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Up to 18″ Deep Vibratory Plows

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Up to 18 Deep Vibratory  Plows photo vibratory plows bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

Up to 18″ Deep Vibratory Plows
24″ to 48″ Deep Walk Behind and Ride-on Trenchers.
Boring Equipment (Moles) from 1 3/4″ Diameter to 5 3/4″
Speedshore aluminum trench shoring
Mi-T-M, BE, Shark Karcher, pressure washers sales and service
Stone construction equipment sales and service
Benner Nawman rebar benders and cutters sales and service
Clemco and Titan sandblasters sales and service
Miller Spreader power buggies, and asphalt tools sales and service.
TT Technologies underground boring equipment sales and service. Repairs to all makes of “moles”
Bartell Morrison construction equipment and diamond blades sales and service
Wyco vibrators sales and service

Fox Equipment Company
5200 State Hwy 33
Farmingdale, NJ 07727 732-938-5022 Phone
732-919-0801 Fax

Efficient Vibratory Plows

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Efficient Vibratory Plows photo vibratory plows bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

Vibratory plows or pipe pullers offer an efficient trenching alternative in average soils. Instead of digging a trench to bury pipe or cable, these work by cutting a slit in the ground and burying lines directly. This makes them a very popular choice on sites that require minimal landscape disturbance. In rocky or tough soils, though, a traditional trencher is typically needed. Some models, like the LM 42 from Vermeer and the Ditch Witch 410SX, actually allow for a trencher and other attachments. This can give contractors the best of both worlds.
A plethora of efficient trenching tools have evolved since the days of shovels and spades. If your trenching equipment is slowing you down, take a long look at the way your company digs. Then look at the new options available. There?s probably one out there to speed you through every channel.

Irrigation & Green Industry
A division of ISG Communications, Inc.
6925 Canby Avenue, Suite 104
Reseda, California 91335
Fax: 818.342.0731
email: info@igin.com

Innovative KALCO Vibratory Plow

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Innovative KALCO Vibratory Plow photo vibratory plows bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

KALCO Vibratory Plow. Kalco was founded by Kenneth Avery Lawson in early 2004. The Lawson family has a long history in the machine design & manufacturing industry, starting in 1959 by his father, Avery Lawson which was co-founder of Bouldin & Lawson Inc., one of the largest manufacturer of Automated Greenhouse Equipment.
Mr. Lawson started his design abilities in 1988 with another of his father’s companies, Central Manufacturing Company, which manufactured tractor implements for the Nursery Industry.
Soon after, in 1995 Mr. Lawson was founder and CEO of Lawson Equipment Company, one of the country’s leading producers of innovative attachments for the mini skid steer industry. Lawson Equipment Company was sold to Pengo Corporation, which was subsequently sold to Metapoint Partners in 2002, which also owns Attachments Technologies Inc. (ATI Bradco).
In the early part of 2003 Mr. Lawson was one of the key members of the Founding Management Group for Compact Power Inc. (CPI) in South Carolina, one of the Nations leading Compact Equipment Distributors. Mr. Lawson was Manager of CPI’s attachment design and procurement effort.
In 2004 Mr. Lawson decided to use his talents to help other companies and individuals bring their ideas to life with Kalco, LLC.

PHONE: 931-224-7970
FAX: 931-914-1211

Flexible and Reliable Vibratory Plow / Boring

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Flexible and Reliable Vibratory Plow / Boring photo vibratory plows bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

Vibratory Plow / Boring
Minimize damage to existing landscapes.
Save time and money by employing Toro’s underground attachments.
The Vibratory Plow pulls pipe, cable or wire underground with minimal turf disruption while the Bore Drive Head allows you to easily bore under driveways and sidewalks.

The Toro Company
8111 Lyndale Avenue South
Bloomington, MN 55420-1196

New Vermeer XTS1250 vibratory plow

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New Vermeer XTS1250 vibratory plow photo vibratory plows bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

Equipped with an agressive, single grouser steel quad track system, the new Vermeer XTS1250 vibratory plow – track trencher has exceptional plowing performance.
While keeping the tractive effort and track flotation, the quad track system also offers many of the same features of a unit with conventional tires, including four-wheel and crab steering.
What’s more, the XTS1250 has relatively no break-over point, keeping all four tracks in contact with the ground to maximize tractive effort and stability in uneven ground conditions.
XTS 1250 – technical specifications
Transport Dimensions
Length 143 ” 363.2 cm
Width 100 ” 254 cm

Several Oy,
Takkatie 10E,
00370 Helsinki.
p. 09 348 9110
f. 09 348 9221

CE Approved Diesel Generator Sets

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CE Approved Diesel Generator Sets photo other machines bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

CE Approved Diesel Generator Sets
Our Diesel Generator Sets have been widely used in spare power and emergency power supply of industrial and mining enterprise, field work, fire fighting, building, highway, railway and bridge construction.
Saffehanda Company is committed to diesel engines and power generating equipment research and development, production and sales. The leading products of our company are wind turbine(150W-100KW), gasoline generator set, R series and 495 series diesel engines, diesel generating sets, various complete sets of units and sparing parts etc. Which has a power scope of 2~2000KW, they are extensively used in generating equipments, agricultural machines, engineering machines, camion and boats or ships etc.
We are persisting in the principle of “benefits as the center, market as the direction, quality first and customers foremost”. We will continue to innovate and reform in view of the trend of market and the requirement of clients. The company has a strict quality guarantee system and obtains ISO9001: 2000, ISO/TS16949: 2000 quality certificates, R series diesel engines are approved by Chinese CCS and ZY, EURO emission limits, Italian CE, American EPA and Indian CPCB certificates. There are 7 series products has been regarded as high-tech products in Shandong, 22 National patents have been applied, and be known as famous brand in Shandong. We have established the complete marketing network and sound service system. Our products are on sales throughout the whole country, moreover, have been exported to Asia, Africa, America, Europe etc, and have won universal praises from clients at home and abroad.
In recent years, we invested in the new 500-mu top-level casting and foundry center and assembly plant to combine the supply chain and upgrade production level from engine manufactory to the domestic leading diesel generators set supplier. The company developed steadily and was awarded as “high-tech enterprise”, “Contract Abiding & Creditable Enterprise”, “the 50 top industry enterprises” and the Grade A “Honest Taxpaying Company”, “Shandong 100 Outstanding Machinery Industrial Enterprise”, “Shandong Machinery Industry Civilization Enterprise”, “Shandong 10 innovative Machinery Industrial Enterprise”, “Technology-intensive and knowledge-intensive enterprises” etc.

Qingdao Saffehanda Imports and Exports Co., Ltd.
Qingdao Economic and Technical Development Zone,
Qingdao, Shandong, China
City/Province: Qingdao/Shandong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 266555
Telephone Number: 86-532-86858807
Fax Number: 86-532-86858806
Mobile: 86-13964223299

Wacker Concrete Cutter (GE-Q450)

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Wacker Concrete Cutter (GE Q450) photo other machines bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

Wacker Concrete Cutter (GE-Q450)
For compaction of granular materials and mixed materials with some cohesive content, and hot or cold asphalt in confined areas such as parking lots, hightway and bridge construction, next to structures, curbs, and abutments.
Smooth cutting and dir ectional stability is achieved due to the optaimum position of the machine’s center of gravity. The result: High degree of economy thanks to the reduced lateral wear of the cutting blade. Efficient and economic cutting blade drive: Long service life and low maintenance costs due to heavy duty belt tightener. Large integrated, removable water tank with over-size fill opening and adjustable sprinkling system and large capacity.

Garden Avenue, Baohe Industrial Zone,
Hefei, Anhui, China
City/Province: Hefei/Anhui
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 230001
Telephone Number: 86-551-4852091
Fax Number: 86-551-4852092
Mobile: 86-13500505299

Single Beam Gantry Crane (Box Frame)

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Single Beam Gantry Crane (Box Frame) photo other machines bridge and tunnel construction machinery and equipment building industry and construction materials

Single Beam Gantry Crane (Box Frame)
Gantry crane-MH Model Single Beam Gantry Crane (3t~20t):
Mh model single beam gantry crane with electric hoist is matched with CD1/MD1 model wire rope electric hoist, it is a kind of track travelling MID-duty class gantry crane, the capacity for 3t to 20t, span from 12m to 30m, working temperature within-20–+40 centigrade.
This gantry crane is commonly used gantry crane, it be used in outside warehouse for loading/unloading and lifting material. Both ground control and cabin control.

Xinxiang Yueda Crane Co., Ltd.
Pudong Industrial Park, Changyuan,
Xinxiang, Henan, China
City/Province: Xinxiang/Henan
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 453400
Telephone Number: 86-373-8607136
Fax Number: 86-373-8608789

Hydraulic bridge launching girder gantry in road

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Hydraulic bridge launching girder gantry in road photo launching gantrys

Hydraulic bridge launching girder gantry in road
1.lifting capacity:150t
3.Using H-shaped outriggers
4.possessing integrating right angle
1.The first to realize continuous operation and once for all; I during the whole bridge-erecting process; one of single bridge-erecting machines with complete functions in the country; adopting walking type complete through-hole so that the complete machine is greatly shortened in length, its deadweight is reduced and the construction load is thus reduced to the maximum extent.
2.The main girder adopts the structure of triangular space truss detached pin-connected main girder to increase the strength and rigidity of the complete mahine.
3.Possessing three innovation technologies and integrating right angle, any skew angle, small-radius curve and large-slope bridge, the complete machine operates more flexibly and conveniently.
4.The main girder itself is provided with upper travel track, so it is not necessary to pave travel track for overhead traveling crane and longitudinal moving cart, which saves customers substantive expenses on auxiliary materials and reduces construction period and economic cost.

Anhui China Metallurgical Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.
Weisi Road, Wuhu Machinery and Industrial Park
City: Wuhu
Province/State: Anhui
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 241100
Telephone: 86-0553-8768586
Fax: 86-0553-8768586

Good quality DF450 bridge girder launching gantry crane

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Good quality DF450 bridge girder launching gantry crane photo launching gantrys

DF450 bridge girder launching gantry crane is designed and manufactured according to the construction characteristics and requirements of great tonnage pre-stressed concrete box-girder of China high speed rail. It can be used to erect single track box girder with span 32m, 24m and 20m.
DF900 launching gantry crane is specialized for erecting 900t precast concrete box-girder with span up to 32meters. It is often used to erect double-track monolithic box- girder, and can meet erecting requirement of different span girders like 32m and 24m and 20m in one project. Besides normal operation, it perfectly meets the needs of erecting first-span and last-span girders and can be operated and exchanged flexibly among different construction conditions. By being carried by girder carrier, it can be removed for transferring operation site and passing through tunnels.
Design and manufacturing of launching gantry crane is costomized.
DF450 Lauching Gantry Crane Technical Parameters
Lifting capacity 450t
Applicable longitudinal gradient ≥2.0%
Applicable curve radius ≥1000m
Longitudinal shift speed (hanging girder)
0-3.0m/min (heavy load)
0-6.0m/min (Idle load)
Lateral shift speed (hanging girder) 0-0.5m/min
Lift speed (hanging girder) 0-0.5m.min
Lift height 5.6m
Moving speed (across span) 0-1.5m/min
Moving speed (girder carrier carrying launching gantry) 0.3km/h
Total capacitance of complete machine 176kw, (Max. power of bridge erection: 74Kw)
Total mass of complete machine 343t
External dimensions 69.0*8.9*9.0m
Efficiency of bridge erecting operation 4 spans/day
DF900 Launching Gantry Crane Technical Parameters
Work Rank A3
Hoisting capacity 900t
Applicable span 32m, 24m and 20m
Max. hoisting height 7.2m
Moving speed across span 0-3.0m/min
Applicable longitudinal gradient ≤2.0%
Applicable curve radius ≥600m
Moving speed of girder-hoisting trolley 0-3m/min
Hoisting speed of girder-hoisting Trolley
0-0.5m/min (heavy load)
0-1.0m/min (no load)
Girder-hoisting trolley Transverse fine adjustment Speed: 0-5.0mm/s
Transverse fine adjustment Scope: ±250mm
Longitudinal fine adjustment Speed: 0-5.0mm/s
Longitudinal fine adjustment Scope: ±250mm
Max. deflection of nose-girder 61.5mm
Average girder-erection speed 2spans/8h (total about 8 km)
Dimension (L*W*H)
1) Overall dimension:
Under working: 59.3m*17.1m*12.1m
Under transporting: 65.5m*17.1m*13.1m (including transporter)
2) Max. part dimension while transported: 11m*3.3m*2.3m
(referring to nose-girder main girder)
1) Total weight of machine: 525tons
2) Max. part weight while transported: 27tons
Power Source 380V 4Ac (equipped with 300Kw diesel engine)
Drive mode Hydrocylinder driven by hydraulic station while other parts by electric motor
Control mode Cabin control and wireless remote control
Suitable working condition
a. Max.working altitude: ≤2000m
b. Ambient temperature: -20C’~+ 50C’
c. Wind power: ≤6 grade (working), ≤11 grade (non-working)

New Dafang Group
No 1, Minghui Road, Mazhai Industrial Park,
Erqi District, Zhengzhou City,
Henan Province, China.
City/Town: Zhengzhou
Province/State: Henan
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 510620

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