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Membrane wine filter machine, Serial / Model No.: GD-882

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Membrane wine filter machine, Serial / Model No.: GD 882 photo filters wine production

Wine filter machine. Membrane filter machine contains protection and filter system. The protection system is made of cotton cloth and the filter system is mini hole filter. Using the mini hole to filter the sediment makes the beer clear. To work with vane-type diatomite filter and column diatomite filter will constitute two-stage or triple-stage system.
Membrane filter machine is used for filter beer, grape wine,
yellow wine, wine and beverage industry.
Serial / Model No.: GD-882

Jinan Maohong Industry and Trade Co.,Ltd.
8#west,lingang, jinan lingang economic and tecnical development zone,
jinan,shandong province,china
Zip/Post Code: 250101
Contact name: Jennifer Ma

Semi-Industrial 10 Pad Wine Filter

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Semi Industrial 10 Pad Wine Filter photo filters wine production

10 Pad Wine Filter. The Buon Vino Semi-Industrial wine filter is a compact unit ideally suited to the larger wine producer, and for on-premises wine making shops. It’s 10 pad design ensures a clear, sparkling wine, at a rate of over 350 litres an hour. A stainless steel bottom pan with drainage spout help to ease clean-up.

Technical Specifications:
self-prime pump
heavy duty casters for easy maneuverability
glycerine filled gauge to indicate pressure rating on pads
filtering time: 1 hour per 350 litres (approximate)
25 feet of FDA vinyl tubing (size according to unit)
average 15 to 20 batches (23 litres) per set of 10 pads
made with food grade anti-toxic materials
height: 24 Inches, width: 14 Inches, length:15 Inches
all stainless steel filter housing and drip tray
heavy duty casters for easy manuverability

Buon Vino Manufacturing Inc
365 Franklin, Cambridge,
ON N1R 8G7, Canada
phone (519) 622-1166

Red Wine Filter, Capacity 0.5 –3 tph

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Red Wine Filter, Capacity 0.5   3 tph photo filters wine production

Red Wine Filter. This is the beer filter for clear beer. It use diamite to exclude yeast from the draft beer.

It can produce clear beer quickly with a working capacity of 1 ton per hour, or more, according to demand of the customer

Other specification:
Power: 380V 50Hz
220V 50Hz
Capacity 0.5 –3 tph

Jinan Chongqiang China Germany Equipment & Electrics Co., Ltd.
3rd Floor, University Supply Base, Letian Area, University Rd, Changqing, Jinan, Shandong, China
City/Province: Jinan/Shandong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 250300
Telephone Number: 86-531-87372348
Fax Number: 86-531-87379068
Contact Person: Mr. Henry

Manual monobloc CANELLI 2/6M

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Manual monobloc CANELLI 2/6M photo monoblocks wine production plant and equipment

The manual monobloc CANELLI 2/6M has been designed and manufactured for carrying out the following work on glass bottles (size 75 cl and 150 cl):

· Disgorging, or removal of the crown cap
· Addition of the liqueur (syrup)
· Levelling with wine

Production is carried out with the help of an operator.
The machine consists of:

· a structure entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 composed of a base for the support on the ground and one column on which are installed devices that allow the machine to run its production cycle.
· a device for the operation of disgorging.
· a tank for the liqueur equipped with compressed air inlet and manometer for pressure control.
· a device for bottle placement on the valve to control the flow of inbound liqueur: this device is designed to accommodate both bottle formats workable by replacing the only claim supporting the bottle.
· a three-way valve, with manual control, equipped with the device for adjusting the dose of liqueur into the bottles that are going to be processed. This valve is able to control both the liqueur tank with the preparation of the dose and the device of the valve that controls the flow entering the bottle.
· a device for bottle placement and overturnment to be used as a tank of wine for the operation of levelling.
· a valve with a manual lever for controlling the phase of levelling

All parts that are in direct contact with the product are in stainless steel AISI 304, approved for an alimentary use.

Canellitech srl
corso liberta’ 20
14053 canelli (at)
C.F. 01383360052
p.iva 01383360052
Tel +39 0141 822867
fax +39 0141 825810

2 Handle Easy Wine Corker

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2 Handle Easy Wine Corker photo corkers cappers wine production plant and equipment

2 Handle Easy Wine Corker. Has comfortable to grip plastic handles & a strong steel frame. A good basic corker.

Seven Bridges Cooperative
325A River Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
E-mail: 7bridges@breworganic.com
Toll Free Phone: 1-800-768-4409
Local (Santa Cruz Area): 831-454-9665
Fax: 831-466-9844

Bottle Corker – Italian Floor

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Bottle Corker   Italian Floor photo corkers cappers wine production plant and equipment

Bottle Corker – Italian Floor. The bench corkers are really the best for corking your wine.

The Italian corker has a brass iris that pre-compresses the corks. The handle that pushes the cork into the bottle is adjustable so you can control how far the cork is inserted. The bottle locks into place as you are corking to keep the wine bottles in place.

Our premium floor corker is suitable for hobby or small-scale winery use. Long handle for lots of leverage, brass iris jaws, locking bottle platform, and adjustable plunger depth. This corker can cork Champagne bottles.

Will cork 375 ml, 750 ml, or 1.5 liter wine bottles; can also be used to crimp crown caps on beer bottles with the optional crown cap adapter.

The floor corker is the only way to go if you make a lot of wine—it’s practically indestructible, extremely efficient, and will save you a ton of time.

High Gravity Homebrewing & Winemaking Supplies,
7142 S. Memorial Dr., Tulsa OK, 74133
(918) 461-2605

Two Handled Wine Bottle Corker

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Two Handled Wine Bottle Corker photo corkers cappers wine production plant and equipment

Two Handled Wine Bottle Corker.

The Brewstore Ltd.
14 Elgin Terrace
email: hello@brewstore.co.uk
telephone: 0131 466 6244

Semi-Atuo Cork Sealer (FW-2)

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Semi Atuo Cork Sealer (FW 2) photo corkers cappers wine production plant and equipment

Semi-Atuo Cork Sealer (FW-2). This machine is the semi automatic corker sealer widely used in red wine and grape filling line.

Zhangjiagang Baixiong Handong Machinery Co., Ltd.
No. 2 Baixiong Road, Sanxing Industry Zone, Jinfeng Town, Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
City/Town: Suzhou
Province/State: Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 215624

Automatic Bottle Capper / Beverage Capping Machine

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Automatic Bottle Capper / Beverage Capping Machine photo corkers cappers wine production plant and equipment

Automatic Bottle Capper / Beverage Capping Machine. This machine is suitable to produce carbonated beverage, carbonated wine, juice beverage, tea, vinegar, and Soya sauce, and etc on processing for food and beverage companies. It is an automatic cap-pressing machine.
This machine equips bottle entry pulling wheel, protruding wheel and spring cylinder device to returned driving. Bottle caps automatically goes into bottle caps’ slot by adopting cap-pulling device. It goes to press and seal the caps on the bottle under helping of air compression. In order to the machine can fit on capping on various bottle volumes, and considering multi-usages in this machine, so it is adjustable on machine design. It has more advantages on well-structure, good outlook, small volume, low weight, wide using range, easy dismissible and maintenance, and low quotiety of bottle broken.

Usages and Useful Ranges
This machine is suitable for bottle volume of 250ml, 375ml, 500ml, and 625ml at height of bottle from 203-287ml in normal standard to press and cap the bottle through changing bottle-entry pulling wheel and central pulling wheel and baffle.

Zhangjiagang King Machine Co., Ltd.
Sanxing Economic Development Zone Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Suzhou/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 215600
Telephone Number: 86-512-58178676.58178675
Fax Number: 86-512-56796350
Mobile: 86-13606220224
Contact Person: Mrs. Joyce Xu

Auto Square Bottle 2-Side Labeling Machine (GHAL-BS130)

Bottle Labeling Machines Comments Off

Auto Square Bottle 2 Side Labeling Machine (GHAL BS130) photo bottle labeling machines wine production plant and equipment

Auto Square Bottle 2-Side Labeling Machine (GHAL-BS130). This labeller series are suitable for the side labeling of flat, square bottles or similar objects in pharmaceutical, pesticide, food & chemical industres. It can automatically finish bottle-grouping, sending mark tape, seperating labels synchronously, labeling and automatically printing batch number etc. With mechatronics technology, it adopts big torque motor or servo motor to drive, and imported photoelectric control & PLC program control system, thus guaranteeing accurate labelling, stable, reliable and high efficiency.

Technical parameters: (customized according to bottles & labels)
1. Lablelling scope: W: 30-90mm H: ≤ 300mm
2. Production capacity: Max 150BPM
3. Labellingerror: ± 1.0mm
4. Roller inner diameter: 76mm label width: 20-140mm
5. Roller outer max diameter: 380mm label length: 30-300mm
6. Voltage&power: 220V 50Hz 2.1KW
7. Dimension: 3000*1400*1500mm
8. G. W.: 650kg.

Guangzhou Guanhe Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
3#, Xiamao 19th She Industrial Zone, Baiyun District, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
City/Province: Guangzhou/Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 510430
Telephone Number: 86-20-86258585, 86011502
Fax Number: 86-20-86243586
Mobile: 86-13570365669

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