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Automatic Cleaning and Sorting Machine RSA

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Automatic Cleaning and Sorting Machine RSA photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipment

Automatic Cleaning and Sorting Machine RSA. After a knife box exchange, the used knives are usually extremely dirty. PUTSCH Automatic Cleaning and Sorting Machines RSA remove scaling, corrosion and beet-residue from the surfaces of the Koenigsfelder knives. This cleaning operation improves the cossette quality and protects the automatic knife reconditioning machines against excessive wear.
Putsch GmbH & Co. KG
Frankfurter Strasse 5,
58095 Hagen, Niemcy

Excellent Quality Vegetable Washing Machine

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Excellent Quality Vegetable Washing Machine photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipment

Vegetable Washing Machine
Model: GG-A
Application: This machine can be used to wash and clean potato, carrot, beet, lotus root, and sweet potato, etc many kinds of fruit and vegetable.
Outline size: 1240(L)x 690(W)x 870(H) mm
Capacity: 400kg/h
Voltage: 380v, three-phase
Power: 1.1kw
Henan Gelgoog Machinery Co.Ltd
Street Address: Jinshui road
Country: China
State/Province: Henan
City: Zhengzhou
Zip Code: 450000
Phone Number: 86-0371-86110690
Fax Number: 86-0371-86110692
Moblie Phone: 86-0371-18790255066

Innovative Beet Washing Drum

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Innovative Beet Washing Drum photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipment

Washing drum. Over the years Maguin has installed more than 100 drum prewashers or main washers in various configurations for all types of feeding and for capacities from 2,500 to 48,000 t/d per unit.
The Maguin drum washer is the perfect washing or prewashing solution in terms of running capacity, washing efficiency, sugar losses and maintenance. It is suitable for warm countries (Egypt, Morocco) and cold countries (Russia, USA), for heavy soils, clay : France, Netherlands, Belgium etc, tchernozium (Russia)) as well as light soils, silt or sandy soils (Poland, Germany, England etc). The drum technology has largely outperformed the old technology of the paddle washer that Maguin can nevertheless supply on specific request. The friction drive and the construction in thick steel plate ensures operation with minimal intervention for more than 10 years.
The range of drums is wide and suits all types of feeding (see attached schemes):
The drum size and type are selected according to the tare to be treated, the climatic conditions and the beet output.
short drum prewasher for light tare and dry feeding
drum with prewashing compartment or with elongated washing compartment for high tare and/or cold countries and dry feeding
drum with water separating compartment or separating wheel for wet feeding
The technology of the drum washer with dry feeding results in a concentrated washing water at the outlet and limits the size of equipment downstream (ratio washing water / beet output < 1). A clarifier is then not absolutely necessary.
Address: 2, rue Pierre S

Tank Type Beet Washer

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Tank Type Beet Washer photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipment

The washer compartments are provided with slot-perforated sheet steel screen bottoms. Manholes are provided laterally below the screens and washing tank bottom is provided with mud discharging pockets and valves.
The stone catcher compartments are furnished with floor gratings inclined towards the stone locks. The stone locks are equipped with the inside and outside slide gates operated pneumatically and interlocked against simultaneous opening, with one mud discharge device each, and With a manhole holder the floor grating in the lateral part of the trough section.
The air cylinders for the slide gates of the stone locks are ventilated manually. Just as in the washing compartments, the pneumatic actuation if controlled automatically through an electrical switch mechanism from a program of opening and closing times governed by the washing conditions.
The stones are eliminated while the beet washer is operating. Once special circulation pump each for the two stone locks enables the stones to be eliminated with almost no beets being lost. The stones can then be removed from a grating installed in front of the stone locks. The pump and flushing line is operated by means of quick-acting gate valves.
The circulation pump device include two pumps each with the following specification:
Drive power each 15 HP
Motor speed 1,800 rpm
Voltage 460 V
Frequency 60 cps
Delivery 1,300 gpm
Total head 7 ft. W. C.
Included also are circulation lines and a fully automatic control unit for operation of the stone locks.
The mud discharge pockets are located in the tank bottom and equipped with special valves which are pneumatically operated on a sequential and timed basis by the included controller.
The ejector compartment is located at the discharge of the washer together with the last
stone catcher compartment. The beets are ejected from the beet washer longitudinally or to the side by ejector arms mounted on the shaft. (Please specify which is required.)
The anti-spray mount serves for screening off the spray water caused by the rotation
of the washer shaft. The mount is composed of separate bolted sheet metal parts screwed to the washer tank.
The washer shaft is a hollow shaft doing the actual washing work. It is provided with steel washing paddles and with bolted throw-over and ejector flights. The shaft is sealed in the end plates of the washing tank by glands flushed with fresh water. The washer shaft is supported by two self-aligning roller bearings, a fixed bearing for absorbing the axial shaft thrust and one loose bearing, both of them mounted as external bearings on brackets secured to the trough end plates.
The drive consists of a stub shaft bolted to the washer shaft and driven by a shaft mounted gear with flanged three-phase motor. A staring and safety coupling is provided between motor and gearing.
The service platform as well as the discharge chute are to be provided by the customer. If requested they can be included at additional cost.
Address: 5350 Joliet st, Denver,
Colorado, 80239.
Phone: (303) 373-2311
Toll free: 1-800 845-8957
Fax: (303) 373-2319
Email: steve@silverweibullusa.com

High-performance Sugar Beet Washer

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High performance Sugar Beet Washer photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipment

BM-Industriteknik now also has a self developed sugar beet washer on our assortment. Hence we have a supplied
a beet washer with a capacity of 12000 ton/day to “Nykobing Sukkerfabrik”
(Danisco) with a satisfactory result. “Nordzucker Uelzen” and “Aarberg + Frauenfeld” in Aarberg has received systems with capacities of 20000 and 9000 ton/day, respectively.
Hence we are able to supply washers to comply with the capacity demand of any factory. Besides performing a thorough secondary wash of the beets the washers also separates the potentially remains of sand, stones etc. which might have passed the previous sequence.
BM-Industriteknik as
Birketvej 13
DK-4941 Bandholm
Tel.: +45 54 78 85 00
Fax: +45 54 76 35 07
E-mail: bmi@bm-i.dk

PUTSCH® Drum Washing Machine

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PUTSCH® Drum Washing Machine photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipmentAll drum washing machines are built on the rotary drum principle. Two outside rims run on 4 track rollers which drive the drum. The track rollers are mounted on a steel frame, which are part of the delivery. Dependent on the medium to be washed different wash drums are available for Pre-, main or Final washing. Insatllation and discharge elements for the drum washingmachine are also dependent on the medium to be washed. Feeding of the medium to be washed can occur dry through a chute or wet through a beet pump or flume channel in which case metal screen are used at the entry point to separate the transport water. The drum washing machines can be designed in all sizes to meet requirements.

Wash drum diameter (mm) 2800 3000 3300 4000 4500
Length: 393″ (10 m) 433″ (11 m) 492″ (12,5 m) 590″ (15 m) 984″ (25 m)
Empty weight:77161 lb (35000 kg) 79366 lb (36000 kg) 90389 lb (41000 kg) 103617 lb (47000 kg) 590838 lb(268000 kg)
Operating weight: 138891 lb (63000 kg) 147709 lb(67000 kg) 352739 lb(160000 kg) 859801 lb (390000 kg)

Putsch & Company Inc.
P. O. Box 5128
Asheville N.C. 28813
Tel. ++1 (828) 684-0671
Fax ++1 (828) 684-4894
E-mail: info@putschusa.com

Drum stone catcher

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Drum stone catcher photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipmentAfter passing through a Maguin drum washer, the different substances present with the beets are free and clean.It is then absolutely necessary to separate the beets efficiently before the beet hopper. The Maguin stone catcher is designed to optimize the extraction of stones and gravels while removing the least possible beets. Maguin has patented a design of a multi-pocket drum stone catcher with an efficiency higher than 99,99 % and low maintenance (wear resistant materials, squirrel cage drive)

The operating principle is based on the auto-creation of an upward water flow beneath the beet stream at the level of the stone pocket. The upward stream is strong enough to support the beets while allowing the stones, gravels and sand to drop into the stone pocket. The power demand is only that needed to rotate the drum.
Various products are offered:

stone catchers type TE-CXX with 3, 4 or 5 pockets for low quantity of stones
stone catchers type TE-CAX with 10, 12, 14 or 16 pockets for high flow of stones or difficult conditions (low densities, stones essentially in the form of gravels).
stone catchers type TE-CAL with expanded pockets for big stones (pockets 600 x 600 mm)

The same type of apparatus is used for desanding washing waters. The sand catcher even removes fine particles (sludge).

The stone catchers can be installed in an overhead flume in the washing line and in a flume in the beet yard before the beet pumps.

2, rue Pierre Semard
02800 Charmes
Tel; 33 (0)3 23 56 31 10

Cossette Mixer

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Cossette Mixer photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipmentThe cossette mixer system »Buckau-Wolf«, operating according to the counter-current principle, offers an optimum pre-treatment of fresh cossettes and at the same time a raw juice of a low temperature.

The counter-current principle enables the rapid, constant warming-up of the cossettes by using the heat of the boiling vapours. The energy demand of the sugar production can be remarkable reduced by means of this “waste heat”.

All parts in contact with the product are of stainless steel or stainless steel plated. Due to an intensive heat exchange process in a counter-current flow within the mixer and a consequent avoiding of “dead spaces” the cossette mixer of the system Buckau-Wolf provides a high sterilization effect.

Advantages of the continuous counter-current mixer system »Buckau-Wolf«
Feeding of cossette free from foam
Safe separation of atmospheric oxygen and intercellular gases
High sterilizing effect
Ample flooding – no stagnant juice
Rapid and uniform cossette preheating and albumin fixation
Low raw juice temperature
Easy adoption to existing extraction equipment
Easy operation and maintenance

BWS Technologie GmbH
Nordstrasse 41
D-41515 Grevenbroich
phone: ++49 (2181) 602 0
fax: ++49 (2181) 602 342
e-mail: bws@bws-technologie.de

Self-cleaning Dry Dirt Separator

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Self cleaning Dry Dirt Separator photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipmentSelf-cleaning Dry Dirt Separators (System Bütfering)

The self-clleaning PUTSCH® Dry Dirt Separators (System Bütfering) for dry earth separation after unloading.
To separate sand and small rocks from the delivered materials
Construction type depending on area of use
A specially patented system keeps the slots between the rubber rollers continuously free from clogging.

Putsch Nerva S.A.
Calle Vázquez de Menchaca, 136
E-47008 Valladolid
Tel. ++ 34 / 9 83 / 27 22 08-16,
Fax. ++ 34 / 9 83 / 27 22 12

Drum beet slicer

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Drum beet slicer photo sugar beet washing and cleaning equipmentThe range of Maguin beet slicers includes several types of machine using the « drum » technology created by Maguin at the beginning of last century, its manufacture being licensed at the very beginning in the United Kingdom (Dreiboltz) and in the USA (Ogden Works). Nowadays the range of latest generation equipment (more than 300 units running) is only manufactured in France and includes several models differing in their production capacity or offered to meet special conditions:

CRT 1600-600-32 for a recommended nominal capacity up to 3 000 T/D,
CRT 1600-600-48 for a recommended nominal capacity up to 5 000 T/D,
CRT 2000-600-40 for a recommended nominal capacity up to 4 000 T/D and for big or fibrous beets,
CRT 2000-660-40 for a recommended nominal capacity up to 4 000 T/D and use of knives of Ukrainian or Russian type,
CRT 2000-600-60 for a nominal capacity higher than 4 000 T/D, and recommended up to 7 000 t/d, and for big or fibrous beets.

The maximal instantaneous capacities are obviously higher.

According to the type, the beet slicers are equipped with single or double knife blocks. The knife blocks (with cossettes height adjustment device) are designed to be easily handled. Nevertheless all these models are equipped with a knife block extraction and insertion device controlled by a PLC (Schneider or Siemens or another brand according to customer’s request).

A supersonic low air pressure automated device enables excellent cleaning of knives during production leading to a more homogeneous cossettes quality.

The rotation speed is variable (driving by AC motor and frequency inverter) and is adjusted automatically from a speed control instruction. A monitoring system enables a rapid diagnosis in the event of a stoppage.

The body of the drum beet slicer is completely manufactured in solid 3 Cr 12 steel for areas in contact with beets to avoid plating problems. Easily removable wear parts are located inside the beet slicer and the knife blocks in areas subject to higher abrasion.

2, rue Pierre Sémard – 02800 CHARMES
Phone : +33 (0)3 23 56 63 00 – Fax : +33 (0)3 23 56 63 05
Mail : maguin@maguin.com

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