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Innovative Tobacco String Remover

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Innovative Tobacco String Remover photo tobacco string removers

The String Remover has been developed to pick out long-fibred
foreign bodies such as jute threads, strings, twine, feathers etc.
from leaf tobacco and various leaf blends.
Capacity of the String Remover amounts to max. 8.000 kg/h.


85, Vouliagmenis Ave.,
Glyfada 166 74
Athens, Greece
Tel.: +30 210 960 4220
Fax: +30 210 963 1109

High Flexible MONO Filter Rod Maker

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High Flexible MONO Filter Rod Maker photo cigarette filter manufacturing machines

MONO – Filter rod maker
Product: monoacetate filters, white and black filters,other types. Electronic machine with axis to allow quick set-up via human machinery interface (HMI). Gears and mechanical drive chain are mainly substituted by independent motors to allow flexibility,product tuning and quick size-change.High flexibility, Easy of use and maintenance, Available diameter rod check on line, Mechanical speed: up to 500mt /min depending on product type and materials.
MONO machine is available for link-up to RCF tray filler to provide a full complete line.
It can be integrated in the combined filter rod production line for direct feeding of COMBI machine.
Montrade srl
Via Armando Sarti 6
40132 Bologna
Email: sales@montrade.it
Skype: montrade1; montrade2
Tel.: +39 051 4386400
Fax.: +39 051 727685

High-speed Cigarette Filter Rods Molding Machinery

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High speed Cigarette Filter Rods Molding Machinery photo cigarette filter manufacturing machines

Cigarette filter rods molding machinery
ZL23 type fiber filter rods forming units YL13 open by gluing machine and pine YL23 filter rods molding machine components. It is Acetate fiber beam or polypropylene tow as raw material, through the air and have the loose, thread and have the loose, gluing, mounting, lateral sealing, forming and cut off, high-speed connect outfit made conform to requirements of nearly Long filter rods .
Have the loose machine adopts triple air have the loose, secondary threaded roll away loose, make tow sufficient tensile, loose, open, gluing evenly, molding machine with high precision spiral bevel gears and tied for short shaft transmission, cut rods, guarantee the single-blade filter rods length small error. Heavy adopt and and hot melt adhesive side seal, easy adjustment, simple operation, adhesive and reliable. Cut rods blades adopts automatic feed, automatic sharpening, make filter rods incision smooth.
ZL23 type gensets adopt PLC, frequency control, automatic picking paper, complete functions, a high degree of automation, and various parameters digital display, convenient operation, raw material wide adaptability, is the ideal medium-speed filter rods molding equipment.
Qingzhou Honorsun Trade Co., Ltd.
No. 118, Wangshou Road,Qingzhou City
City: Weifang
Province/State: Shandong
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Telephone: 86-536-3278027
Mobile Phone: 0086 13721969322
Fax: 86-536-3278027

Easy to Handle 3 Tube Cigarette Filter Machine

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Easy to Handle 3 Tube Cigarette Filter Machine photo cigarette filter manufacturing machines

3 Tube cigarette filter machine
RYO cigarette at home,low cost, Easy to handle
Eletric cigarette rolling machine
Material: ABS+zinc alloy
Size: 27*9*10cm
Tube Size: cigarette dia is 8mm (KINGS)
Style: Desktop home use machine of tobacco roller
Special: Newest patent design of 3 cigarettes at one time
Points to note:
· Insert the plug into the socket
· Only use if the transparent part has been attached
· After each use, always clean the appliance thoroughly with the supplied brush. Never use water on the electric part!
· Regularly remove the transparent part for cleaning if there is tobacco inside!
· If you use too much tobacco the appliance will become stuck. If this happens, let go of the knob and the appliance will return to its start position. Then, you will be able to clean out the appliance and push out any excess tobacco with the supplied stick. Then you will simply be able to start again.
Instructions for use:
The sliding part should be clicked firmly into place in the main part.
1 Open the lid by lifting the tab
2 Pull the cover over the white cigarette papers until you reach the end
3 Insert the tobacco in the same way as with manual appliances. Always use the ramming accessory for this
4 Close the lid again, all the while ensuring that all 3 pins are clicked firmly into place
5 Push down the knob located at the back of the appliance until the full movement has been completed
6 Release the knob once again. This should bring everything back to the start position
7 Open the lid before removing the filled covers
Shenzhen Duolilong Industrial Co., Ltd.
2F, Bldg.B, No.7, Eastdistrict,
Shangxue Science & Technology industrial city,
Bantian, Buji, Shenzhen, China
City: Shenzhen
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 518000
Telephone: 86-755-25891062,25590587
Fax: 86-755-25576243

Durable and Effective Tobacco String Remover

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Durable and Effective Tobacco String Remover photo tobacco string removers

The Tobacco String Remover was developed to remove long-fibred foreign bodies like strings or feathers from leaf tobacco and/or various blends. It is designed for a maximum capacity of 8 / 10 tons of tobacco per hour.
For the main part, the string remover comprises the following components:
Basic frame, Cleaning rollers with scraping belt, Cleaning unit with brush head
The tobacco cleaning process is performed with 8 rollers, each of which is covered with a scraping belt.. The scraping belts are made of polyolefin-coated belt material with revolving stainless steel pins. These rollers are driven by an electric motor in the direction of flow of the tobacco. The gaps between these rollers are freely adjustable, which allows the string remover to be used to clean types of tobacco with different leaf sizes. A corresponding scale is provided at the ends of the rollers as a simple way of uniformly adjusting the rollers. As a general rule, this is done by trial-and-error during setup.
KOEHL Maschinenbau GmbH
Development Tobacco Technology
Mr. Hartmut Werner
Diedenhofener Strasse 6-8
54294 Trier
Phone: +49 (0) 651 8108 2000
Fax: +49 (0) 651 8108 2009
eMail: info@koehl.eu

Single Cigar Wrapper (IS800)

Cigar Wrapping Machines Comments Off

Single Cigar Wrapper (IS800) photo cigar wrapping machines

IS 800 single cigar wrapper. The IS800 cigar wrapping machine is the result of G.D’s years of experience in the field of automatic machinery for over-wrapping and packaging.
The IS800 is a single-track continuous motion machine using the same technology as the new generation packers and wrappers.
Via Battindarno, 91
40133 Bologna
tel. +39 051 6474111
fax +39 051 6474333
Sales : sales@gidi.it
Job Posting: risorseumane@gidi.it
Spare Parts: spares@gidi.it

Exceptional Quality Casing Cylinder

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Exceptional Quality Casing Cylinder photo tobacco casing equipment

Casing cylinder from China, Model: SJ1 Series
This product is used in lamina processing sub-line, Burley tobacco processing sub-line and stem processing sub-line of tobacco primary processing line for casing application and increasing temperature and moisture content of tobacco lamina, Burley tobacco lamina, stem and cut-stem, which can improve taste of cigarette and physical property of tobacco material, so as to meet the technological requirement of tobacco primary processing.
- Frequency conversion speed regulation for the rotation of the cylinder.
- With hot circulating air system for purpose of increasing temperature of lamina inside the cylinder, good for lamina to absorb casing liquid, and thus improve the taste of tobacco leaves.
- Rotary filtering screen with brush roller and hot water cleaning is set at upward side of material discharging chamber. It is convenient to clean the rotary filtering screen.
- Auto control over casing application, temperature and moisture content. The parameters of running status, such as flow rate of casing liquid, temperature and indicating level of casing liquid, hot air temperature, and rotary speed of cylinder, etc. can be centralized monitored and controlled.
- Multiple-point spraying system for option so as to increase evenness of casing application.
- Cylinder with auto jacking-up device for option, for purpose of convenient maintenance and reducing compression against support roller during downtime.
Technical Specifications:
- Rated capacity: 800kg/h~9600kg/h
- Output temperature: 40~65℃
- Casing ratio: 1.25~5% (set as per users’ requirements)
China Shipbuilding Trading Kunming Co., Ltd
Phone: +86 871 3132541, 3167657
+86 871 3134500

Flue-cured D-SJ1 Casing Cylinder

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Flue cured D SJ1 Casing Cylinder photo tobacco casing equipment

D-SJ1 Casing Cylinder
It is for casing for the flue-cured tobacco cut stem.
Main driving unit of the cylinder is friction way.And frequency conversion is adopted.A fan is equipped to keep the slight vacuum inside the cylinder in order to avoid the escape of the atomize steam and casing liquid.
It has the functions of the remained material collection and automatic washing.
Type SJ1204
Diameter of the cylinder 2150mm
Length of the cylinder 8000mm
Capacity 6400kg/h
Steam consumption 600kg/h
Water consumption 280kg/h
Consumption of compressed air 500L/min
Power of motors for humidity 7.5kW
Rotate speed 7 – 17r/min
Power of motors for hot air 2.2kW
BAOHONG (hong kong) Investment Co.,Ltd
4-6/F., Flat 205, Shangbu Industrial Zone Huaqiangbei,
Futian District, Shenzhen China
Contact person: Cao Yang
Tel: +86-755-61391779
Fax: +86-755-83329551
Email: bh_zwg@yahoo.com.cn

High Quality Steam-atomised Casing Cylinder

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High Quality Steam atomised Casing Cylinder photo tobacco casing equipment

The Garbuio Dickinson range of casing cylinders include application of light casings or humectants through to heavy Burley casings prior to Toasting.
A basic principle of the design is to ensure that the tobacco is ‘open’ before it is presented to the casing spray. This is achieved by applying low pressure diffuse steam to heat and open the product as it enters the cylinder. Casing is then directed onto the product as it cascades through the cylinder.
A high quality steam-atomised nozzle is selected to provide the required degree of atomisation of the casing liquor, and is carefully positioned to maximise exposure of the tobacco to the spray whilst minimising over-spray onto the cylinder walls. Lifting pins ensure optimal presentation of the product to the sprays and minimise build-up of product on the walls of the cylinder.
The outside of the cylinder is insulated and clad, and the discharge hood is provided with electric or steam trace heating, to minimise accumulation of product in this area.
As an option for particularly heavy casings, the cylinder can be externally heated either by steam or electrically, in order to maintain the required process temperature and minimise sticking of casing and tobacco to the cylinder walls.
A further option for heavy casings consists of a special nozzle boom which cleans the cylinder walls by means of compressed air jets. Clean in place nozzles are provided in the cylinder hoods where appropriate.
As with all Garbuio Dickinson cylinders, the support rolls, drive and seals are robustly designed for reliability and ease of maintenance.
Garbuio Dickinson
ITALY Contact Details
Tel: +39 0422 431 140
Fax: +39 0422 431 153
Email: sales@garbuiodickinson.eu

Direct Conditioning and Casing Cylinder DCC(C)

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Direct Conditioning and Casing Cylinder DCC(C) photo tobacco casing equipment

Direct Conditioning and Casing Cylinder DCC(C)
The Direct Conditioning Cylinder efficiently opens and conditions dry, sliced tobacco. The DCC(C) is fed with a homogeneous flow of dry tobacco slices, which is provided by the weigh band and slicer. Inside the cylinder, the tobacco is moistened in a hot, steamy atmosphere, causing the individual leaves to be opened and cased. To maintain constant atmospheric conditions in the cylinder, the process air is circulated. All process parameters such as water and casing fluid amounts, steam injection, temperature and process air flow are controlled to achieve optimum results and deliver a homogeneous product.
A wide range of adjustment options allows processing Virginia, Burley and Oriental as a whole leaf or strips. The machine can be also utilized to process also stems or cloves. On request it can be fitted with a casing function.
International Tobacco Machinery Poland Sp. z o.o.
ul. Warsztatowa 19A
26-600 Radom
NIP 796-003-55-67
tel.: +48 (0)48 36-86-100
fax: +48 (0)48 36-86-101
mail: Info.PL@itmgroup.eu

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