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The Stepp SRM20-120 Asphalt Recycler/Mini Batch Plant

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The Stepp SRM20 120 Asphalt Recycler/Mini Batch Plant photo recyclers

The Stepp SRM20-120 Asphalt Recycler/Mini Batch Plant.
Do you have access to asphalt millings?

.Would you like to perform road repairs in the off season when the hot mix asphalt plants are closed?

.Would you benefit from being able to perform permanent pot hole repairs, using 300F hot mix when the temperature is below freezing?

.Would the ability to create fresh 300ºF hot mix any-time of the year, at any temperature, be beneficial to your road maintenance program?

.Would you be interested in a machine that can recycle asphalt millings into 300ºF hot mix at a rate of 4 cu. Yds per hour?

.Does the ability to create custom hot mix blends sound intriguing?

.How about an American made machine, local service local parts, local support, and 60 years of mfg experience?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the SRM20- 120 Asphalt Recycler/Mini Batch Plant from Stepp Mfg may be what you need.In our daily contact with road maintenance departments
like yours, we heard a common concern..
“When we use the expensive cold mix for pot hole re-pairs, it seems to last only a few days to a week at best, then we”re out there doing the same repair over and over again, there has to be a better way.”

“How can we make permanent, cost effective road re-pairs after the hot-mix plant closes?”

We listened to your concerns and questions, and then our engineers took the challenge to design a portable, easy to use, and affordable machine that can recycle asphalt millings or create hot mix from raw materials at a rate fast enough to keep up with your busy road repair schedule
The result is the Stepp SRM20-120 Asphalt Recycler/ Mini Batch Plant.

What does it do?
The SRM20-120 will recycle asphalt millings into new 300F hot mix at a rate of up to 4 sq. yds. per hour (aprox 16000 lbs). This rate can be achieved even at an outside temperature of 20F giving you usable production rates year round.

Custom mixes from raw materials can also be created with the SRM20-120. Different sized aggregate, chips, or even sand, can be used to make the perfect mix for your special needs.
The SRM20-120 uses an indirect method of heating. The flame does not come in contact with the materials being heated. This indirect method of heating reduces smoke emissions, burning off the oils from your millings, and fire dangers.

The indirect heating method allows approx 90% of the oils to be retained. Thus only about 1½ to 1¾ gallons of oil need to be added for each yard of recycled millings. The on-board heated kettle has a capacity of 120 gallons allowing you to recycle about 50 to 60 yards without refilling the kettle. Of coarse if you are creating hot mix from raw materials the oil use will be higher.

The machine is completely self-contained and portable. A properly equipped ¾ ton pickup or larger truck is needed to pull the unit. The SRM20-120 is equipped with two (2) 6000 lb. axles, electric brakes, and DOT approved lighting for safe and easy transporting. Once on site, it takes only a few minutes to lower the four (4) landing gear legs to stabilize the unit for operation.

Millings are loaded into the 10foot wide hopper on top of the machine with a skid steer or other type of wheel loader .All heating controls are located in the control panel on the right rear of the machine. Operation of the heating system only requires the power switch to be placed in the ON position and the thermostat for the kettle portion of the machine to be set to the desired temperature.

The feed, mixing, and blending rates are all controlled from the same control panel as the heating system for convenient operation of the machine. Once the SRM20-120 is at operating temperature and the feed rate controls are adjusted properly, no further steps are required to operate the machine other than monitoring the operation and perhaps making minor adjustments to the feed rates. Of course you have to load millings into the machine… then recycled asphalt continuously discharges from the rear of the machine onto a loading conveyor allowing you to fill your Stepp Pre-Mix Heater or other insulated hopper used to haul the hot mix to the site of road repair.

Building F3.8, Tian’an Cyber Park,
Chegongmiao, Shenzhen City
City: shenshi
Province/State: guangdongsheng
Country: china
Postal Code: 518040

PT Pro Asphalt Recycler (VEB 5000)

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PT Pro Asphalt Recycler (VEB 5000) photo recyclers

PT Pro Asphalt Recycler (VEB 5000). The PT Pro 5000 (VEB 5000) is our largest asphalt Recycler making 5 Ton batches.
Greenway Construction Equipment Inc is a supplier of Pavement Maintenance equipment, Asphalt Recycling Equipment and Construction Equipment in lower NY, Lower Ct, and NJ. Greenway provides quality built, dependable and affordable equipment to both contractors and municipal customers. We supply portable asphalt recyclers, asphalt hot boxes, crack sealing kettles, infrared heaters, and rollers, as well as Menzi Muck All Terrain Excavators and Aibe Steep Slope Mowers.
Greenway is committed to earning your long term business by providing customers with unsurpassed quality, product knowledge and customer service. With significant in field experience, our sales team is dedicated to providing you with the machine that best suites your needs and budget. GCE, Inc. offers on site equipment demonstrations, training, new and refurbished equipment, rentals, repairs, used equipment brokerage and financing.

Grenway Construction Equipment
PO Box 175 Goshen NY 10924
Phone: 845-517-9290
Fax: 845-615-1601

Trailer Model Asphalt Recycler / Asphalt Hauler

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Trailer Model Asphalt Recycler / Asphalt Hauler photo recyclers

Trailer Model Asphalt Recycler / Asphalt Hauler. The Falcon trailer model asphalt recycler / asphalt hauler holding capacity ranges from 2 tons to 4 tons.
The “low profile” design to allow the driver to view traffic behind the unit while towing the trailer. This low profile design also minimizes the distance the operator must reach to open the loading doors.
The hopper walls are constructed of one piece, seamless steel construction to prevent moisture from wicking into the insulation. Moisture in the hopper walls will cause the insulation to sag and the steel to rust.
The hopper floor extends from the base of the front hopper wall to 20″ beyond the rear hopper wall. The portion of the hopper floor located beyond the rear hopper wall creates a worktable that is heated by the burner box. When the material door is opened, asphalt flows onto the heated worktable rather than falling on the ground thus reducing material waste. This heated worktable acts as an asphalt warmer when asphalt is exposed to the elements.
The rear hopper wall includes a single, fully insulated, guillotine-style material unloading door that allows easy shovel access to the entire hopper floor. The door is equipped with replaceable CAM follower bearings to allow easy opening and closing — even when the hopper is full of asphalt.
The material metering door handle is located along the curbside of the hopper. Placing door handle on curbside allows the street crew to operate door while standing out of traffic.
The Falcon asphalt reclaimer / cold patch trailer complies with all state and federal DOT / FMCSA requirements. Falcon offers both electric and surge brake systems. The trailer is equipped with a pintle eye hitch that is adjustable in height from 18” to 32”. The trailer is constructed of structural rectangular tubing with three cross members and a center support beam — all welds on frame are continuous. The Falcon asphalt reclaimer / cold patch trailer is built with gussets that are continuously welded to the top and bottom of the frame at the two front bends and the front where the side rails connect to the hitch post. The trailer has a non-slip hopper access platform, constructed of diamond tread plate steel that is welded to the front of the hopper frame. This plate provides safe access to the hopper.
All trailer lighting is FMCSA compliant and all wiring is THHN, stranded, copper, and color-coded. Wiring connections are soldered, sealed in shrink-wrap, covered with high temperature corrugated loom and protected by steel conduit. All wiring and enclosures are NEMA-3 rated. All wiring is external to the hopper walls.
The Falcon asphalt reclaimer / cold patch trailer burner box combustion chamber yields a combustion efficiency rating of over 90%. A high combustion efficiency rating provides:
lower fuel usage
lower carbon and NOX emission
less sooty waste by-product responsible for dirty cad cell condition
The combustion chamber is constructed of a one-piece, seamless, vacuum formed ceramic fiber that is rated for temperatures in excess of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The one-piece, seamless design extends from the diesel burner flange, through the burner box front wall and into the burner box three inches.
Combustion chambers fabricated by seaming together multiple-pieces of insulation with caulk are not designed to withstand the heat required to recycle asphalt. Over time, heat will break down the caulk causing the combustion chamber to fail at the seams. In addition, an excessive amount of heat is conducted through the caulked seams to the lower portion of the front hopper wall causing the front wall to burnout.

Falcon Road Maintenance Equipment
120 Waldo Avenue, Midland, MI 48642
(989) 495-9332
(989) 495-9342 (Fax)

Thermal Master Asphalt Recycler-Maintainer Model TM500-H-TRK

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Thermal Master Asphalt Recycler Maintainer Model TM500 H TRK photo recyclers

Thermal Master Asphalt Recycler-Maintainer Model TM500-H-TRK. The Thermal Master Asphalt Recycler-Maintainer with its 100% propane thermostatically controlled heated insulated asphalt storage compartment has proven itself to be the only unit of its kind today that will permit the reheating of new asphalt stock-piled reclaim used asphalt or just keep hot asphalt at a good working temperature (year round).
With the touch of a button the hydraulic auger system will deliver the asphalt to the shoveling pan or directly into the repair. All the hydraulic operations are operated at the rear either over hydraulic pushbutton.
The engine RPM is also controlled at the rear or by our optional electric remote control.
The Thermal Master has combines all the necessary tools, material and equipment to make the most efficient “all season” asphalt repair vehicle of its kind.
Hopper: Minimum 5 cubic yard capacity of a V-type design with double wall construction, minimum 1″ high temperature insulation in all walls, a bolt on convertible shoveling pan 3 square feet, or a 3 ft swiveling shoot and a form fitting insulated tarp with tiedown straps.
Heaters: Slide mounted for easy inspection and removal. Six (6) infra-red asphalt box heaters, 15,000 BTU, each thermostatically controlled from 100 deg to 350 deg F. All heaters shall employ Thermal Power Ray-Guard infra-red filtration system. All heaters have 100% safety controls. Pilots are lit by 12 volt electric spark igniters.
Delivery Auger: 6″ heavy duty tapered. Protected from loading shock by a protection angle with approximately 8-12 inches of side clearance. Auger end cap use while heating material. Auger is mounted with heavy duty bearing at both ends and is driven by a hydraulic motor capable of moving hot mix asphalt to the shoveling pan or directly to the repair area. The auger controls are operated from the rear by a remote lever.
Hydraulic System: 12 gpm at 2000 rpm, 2000 psi, 30 gallon oil capacity pressure gauge and filter. All hoses are a minimum of 8000 psi burst pressure with crimp type fittings, and quick coupler connections at the rear.
Deck: Treadplate steel, width of the frame and approximately 24 inches from hopper to tool compartment, with step on right side.
Propane Tank: One (1) 100 lb removable tank with hinged brackets, regulator and valve.
Tool Compartment: 20″ zx 95″ X 8″ deep mounted between the steel treadplate deck and cab.
Throttle Control: Remote located at rear of unit with adjustable lock.
Hydraulic Control: Remote located at rear of unit via lever operating a spool type variable flow valve.
Lighting: Tail, running, stop, turn and hazard.
Dimension: Hopper length 88″, width 96″, height 53″. Overall mounted length 192″, width 96″, height 98″.
Option Specification
Steel Hopper Doors: Dual manually operated double walled steel doors with 1″ high temperature insulation. Open for form loading chute.
Hydraulic Doors: Dual hydraulically operated double walled steel doors with 1″ high temperature insulation.
Hydraulic Hose w/Rack: 25′ of dual single wire 1/2″ hydraulic hose. Minimum burst pressure 8000 psi. Include rack on right side of hopper to hang hose.
Hydraulic Hose Reel: Spring loaded retractable reel with hoses accessible at the rear.
Hydraulic Accessory Tools: Multiple brands and sizes available.
Rear Working Platform: Electrically welded steel construction for holding hydraulic tampers and compactor or miscellaneous tools.
Compactor / Roller Crane: 1000# capacity mounted either rear or side unit.
Tail Compactor / Roller Lift: 1000# capacity mounted at left rear. 14″ vertical lift, 22″ x 28″ platform.
Roller Crane: Auto Crane model 2403 PR with power rotation, boom elevation, and hoist. Capacity 2400# with 42″ of bed.
Hydraulic Spoil Bin: 1 cubic yard mounted on right side of unit.
Manual Spoil Bin: 5/8 cubic yard mounted on either side of unit or both.
Wheel Wells: Metak skirting around rear wheels with a 1/2″ metal flair around wheel wells.
Tool Box: Metal between cab and rear wheel with full locking door.
Emulsion Tank: 65 gallon self priming reversible pump, 10 gpm at 100 psi. Spraying wand with 12′ of 1/2″ hose, connectors and valving. (include diesel tank and accessories)
Emulsion Tank Heating System: Infra-red heated and thermostatically controlled.
Diesel Tank: 20 gallon capacity including electric pump, 15′ of 3/8″ hose and spray wand.
Cab Protector: Electrically arced construction, minimum width and height of cab to be protected. Framework is constructed of 1″ square tubing with expanded metal inside the frame for vision from the cab.
Trailer Hitch: Pintle, 18 ton with an adjustable height from 16″ to 24″ from the ground.
Hand Torch: Propane, 200,000 BTU with shut-off valve and 10′ of hose. Torch is located at rear of truck with all necessary mounting brackets to allow torch to remain at the rear of the truck while in transport.
Electric Throttle: Automatic electric throttle increases or decreases engine RPM automatically on demand.
Electric Pushbutton Controls: All operations are pushbutton at the rear of the vehicle with electric solenoid operating valving at 2000 psi relief valve.
Arrow Board: Dietz #7-88000 Lane Changer or equal.
Propane Conversion for Truck: In accordance to the standard practices in the industry for such conversion over a gasoline powered engine.
PTO: Chelsea or Spicer matched to transmission.
Propane Saddle Tank: 58 gallon mounted under body on left side.
Strobe Light: Lear-Siegler model 6850 12 volt DC or equal.
Road Sander: Capacity 6.5 cubic feet, power 25 amp 12 volt DC motor adjustable from 0-1300 rpm.
Color: Prices vary in accordance to specifications.
Thermal Power Anti-stick Coating: hopper inner walls, spoil bin, shoveling pan, or shoot.

Smooth Roads
P.O. Box 759, Cocoa, FL 32923
Phone: (321) 635-9500
Fax: (321) 635-9555
Toll Free in the USA & Canada:

Heavy Duty Road Recycler LRR525

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Heavy Duty Road Recycler LRR525 photo recyclers

Road recycler LRR525. Powerful Cummins after-cooled turbocharged diesels engine with 525HP of high reservation coefficient. Air pre-filter is laid in
The road recycler is efficient, economical and environmental road construction equipment, produced by our company for the urban and rural road rebuild. In recycling work, it can mill, pulverize old asphalt road, and mix together with stable agent, cement (or lime) and water (or emulsified asphalt) into the fresh road surface base. The machine also is used for stabilization in place of soil material with lime, cement, or asphalt in road construction
Powerful Cummins after-cooled turbocharged diesels engine with 525HP of high reservation coefficient. Air pre-filter is laid in the intake system, assuring normal working under bad environment in construction site.
Hydraulic travel drive to all wheels and rotor drive, hydraulic components are imported from the famous company.
Unique control design is more suitable to the working site, the working devices can operate in close to the road curb. The specialized and durable rotor design, falling down customers maintenance cost.
The rotor is driven by hydraulic dual pumps and dual motors with maximum torque force.
Drivers cabin can move to both-sides for wider visibility. Sealed cabin can be equipped with the air conditioning system, greatly improving driver’s environment.
The front and rear driving wheels of wide-base low-pressure tire with, traction-pattern get excellent anti-vibration and more traction force.
Rear wheels directly driven by two motor without driving axle, posses greater ground clearance, will not damage shaped the road recycle layer.
Automatic rotor switch-off while the rotor lifts up away the ground, and automatic spray cut-off of the recycling agent can effectively protect nearby maintenance and jobsite personal, save useful resources and keep construction site clean.
Heavy duty integrated brakes on front and rear wheels will automatically actuated when the engine is stopped. Travel brake of the hydraulic neutral function let the handle easier and operation safer.
The opening of front and rear hood doors can be adjusted. The rotor has be optimized from specialized design by aboard famous company, providing excellent cutting and stabilization, used asphalt road will be recycled with minimum wear and optimized power consumption
Heavy wide beam of the rear frame can be ballasted according to operating load, greatly enhancing machines rigidity and stability.
The rear wheel steering combined with the central articulated steering give the machine lateral crab travel function and high maneuverability.
Replaceable knock-in knock-out teeth ensure quick replacement without the need for special tool, reducing lost working time, increasing machine availability.
Complete hydraulic pressure indication and centrally grouped hydraulic test points will realize quick and easy troubleshooting.
Imported hydraulic motor and water pump are equipped in the sprinkler system. The sprinkler flow is shown at LCD numbered indication for more precision and liability.
Centralized LCD instruments, electronic control for all the functions and the camera on working area provide comfortable operation

Luoyang Rollerway Engineering Machinery Trading Co., Ltd.
City: Luoyang
Province/State: Henan
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 471000
Telephone: 86-379-63122090
Mobile Phone: 13525977022
Fax: 86-379-63122090

Economic-Type Road Sealing Machine TDJG-400

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Economic Type Road Sealing Machine TDJG 400 photo joint sealing carts

Economic-Type Road Sealing Machine TDJG-400.
Product Introduction
TDJG-400 Economic-type road sealing machine is used to seal the cracks of pavement, prevent the surface water from infiltrating into the root along the cracks. (The infiltration accelerates the expansion of cracks, which results in the evolution of the “pit” ) So the use of the road sealing machine helps protect and extend the life of the road, improve the feeling of driving, postponing the arrival of expensive overall cycle.
1, The burner uses improved automatic control system, safe and reliable, the atomization of fuel is good, less fuel consumption, low noise and stable combustion, high combustion efficiency and less environmental pollution.
2, Using heat-conducting oil to indirectly heat materials, 360′Vertical mixing, temperature being uniform, avoiding the aging of materials, partially burned, automatic temperature control, digital display, the control being precise and stable.
3, TDJG-400 Economical sealing machine is mainly made up of the heating kettle, chassis, hand-push-type pouring cars. Compared with similar products, it has many advantages such as fast heating, good thermal insulation effect, saving fuel and reducing the construction cost, simple operation and lightweight, the failure rate is low, the construction and high efficiency etc.
4, Heating kettle has two parts: Packing boxes and storage silos. Compared with similar products, it can fill materials while the construction is going. By improving the heating speed, to avoid blocks in order to save time.
5, The push-type sealing machine pouring mouth can be adjust according to the different of width of crack. We supply two sealing machine (quantity can be determined according to customer’s request), so two people can simultaneously pouring construction, improve construction efficiency.
6, Hand-push-type sealing machines have two kinds: Insulation type and portable model. Portable model is the standard equipment, insulation type is based on customer requirements.
7, The chassis is optional. If you dont like it, you can put the heating kettle on a car which can hold 3-5T

Xinxiang Tongda Road New Technology Co., Ltd.
Wenyan Road Development District, Xinxiang, Henan, China
City/Town: Xinxiang
Province/State: Henan
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 453000

Asphalt Hot Box BIAB – 1000 / 2000

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Asphalt Hot Box BIAB   1000 / 2000 photo recyclers

Asphalt Hot Box BIAB – 1000 / 2000. Hot box for asphalt pavement
The adoption of metal fiber burners, matching with sensitive thermostat and igniting and safety system, ensures of asphalt mixture in hot box being heated quickly into tamping temperature from normal one within 4~5 hours without phenomena as oxidization, charring or burning. It is indispensable in patching asphalt pavement.
We can provide analysis of your current system to determine what can be done to improve product quality, efficiencies or both. Moreover, we can R&D new products according to customer’s special requirements.

Burnray Combustion Equipments Company
No. 7, East Ring Road, Xinqiao, Dalong,
Panyu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
City/Province: Guangzhou/Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 511450
Telephone Number: 86-20-84854520
Fax Number: 86-20-84859004
Mobile: 86-15920430502

Road Crack Sealer SKI-60

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Road Crack Sealer SKI 60 photo joint sealing carts

Road Crack Sealer SKI-60. Ideal for repairing cracks in roads, pavements, driveways, concrete foundations, parking lots and other asphalt or concrete surfaces. Its also suitable of sealing joints of concrete plates and sealing after road excavation works.
1. High precision electronic automatic temperature control system.
2. Forced circulation of conduction oil, indirect heating, to avoid charring of asphalt.
3. Inner tank shell covered with aluminum silicate mineral, to keep temperature warm.
4. Can be used with ordinary asphalt and gap-grouting material, further reduce operating cost.
5. Mobile lightweighted body, facilitate long-distance move.
1. Assure machine quality, at a competitive price, over 15, 000 average working hours.
2. Quality control system certified with ISO 9001, All machine equip with genuine imported Japanese engines and our introduced advance production technology from home and abroad.
3. From our customer’s feedback, Ishikawa machine’s break down rate are less than 5% within first year of use, where as most other Chinese manufacturer are around 30%. (sometime their machine would not even last a project)
4. “In foreign trades warranty and repair become a problem with massive cost. (fee involve in sea transport, and long transportation time), it more wise to buy a better quality product. “One of our loyal customer said.
5. Machine break down would be lethal to your business, imagine your team is on work schedule, if the machine breaks down, you will not only be wasting time and money, it would also cost your next business when you can’t finish your work within the deadline.
6. With just a few hundred dollars difference, why won’t you choose ishikawa’s machine over others. Our machine will last longer, require less maintenance, save time and hassel.

Ishikawa Machine (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.
#291 Longxi Road, Fangcun,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
City/Province: Guangzhou/Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 510378
Telephone Number: 86-20-81600200
Fax Number: 86-20-81600021
Mobile: 86-13602734187

Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

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Cold Paint Road Marking Machine photo linemakers

Cold Paint Road Marking Machine. Graco introduces its new high-production hydraulic airless striping system, the PRO LineLazer™ III Hydraulic, available in two new versions, with one or two guns, or as a PRO combo pack, attached to a BIG LineDriver™.This hydraulic system presents several professional advantages over the standard petrol driven BIG LineLazer III models, such as higher output, production and application speeds. It also means no clutch and therefore very smooth striping.The PRO LineLazer™ III Hydraulic benefits from the electronic SmartControl™ processor which electronically monitors all functions of the unit. This results in a smooth and gradual pumping speed, a better control of flow and pressure, which ultimately, delivers better lines with better definitions, more precise and more consistent. With the ability to monitor each function of the sprayer, the SmartControl™ provides critical information to the professional striping contractor. Directly from its easy-to-read digital tracking system, you can monitor actual pressure, speed, line thickness applied, the spray line distance, the amount of material sprayed, etc.Typical applications for this hydraulic airless striping system include runways or taxiways at airports, road striping, or large parking lots. The PRO LineLazer™ III Hydraulic system is 100% water-based material compatible.There is much more to learn about the new PRO LineLazer™ III Hydraulic from Graco. Contact your nearest distributor for complete infomation or for a live demonstration.

Automark Technologies India Private Limited
Mr. Mayur Khara
1st Floor, Saraf Court,
Opp. Yashwant Stadium, Dhantoli
Nagpur, Maharashtra – 440012, India
Telephone: +(91)-(712)-6603671
Mobile: +(91)-9822220201

Standard Thermoplastic Road-Marking Machine TT-RST-IA/B

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Standard Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine TT RST IA/B photo linemakers

Standard Thermoplastic Road-Marking Machine TT-RST-IA/B
Standard Hand-push Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine for road marking
1.Paint tank: Heating preservation tank is made of cold-rolling oxidation resistant steel, and the heating temperature can be freely controlled (0-260)according to the different kinds of paint chosen by user, equip with erect type manual stirring device, and the capacity is 75kg.
2.Marking bucket :The marking bucket with the screeding struchure is made of exellent alloy steel with high temperature resistance , abrasion resistance and oxidation resistance, and the outside structure and relative moving parts are made of special steel sheet with fire-resistance (2000),oxidation-resistance and anti-deformation. The floor knife is made of hard tungsten steel, and the marking bucket body adopts aluminum die-casting.The excellent materials of each part of marking bucket and the precise manfacture technique ensure it with better operability, accuracy, durability and firmness.
3.The technical indices and parameters of , glass beads bin, glass beads dispenser, rubber wheels, back stern wheel guide arm, guide rod, handle bar,marking width and thickness are the same as that of TT-ZRST-I road marking machine.
4.The technical indices of chassis are the same as that of TT-ZRST-I road marking machine, but with different parameters.
5.Option for 400(450)mm paint bucket to meet the need of pedestrian marking construction.
6.Size. Weight :1200(length)*830 (width )*1050(height).150kg(not including the gas tank, with 150mm bucket).

Henan Tatu Highway Co., Ltd.
Floor 14, Building B, Rongyuan Square,
No.139, Huayuan Road, Zhengzhou, China
City: Zhengzhou
Province/State: Henan
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 450011
Telephone: 86-371-65785616
Mobile Phone: 15903678070
Fax: 86-371-65785626

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