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Ultra Magnetic Fuel Saver

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Ultra Magnetic Fuel Saver photo other machines fuel transport equipment chemical industry equipment

Ultra Magnetic Fuel Saver. 1. Up to 30% Increase in Engine Life
2. Up to 50% Reduction in Carbon monoxide and Hydrocarbon
3. Up to 10% to 22% Fuel Savings
4. Does NOT void vehicle warranty
5. Works on all vehicle including diesel
6. Save Up to $500 to $1, 500 a Year and more
7. No cutting of the fuel line
8. Up to 10 Horse Power Increase
9. 0% Maintenance for Life
10. Less Than 5 Minute to Install
Guaranteed Result!
Untreated Fuel molecules tend to clump together due to attraction between molecules with charges of opposite polarities. This causes an inefficient burn. As a result, your engine experiences loss of power, lower gas mileage and lots of carbon build-up. Powermags powerful magnetic field causes these clumps of fuel molecules to be charged with a single polarity, thus they repel each other making the fuel disperse more efficiently causing more complete combustion and power production. Turbomag will actually remove the existing carbon build-up in your engine – this usually takes an average of 3 tanks full of gas, followed by a dramatic increase in gas mileage and horsepower.
Since our Super fuel max is New in the market, we dont have any customer feedbacks on it yet but because of our success on our first generation Turbomag fuel saver we have decided to built a better and bigger model. These following testimonials from our first generation Turbomag Fuel Saver
This Auction includes
2 pieces Super fuel max
1 Cable Ties
1 Instruction Sheet
Installing Super fuel max.
1. Locate the fuel supply line under pressure feeding the engine from the fuel tank. Vehicles with fuel injection engines normally have two lines running parallel between the fuel tank and the engine, a supply line and a return line. While the engine is running, feel the lines and the colder one of the two will be the supply line.
2. Insert the nylon tie through the grooves that have the tie retainer slot. This is to help hold the tie in position while applying the Powermag to the fuel line.
3. Simply place the Super fuel max over the fuel supply line, at the accessible location as close to the carburetor or fuel injection system as possible. However do not install the Powermag in close proximity to the alternator or any electromagnetic energy source. Installation on a metal line has given the best performance. In some cases there has been somewhat less effectiveness on plastic and rubber. We believe better radiation can be achieved through the metal; While we have had good positive results on all materials, if you can, choose a metal fuel line even if it is a connector before the carburetor etc. Do not install the device on braided metal fuel line. This should be replaced for base metal, rubber or plastic fuel pipe.
4. Align the Super fuel max halves so as the side grooves are alike. Complete installation by wrapping the tie completely around the Super fuel max making sure the tie fits into the side grooves. Trim off the excess tie. Check again whether the halves are vertically as well as horizontally alike.
Due to the cleaning and removal process of the carbon/varnish deposits inside the cylinders, the fuel consumption may temporarily increase during the initial cleaning cycle. Mileage will stabilize after a short time. Noticeable improvement may take up to four tanks of fuel and, for optimum results to be achieved, please allow 1, 000 miles or 3 full tanks of gas. A clean air filter, or a measure of carburetor or injector cleaner mixed in the fuel will also help to give faster results and regular servicing is obviously still necessary. Increased performance and smoother running will often also be noticed.

Cixi Denghui Plastic Mould Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
3#Longchuan Road, Henghe Town, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
City/Province: Ningbo/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 315318
Telephone Number: 86-574-63254678
Fax Number: 86-574-63269099
Mobile: 86-13276841889

Magnetic Fuel Saver (BWF-01)

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Magnetic Fuel Saver (BWF 01) photo other machines fuel transport equipment chemical industry equipment

Magnetic Fuel Saver (BWF-01)
Wordking Temperature: -50centidegree—–120 centidegree
Size: 58*50*20mm
Packing: 96PCS/CTN, and the size of the carton is 415*307*175mm
Net Weight: 9.5KG/CTN
Gross Weight: 16KG/CTN ( by air )
MOQ( Minimum order quantity ): 96PCS

Ningbo Bestway Magnet Co., Ltd.
Suite 2214-2216, Zhenhanzi Building,
No. 225 Northern Section of Huancheng West Road,
Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
City/Province: Ningbo/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 315000
Telephone Number: 86-574-27788030,87504597
Fax Number: 86-574-87506697,87506907
Mobile: 86-13429382998

Electric Transfer Pump (ETP-60A)

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Electric Transfer Pump (ETP 60A) photo other machines fuel transport equipment chemical industry equipment

Electric Transfer Pump (ETP-60A)
Pump DYB30-AC220
Flow Meter FM-30 in Liter
Hose 4m
Automatic Nozzle TP1611
Bracket Yes

Jiangsu Top Pump Manufacture Co., Ltd.
No. 16, Gugao Industrial Zone, Jiangyan,
Jiangsu Province, China
City/Province: Taizhou/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 225500
Telephone Number: 86-523-88393956
Fax Number: 86-523-88393397
Mobile: 86-13641595864

Fuel (Chemical Industry Transport) Semi-Trailer

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Fuel (Chemical Industry Transport) Semi Trailer photo other machines fuel transport equipment chemical industry equipment

Fuel (Chemical Industry Transport) Semi-Trailer.
Product model: SGZ9400GYY/9401GYY/9400GHY
Overall dimension12800/12900*2490*3500/3900/3800
Maximum total mass(kg): 29000/27650/31000

Hu Bei Hua Wei Special Vehicle Manufaturing Co., Ltd.
No. 9, New-Type Industrial Base,
Zengdu, Suizhou, Hubei, China
City/Town: Suizhou
Province/State: Hubei
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 441300

Fuel Tank Cap (RT004)

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Fuel Tank Cap (RT004) photo other machines fuel transport equipment chemical industry equipment

Fuel Tank Cap (RT004). This fuel tank cap is a newly design. Especailly enjoy great reception in europe market which belongs to YAMAHA series.

Ruitai Motive Group Co., Ltd.
18# West Road, Hantian Industrial Area,
Tangxia Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
City/Province: Wenzhou/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 325204
Telephone Number: 86-577-59881787
Fax Number: 86-577-65378088
Mobile: 86-18958806823

Self Priming Oil Pump, Fuel Transfer Pump

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Self Priming Oil Pump, Fuel Transfer Pump photo pumps presses gas compressors

Self Priming Oil Pump, Fuel Transfer Pump.
1). About us
LONGWEI Pumps factory is one of the leading manufacture in China in manufacturing the centrifugal pump, irrigation pump, oil pump, gravel pump and slurry pump. We have formed a complete system of slurry pump and gravel pump design, selection, application and maintenance, also we have a lot of experience in gold mining, more than 10 years of experience, we can give you a complete solution in gold mining areas for machines and instruction.
2). Overview
2-1). Features
Head: 50(m)
Means Capacity: 12.5
Inlet diameter: 50(mm)
2-2). General Description
ZX series self-priming centrifugal pump is a new modified centrifugal pump which is developed on the basis of absorbing domestic and overseas advanced technology of the same product and combining many years’ design and manufacturing experience of our company.
It stands out the advantage of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, stable working, high efficiency, long life, good self-priming performance ect. It need not bottom valve in the pipeline. It just needs to have amount of liquid in pump for self-priming before starting pump. So it predigest pipeline system and improves working condition.
3). Application
3-1). It is used in environment protection, construction, fire protection, chemical industry, pharmacy, printing and dyestuff, brewage, electric power, electroplate, papermaking, washing for industry and mine, cool for device.
3-2). It can spray by turning water into little drop for farm, garden. Ect.
3-3). It is suitable for clear water, sea water and chemical medium with acid and alkali and mushy slurry(viscosity< 100 centipois, consistency for solid can not exceed 30% of total medium.
3-4). It can be used to transport slurry to compressor and filter with compressor and filter.
4). We warmly welcome customers all over the world come to us for high quality, best service and rock bottom price.
Should you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me.

Shijiazhuang Longwei Pump Co., Ltd.
No. 1902, Block a, Binjiang International,
Building, No. 1 Xiumen Street, Qiaodong District,
Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China
City/Province: Shijiazhuang/Hebei
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 050000
Telephone Number: 86-311-86080398
Fax Number: 86-311-86660298
Mobile: 86-18031821189

Fuel Transfer Pump, 115 Volt + Meter, 18 GPM

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Fuel Transfer Pump, 115 Volt + Meter, 18 GPM photo pumps presses gas compressors

Fuel Transfer Pump, 115 Volt + Meter, 18 GPM. The newest of Fill-Rite’s popular 700 Series has an open discharge flow rate of 18 GPM with a manual nozzle or 15 GPM using an automatic nozzle. Motor is 1/3 HP. 3/4″ x 12 ft. Discharge Hose & Nozzle included. 1″ Suction Pipe NOT included.
All meters are of the time-proven nutating disc type. All have wheel-type registers with large easy reading numerals. Brass rotor & vanes increase reliability.
Built-in reliability, easy to maintain.
 Check valve located on outlet side of pump to reduce pressure drop and improve vertical lift
 Motor equipped with permanently lubricated bearings for reliability and long life
 All components designed for easy accessibility and servicing
 Nozzle boot can hold either a manual or automatic nozzle

PO BOX 929
TOLL FREE NUMBER:1-877-737-4690
OFFICE PHONE:616-457-8782
OFFICE FAX:616-457-8919

Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump (TSO-12) 12/24V

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Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump (TSO 12) 12/24V photo pumps presses gas compressors

Diesel Fuel Transfer Pump (TSO-12) 12/24V
TSO-12 with DC 12V/24V is a high efficiency diesel pump with small size, big flow, high delivery head and vehicle battery driven for easy operating.
With inner by-pass valve and excellent quality, it works by vehicle battery, with good self priming function; pump is also equipped with filter. Pump is only working with diesel oil and oil with similar specs. It is strictly prohibited for gasoline and low flash point mediums.
suitable for small gas station and mobile machinery shop, trucker and etc.
1. It is strictly prohibited for gasoline and low ignition point liquids
2. Voltage supply must be confirmed before cable connecting.
3. Power supply: 12V/24V DC.
4. A small quantity of liquid must be injected into pump before first time using.
5. Connect the input and output pipe according the arrow symbol on the pump.
6. All the pump and connecter must be well sealed and no air leakage.

TSIT Motors & Pumps
49Chengji Road, Fenghua Ningbo, China 315500
TEL: 0086-574-8797 0712
FAX: 0086-574-8797 0713
Email: service@tsitpumps.com

Fuel Transfer Pump / Oil Pump 12v DC, YCB Series

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Fuel Transfer Pump / Oil Pump 12v DC, YCB Series photo pumps presses gas compressors

Fuel Transfer Pump / Oil Pump 12v DC, YCB Series.
1 / 4hp 12v DC motorUp to 20gpm. Please contact us for more detail.

Aysan Anadolu Yay
Atasehir, Istanbul, Turkey
Phone: +90-216-6290310

Nitrogen Gas Compressor

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Nitrogen Gas Compressor photo pumps presses gas compressors

Nitrogen Gas Compressor. Broad range of premium quality nitrogen gas compressor is supplied by us to our esteemed clients. These find its application in various mega factory units to meet the increasing requirements of gas. Our range of product is available in variety of models and specifications that includes the following:
Nitrogen Gas Compressor (1):
Two stages, non-lubricated
Working pressure 163 bar (2,360 PSI)
Water-cooled high pressure compressor unit B 182-212 N 16.3
Direct drive, for compressing hydrogen
Capacity of 1,700 Nm3/h (1,050 SCFM) in the 1st stage, with additional feed of up to 3,700 Nm3/g (2,300 SCFM) in the 2nd stage
Nitrogen Gas Compressor (2):
Capacity 1,160 Nm3/h (720 SCFM)
Three stages, non-lubricated
Direct driven, for compressing nitrogen
Working pressure 46 bar (667 PSI)
Water-cooled high pressure compressor unit T 123-325 N 4.6

Ms. Shweta Jadhav (Sales Executive)
A – 3, Yogi Smruti, No. 9/10, Park Road, Vile Parle East
Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400 057, India
Email: sales1@indmark.net, mktg@indmark.net
Telephone: +(91)-(22)-26130640/ 26175038
Mobile: +(91)-9833948750

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