is started by simply pressing a button when you light the boiler and automatically stops when the fire goes out.
No other wood fired boiler gives you so much value for money. Compare it for yourself!
No other wood fired boiler on the market gives you as much comfort and requires such simple maintenance. Routine soot removal only takes a couple of minutes, so you can do it as often as you like. It’s an easy way to make sure you get the most from your fuel.
If you want the cheapest possible heating whilst also maintaining outstanding comfort, take a closer look at K2 solar panels. These provide free heating and hot water from
April to September and avoid you
having to ignite the boiler.

Arkelstorpsvagen 88
SE-291 94 Kristianstad
Tel +46 44 22 63 20
Fax +46 44 22 63 58
Email: info@varmebaronen.se

Contemporary wood-boiler stove CALDEA CALDAIA

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Contemporary wood boiler stove CALDEA CALDAIA photo boilers wood

Contemporary wood-boiler stove CALDEA CALDAIA
wood-burning heating stoves for water heating
Heatable area*: up to 300 m2
Savings**: up to 58% on the cost of wood compared to gas
Domestic hot water
Cooking: grill, baking, plate cooking
Warranty: 5 years
Tax deduction: according to current laws (where applicable), for more information, please contact your local Dealer.
Heat, cook, save
Caldea is a complete heating system which combines the advantages of fireplaces, boilers and stoves and, thanks to its high efficiency (84,70%) is able to heat in autonomy fuelled only by wood, a whole house from 60 to 300 m2, even on several floors, by means of radiator, floor heating or other, and produce domestic hot water for the whole family.
It can also be combined with other heating sources (gas-boiler, solar panels, hot water storage devices).
Caldea can also be combined with a supplementary boiler, managed by a chronothermostat or a room thermostat, so to keep the house warm even when wood dies out and maintain the desired temperature at any time of the day.

Jolly-Mec Caminetti Spa
Via S. Giuseppe 2
24060 Telgate
P.IVA e Cod. Fisc. 02015830165
Phone +
Fax +
email: infoweb@jolly-mec.it

Wood Boiler (DZG1-1.25-M)

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Wood Boiler (DZG1 1.25 M) photo boilers wood

Wood Boiler (DZG1-1.25-M). Forming solid biomass fuels (referred to as biomass fuels, commonly known as: Wood, straw, coal), is the use of new technologies and specialized equipment will crop straw, wood chips, sawdust, peanut shell, corn cob, rice straw, rice husk, straw bran, branch leaves, hay and other modern compression molded carbon clean fuel, biomass fuel sources extensively, is an inexhaustible renewable energy, biomass burn rate of 96%, 4% ash can be recycled and the remaining K to achieve a “straw – Fuel – fertilizer” in circulation.

Use of biomass fuels, clean and environmentally friendly, renewable energy, environmental protection consistent with national energy policy received strong advocate and promote.

Biomass fuels as coal, oil, natural gas, the fourth largest energy, it will become the world’s largest energy the most important. Biomass fuel containing sulfur is very low, the problem does not exist desulfurization, heat value in 3600 ~ 5100 kcal / kg, not only can replace the coal and other fuels, and its low price, the boiler operating costs greatly reduced, and fuel oil, gas, compared with electric boiler, the cost decreased by 60%, 40%, 70%.

Qingdao East Power Industry Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hi-technology area, Qingdao, Shandong, China
City/Province: Qingdao/Shandong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 266061
Telephone Number: 86-532-66717007
Fax Number: 86-532-55576416
Mobile: 86-13335069966
Contact Person: Mr. Miller Fu

Wood Pellet Boiler for Home Heating

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Wood Pellet Boiler for Home Heating photo boilers wood

Wood Pellet Boiler. We can supply different capacity of pellet boiler. It’s a good product for home heating with completely automatic control system and feed system. It has a big pellet bucket which can feed for 30 hours.

Briefty speaking, we are chinese boiler producer and exporter, Qingdao Yuhe Trading Co., ltd. You may serve our webpage to get all the information (including company profile, product catalogue, and contact ways )you need if you have interest in our products at our website.

We are looking forward to possible cooperation with your company in the field of Boiler, heat exchanger and pressure vessels, for which our company has more than 25 years production history. Our boiler is of first-class quality, very good reputation domestically, and relatively competitive retail price.

If you were interested in our products, would you kindly reply to us through Email, Fax or Telephone about your opionion. Your demanding for our electrical product catalogue or any kind of inquiry will be highly appreciated.

Thank you for your time! We are looking forward to hearring from you soon!

Qingdao Yuhe Trade Co., Ltd.
Room 2606 No. 18 Hongkong Middle Road, Qingdao, Shandong, China
City/Town: Qingdao
Province/State: Shandong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 266071

Wood Pellet Boiler (WPB)

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Wood Pellet Boiler (WPB) photo boilers wood

Wood Pellet Boiler (WPB). Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, working expense is 1/6 of the electric boiler, is 1/3 of the coal fired boiler.

Specification of Automatic lignin pellet fuel hot water boiler
1) Energy Saving and Environmental Protection, working expense is one-fifth of the electric boiler, is one-third of the coal fired boiler.
2) Reasonable structure and specific type of combustion, to avoid deflagration and coking.
3) Computer control of the temperature, cycle, fault alarm, it is simple to operate.
4) High degree of automation, advanced feeder machine filled with fuel, it is can be used 1-2 day, the type of ignition using burner.
5) Safety: Atmospheric pressure.
6) High thermal efficiency: Reduce the heat loss through the whole of boiler body insulation.
7) Compact structure, smaller, lighter, easy to install, failure decreases, no noise.
8) A few powdery ash after burning.
Item Model CLHS0.018 CLHS0.035 CLHS0.06 CLHS0.08 CLHS0.12 CLHS0.18 CLHS0.24 CLHS0.35 CLHS0.48 CLHS0.7 CLHS1.05 CLHS1.4
Rated evaporation capacity(MW/H) 0.018MW
(1.5x 104 kcal/h) 0.035MW
(3x 104 kcal/h) 0.06MW
(5x 104 kcal/h) 0.08MW
(7x 104 kcal/h) 0.12MW
(10x 104 kcal/h) 0.18MW
(15x 104 kcal/h) 0.24MW
(20x 104 kcal/h) 0.35MW
(30x 104 kcal/h) 0.48MW
(40x 104 kcal/h) 0.7MW
(60x 104 kcal/h) 1.05MW
(90x 104 kcal/h) 1.4MW
(120x 104 kcal/h)
Voltage (V) 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 220 380 380 380
Power consumption(W) Induced draft fan 120 180 250 370 750 1500 1500 2200 2200 3000 5000 7500
Blast fan 80 120 180 250 370 250 250 370 370 750 750 1500
lighter 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 2000 4000 4000 4000
Smoke exit diameter(MM) 80 80 114 114 114 139 159 159 159 219 273 300
Water entrance and exit diameter 1.5 1.5 2.0 2.0 2.0 2.5 2.5 3.0 3.0 Ø 114 Ø 114 Ø 139
The capacity of tank(KG) 30 45 60 80 100 100 120 120 120 160 200 200
Fuel consumption(kg/h) 4.1 8.2 13.6 19 27.6 41 54.8 82 109.4 164 246.2 328
Hot water production (t/h)
(inlet 15 degree, outlet 55degree. Max90 degree) 0.32 0.64 1.1 1.5 2.2 3.2 4.3 6.4 8.5 12.8 19.1 25.5
Dimensions of biggest parts Lx Wx H(MM) Ø 450
x 900 Ø 500
x 900 Ø 550
x 1160 Ø 550
x 1420 Ø 600
x 1420 Ø 830
x 1700 Ø 830
x 1900 Ø 1050
x 2000 Ø 1050
x 2460 Ø 1230
x 2680 Ø 1420
x 3200 Ø 1620
x 3500
Overall dimensions of boiler assembled(MM) 1100x 550
x 1020 1200x 600
x 1020 1300x 680
x 1280 1300x 680
x 1540 1450x 750
x 1540 1830x 1000
x 1700 1830x 1100
x 1900 2050x 1200
x 2000 2050x 1200
x 2460 2530x 1300
x 2680 2820x 1420
x 3200 302x 1620
x 3500
Weight for Transportation (KG) 145 180 220 240 285 600 755 960 1150 1700 2480 3358

Qingdao Xingfu Boiler Thermoelectric Devices Co., Ltd.
Futai Square A2606, No. 18 Hongkong Middle Rd, Qingdao, Shandong, China
City/Province: Qingdao/Shandong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 266071
Telephone Number: 86-532-80770782
Fax Number: 86-532-80770781
Mobile: 86-13573868833

Froling FHG-L

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Froling FHG L photo boilers woodThe Froling FHG-L uses down draft gasification technology to achieve up to 92% efficiency. Equipped with a draft induction fan, the boiler starts with ease, even when the flue is cold. The fan and integrated Lambda control continuously adjust combustion parameters so that maximum efficiency and clean burn are maintained throughout the entire burn cycle.

After the fuel load has been burned through, the primary and secondary air dampers are closed and the fan is switched off. This allows for live embers to stay in the firebox for extended periods which reduces the need to re-light the fire after each burn period.

A menu-driven, user interface can be utilized to obtain information about boiler start up, exhaust gas and boiler temps, residual oxygen content, outdoor temperature and more.

The Froling FHG-L boiler is covered by a 20-year limited warranty.

Benefits at a Glance:
• Add on to your existing fossil-fuel-fired or electric heating system
• Can be used with hot water baseboard, radiant floor, or hot air systems.
• Overall efficiencies of over 80%.
• Clean burn with virtually no smoke or creosote.
• Large easily accessible firebox.
• Smoke-free loading.
• Easy to clean manual; turbulators for heat exchanger tubes.
• Covered by a 20-year limited warranty

Tarm Biomass
4 Britton Lane
P.O. Box 285
Lyme, NH 03768

HDG Turbotec Split Log and Waste Wood Boiler

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HDG Turbotec Split Log and Waste Wood Boiler photo boilers woodThe HDG Turbotec convinces buyers with its high level of convenience and space saving construction. The combustion system and the fuelling chamber dimensioning contribute to refuelling intervals being extended to up to 24 hours.

What is special about HDG Turobotec 60kW
Split log wood up to 1 metre lengths (39″),
Pressed wood briquettes,
Coarse cuttings and lumped wood waste, wood chips,

Area of application
Private households,
Agriculture and forestry
Commercial businesses

340 litre fuel chamber volume,
HDG Lambda-Control,
Integrated ash box,
Down-burning combustion technology

Very user-friendly and convenient,
Very long intervals between refills,
Low emissions

Special features
90 % efficiency,
Automatic cleaning of heat exchanger surfaces upon operation of the bypass damper,
Operated entirely from the front,
Meets the missions controls and safety requirements of most European countries,
Awarded the German KWF prize for innovation

Euroheat (HBS) Ltd
Bishops Frome
United Kingdom
01885 491100

“WF” Series Add-On Wood-Fired Boiler

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“WF” Series Add On Wood Fired Boiler photo boilers woodWith its “WF” series of add-on wood-fired boilers, NTI continues to be the industry leader in reliability, efficiency and customer service. With over 30 years of experience, NTI is acknowledged as a leader in boiler and furnace research and development – a pioneer in creating the most advanced and efficient home heating equipment.

We won’t bring a new product to you until it has passed the industry’s most rigorous performance and quality testing. You will enjoy years of trouble-free, comfortable, even heat from our “WF” series of add-on wood-fired boilers. Our customer service hotline and extended warranties maintain our commitment to you. Only from NTI.

Consider the following comparisons and features:
• More compact sizes eliminate the need for floor reinforcement
• Greater heating surface
• Lower stack temperature
• No boiler tubes
• Less possibility of cresol buildup
• Thermostat heat control
• Wet leg, high-efficiency boiler design
• Designed to A.S.M.E. requirements
• Reduced standby losses due to thick insulation and low water mass
• Certified and rated to strict CSA codes
• The “WF” control system is developed to interact with the existing oil burner, automatically deactivating the burner when the “WF” wood boiler is in use
• Large fuel passages aid in cleaning and ensure that the accumulation of soot and creosote will not block flue passages

30 Stonegate Drive
Saint John,New Brunswick
E2H 0A4 Canada
Tel: 506-657-6000
Toll-free: 800-688-2575
Fax: 506-432-1135

Denali Series Pellet Boiler

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Denali Series Pellet Boiler photo boilers woodGreenwood pellet boilers are the latest in clean burning, high efficiency, fully automated pellet boilers. When combined with a radiant or forced-air heating system, they can reduce winter heating bills by up to 50%.

The Denali Series includes a number of attractive features:

Proven Reliability. Adapted for use in the US and Canada. European versions of Greenwood Denali pellet boilers have been successfully used in Europe for many years and in thousands of homes and businesses.

Modulating. The Denali Series is a fully modulating pellet boiler. Electronic controls vary the heat output based on demand for heat, allowing the boiler to operate as low as 20% of rated output on a mild day.

Computer Controlled. Computer controls make the boiler easy to operate and generate very little ash. Automatic ash removal makes maintenance simple.

Fuel Flexibility. Various pellets can be used; wood pellets, agro-pellets, grass pellets and grains, making the Denali Series a fuel flexible biomass boiler.

Fuel Storage. The Denali Series comes with an onboard pellet storage bin, big enough for 2-3 days of fuel; with the installation of bulk storage, the boiler can operate for weeks before reloading.

High Efficiency. Utilizing electronic controls enables an optimized combustion process, achieving over 80% efficiency, resulting in less pellets used and lower emissions.

Hot Water Storage Tank3 . Greenwood Denali boilers provide heat-on-demand, reducing or eliminating the need for a hot water tank.

Backup Heating. Greenwood Denali boilers can be integrated with most existing heating systems, providing primary heat during the winter. Your existing system would serve as a backup.

Safety Certifications. OMNI-Test Laboratories, an independent agency, has certified Greenwood furnaces to meet ANSI/UL-391 (U.S.) standards for solid-fuel and combination-fuel central and supplementary furnaces and CSA B366.1 (Canada) standards for solid fuel-fired central heating appliances.

Emission Levels. The EPA Phase 2 Program requires emission standards of of 0.32 lbs/MBTU of heat output. The Greenwood Denali emissions are well below these levels.

The Clean Energy Company, LLC
13429 SE 30th Street
Suite A
Bellevue, WA 98005
Phone: (425) 522-3326
Fax: (425) 458-7529

Wood-Fired Boiler Pyrotec

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Wood Fired Boiler Pyrotec photo boilers woodThe Pyrotec boiler uses a burner trough with an attached external grate and a moving annealing grate to achieve optimal combustion results. A feed auger moves the wood fuel into the burner trough where the fuel is pre-dried and gasified under precisely controlled primary air (underfeed combustion). On the external and the moving annealing grate the fuel completely gasifies (syngas). Precisely controlled secondary air is injected to fully combust the syngas and thermal energy is released into the boiler’s triple-pass heat exchanger.

Quality design and construction
The Pyrotec boiler is quality-constructed to handle the toughest of loads. The combustion chamber is lined with compressed firebricks with a high alumina content for added durability. All grate elements are made of durable cast chrome steel to withstand even the highest temperatures. The Pyrotec boiler features a classic triple-pass heat exchanger design for maximum heat transfer and efficiency.

Clean-burning and efficient
Equivalent in quality to modern gas combustion, the advanced combustion process of the Pyrotec keeps emissions of CO and NOx to levels comparable to those of modern fossil fuel heating systems. Plus, unlike oil and gas, wood is a CO2-neutral, renewable form of energy. Used with our digital, modulating-output control, the Pyrotec boiler achieves an efficiency of 85%.

The benefits at a glance:
* High efficiency with advanced combustion technology, triple-pass heat exchanger and modulating output control (turndown ratio 4:1).
* Maximum heat transfer with triple-pass heat exchanger.
* High efficiency and ultra-low emissions with precisely controlled primary and secondary air.
* Low maintenance with fully-automatic deashing, optional pneumatic cleaning system and flue gas deduster.
* Advanced safety equipment ensures safe and reliable operation.
* Maximum system performance with heavy-duty construction and all system components from one source.
* Automatic ignition device limits idling and saves fuel (optional – only for fuels with >40% moisture content).
* Custom design of your system by our team of experts.

Viessmann Manufacturing
Company Inc.
750 McMurray Road
Waterloo, ON N2V 2G5
Tel. (519) 885-6300
Tel. (800) 387-7373 (Toll-Free)
Fax (519) 885-0887

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