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Log Max 928

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Log Max 928 photo tree cutting machineryLog Max 928 is a small and light head specifically designed for thinning. The compact format makes Log Max 928 the obvious choice for small carriers.

Well placed guards and heavy covers protect internal components and hoses from damage. High performance saw hydraulics provide full flow to the bottom saw for fast cutting.

The Log Max patended knife control system increases productivity by minimizing feed friction. Unique compound curve delimbing knife profile provides outstanding stem coverage and increased log quality.

Technical specifications
Weight 424 kg

Max cut capacity 42 cm

Sound effect level
LWA 110 dB(A)

Calc. feed force 14,9 kN
Calc. feed speed 0–3,0 m/s

Optional equipment
Color Marking
Field repair kit
Cushioned bottom plate

Contact us
Log Max
Stationsvägen 12
770 13 Grangärde
E-mail: info@logmax.com
Telephone: +46240-59 11 00
Fax: +46240-59 11 10

AFM Harvester heads ømax:58 cm

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AFM Harvester heads ømax:58 cm photo tree cutting machineryAFM 50 L has just one pair of movable knives and a shorter base, allowing easy working with curved trees and hardwood species. For its weight, the AFM 50 L has great capacity. The reliable hydraulics of the AFM 50 L allows the use of a higher pressure level together with the non-sliding feeding system. The high-speed saw unit is equipped with handy hydraulic chain tensioning, which keeps the chain firmly tensioned during felling and cross-cutting.

Outstanding features
- light and maneuverable
- non sliding three feeding roller system
- highly productive due to high feeding speed and force (up to 5,5 m/s and 18 kN)
- highly reliable due to extremely strong frame and high quality components
- easily processes curved trees

AFM-Forest Ltd
Hakkutie 3
Tel. +358 20 765 90 50
Fax +358 20 765 90 51


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Kesla HARVESTER HEADS photo tree cutting machineryThe Kesla harvesters form a comprehensive range of single grip harvester heads, from 7 tonne wheeled vehicles to 25 tonne tracked vehicles. In designing the collection, usability has been the primary focus: the best materials and components have been chosen. Ease of maintenance and productivity in all circumstances have been given priority.

Kesla also supplies tracked harvesters. We offer our customers installation services, forestry equipment, measuring instruments, the Xtender boom extension and a harvester head appropriate to the customer’s excavator.
Kesla harvesters are compatible with Ponsse OPTI and Timbermatic 300/3000 measuring devices.

Available accessories: rotators, Motomit measuring devices and the Xtender boom extension.

Width, head open: 1 040 mm 41” 1 040 mm 41”
Width, head closed:
Length: 1 110 mm 44 1⁄2” 1 110 mm 44 1⁄2”
Height (without rotator): 1 100 mm 43” 1 100 mm 43”
Weight (without rotator): 430 kg 950 lbs 430 kg 950 lbs
Chain saw
Max cutting diameter: 450 mm 18” 450 mm 18”
Guide bar length: 18” 18”
Saw motor displacement: 10 cc 10 cc
Feeding (2 rollers)
Max. opening of rollers: 420 mm 44 1⁄2” 420 mm 44 1⁄2”
Feed force: 16 kN 3,600 lbs 13 kN 2,920 lbs
Max. feed speed: 4.0 m/s 13 ft/s 4.0 m/s 13 ft/s
Knives: 4 moving, 1 fixed 4 moving, 1 fixed
Diameter tip-to-tip: 330 mm 13” 330 mm 13”
Front knives max. opening: 480 mm 19” 480 mm 19”
Rear knives max. opening: 500 mm 20” 500 mm 20”
Hydraulic requirements
Operating pressure: 230-250 bar 230-250 bar
3.335 – 3.625 PSI 3.335 – 3.625 PSI
Flow required: 150-170 l/min 120-150 l/min
40 – 45 gpm(US) 32 – 40 gpm(US)
Power required: 65-80 kW 87 – 107 hp 50-65 kW 67 – 87 hp
Crane recommendation: Kesla 671H parallel crane

Kesla Oyj, Joensuu Factory
Kuurnankatu 24
tel. +358 207 862 841
fax +358 13 6100 523

P0NSSE H53e harvester head

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P0NSSE H53e harvester head photo tree cutting machineryThe P0NSSE H53e is intended as a multi-purpose harvester head for all trunks under 50 cm in diameter. It works best for thinnings and final felling of small trees.

The H53e is a real powerful harvester head in proportion to its weight and size, which also handles troublesome curved trunks. Its feed force is sufficient and three feed wheels guarantee a strong grip on the trunk.

The hydraulic connection of the feed rollers extends the service life of the feed motors.

With its five delimbing knives, the H53 cleanly delimbs the trunks without removing the bark. The front knives are designed and placed to delimb small trunks particularly well. The rear knives, on the other hand, are designed for delimbing heavy trunks starting all the way from the butt end. The H53 easily handles all types of trunks and tree species.

Weight in working condition (includes rotator and hanger) depending on equipment: 850 – 900 kg (1870 -1980 lb)
Lenght: 1, 350 mm (53 in)
Width: 1, 230 mm (48 in)
Height without rotator: 1, 150 mm (45 in)

Power consumption: 70-90 kW (94-120 hp)
Operating pressure: 20-24 MPa (2900-3480 lb/sq in)
Required oil flow: 200 -250 l/min (53-66 gal/min)

Saw unit
Hydraulic chain saw
Power: 45 kW (60 hp)
Saw blade length: 640 mm (25 in)
Saw speed: 44 m/s (144 ft/s)
Chain pitch: 0.404 ”
Cutting diameter, one pass 520 mm (20,5 in)
Chain shot guard standard
Feed unit
Feed system: 3 spike rollers or rubber-cushioned rollers
Gross feed force: 18 kN (4050 lb)
Feed speed: 0-4 m/s (0-13 ft/s)
Two stage grip pressure, standard
Delimbing unit
One stationary and four hydraulically movable knives. Chain shot shield as a standard
Largest opening: 500 mm (20 in)

Separately controlled delimbing knives and feed rollers

A.L.P.A. Equipment Ltd.
258 Drapeau St
P.O. BOX 2532
Balmoral, N.B.
E8E 2W7
Tel. 1 506 826 2717
Fax. 1 506 826 2753


Serge Landry
Tel. 1 506 759 5059

AFM 45 Corona harvester head

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AFM 45 Corona harvester head photo tree cutting machineryAFM 45 Corona is a light, maneuverable head designed especially for thinning operations, but with enough power to be used in small clearcuttings. It is an environmentally friendly harvester head. The narrow design of the AFM 45 Corona makes it easy to move the head between trees without damaging residual trees. Four movable knives ensure high quality of delimbing, which, combined with high feeding force, makes the AFM 45 Corona the best head in its class. Its extremely strong frame makes the AFM 45 Corona reliable, not just on wheel-based machines, but also on track-based harvesters. The AFM 45 Corona is suitable for small and mid-size forest machines and light excavator bases.

Felling and cutting
felling diameter, max 50 cm
crosscutting diameter, max 50 cm
cross cutter type chain saw
saw output 45 kW
chain speed 40 m/s
chain pitch .404″
saw bar length, max 67 cm
saw chain tensioning automatic
chain oil tank volume 8 l

delimbing knives 6
fixed delimbing knives 2
movable delimbing knives 4
delimbing diameter 4-35 cm
proprotional delimbing pressure adjustment

AFM-Forest Ltd
Hakkutie 3
Tel. +358 20 765 90 50
Fax +358 20 765 90 51

Three Die-cutting Stations

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Three Die cutting Stations  photo tree cutting machineryDetailed Product Description
1) Adopt the ceramic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink.
2) each printing unit adopts 360°plate-adjustment.
3) Three die-cutting stations. The first and second die-cutting station can do double sides working, the third die-cutting station can be used as sheeter.
4) Computerized web-guiding system is installed in the front of printing unit, it ensures the material always in the right position. (standard configuration)
5) after sheeting in the third die-cutting station, conveyor belt can output the products orderly. (option)
6) Unwinding and rewinding tension are auto-controlled by magnetic powder, two rewinders is possible in this machine.
7) Video inspecting system is an option, it can watch the printing quality when in high speed.
8) The ink rollers will be separated from the printing roller, and keep running when the machine stops.
9) main machine inverter is imported.
10)the machine can finish material-feeding, printing, vamishing, drying, laminating, die-cutting, rewinding and sheeter in a lump. It is an ideal machine for printing note and top-grade adhesive label.

Wenzhou Jota Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd is a long established engineering company combined with science, research, development, production and management. We are specializing in plastic and paper packaging machinery with more than 20 years experiences in China.

We supply all kinds of packaging machines to satisfy the stringent requirements for Health and Safety, and meet the latest European CE Standards. We provide customers with professional pre and after sales services, and to guarantee complete satisfaction of the equipments installed all over the world. We can supply paper sheeters, paper plastic slitter and rewinders, paper core winding machine, paper core recutter, label printing machine, die cutting machine, coating and lamination machine etc.

By Superior quality to create brand, perfect service to make satisfactory. We warmly welcome the friend from home and abroad to work with us to win a mutual benefit future.

Company Name: Jota Machinery Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Street Address: No. 120 Wangjiang New Street, Dongshan Xiabu, Economical Development District
City: Ruian
Province/State: Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip: 325200
Telephone: 86-577-65640666
Fax: 86-577-65659966

GCD3-100 Gas Cutting Machine with Three-cutting Torch

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GCD3 100 Gas Cutting Machine with Three cutting Torch photo tree cutting machineryGoods Description:â–³ Machine body is made of high-strengthen aluminum ingot â–³ Silicon controlled antenna controlling speed â–³ High-speed switch;Quite convenient â–³ Ten torches cutting machine with two-side drive,high running stability â–³ Could be used in metal structures plants to improve working performance â–³ High precision rate;Surface roughness reaches.

â–³ Steel plate thickness:5-50mm
â–³ Cutting speed:50-750mm
â–³ Input voltage:AC 220V/50HZ
â–³ Weight:36Kg

Foshan City Allfid Welding Technology Co.,Ltd.GuangDong of China,is the collection branch labor trade is a body privately operated joint-stock company, the specialty is engaged in welding torch,welding machine,welding materials, marker tochnology and so on the profession product scientific research development and the production sale. In southern China’s largest city electromechanical hardware market — Guangdong Metal Centre, has a covering over 600 square meters of supermarket goods, more than a 3,000 square meter equipment production base, provides the high quality service, the technical support for the customer.
In 2004 independently develops the development in the introduction overseas technology foundation “three negative poles” the thick plate welding system widely to apply to the stainless steel tube welding profession; With the domestic well-known colleges and universities and the specialized organization close cooperation, introduces, the development, the production every year, promotes several kind of new technologies, the new product. We sell the carbon dioxide gas welding machine, TIG welding torch (argon arc welding torch) and welding electric cable coupler – fast connection the prime series product to pass the national compulsory product CCC authentication with the European Union CE authen tication.

Add:No.11-12 Building 40,Guangdong International Metal City,Huangqi,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China,
P.C:528248 TEL:0757-85933204 FAX:0757-85933204 E-mail gzallfid@yahoo.com.cn

Service tel: 0086 20 81121204 0086 757 85933204 0086 757 85964288
Service fax: 0086 20 81121204 0086 757 88521046 0086 757 85923757
Mobile: 0086 13928606453 0086 13927797056 0086 13927797656

Sealing and Cutting Machine – Three Step

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Sealing and Cutting Machine   Three Step photo tree cutting machineryProduct ID: FSC-303 / FSC-503
Suitable for the 3 steps sealing operation for one side sealing bag, gusset and center sealing bag, zig-zag cutting bag, hole punching bag and notch punching bag.
» Features:

* Unwinding Section
o Replaceable unwind shaft is suited for five-claw coreless and 3″ paper core.
o The AC motor driven unwind dancing roller unit for auto speed varied and assures that the most stable web feeding even under high speed operation.
* Bottom Sealing Section
o Three-step sealer design (1. upper and lower heating 2.upper heating 3. water cooling); producing an airtight seal. Especially for poly bags which thick and hard to seal.
o Bottom sealer auto ascending device which can prevent the material been overheated or broken when machine stop. (Patent No.42360)
o Skip seal function: the bag’s length can reach to 9 times of feeding.
o Equipped with microprocessor PID temperature controllers which can provide the most accurate and fastest heating performance.
* Cutting Section
o The cutting length is accurately controlled by servo motor incorporated with photocell sensor for greatly upgrading the production speed.
* Micro Computer Control System
o Auto counting function.
o Accumulative recording function.
o Auto-stop function for photocell ineffective.
* Optional Accessories
o Center folding unwind stand.
o Pneumatic puncher.
o Date & code printer.
o Zigzag cutter.
o Rewind perforation device.
o Rewinding device.
o Products conveyer.
Version FrançaiseDeutsche Version

Specifications FSC-303 (503)
Cutting Width (mm) 30 – 300 (50-500)
Material Diameter (mm) (max.) 700
Unwind Inner Diameter (mm) 76 / 3″ or 300mm Five-claw coreless
Cutting Length (mm) 50 – 400
Mechanical Speed (bags/min.) 30 – 130
Feeding Speed (m/min.) (max.) 30 (28)

Contact: Alan Ho
Address: 26, 7th Road, Taichung Industrial Park Taichung
TEL: 886-4-23590632
FAX: 886-4-23590710
Email: alan@hci-tw.com.tw
URL: http://www.hci.cc

Cutting trees saw

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Cutting trees saw photo tree cutting machineryEngine:single-Cylinder, 2-stroke, Air-cooling


Rated Output Power:2.2KW/3.0HP

Max speed: 7000r/min

Fuel/Oil mixture ratio:25:1

Fuel Tank Capacity:550ml

Oil Tank Capacity:260ml

Bar size:20′” 22″

Chain Pitch:0.325″


Packing size:530x260x290mm

Loading amount:750pcs/20GP

Yongkang Lide Garden Machinery Factory(Zhejiang Lide Industrial&Trading Co.Ltd) professional enterprise engaged in developing manufacturing and selling of gasoline power tools, gasoline garden tools. And our company also doing some business in construction machinery and some simple tools.

Company Name: Yongkang Lide Garden Machinery Factory
Street Address: No 131-3,Zizheng Road,Changcheng Industrial Zone
City: Yongkang
Province/State: Zhejiang
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 321300
Telephone: 86-579-87187922,87838452
Mobile Phone: 13858910893
Fax: 86-579-87026115,84786699

Wood cutting machine

Tree Cutting Machinery Comments Off

Wood cutting machine photo tree cutting machineryDescription features:
This wood cutting machine is suitable for cutting raw material like:
tree branch, wood logs, and so on
This wood cutting machine is suitable for cutting raw material like:
tree branch, wood logs, and so on.

Offering High Quality Products And Fine Services Henan Libo Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer which provides complete sets of mine selection machines, sand making equipment, cement making equipment, ore grinding mills, and compound fertilizer equipment, with a production capacity ranging from five tons to five thousand tons per day. We are one of the leading manufacturers in producing high efficiency and energy-saving cone ball mills, grinding mills in Henan Province. We mainly provide ball mills, raymond mills, stone crushers, magnetic separators, floatation machines, pelletizers, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, sand-washing machines, belt conveyors, driers and rotary kilns.
Having been in the business with elaboration for more than 20 years, we insist on “people are basic, honesty is supreme, science and technology is navigation, quality first”. Besides domestic markets, our products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Asia, Eastern Europe, Mid East, Africa and South America, winning praise from the government and trust from the society and customers.
Libo people are united, pragmatic, innovative and creative. We carry out information management, sales networking and international dialogue. We have introduced advanced technology for becoming bigger and stronger. We conquer market by perfect products, develop by our best quality, win customers by our reliable service and promote development by our credit standing
Starting for clients’ demands and ending with clients’ satisfaction, our company supplies technique, building design, instruction, installation and debugging for free. We will offer lifelong services and provide spare parts for a long term.
We promise seriously that: our materials are imported and technics is advanced. The main parts can be repaired for free in two years under right using, except fake ones. We expect your choice and prepare to provide you with heartfelt service at any time.
Contact Information

Contact Person :
Mr. Simba Shao
Company :
Henan Libo Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address :
Xushui Village, Xushui Town, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou, Henan, China (Mainland)
Zip/Postal :
Telephone :
Fax :
Mobile :
Country :

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