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Flat waffle cutting machine

Waffle Cutting Machinery Comments Off

Flat waffle cutting machine photo waffle cutting machinery

Flat waffle cutting machine for cutting waffle blades as well as waffle blocks to waffle cuts
Design of machine in various cutting systems (wire cutting system and/or rotational cutting system)
Easy changeover among various sizes of piece by exchange of the cutting heads
Cutting is made in two stations: 1. station = 1. cutting direction / 2. station = 2. cutting direction
The cutting process runs automatically:
Placing the waffle blocks
Moving in the waffle blocks of the first cutting station
Cut 1
Delivery to the second cutting station
Cut 2
Transfer of the cut pieces to further processing
Microprocessor control by means of the graphics panel
User-friendly menu navigation
Substantial possibility of adjusting the parameters of the cutting process
Automatic feeding of waffle block
Automatic adjustment of stacking the waffle blades to waffle blocks
Automatic separation of the cut waffles
Automatic discharge of the edge

KRUMBEIN rationell GmbH & CoKG
Backerei- und Konditorei-Technik, Maschinenbau
An der Schaltstation 3b
99891 Tabarz / Thuringen
Phone +49 (0)36259 58015
+49 (0)36259 60791 or 60792
Fax +49 (0)36259 58083
E-Mail info@krumbein-rationell.de
Internet www.krumbein-rationell.de

Vibrating conveyor for food industry

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Vibrating conveyor for food industry photo conveyors confectionery equipment gastronomy food production

Vibrating conveyor for food industry. Mill Power vibratory conveyors and screens are well suited for the food processing industry. Our unique natural frequency design provides a gentle conveyance that is excellent for fragile food items and provides a natural method for sorting based on size or other considerations. Mill Power conveyors can be highly modified to include seamless stainless steel construction of the food conveying surfaces, air fluidizers for agitating small or lightweight items, perforated plate sections for sizing purposes and fully customizable side, bottom, or end discharges for any plant layout.

Mill Power Incorporated
3141 SW High Desert Drive
Prineville OR 97754
541.447.1100 phone
541.447.1101 fax

Stainless steel belt conveyors

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Stainless steel belt conveyors photo conveyors confectionery equipment gastronomy food production

Stainless steel belt conveyors are available in a range of standard widths and lengths with modular stand systems. Special versions can also be made by adapting standards.
Stainless steel conveyor technology is used where the cleaning of conveyors is a critical part of the maintenance regime in the area concerned.
This can be food manufacturing, pharmaceutical processes and other clean industries. In some areas, the stainless conveyors are cleaned with power washers and cleaning fluids on a regular basis. This cleaning regime means that ordinary steel and aluminium conveyors will not last the course and normally ventilated motors are not suitable.
Stainless steel belt and roller conveyors can withstand the rigours of regular cleaning and with Dorner stainless conveyors, the stripping down of the conveyor for washing or cleaning can be done in minutes, without the need for tools.

AS Conveyor Systems.
Automation Supplies Ltd. Oakley House, Oak Lane.
Newton with Scales. Kirkham. Preston. Lancashire. PR4 3RR.
United Kingdom.
Tel: (01772) 681106
Fax: (08708) 386591

Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor

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Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor photo conveyors confectionery equipment gastronomy food production

Stainless Steel Belt Food Conveyor. Its all-stainless steel body ensures durability, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance. It is optimal for conveying items require heating, drying and cooling which are impossible for plastic or rubber belts!
Unlike rubber or plastic belts, stainless steel ones prevent the infestation and reproduction of bacteria, allowing optimal direct loading of foods onto them.

Despite being a stainless steel belt, its minimum drive or tail roller diameter is 80mm, enabling smooth elevation of foods and compact layout.
Stainless steel belts do not wither or deteriorate when cleaned or sterilized with hot water or alkaline chemicals.
Colors and smells can be washed away from stainless steel belts, products can be conveyed without such concern.
Belt edges do not fray and coatings do not peel off. Our belt eliminates any fears of foreign substance incorporation.

2-7-13 Fukuura,
236-0004 Japan
TEL: +81-45-780-5570
FAX: +81-45-701-6830
Email: overseas@dymco.co.jp

Food conveyor belt 4.2 – 5.8 kg/m², 12.7 mm, uni M-TTB series

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Food conveyor belt 4.2   5.8 kg/m², 12.7 mm, uni M TTB series photo conveyors confectionery equipment gastronomy food production

Food conveyor belt 4.2 – 5.8 kg/m², 12.7 mm, uni M-TTB series
The uni M-TTB series improves performance in the following
* Bakery industry including dough
transport, cooling lines, internal
transport, metal detectors and
packaging lines
* Seafood applications including
tray packing lines
* Meat & poultry applications
including packaging lines
* Can making/filling lines

Ammeraal Beltech Modular A/S
Hjulmagervej 21-25
DK-7100 Vejle
Tlf: +45 75 72 31 00
Fax: +45 75 72 33 48
e-mail: admin@unichains.dk

Conveyor Belt for Chocolate (CSB)

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Conveyor Belt for Chocolate (CSB) photo conveyors confectionery equipment gastronomy food production

Conveyor Belt for Chocolate (CSB). Shanghai Janyum Machinery Technology Co., Ltd is the professional manufacture of endless stainless steel conveyor belt, including simple conveyor belt, perforated conveyor belt, heat sealing packing belt, welding conveyor belt, oil skimmer conveyor belt, timing conveyor steel belt, fixed position conveyor belt, Vacuum-sorb conveyor belt, repeatability motion conveyor belt, Teflon coated conveyor belt etc.

As adopted the most advanced techniques of slitting and welding, the conveyor steel belts produced in our company take the advantage of high strenth, long service life, good straightness, excelent flatness, little deformation at the welding position and have a big market share in the domestic. The belts with high quality are comparable to imported products and enjoy high reputation among customers.

The products can be widely used in industrial fields such electronic, semiconductor, solar energy, pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical etc. Which require the high tensile strength, high or low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

1). Corrosion resisitant, temperature resisitant, ued for conveying the material in tough conditions
2). Excellent Anti-static, to prevent electricity caused by conveying.
3). Not easy to make the dust, used in the cleanroom of electronic and chemical industry.
4). Smooth surface, suitable for the stay in the courese of conveying
5). Easy to clean, neat and hygiene.

1). Heat-seal packing (for food, toothtube, detergent, beverage, plastic bag sealing etc. )
2). Anti-static conveying (for material, food, Hardware, electronic, semiconductor, glass, medical devices etc. )
3). High flatness in surface to ensure the homogeneity of particles and slice state material can be used in the granulation, refrigeration, powder, flaker which need the curing process.
4). Film coating (polyimide film, rubber belt, resin etc. )
5). Used in belt freezing machine, heat dryer, instant freezer, and disintegrator, such as quick freezing and dry in the food industry.

6). Used in double steel belt press, such as for Artificialslabs, laminated board, comminution etc.
7). Rubber tyre industry (used in drum-type vulcanizing press, rubber mat, plastic board etc. )
8). Used in the food, healthcare, dust free industry, such as chocolate, fruit and vegetable, meat products, sea food and medical etc.
9). Power transmission of precise paper-feeding rollers inside printing machines
10). Laminating process(such as used in battery)
11). Band saw for diamond
12). Coating production line
13). Image produced

Stainless steel 301, 304, 316 630 631 etc.

1). Thickness: 0.05mm~2.0mm
2). Width: 2mm~1540mm
3). Length: Negotiable

A variety of coatings may be provided on request to meet different application requirement. Coating, platingand gluing. Among which the method uesd widly is Teflon coating. There are many advantage for teflon coating, such as temperature resistant(-193′ C ~265 ‘ C longtime performance, 320 ‘ C short period of time), chemical resisitant, corrosion resisitant, wear assistant, anti-adhesion, anti-static, insulation, excellent lubrication etc., to improve the service life of stainless steel belt effectively

According to the requirement of customers, we adopt the autofit raw material to produce the high quality stainless steel conveyor belt with the advanced technology.

We employ high quality managerial and adopt the most advanced automatic slitting, punching and welding method to make the maximum precision in the production.

Shanghai Janyum Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 552, Dongzhu Road, Dongjing Branch, Songjiang Industrial Zone, Shanghai, China
City/Province: Shanghai/Shanghai
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 201619
Telephone Number: 86-21-67679238
Fax Number: 86-21-67679059
Mobile: 86-13651843437 OR 18616862518

Selmi Chocolate Melting Tank

Chocolate Melting Kettles Comments Off

Selmi Chocolate Melting Tank photo chocolate melting kettles

Selmi Chocolate Melting Tank.
Designed to keep a constant supply of melted chocolate.
Tank Capacity: 440 lbs / 200kg
Power Requirements: 220V, 3 phase
Dimensions: w: 36.62″ X l: 31.11″ X h: 49.61″

85 River Rock Drive #202
Buffalo, New York 14207
Phone (716) 854-6050
Fax (716) 854-7363

Chocolate Melting Tank heated by electrical immersion heater

Chocolate Melting Kettles Comments Off

Chocolate Melting Tank heated by electrical immersion heater photo chocolate melting kettles

Chocolate Melting Tank. The main material of chocolate is coco fat, and it is usually in solid. Before the chocolate material is put into the refiner/conche, the melting process is needed. Further more the coco fat melting tank can extend the life of refiner/conche.

Our Coco fat melting tank is water jacket, fat contact parts in stainless steel 304, others are in mild steel Q235.

It is heated by electrical immersion heater.

Ningbo Newtang Machinery and Electric Co., Ltd.
#8 Hongda Road, Industrial Park A, Hongtang, Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
City/Town: Ningbo
Province/State: Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 315033

13.7 Litre Chocolate Melting Tank MC04

Chocolate Melting Kettles Comments Off

13.7 Litre Chocolate Melting Tank MC04 photo chocolate melting kettles

13.7 Litre Chocolate Melting Tank
Melt Tank – MC04
The chocolate melting tanks enable you to maintain the chocolate in a tempered state with its accurate thermostat, outer construction is thermo resistant plastic with a removable stainless steel inner. All tanks are available to purchase in store or can be ordered and shipped nation wide.

Savour Chocolate & Patisserie School
22 Wilson Avenue,
Brunswick, VIC, 3056
Phone: (03) 9380 9777
Fax: (03) 9380 9277

Chocolate Melting Tank, Acid-proof

Chocolate Melting Kettles Comments Off

Chocolate Melting Tank, Acid proof photo chocolate melting kettles

1. Chocolate melting tank is a cylinder which has three stainless steel layers and with PU as heat insulations.
2. Our chocolate melting tank is mainly applied for heating or cooling chocolate or other fusible substances, widely used in making ice cream, dairy products, pharmacy, cosmetic, and so on.
3. You can put the materials into the chocolate melting tank from its top and processed products will output from its bottom.
4. Electric heating and control panel is adopted in this tank, which makes its operation much easier.
5. Our chocolate melting tank is easy to clean and characterizes energy conservation, acid-proof, noise elimination, strong productivity.

Shanghai Beyond Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
Tel: +86-21-57175189/57172333,
Mobile: +86-18802117272,
Fax: +86-21-57172728,
Email: Judy@sh-beyond.com

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