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Ceramic Tableware Machine

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 Ceramic Tableware Machine photo tableware equipment

Ceramic Tableware Machine. Clay Craft (India) Pvt. Ltd. Now offers the specialized machines to produce ceramic tableware like bone china and stoneware.
Clay Craft has developed the various machines by their expertise of using them since long in their own tableware production plants, which gives the strength to our machines to work in adverse conditions also. Clay Craft not only sell these machines but also establish them at customer palnt along with providing the necessary guidance, if needed for corresponding clay preparation, moulding making and dye designs.
Our machines comes as the complete built unit, ready to use by just providing the electrical/pnemautic connection along with specified dye.

Clay Craft (India) Pvt Ltd‎
F-766 A, Road No. 1-D, V.K.I. Area
Jaipur, Rajasthan 302013, India

Sanitaryware Plate Extrusion Line, ABS, PS, HIPS And PMMA Refrigerator Plate

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Sanitaryware Plate Extrusion Line, ABS, PS, HIPS And PMMA Refrigerator Plate photo sanitaryware equipment

Sanitaryware Plate Extrusion Line, ABS, PS, HIPS And PMMA Refrigerator Plate
Refrigerator board
It has wide application in production of refrigerator door and inner gallbladder, drawers, water dispensers, etc.
Sanitaryware plate
It is widely applied in the field of bath products, such as the bathtub, the shower cabinet, the vapor room, washing bowl, etc.
Advertising board
This board is mainly used in guiding board, machinery sign, advertisement decoration, indoor decoration and so on.
Baggage plate
It is mainly applied in field of draw-bar boxes, luggage cases, recreation bags, etc.
Car plate
It is mainly used in to produce tops of cars and buses, instrument boards, backrest, car doors, window frames, shells of the motorcycles, golf vehicles, etc.
This production consists high efficiency vented single screw extruder, high precision melt gear pump and multilayer feed block, high precision clothe type T-die, high precision vertical or inclined three roller calendar with high precision roller clearance adjusting system and individual temperature control system for each roller and optimized cooling frame, online edge trimming and
recycling system, haul-off unit and accurate cutting off unit. These ensure the production quality and running steady.This production can produce monolayer, triple layer, five layer co-extrusion sheets with the material of ABS, HIPS, PS, HDPE, PMMA, PC, etc. The thickness range is from 0.5mm to 12mm. width is less than 3000mm.

Yizhou Plastic Machinery Corp Ltd
East Zhengzhou RD,
Jiaozhou of Qingdao City,
Tel: 86-532-87253691
Fax: 86-532-86621309

Digital Display Double Mitre Saw KT—383J for Arc Materials (used for sanitary ware materials)

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Digital Display Double Mitre Saw KT—383J for Arc Materials (used for sanitary ware materials) photo sanitaryware equipment

Digital Display Double Mitre Saw KT—383J for Arc Materials (used for sanitary ware materials). The product is mainly used to cut aluminum alloy arc material, arc material in steam room, aluminum alloy material and plastic profile. Tungsten carbide alloy saw blade is applies and the outside diameter can reach 16′’. The linear speed and process precision are high. Digital readout device is provided for the machine tool, which makes it have precise positioning size. The worktable of the machine tool can be rotated between (70′)0′~(+45′), which makes the product particularly suitable to cut arc materials of different angles in steam room.

Main Technical Parameter
1 Saw cutting length 650-2500mm
2 Saw cutting (W*H) 126*120mm
3 Main motor power 2*1.5kw
4 Main motor rotary speed 2840r/min
5 Saw blade dimension Ø400* ø30*120T
6 Saw blade feeding speed 0~3m/min
7 Saw blade retracting speed 2~3m/min
8 Work table rotation angle( 70′)~0′~(+45′)
9 Operation air pressure 0.6~0.8Mpa
10 Operation voltagle 380V
11 Overall dimension (L*W*H) 3500*1100*1550mm
12 Weight 900KG

E-mail: sales@aluminum-machine.com
Tel: 86-757-23618838
Fax: 86-757-28300003
Add: Rongbian Tianhe Industrial Zone, Ronggui,
Shunde, Foshan, Guangdong, China
P.C.: 528305

Shimpo NVA-04S De-Airing Pug Mill

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Shimpo NVA 04S De Airing Pug Mill photo sanitaryware equipment

Shimpo NVA-04S De-Airing Pug Mill. The wedging and extruding capacity of this compact pug mill makes it one of the most efficient and competitive on the market today.
The NVA-04S is a studio-sized, professional-grade, de-airing pugmill that removes 100% of the air from the clay and extrudes up to 440 lbs per hour. Its stainless steel body, bolts, interior, 3-1/2”Dia nozzle, and augers are made of stainless steel, making the unit rustproof and safe to use with white body and porcelain clays, even if clay is left inside for a period of time. The removable stainless steel case allows for easy access to the mixing chamber for fast, easy cleanup and maintenance. The two direct gear-driven mixing augers are quiet and efficient.
The NVA-04S features a 1/2HP 400W 230V single-phase motor and a 200W 230V single-phase vacuum pump motor. A dual safety system with limit switch automatically stops the motor when the augers are exposed, and an overload switch protects the motor.
Additional features include a clay stand with rollers for easy bagging, a cut-off wire, covers for the clay hopper and clay nozzle to prevent clay from drying out, and an instruction manual. Measures 29½”H X 16½”W X 36”L. Weight 320 lb.
Warranty — The NVA-04S comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Dick Blick Art Materials
P.O. Box 1267
Galesburg, IL 61402-1267
Phone (800) 828-4548
Fax (800) 621-8293

Power Sprayer, Plunger pump (TF-45C1A)

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Power Sprayer, Plunger pump (TF 45C1A) photo sanitaryware equipment

Power Sprayer, Plunger pump (TF-45C1A)
Payment Terms: L/C or T/T
Delivery Lead Time: Within 30 days after order
Supply Ability: 3, 000sets/month
1) Suction volume: 24-32L/min
2) Pressure: 20-50kg/cm2
3) Power: 3-5hp
4) Speed: 300-800rpm
Outer packing:
Carton dimensions: 42 X 32 X 35cm
G. W.: 13kg
At present, our company has formed annual production capability of 80000 sets of power sprayers and 900000 sets of manual sprayers. Having passed ISO9002 Quality Certification and internationally advanced level of products such as model NS-5, NS-16, TF-45, TF-900 etc., the company’s products are well received and deeply praised by clients from over 50 countries and regions in Europe, America, Southeast Asia and Middle East.

Taizhou Sunny Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd.
Hengjiezhen Ind Zone, Luqiao District,
Taizhou City, Zhejiang, China
City/Province: Taizhou/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 318056
Telephone Number: 86-576-89221880
Fax Number: 86-576-82644777

Pneumatic Multi-head Drilling Machine (for sanitary ware material) KT-368J

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Pneumatic Multi head Drilling Machine (for sanitary ware material) KT 368J photo sanitaryware equipment

Pneumatic Multi-head Drilling Machine (for sanitary ware material) KT-368J
Pneumatic Multi head Drilling Machine is used for sanitary material.This equipment primarily used for processing the bore or non bore pm the profile of curtain wall and aluminum metal alloy type primarily. It may also process industry type material anticipates with the window, because or adopting the motor and the direct ally style outputs of cylinder, drilling hole is more steady and the accuracy is high. This machine bed can pack to the head of clip-drill and the drills with many bore, is convenient for drilling hole.
Main technical parameter
1 quantity of the power head4 pieces
2 worktabel dimension..240*220mm
3 max. distance for the front and back moving of aiguilles60mm
4 max.distance for the front and back moving of aiguilles150mm
5 Rotate speed of the aiguilles (power head).2800r/min
6 Minimum distance of each hole group245mm
7 Minimum distance of single hole group..15~96mm
8 Feeding speed of the Aiguilles (adjustable)..0.1–0.2mm/r
9 Maximum drilling aperture15mmSingle hole
10 Minimum drilling aperture.3mm
11 The largest cross section size of processing aluminum profile.200260mm
12 Maximum length of processing aluminum..2500mm
13 Motor power4X1.5KW
14 Rotate speed of the motor2800rmin
15 Weight of the machine bedAbout 1000kg

Shenzhen Chiwan Offshore Petroleum Equipment Repair & Manufacture Co.
Room 515, Chiwan Petroleum Building ,
Shenzhen , China
Phone: 86-755-26694996

Casting machine for ceramic tanks, lids and bath accessories

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Casting machine for ceramic tanks, lids and bath accessories photo casting machines

Casting machine for ceramic tanks, lids and bath accessories. The system allows the casting and demoulding of ceramic tanks, lids, pedestals, sinks and bath accessories realised with two parts casting moulds with vertical closing. The plant is composed of a metallic frame as support for the moulds, a casting plant for the slip distribution, a plant for the distribution of warm air for the draining of the moulds, an eventual transfer device, deposit benches for the storage of cast pieces and a chamber drying system for the drying of the moulds so to allow few casting cycles a day.

3EMMEGI S.a.s.
Robotics, Automation, Special Machines
Via delle Grotte, 37 – 00067 Morlupo (ROMA)
Tel./Fax 0039 06 9070720
e-mail: info@3emmegi.com

Thin film Ceramic Casting System

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Thin film Ceramic Casting System photo casting machines

Thin film Ceramic Casting System
Conceptual Design
Detail Mechanical Design
Electronic Packaging
Prototype Fabrication
Manufacturing Support
Product Data Management

Means Engineering, Inc.
6155 Corte Del Cedro
Carlsbad, CA 92011
Tel: 760.931.9452
Fax: 760.438.1870

Low-pressure aluminum die casting machine for ceramic mould investment casting

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Low pressure aluminum die casting machine for ceramic mould investment casting photo casting machines

Low-pressure aluminum die casting machine for ceramic mould investment casting. Aluminum parts cast in investment casting with a wall thickness of 1 mm and less are used, for example, in military engineering, aircraft construction, automotive industry and also in machine construction. In short, anywhere where every gram counts, in order to keep the weight of moving parts to a minimum.
In general, geometrically complicated ceramic clusters have to be filled extremely fast yet smoothly. Such a type of mould filling is necessary in order to be able to cast very thin-walled parts with many cross-section changes. In addition, the required mechanical properties have to be achieved.
Being the heart of the plant, the KURTZ low-pressure control system achieves a mould filling speed of more than 65 mbar/sec, which is necessary for this application. This means around 260 mm of aluminum per second. Besides the fast mould filling, the plant also benefitted from the proven KURTZ-specific elements “Pre-pressure teach in” and “Determination of mould fill starting point” by means of remote operation.
Our machines are equipped with resistance-heated furnaces, used for melting and keeping the metal at casting temperature. The casting plate can be operated manually and positioned above the furnace once ready for casting. While the first furnace is operating, the second furnace can be refilled with metal and can be optimally prepared to achieve highest metal quality.

KURTZ North America Inc.
ERSA North America
1779 Pilgrim Road
WI 53073
Tel.: + 1 920 893 1779
Fax: + 1 920 893 1562

Ceramic Casting Machine, Production Speed: 2~9 m/min

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Ceramic Casting Machine, Production Speed: 2~9 m/min photo casting machines

Ceramic Casting Machine
Material used 30 m/m ceramic
Product Width 1100 m/m
Production Length 2200 m/m
Product Thickness 4 or 6 m/m
Production Speed 2~9 m/min
Occupied Ground Area L: 40M, W:3.4M, H:2.8M

NO.187, Gong-Ming Nan 2nd Rd., Tainan,
Taiwan 709, R.O.C.
Tel: 886-6-2565799
Fax: 886-6-2565750
E-mail: hsinpow@ms42.hinet.net

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