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Innovative Flower Pot Filler

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Innovative Flower Pot Filler photo flower pot filling machines

Flower Pot filler,bare root potter,potting machine,pot filling.

U.S.Global Resources
10242 59th Ave. South
Seattle WA 98178 USA
Tel: 206-722-3999
Fax: 206-721-1140

User-friendly Machine for Filling Large Pots

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User friendly Machine for Filling Large Pots photo flower pot filling machines

The Unimax XXL is the latest development from Javo. This user-friendly machine is for filling large pots up to 70 litres. The machine is built on a Unimax base which is extended and uses an automated adjustable filling program to set a working pace.
This pot filling machine is easily adjustable for varied pot sizes.
The machine takes away the heavy work of large pot filling by turning the pot and putting a measured amount of soil in a 2 stage operation. The machine puts the pot automatically in position for filling. When the pot is finished it is moved to the take off position. The Javo Unimax XXL is equipped with a unique soil return system for any un-used soil.
The Javo Unimax XXL means more possibilities with the same reliable technique.

Javo bv, Westeinde 4,
P.O. Box 21,
2210 AA Noordwijkerhout,
Tel.: +31 252-343121,
Fax.: +31 252-377423,
E-mail: info@javo.eu

Double-Head Semi-Automatic Pot Filling Machine

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Double Head Semi Automatic Pot Filling Machine photo flower pot filling machines

Double-Head Semi-Automatic Pot Filling Machine
This series of filling machine is a new division which is developed bu our own company according to the advanced foreign technology. Using piston-type metering principles, combining electrical with pneumatic function together, it performs many advantages, such as, reasonable design, compact structure, stable and reliable performance, accurate measurement, lightweight and flexiblity, good adaptablity, being easy to use and so on. This series of filling machine mainly consists of two species: Single-head and Double-headed (The non-calibrated products of multiple-head could be customed. ). In order to meet different customers’ needs, each species can also be made into several patterns: Vertical filling machine or horizontal one, and floor-standing one or desktop one, and filling machine’s drums with stirring or without stirring…
Electrical components and pneumatic components of the standarded series comes from the Japan’s Omron, and Taiwan’s Airtec respectively. If requested, German’s FESTO or Japan’s SMC pneumatic components could aslo be supplied. After the special treatment, This series of products’ piston cylinder, piston, seals and other parts can be applicable for high-temperature 80-98 temperature filling. It is widely used in a variety of viscous materials, semi-fluid, paste, sauces, especially the granule-containing materials filling and a variety of filling volume are provided to choose from.
Features of this series of filling machine:
1. The body of machine are mainly made by the high-quality stainless steel and aluminum production, so they are very beautiful and sanitatary and in full compliance with food hygiene requirements;
2. They canbe operated by hands or automatically. with manual and automatic continuous filling function. And manual operation and automatic operationing can be switched quickly;
3. Fast connection makes dismantling, assembling and cleaning more convenient.
4. Electrical and pneumatic components are imported products, which has stable and reliable performance and excellent quality;
5. with several available anti-drip filling-heads, they are lightweight, convenient, and highly adaptive.

Guangzhou Shengchuan Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
No. 4 New Industrial Area D, East Village,
Qingluo Road, Shawan Town, Panyu District,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
City/Province: Guangzhou/Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 511486
Telephone Number: 86-20-84740771 84740778
Fax Number: 86-20-84740775
Mobile: 86-18665066883

Full Automatic Bowl-Making Machine (RXC-660S)

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Full Automatic Bowl Making Machine (RXC 660S) photo flower pot filling machines

Full Automatic Bowl-Making Machine (RXC-660S)
With 4-columns struture, the machine has a big forming square area. It is suitable for making containers of big diameter, as bowl, flower pot &big cup. It is a thermoforming machine by preesing the heat-sheet (PP, PS, PVC). If you want to use this machine to make ordinary cups, 3-lines mold will be fit for thw machine. Controlled by PLC, servo moters used in the sheet-feeding&pulling device, the machine has a fast speed with high automaticality.
Power: 95KW
Sheet: 0.4-1.6mm(PP, PS, PVC)
Sheet Width: 500-600mm
Max. Forming Square Area: 600*400mm
Max. Forming Depth: 160mm
Capacity/Speed: 15-30 Times/Min. (Forming)
Air Consumption: 2.5m3 (0.6-0.7Mpa)
Dimension: 8000*1500*3500mm
Weight: 7000kg

Shantou Dahe Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
No. 6 Nanlou Industrial District,
Chaoshan Road, Shantou, Guangdong, China
City/Town: Shantou
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 515000

Water Flower Pot-Blow Modling Machine (80-1)

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Water Flower Pot Blow Modling Machine (80 1) photo flower pot filling machines

Water Flower Pot-Blow Modling Machine (80-1)
12L plastic bottle blow molding machine:
1. We are manufacturer
2. Our machines obtain CE, ISO and other cretificates.
3. Which can produce max capacity is 12L, double station, fron one to four die heads.
4. Applied materials: PP, PE, ABS, LDPE, HDPE, PVC.
5. Total consumption: 71kw/hr

Zhangjiagang Longhua Machinery Co., Ltd.
5th Building, Yongli Industry, Leyu Town,
Zhangjiagang, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China
City/Province: Suzhou/Jiangsu
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 215621
Telephone Number: 86-512-58530088
Fax Number: 86-512-58961095
Mobile: 86-13812840068

Automatic Line with RCO Volumetric Filler

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Automatic Line with RCO Volumetric Filler photo flower pot filling machines

Automatic Line with RCO Volumetric Filler
The only line currently on the market with volumetric filling: dispenses the required quantity and consistency of the growing substrate. Extremely versatile modularity starts with the filling unit, which can be gradually added to until you have a complete and automatic line for filling and staking, for seeding in tray or directly in the pot. This filling system is particularly suited to the forest plant sector.
Mosa S.r.l.
Via Marconi 14,
33083 – Chions (PN)
Phone: 00081040933

Mayer 1010 HT T8 Potting Machine

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Mayer 1010 HT T8 Potting Machine photo flower pot filling machinesThe Mayer range of potting machines is well established within the British horticultural industry and offers machines to pot from 7cm to 15 litre pots. The machines are designed and constructed at the Mayer factory with state-of-the-art equipment, to CE specification and to give many years reliable service. Mayer potting machines offer high performance with quality filling of round or square pots of all sizes. All the potting machines have central pot size adjustment by means of one handle for fast pot range changeover, plus an ultra-smooth movement from pot to pot for ease of potting, even at high speed.

Mayer 1010 High Tower T8 An 8-station turntable with a 15 – 32cm / 1.5 – 15 litre pot range with a 2-speed elevator. This machine may be fitted with a 16-station additional turntable if required. A high-volume pot filler with a rate of 600 – 3000 pots per hour. All the options mentioned for the 1010 Low Tower are also available for this machine, as well the potential to increase the hopper capacity to 4 cubic metres.

- Point Suitable pot sizes 15-32cm (round or square)
- Point Up to 3000 pots per hour (depending on pot size)
- Point Hopper capacity 1.5-4.0M³
- Point Electronic precision control of machine output
- Point Also above with 16 stations (T16 5-18cm pot size)

Mechanical Botanical Ltd
Pear Tree House
Ridgley Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0) 1428 683505
Fax: +44 (0) 1428 682308
+44 (0) 7818 455229

IA2400 Potting Machine

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IA2400 Potting Machine photo flower pot filling machinesThe IA2400 is a high spec machine. Everything is included with this model. Pneumatic dispenser, drilling unit / former, pneumatic pot dispenser, out feed conveyor and a long pricking out tray stand.

The machine benefits from an easy to alter pot carousel. The manufacturers have provided a large compost hopper for the benefit of the user, which will take 850 litres of compost and can be loaded without complication with no obstructed access. The compost hopper has a conveyor at the base normally only found on bigger more expensive models. The reliable pot dispenser caters for a wide range of pots and adjustment is quick and simple.

This machine is only available at the comparatively low price due to its great success in Southern Europe and large-scale production techniques. The machine is tremendous value for money when design/features and build quality are considered against the more common models of potting machine available in the UK.

Technical Data
* Automatic potting machine for round or square pots 8-22cm
* Wheels to transport
* Hopper capacity 800L
* Production adjustable up to 2500 pots/hour
* Pneumatic pot denester
* Drilling unit
* Pot take off arm
* Transplanting belt of 2.6m with tray holder
* Installed power 1,5KW 3 Phase 400V 50/60Hz
* Air usage 135L/min
* Height of conveyor 930mm
* Weight 438Kg

* Rotating accumulation table 1000mm diameter
* Single phase version 2,5KW 1F 230V 50/60Hz
* Hopper capacity 1100L
* Trayfiller module with electric panel
* Device for square pots

Rotomation UK Limited
28 Northlands Leyland Lancashire PR26 7XP United Kingdom
Phone: 01772 431587
Email: sales [at] rotomation [dot] co [dot] uk

DT3016 Potting Machine

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DT3016 Potting Machine photo flower pot filling machinesThe DT3016 is an incredibly versatile potting machine. Capable of working automatically with pots from 7cm-35 cm.

The machine benefits from a solid chassis, large hopper of 3000L. The machines versatility comes from its use of both an 8 and 16 station potting ring, both feature ‘centralized adjustment’. The machine comes complete with large pneumatic tyres and towing arm. The machine will be supplied as standard with a pot dispenser, automatic pot take off arm and conveyor.

The DT3016 benefits from an easily adjusted ‘pneumatic’ double-sided pot dispenser, which is exceptional with second hand pots if you re-use them! The strong linear pot take off arm has a very smooth action and allows the pots to be removed from the turntable onto the wide take off conveyor with little effort or disturbance to the pot. Because pots used on this machine are usually on the larger side the conveyor supplied is wide and has additional rollers, underneath every few inches.

Incorporated in the DT3016 machine are some unique features such as a system in the soil hopper to prevent the phenomenon commonly known as soil bridging. Another unique feature is the soil return conveyor that totally eliminates overfill of the soil elevator. Bare root potting is easy with the DT3016. The machine comes supplied as standard with the bare root system allowing pots to be part filled and then topped up from the centre spilled soil after the shrub is placed in the pot.

The DT3016 is a great general all rounder and will give years of reliable service.

Rotomation UK Limited
28 Northlands Leyland Lancashire PR26 7XP United Kingdom
Phone: 01772 431587
Email: sales [at] rotomation [dot] co [dot] uk

Comet Filling Pot

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Comet Filling Pot photo flower pot filling machinesFill large pots quickly and easily with your COMET.

Just add the large pot filling chute to direct the potting mix flow to your large pots. The large pot chute is foot pedal operated to move against the COMET and direct the potting mix into the pot.

On release of the foot actuator, the chute moves away from the COMET allowing the continual flow of potting mix to be returned to the hopper.

Handling Large Pots.

Large pots are much easier to handle and fill using the adjustable large pot stands – no more back breaking work holding large pots while being filled.

The picture to the right shows the large pot stands and the foot pedal actuator rods that operate the mix chute to position it under the potting mix outlet to direct the potting mix to the pot

Andersen’s Engineering, Parts & Sales
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27 Long Street,
Point Vernon, QLD 4655
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