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Single tank washing machine (spray)

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Single tank washing machine (spray) photo washing machines for paint tanks barrels and cans

Single tank washing machine (spray). The spraying single-stage tunnel is a machine of cleaning/pretreatment composed by a static single-chamber with one or more stages.
It is utilised on articles to treat where there are a limited production and the disposable spaces for machine are reduced (treatment processes as degreasing, pickling, demineralised water rinsing, phosphating, deoxidation, chromating etc.).
The spraying pretreatment tunnels are made essentially of (possible changes at Customer choice):

- Tank containing the liquid
- Thermal coating
- Superior Tunnel corps
- Drainage slides
- Filters
- Electro-pumps fluid delivery to spraying ramps
- Regulation and interception Organs
- Connection pipes between collectors, pumps and tank
- Spraying Ramps
- Nozzles and bands with attack
- Equipments to display the temperature and the pressure
- Bath heaters
- Thermo-regulation
- Control levels
- Vapour aspiration fan

In order to offer a complete service to its Customers, AIRMADI painting S.r.l. Is able to deliver its plants “turnkey”, contemplating in its range all auxiliaries components and accessories as groups of input and extraction air, sludge cleaning systems, separators, automatic dispensers, demineralization systems, cleaners, heating systems, input groups, ultra-filtration plants, chemical products, etc.
(for more information see auxiliary section).

AIRMADI painting S.r.l.
37014 Castelnuovo del Garda (VR) Italy
Via Stazione
Tel. +39 045 6450215
Fax +39 045 7570111

Paint Batching & Mixing Equipments

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Paint Batching & Mixing Equipments photo other machines paint varnish and enamel production plant and equipment chemical industry equipment

Paint Batching & Mixing Equipments
Auto-control paint batching & mixing equipments is used in paint industrial.
Process flowchart:
(powder/liquid) silo— (powder/liquid) batching machine—ball mill—finish product pot— quantitative filling pot.

1. Man-machine communicate, easy to learn and operate.
2. Computer control all parameters, such as product process data, formula imput, product statistic, history data inquiry, process control, etc.
3. Self-diagnostic equipment failure and the calculate of interface, convenient to identificate system error and save machine stop time.
4. Convertor controls feeder, improves dynamic measure precision.

Shanghai Conly Industrial Co., Ltd.
No 7976, Jinda Road, Qixian Town, Fengxian district, Shanghai, China
City/Province: Shanghai/Shanghai
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 201403
Telephone Number: 86-13641859852
Mobile: 86-13641859852

The Spray Paint Machine of The Zipper Slider

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The Spray Paint Machine of The Zipper Slider photo other machines paint varnish and enamel production plant and equipment chemical industry equipment

The Spray Paint Machine of The Zipper Slider
1. The best quality and the lowest price
2. Equipped with Japan imported spray gun
3. Simple operation

commodity dimension(LXWH) weight
The spray paint machine of the zipper slider 150cmX150cm X180cm 450kg

ZhangJiaGang Wimax Imp. &Exp. Co., Ltd.
9/F. Building B, Guo Tai Times Plaza, No. 65 Renmin Rd.
Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China
City/Province: Suzhou/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 215600
Telephone Number: 86-512-56793873
Fax Number: 86-512-56791973
Mobile: 86-15962396116

Paint Filling Packing Machine (ZY500)

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Paint Filling Packing Machine (ZY500) photo other machines paint varnish and enamel production plant and equipment chemical industry equipment

Paint Filling Packing Machine (ZY500)
1. This machine contains two weighting sensors. They ascend in turn and begin to weigh the material. The process is finished by gauge head. The gauge head of the grouter will send the finishing contact signal to control segment of the external bottling line while the weight has arrived the target surveyed by the sensors. At the same time, the next filling process is preparing. When the filling pot arrives at fixed position, the line will sends the next weighing signal to the electronic scale.

2. This machine is mainly used in weighing and packing in production line of liquid, powder, graunlar, schistic, strip and so on.

Technical parameters
Metering Range: Accroding to the sensor.
Speed: Accroding to metering range and metering accuracy.
Metering accuracy: ± 0.1-± 5‰
The sensor is electric resistance strain gauge force cell.
High speed and degree of accuracy AD data converter and chip microprocessor.
Touch screen or LED digital diapaly.
Nonlinearity inaccuracy: 0.01% F. S
Power: AC 380± 10% 50Hz
Temperature: -10-70
Relative humidity: 90%R. H

Anhui Zengran Packaging Technology Co., Ltd.
No. 65 Jiqiao Rd. Luyang Industrial Park Fuyang Ave,
Hefei, Anhui, China
City/Province: Hefei/Anhui
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 230041
Telephone Number: 86-551-5657519
Fax Number: 86-551-5657558
Mobile: 86-15855170959

Paint Coating Machine HYB-1000

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Paint Coating Machine HYB 1000 photo other machines paint varnish and enamel production plant and equipment chemical industry equipment

Paint Coating Machine HYB-1000. HYB-1000 Coating Machine adopts the high shearing emulsification dispersing technology, which is the latest and most popular around the world. It can fulfill the whole

HYB-1000 Paint Coating Machine Set:
HYB-1000 painting manufacturing equipment set is designed and produced specially for small and medium company or new company that invest in painting manufacturing industry for the first time. Our mechanical engineers, painting processing engineers and marketing personnel work together and develop this equipment set which can fulfill the demands of small and medium companies on the basis of summarizing experiences of installation, commissioning, after-sale servicing and long-term tracking and researching of painting industry and marketing.

Coating Machine Characteristics:
1. Annual production up to 1000~1500 tons, that is 1.3 tons per 2 hours;
2. Painting fineness can be lower that 15mm;
3. Mirror-surface polishing for all stainless steel parts makes them delightful and shining, vacuum operation with no dust and clean worksite;
4. Good man-machine engineering design, only two workers needed for operation;
5. Manufacturing process is designed by Macromolecule Research Institute of Anhui University and No. 3 Research Institute of Chemical Industry, China. Equipment set includes 8 sub-systems, which are 1) vacuum material adding system, 2) pressure discharging and filtration system, 3) slurry producing system, 4) painting mixing system, 5) cooling system, 6) piping system, 7) electrical control system, 8) operation platform;
6. Buying without foregift, customer can bring raw material to our company and run test operation in workshop. Equipment can be shipped immediately after checking and acceptance of the user;
7.12 months warranty for free charge, be responsible for servicing in equipment working life.

Size: 8m length X 5m width X 3.3m height
Total power consumption: 30kW.

No. Equipment name Material Qty. Remark
1 Reaction Kettle Stainless Steel 1 700kg (working under vacuum)
2 Color mixer Stainless Steel 1 1000kg (working under vacuum)
3 Frame stirrer Stainless Steel 1 4kW
4 Frame stirrer Stainless Steel 1 5.5kW
5 Horizontal sand-grinding machine Stainless Steel 1 30L
6 Vacuum pump Assembly unit 1 3kW, water ring type
7 Vacuum buffering tank Stainless Steel 1 10L with filtration device
8 Air compressor Assembly unit 1

9 Additives adding container Stainless Steel 2 5LX 1, 10LX 1
10 Piping system Stainless Steel 1

11 Operation platform Assembly unit 1 Aluminum platform plate
12 Electrical control box Assembly unit 1

13 Bag filter Stainless Steel 1 Quick-opening type
14 Bottle filling and packing machine Assembly unit 1 with covering machine

Hefei Huayun Machine Production Co., Ltd.
Room 1301, Meidi Sunny Mansion, No. 71,
Jinzhai Road, Hefei, Anhui, China
City/Province: Hefei/Anhui
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 230022
Telephone Number: 86-551-3671549
Fax Number: 86-551-3635268
Mobile: 86-15255156160


Paint Shaker and Paint Dispenser Combine (JY-60A)

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Paint Shaker and Paint Dispenser Combine (JY 60A) photo other machines paint varnish and enamel production plant and equipment chemical industry equipment

Paint Shaker and Paint Dispenser Combine (JY-60A)
This model machine is a combined with automatic paint shaker and manual paint dispenser.

Whole machine size: 100X90X160cm

Automatic paint shaker:
1. with the digital display showing the machine working time, people can add or reduce the time they want before the machine working.
2. Automatic closing and opening, but there is also the manual open and close keys for choose for different needs.
3. Max working time is 60minutes
4. Suitable for Can size: 360X360X450MM
5. Can compress-board readjust range: 80-410mm
6. Applicable range: 1-30kg
7. Pressure: 3500N
8. Power: 750W
9. Speed: 1400r/min
10. Shaking frequency: 680t/min
11. Power supply: 220V, 50Hz, 10A
12. The tray to support the paint drum can manually adjust the height for different size paint drum

1) Compose with main vibrator, container press cover and microcomputer controller and so on, is suitable to 1-20L all kinds of can/barrel, max load weight is 30kg.
2) with PLC microcomputer control—can set the shaking time freely by the “+” or “-” time key, the longest time can be set is 2hours, with long use life span.
3) Automatic clamp and bring different pressure to bear on the can according to the can size, will not squish or stave the can.
4) High speed and thoroughly mixing—with up and down, front and back continuous multi-shake movement.
5) with the more clear functions keys on the display panel, such as the manual clamping and manual opening keys, the start, stop, reset key. More easy to understand and operation.

The manual dispenser:
Technical data:
1) Application: Water or oil colorant (1 to 20types)
2) Canister: 2.3L plastic canisters or stainless steel canister (please tell us when ordering, they are different price)
3) Canisters quantity to choose: 12, 14, 16, 20, 24 (this will be 1.75L)
4)Max discharge per time: 2 fluid ounce
5) Accuracy: 1/192Y or 1/384Y or 1/256Y or 0.1ml or others
6) Working power: 220V or 110V; Frequency: 50/60 Hz; Power supply: 40W

1) Double-pump and double-gauge ensures stability of accuracy and repeatability.
2) Automatic blending of rotating blades ensures equal distribution of colorant and has no deposition.
3) Colorant tray that can automatically rotate fix brings more convenience for operation.
4) Optional part:
Timer—- after adding this timer, machine will mix the colorants for some time automatically every several hours
Spring on the discharging handle—with the spring on the handle will prevent the customer forget to close the discharging mouth, insure the colorants will not leak.

Foshan City Shunde Jingyi Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd.
No. 46, Zhongxianfang, Lunyang Road, Yang’e Village,
Lunjiao, Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong
City/Province: Foshan/Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 528308
Telephone Number: 86-757-27888389
Fax Number: 86-757-27888388
Mobile: 86-13928261599

Paint filling machine DCS-50C-3

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Paint filling machine DCS 50C 3 photo paint fillers

Paint filling machine DCS-50C-3.
paint filling machine,paint filling scale,liuqid filling scale,liquid filling machine
This machine is used for paint. It can fill the material to the bucket.
Technology of weight-filling frequency conversion is used to control speed of feeding and auto-correct of the indicator. So it can weigh exactly under change of density and pressure of store-house.
Filling speed 4P/min(25kg) Air press >4kgf/cm
Packing range 5-50kg Max diameter of bucket optional
Accuracy <0.3%(25kg) Max height of bucket optional
Weigh of scale <50kg Quantity of air 1L/P
Filling style bucket Net weight 200kg

Shanghai HF weighing and packing co.,ltd
[China ]
Street Address: sanlin road 111,pudong district
City :shanghai
Province/State :shanghai
Country/Region :China

Single Head – 5 Litre Paint Filling Machine

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Single Head   5 Litre Paint Filling Machine photo paint fillers

Single Head – 5 Litre Paint Filling Machine with foot switch & trough surge tank.
Double acting positive displacement pump.
Suitable for low to medium viscosity products, fed from a ground level tank system.
Quick strip and easy volume change design.
Fill sizes 250cc to 5000cc, larger fill sizes via an optional multi-cycle counter.
Volumetric accuracy +/-0.25%

Neumo Packaging Systems Pty Ltd
Unit 8/35 Foundry Road Seven Hills,
NSW 2147 Australia
Phone: 6 12 9624 2217
Fax: 6 12 9624 2218
E-mail: info@neumo.com.au

Semiautomatic Silicone Cartridge Filling Machine (BS-1005)

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Semiautomatic Silicone Cartridge Filling Machine (BS 1005) photo cartridge fillers

Semiautomatic Silicone Cartridge Filling Machine (BS-1005)

Brief introduction
It’s a semiautomatic silicone filling machine consist of a Hydraulic pressure extruding unit and a automatic plunger injector. It can be operated by only 1 worker. It’s quite easy to use and efficient. And its cost is very reasonable. This machine is very suitable for customers who want to import silicone sealant in drums and fill silicone sealants by themselves. If you want to save the labor costs of employ extra workers. This must be your best choice.

1. Feeding speed:
Usually about 35 cartridges/min, it depends on the proficiency level of the operators. 1 worker can normally fill 600ctns of silicone sealant cartridges per 8 hours by 1 fill machine.

2. Function:
2.1. Manually sealant feeding and automatically plunger inserting;
2.2. The dosing accuracy is less than 2.0g per tube;
2.3.1 worker can operate this machine;

3. Parameters:
Power capacity 3-50Hz 380V Motor power 5.0Kw
Air pressure 0.7Mpa Oilcan pressure Max 15Mpa
Plate diameter 570mm Pail description 200L iron drum
Loading pipe diameter 32mm Loading range 160-350ml
Convey pipe diameter 60mm Filling speed 35PCS/min
Operators 2 workers Volume control mode Automatic
Dimensions Drum press: 950*760*2600mm 600Kgs
Hydraulic unit: 620*480*880mm 150Kgs
Filling machine: 1550*880*1620mm 340Kgs

Shenzhen Bestone Technology Industrial Limited
Unit B, Bldg 1, Luhaimingju, Xixiang Town,
Bao-An District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
City/Town: Shenzhen
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 518101

Automatic cartridge liquid filler 18 – 50 p/min, HVF RM series, HVF R series

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Automatic cartridge liquid filler 18   50 p/min, HVF RM series, HVF R series photo cartridge fillers

Automatic cartridge liquid filler 18 – 50 p/min, HVF RM series, HVF R series
ProSys, manufacturers of manual, semiautomatic, and fully automatic filling equipment for the Adhesive, Sealant and Grease Industries, has refined the design of the HVF RM110 and R110; single head cartridge filler. The new HVF R110/130 can now run all standard cartridges; 10.5, 14 and 30 ounce, with a minimum of change parts. This updated design now provides unequaled versatility in cartridge filling equipment.

Speeds; 18 – 50 cartridges per minute
Viscosities; to 3.5 million centipoise
Compact Design; 56″ x 66″ x 106″
Accurate Air Free Fill with the ProSys “linked” system.
If it is an adhesive or a sealant, ProSys has a machine to meet the need.
Machine configurations are available for all cartridge and closure types.
High Speed configuration uses two SERVO axis’ at the fill station for increased speed, set up and fill station adjustments.

ProSys Innovative Packaging Equipment
422 E. Fountain Rd.
Webb City, MO 64870

Visitor Entrance:
1398 S. Hall St.
Webb City, MO 64870

800-231-3455 – toll free
417-673-6551 – telephone
417-673-7971 – fax

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