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PVdC blown film extrusion line

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PVdC blown film extrusion line photo film extrusion plant

PVdC blown film extrusion line. Biaxially oriented PVdC film is used for high-speed FFS packaging of sausages as well as for cheese wrapping. The high oxygen and moisture barriers of PVdC impart extended shelf life to sausages and cheeses. These shelf lives are unachievable with other monolayer and even multilayer packaging films on a cost per area basis.
Line Features
Outputs up to 100 kg per hour
Film width between 600 mm to 1,300 mm
Single wound film or double wound film
Gauge between 10 microns for single wound film to 100 microns for double wound film
Sausage casings, cheese wrap and cling film can be produced with the same line, the only difference being the resin used for each application.

Macro Engineering & Technology Inc.
199 Traders Boulevard East,
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L4Z 2E5
Tel: 1(905)507-9000
Fax: 1(905)507-3000
E-mail: sales@macroeng.com

Polyethylen blown film extrusion line NPS series

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Polyethylen blown film extrusion line NPS series photo film extrusion plant

Polyethylen blown film extrusion line NPS series. Netplasmak produces Blown Film Machines for HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) and LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) materials in different film widths. These film rolls are used for different purposes such as bag making, plastic greenhouse covering and shrink wrapping.
The extruder is a machine used to form polymer in a continuous manner. The raw material in the form of pellets is placed in a hopper that feeds the barrel. Barrel has a screw in it, driven by a motor and a gearbox. The screw transports and mixes polyethylene along the length of the barrel, which is heated to a temperature sufficient to melt the polymer. There are heaters and thermocouples along the barrel and on the die. Controllers that use thermocouples for feedback regulate the temperature along the barrel. At the end of the barrel, the material is forced out, through an orifice. Melt filters in here hold back impurities carried into the extruder with the plastic pellets and prevent the die from becoming blocked or damaged. Polyethylene film is usually produced by blown film extrusion. During blown film extrusion, the PE melt is forced through an annular die. Spiral mandrel dies with vertical orientation of the spirals are used for the production of polyethylene films. The bubble that is formed is inflated with air and hauled off at a higher speed than the die outlet speed. A current of air intensively cools the bubble. The bubble is then collapsed, trimmed if necessary, and rolled up using a suitable winding system. Polyethylene film rolls are then cut to the specified length. Therefore for manufacturing polyethylene bags, an extruder and a cutting machine are required.

Gumussuyu Cd. Bestekar Medeni Aziz Efendi Sk.
No: 46 Maltepe Topkapi
+90 212 565 67 70 – 71
+90 212 576 47 46
+90 533 659 78 40

Monolayer Blown Film Extrusion Plants

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Monolayer Blown Film Extrusion Plants photo film extrusion plant

Monolayer Blown Film Extrusion Plants. The Monolayer Blown Film Extrusion Plants are available for LLDPE/HDPE/LDPE Blown film from Layflat width 50mm to 1500mm for Outputs ranging from 20Kgs/ Hr. to 100Kgs/Hr.

Hyplast Industries
Mumbai – 400053, Maharashtra, India
Mobile: +919819953253
Phone: 91-22-65849436
Fax: 91-22-26356466/26379728

Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion Plants

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Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion Plants photo film extrusion plant

Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion Plants. We Offer Multilayer Plastic Blown Film Plant. Our organization has carved a distinct identity in the market by offering high performance Multilayer Blown Film Extrusion Line. Our range comprises HM / HDPE / LDPE / LLDPE blown film plants and machines with rotating die.

Ashok Industries, Baroda
Mr. Mahesh Siddhapura ( Owner )
No. 984, G. I. D. C., Makarpura
Vadodara, Gujarat – 390 010, India
Email: rks984@gmail.com , kms984@ashokextrusion.com
Telephone: +(91)-(265)-2646838
Mobile: +(91)-8000007545 / 9825010984
Fax: +(91)-(265)-2637531

Blown Film Extrusion Plant

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Blown Film Extrusion Plant photo film extrusion plant

Blown Film Extrusion Plant. We, WINDSOR MACHINES LTD., are one of India’s largest Plastics Processing Machinery manufacturer and exporter since 1964.
Our Products
Mono Layer Blown Film Extrusion Lines
Multi Layer Blown Film Co-extrusion Lines (IBC & NON IBC).

Windsor Machines Limited
5403, phase IV,GIDC,VATVA,
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Zip/Postal: 382445
Telephone: 91-79-25841591
Fax: 91-79-25842145
Mobile: 91-9925200987

Film Casting Extruder

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Film Casting Extruder photo film extrusion plantJDSJ-60 film casting extruder is applicable for producing LDPE or LLDPE stretch film for building materials and hardware parts packaging. This is the latest multi-function film extruder. This machine adopts double screws. By feeding different types of raw materials to the two hoppers, we can produce stretch films with one side adhesive the other side normal.

Features of JDSJ-60 Film Casting Extruder:
1. Nitrogen treated 38CRMOALA alloy is adopted to make screws and cylinders of our film extruders, thus ensuring a capacity of anti-corrosion and long service time, etc.
2. Cycle water cooling device guarantees the best transparency of produced stretch films.
3. Auto change-over and auto cutting devices are applied in the rewinding part.

Model JDSJ-60
Diameter of Screw φ60mm
Screw L\D 30:1(L/D)
Thickness 0.015-0.03mm
Width of products 200-600mm
Main motor power 15kw
Heating power 30kw
Machine weight 3T
Overall dimensions 6000×1500×2500mm

Contact us
Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Add: NO.399 Gangkou Avenue, Ruian Economic Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China
Zip Code: 325200
International Trade Department:
Tel: +86-577-65159955


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LLDPE / HDPE / LDPE (MONOLAYER) EXTRUSION BLOWN FILM MACHINE EXTRUSION MACHINERY) photo film extrusion plantBased in New Delhi, India, SS Mechanical Engineers Pvt Ltd is a leading manufacturer and exporter of extrusion machines. Established in 1980, the company has emerged as one of the major exporters of extrusion machines to countries in Asia, Australia and Europe. The range of products covers extrusion machinery, plastic extruder, PVC shrink film, profile extrusion lines, plastic processing and packaging machinery, PVC heat shrinkable blown film plant, cast film line / sheet line, wire and cable coating, box strapping, recycling, agglomerate machines for flexo and roto printing, and PVC rigid / flexible profile plants / profile extrusion lines. The new range of products includes PE / PP cast film / embossed film plant, PP high output film plant, PVC shrink film plant.

The extrusion machinery / extruder machines are designed to process LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, HMHDPE to produce a wide variety of films for applications such as textiles, grocery bags, liners, lamination film for aluminium foil, jute paper, etc. The extrusion machinery configures the entire process to meet the specifications of customers. The monolayer film made on the extrusion machinery is suitable for shopping bags and detergent packing. The extrusion machinery-produced monolayer film is widely used in the confectionery and dairy sectors.

SS Mechanical Engineers (P) Ltd WZ 106 / 56 Rajouri Garden Extn
New Delhi 110027
Phone: + 91 11 25458082, +91 11 25106174
Fax: + 91 11 25106130
Email: mail@ssmech.com, ssmech@ndf.vsnl.net.in
Website: www.ssmech.com


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BENCH TOP CHILL ROLL FILM & SHEET EXTRUSION LINE photo film extrusion plant! Screw Compression ratio 1 to 3. plain screw without any mixing elements.

! Screw speed infinite variable from 0 to 150 RPM ! Large oversized 1,5 kW AC motor drive, coupled directly to a helical bevel gear, which in turn is connected to an individual housing containing the oversized trust bearing for the screw drive.

! Programmable frequency inverter for infinite variable screw speed and high torque even at low screw speeds. Digital readout of the screw RPM and motor power (Amp) on the control panel.

! 3 heating zones on barrel, all with air-cooling. Each zone with multiple rows of copper fins for high cooling efficiency, coupled with oversized cooling fans mounted at the rear of the extruder barrel. Large wattage on heaters coupled with the efficient cooling system ensures very fast heating and cooling of each zone.

! Digital programmable set and readout temperature controllers for all zones coupled to solid-state relays for accurate heat control.

! New quick open C-Clamp die flange system for easy changeover of downstream equipment.

! Full steel cover over the extruder barrel with air venting grid on top.

! Modern designed extruder body where all components are fully enclosed.

! All electric components and instruments are mounted in the sub body of the extruder.

! Convenient control panel mounted below extruder barrel in an upward angle for easy viewing.

! Stainless steel hopper with a 3-position safety turret valve for normal open position, closed position and discharge through a slanted pipe in front of the turret valve.

! Extruder body on four adjustable feet with rubber pads for secure positioning on the bench

! Extended extruder control panel containing following instruments: • 4 temperature controllers (3 for extruder barrel and 1 for die adaptor) • Digital screw RPM readout instruments with UP/DOWN scroll buttons for precise speed regulation. • Digital readout of motor power in percent of max full load. • 1 digital pressure indicator • 1 digital readout of melt temperature • Start, Stop and mushroom type self locking Emergency push buttons as well as On/Off selectors switch for electric control circuit.

! Pressure sensor with incorporated melt temperature sensor inserted in the die adaptor near the breaker plate.

Milabtech LLC 2009 2009
Serving Michigan, Ohio, Ind., Ill., Canada for LabTech Engineering Co., Ltd.
14042 Iroquois Woods Dr.
Fenton, Michigan 48430

Stretch Film Extruder

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Stretch Film Extruder photo film extrusion plantOur stretch film extruder is a kind of regularly used plastic film extruder in plastic industry. Generally speaking, a film extruding machine can be named in accordance with the film it produced. For example, LDPE film extruders are used for producing LDPE films, LLDPE film extruder for LLDPE films, and EVA film extruder for EVA films.

JDSJ-65×2 stretch film extruders are suitable for a variety of raw materials, such as PP, PE, PA, EVOH, EVA, and PC and so on. As a result, our stretch film extruders can be used to produce different types of cast films, like PA barrier, CPP and CPE. They can also be used for producing high barrier films containing EVOH, PA, etc. for food packaging industry, single-way stretchable films, and LLDPE, LDPE, EVA stretch films used as packing film, fresh-keeping film and adhesive film, etc.
They are applicable for producing cast films by utilizing LDPE and LLDPE. Produced films are extensively for packing building materials, auto parts, and hardware parts, and more.

JDSJ-65×2 stretch film extruder adopts double-screw and is characterized by stable performance, noise absorption, and PLC controlled winding.

This plastic processing machine is composed of extruder unit, traction unit, leveling unit, edge trimming part, automatic duplex changeover part and so on. It is a fully automatic film extruding machine. This machine adopts two screws and human-machine interface to ensure stable performance and low noise.

Zhejiang Jianda Machinery Co.,Ltd.
Add: NO.399 Gangkou Avenue, Ruian Economic Development Zone, Ruian City, Zhejiang Province, China
Zip Code: 325200
International Trade Department:
Tel: +86-577-65159955

Multi-Layer (5-9 Layer) Co-Extrusion Blown Film Line

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Multi Layer (5 9 Layer) Co Extrusion Blown Film Line photo film extrusion plantThis system excels in producing symmetrical and unsymmetrical barrier film with high quality mechanical strength, transparency, and barrier performance.

* Continuous gravimetric measurement and control system for precision of layer thickness.
* Latest double mixing screw.
* Grooved feeding barrel.
* Multi-layer co-extrusion pan stackable die head.
* Automated film profile thickness control system (automatic air ring).
* Internal bubble cooling system (IBC).
* Horizontal reversing haul-off system.
* Automated dual photo-electric central web guiding system.
* Automated winder with tension control.
* Centralized computer control system.

M5B-1300Q M7B-1300Q M9B-1300Q
Layers: 5 7 9
Max. Film Layflat Width: mm 1200
Film Thickness: mm 0.045 ~ 0.20 0.05 ~ 0.20 0.05 ~ 0.20
Max. Output: kg/h 250 350 400
Screw Diameter: mm φ60/φ50/φ50/φ50/φ60 φ55 × 7
φ50 × 9
Screw L/D: L/D 30:1
Max. Screw Rotation Speed: r/min 100
Motor Power: kW 30/22/22/22/30 30 × 7 30 × 9
Bubble Cooling Method: Dual-lip automatic air ring (option: in line automatic thickness testing and control system), IBC
Haul-Off Type: 360° horizontal reversing haul-off system
Haul-Off Speed: m/min 45 ~ 120
Total Power: kW 265 400 400
Overall Dimensions: m 9 × 13 × 11 9 × 13 × 11 9 × 13 × 11
Total Weight: t 35 50 55

Contact Us
PEC Plastic Equipment Co. Ltd.
#107-11480 Blacksmith Place
Richmond, B.C. Canada V7A 4X1
Phone: 604-277-1176
Fax: 604-277-1274
Toll Free: 1-888-277-1176

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