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DT-Rewind Wire Tensioner

Prefeeding and Dereeling Comments Off

DT Rewind Wire Tensioner photo prefeeding and deereeling

DT-Rewind Wire Tensioner. Broomfield offers a modified version of the DT-124 wire dereeling and tensioning stand which has the ability to rewind wire back onto the supply spool. The DT-124 rewind uses air operated caliper disc brakes for wire tensioning during winding but it is also equipped with a motor and clutch which can drive the spool backwards.

This feature saves time when it is necessary to tighten a slack wire that might occur at the start of a coil or when a tap is created during winding. It is also helpful in applications where wire must be pulled off a wound coil due to a mistake in the winding.

Spool Capacity: 24″ (610 mm) diameter, 8 ” – 12″ (203-305 mm) width, 450 lbs (205Kg).

Rewind Speed: 14.5 rpm

Rewind Torque: 180 ft-lbs (244Nm) maximum.

Power Requirements: 110 volt, single phase, 10 amp, 80 psi (5.5 Bars) air pressure.

Control Method:
The wire dereeling tension is controlled by an air regulator with a manual shut-off switch that is to be mounted near the operator. By adjusting the air pressure the operator may set the desired wire tension. The shut-off switch releases the tension so the wire can be pulled by hand.

The wire rewind function is controlled from the operators location with a foot switch. When the pedal is depressed the tension brake shuts off, the rewind drive motor starts, the air clutch engages and the spool turns in reverse.

The amount of rewind tension depends on clutch slippage. This can be adjusted by varying the air pressure to the clutch with the regulator mounted on the payoff itself. The motor continues to run as long as the foot pedal is depressed.

164 Still River Road
Bolton, MA 01740-0157, USA
Phone: 1 (978) 779-6600
Fax: 1 (978) 779-2954

Wire Prefeeding Machine-Belt Type PF-3A

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Wire Prefeeding Machine Belt Type PF 3A photo prefeeding and deereeling

Wire Prefeeding Machine-Belt Type PF-3A. Zhejiang Junquan Automation Co., Ltd is a member unit of the China Electronic Production Equipment Industry Association, China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Machinery and Electronic products, member unit of China Automobile Electronic Component Development Association, Titled National High tech Enterprise and approved as a Provincial Technology Innovation Center.
It is primary products are as the follows, the Full Automatic Terminal Crimp Machine, the Computerized Wire Stripping And Cutting Machine, the Numercal Control Precision Press, the Digital Cutting Machine and Relative Wire And Cable Processing Machines.
Our products have found ready markets in more than 50 countries and regions, such as America, Europe, Mid-East, Southeast Asia, Africa etc.
Juanquan Automation has been working on exploring computerized wire cutting and striping machine for twenty years. With high precision and working speed and comprehensive in functions, the products are widely used in wire processing Industry, such as the electronics and electrical appliance Industry. What’s more, these machine have been listed into the National Torch Program, National Innovation Fund Program, has won several prizes for national, provincial and vivic level respectively Science and Technology. It has the first class modernized production facilities, perfect manufacture and marketing systems. Aiming at “live for quality and efficiency”, it has been working hard on exploring new products. It has been the superiority to the other manufacturers in this field for many years. And its products have been enjoying great fame as well as popularity both at home and abroad.

Zhejiang Junquan Automation Company Limited
Haiyu Industrial Area,Yueqing City
City: Yueqing
Province/State: Zhejiang
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 325606
Telephone: 86-577-62903777
Mobile Phone: 86 13587868891
Fax: 86-577-62905888
Website: www.junquan.com

De-reeling / Pre-feeding Machine, Gemel 5025

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De reeling / Pre feeding Machine, Gemel 5025 photo prefeeding and deereeling

De-reeling / Pre-feeding Machine, Gemel 5025

Load a Full Skid of Coils Directly from the Lift Truck

Reduce Press Downtime
Eliminate Manual Handling
Make the Workplace Safer
Price – Performance Breakthrough
The new Gemel 5025 represents a price-performance breakthrough in pallet decoiling. Its integrated drive unit combines the drive, and the brake in a single assembly. This unique drive reacts quickly on both feed and brake cycles to eliminate tension or spillage.

Low Maintenance Costs
Your Gemel has few moving parts. There are no gears, belts, pulleys, chains, electric motors or micro switches to wear out or require adjustment. Typically, the only maintenance required is an occasional adjustment of the brake pads. All components of your Gemel are North American made and available off the shelf.

Easy to Install
Your Gemel is operating within 15 minutes of its arrival. Just uncrate, plug in an air line, feed the strip through the control arm and go. No expensive electrical hookups or approvals are needed. Because all it requires is an air connection, it can easily be moved around your plant.

Fully Automatic Operation
The Gemel 5025 Pallet Decoiler is fully automatic. It requires no supervision, no manual start-up, stop or intermittent adjustments. The patented air logic valve provides instant control of any combination of power and speed withing the range of 0 to 25 RPM.

Proven Reliability
Gemel has been building pallet decoilers for 30 years. These units have developed a reputation as rugged and reliable workhorses. Many of the original Gemel pallet decoilers are still in operation.

Low Operating Costs
The Gemel’s power source is a standard 1/4″ air hose. The air circuit system consumes less than 2 cubic feet of free air per minute to assure you of maximum efficiency for power consumed. The Gemel takes up only 4 feet by 4 feet of valuable floor space for easy installation close to your press.


Capacity: 5000 lbs
Maximum Coil Height: 42 inches
Turntable Speed: 0 to 25 rpm
Rate of Payoff: up to 175 feet per minute
Diameter of Pallet Table: 48 inches (including safety ring)
Maximum Stock Width: 12 inches
Maximum Stock Thickness: 0.072 inches
Power Source: 1/4 inch air hose (80 psi)
Control: Counter Balanced Tension Arm
Floor Space Required: 4 feet by 4 feet
Height of Pallet Table over Floor: 12 inches
Weight of Decoiler: 450 lbs
Shipping Weight: 470 lbs

Material Control Services, Inc.
6066 W Interstate Highway 30
Royse City, Texas 75189
Ph 972-475-8886
Fax 972-635-2167

Schleuniger PF1100 Cable Prefeeder

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Schleuniger PF1100 Cable Prefeeder photo prefeeding and deereeling

Schleuniger PF1100 Cable Prefeeder
Prefeeding Machine Puller Type
The PreFeeder 1100 is a solid and reliable benchtop electrical prefeeding machine for cable reels up to 20 kg (44.4 lbs.) and 457 mm (18″) in diameter. This low-cost unit is ideal for feeding wires and cables off small to medium sized spools.
The feeding speed of the PreFeeder 1100 is controlled by a proven accumulator. The electronically controlled belt drive transport system allows cables to be pulled from racks or barrels, while the adjustable belt feed pressure prevents damage to the material during transport.
Easy Loading and Quick Changeover
The PreFeeder 1100 features a quick lock cam mechanism for easy cable loading and fast changeover and comes with a standard interface that connects to a downstream cable processing machine.

CST Automation LTD
Unit 14
Crown Business Centre
George Street
M35 9BW
Tel/fax:0161 688 7246
Email: sales@cstautomation.co.uk

PreFeeder 2200, free-standing, electrical prefeeding machine

Prefeeding and Dereeling Comments Off

PreFeeder 2200, free standing, electrical prefeeding machine photo prefeeding and deereeling

The PreFeeder 2200 is a free-standing, electrical prefeeding machine designed to pull wire and cable from reels weighing up to 50 kg (110 lbs.).
Technical Info:
Cable Diameter 15 mm (0.60”)
Stacking Concept n/a
Dereeling Concept Puller type
Storage Spool dereeling
Spool Diameter OD 762 mm (30”)
Spool Width 457 mm (18”)
Spool Weight 50 kg (110 lbs.)
Tractor Speed (Feed Rate) 2.5 m/s (8.2 ft/s)
Dimensions (L X W X H) 978 X 762 X 1143 mm (38.5″ X 30″ X 45”)
Weight 65 kg (143 lbs.)
CE-Conformity The PreFeeder 2200 fully complies with all CE and EMC equipment guidelines relative to mechanical and electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Exmore Benelux bvba
Ketelaarstraat 8 -B- 2340 Beerse (Belgium)
T.+32 (0) 14 61 86 66
F.+32 (0) 14 61 86 75

Cable cutting and stripping machine Kappa 320

Cutting and Stripping Machines Comments Off

Cable cutting and stripping machine Kappa 320 photo cutting and stripping machines

Cable cutting and stripping machine Kappa 320
Power, performance and a new type of sensors are the three key features of the fully automatic Kappa cutting and stripping machines. Simple, intuitive controls allow these machines to be used efficiently in daily operation.

Key features:
- Broader processing range with a diversity of options and solutions
- Innovative sensors to aid in setup and to monitor processing
- Intuitive, flexible and simple touch-screen operation
- Simple integration of upstream and downstream equipment
- TopWin for connecting inkjet, part list production and network solutions

Komax AG, Dierikon
Tel. +41 (0)41 455 04 55
mailto: Komax AG Dierikon

Cable cutting and stripping machine max. Φ 0.55″ (14 mm), PowerStrip 9500

Cutting and Stripping Machines Comments Off

Cable cutting and stripping machine max. Φ 0.55 (14 mm), PowerStrip 9500 photo cutting and stripping machines

Cable cutting and stripping machine max. Φ 0.55″ (14 mm), PowerStrip 9500
Automatic Wire Cut & Strip Machine
The fully programmable PowerStrip 9500 cuts and strips wires up to 0.55″ (14 mm) in diameter with pull-off lengths up to 7.87″ (200 mm). Its innovative design enables the processing of many types of applications ranging from standard cable to multi-conductor and flat ribbon cable.

PowerStrip – The Name Is A Promise Kept
The PowerStrip 9500 is a high-performance, efficient and modular wire and cable processing system that can be fully integrated into an automatic production line.
This powerful cutting and stripping machine impresses with precise and repeatable Schleuniger stripping quality, high processing speed and a vast range of processing possibilities.
The multiple blade system on the cutter head allows the use of up to 3 pairs of blades which can easily handle most cutting, stripping and slitting requirements.

Automatic Inline Cable Processing
There are various accessories available for the PowerStrip 9500. From basic pre- and post processing equipment to high-end solutions for fully integrated inline processing, Schleuniger offers the right match for your production needs.

Schleuniger, Inc.
North American Headquarters & Eastern Regional Office
87 Colin Drive
Manchester, NH 03103 USA
P: +1 603 668 8117
F: +1 603 668 8119

Digital Wire Cutting / Stripping Machine DWS-2000

Cutting and Stripping Machines Comments Off

Digital Wire Cutting / Stripping Machine DWS 2000 photo cutting and stripping machines

Digital Wire Cutting / Stripping Machine DWS-2000
Precision type, less cutting tolerance: +/-(0.2+0.002*L)mm.
Model for single-wire processing, wire processing range: AWG12-30.
Cutting length up to 100m.

Technical data:
1. Cutting length: 0.5-99999.9mm
2. Stripping length: 0.2-40mm
3. Cutting tolerance: +/-(0.2+0.002*L)mm
4. Cutting range: AWG12-30
5. Wire material: PVC, TEFLON, Fiberglass Wire
6. Power: AC 220V, 350W
7. Air source: 0.2-0.4MPa
8. Productivity: 84pcs/min ( AWG26, 100mm)
9. Dimensions: 430mmx340mmx260mm
10.Weight: 34kg

Xiamen Yinhua Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.
No. 593, Guankou South Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, Fujian, China
City/Province: Xiamen/Fujian
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 361023
Telephone Number: 86-592-7036788
Fax Number: 86-592-7035020

Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine

Cutting and Stripping Machines Comments Off

Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine photo cutting and stripping machines

Automatic Wire Cutting & Stripping Machine
Easy to operate with large screen and communication type input
Possible to store 100 programs and air removal chip
Perfect cable cutting and stripping by top and lower blades operates at same time
High processing speed and strong power
Ability of processing wires like AV, AVS, AVSS, UL, KV, KIV, Glass wire, Teflon wire and duplicate stripped wires, etc.

14-13 Chaam-dong, Cheonan-si,
tel. 82-41-621-7071
fax 82-41-621-7075
e-mail: dsf12@doosungsona.co.kr

Cable Stripper and Cutter Model ZDBX-9

Cutting and Stripping Machines Comments Off

Cable Stripper and Cutter Model ZDBX 9 photo cutting and stripping machines

Cable Stripper and Cutter Model ZDBX-9
1. The primary advantage of ZDBX-9 is high speed, and efficiency which is a newly designed machine with the international advanced level.
2. A newly designed blade block is employed to insure the quality and neat finish. The blades are made of ultra fine -grained alloy timultanesously.
Model: ZDBX-9 High Speed Cable Wire Stripping and Cutting Machine
Measurement: W430XD340XH250mm
Weight: 35KGS
Power supply: AC220V
Power consumption: 260W
Stripping length: 0.1-30mm
Cutting length: 0.1-99999mm
Cutting tolerances: ±(0.2+0.002

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