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Hard Working Soil/ Substrate Mixing Machine

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Hard Working Soil/ Substrate Mixing Machine photo substrate mixers

The MX1600 is a hard working machine and is designed to provide fast and effective mixing in a safe and efficient way. The mixer is built around a fully welded steel box section framework for robustness. The machine is supplied complete with a standard control box that offers timer control for mixing and selection for automatic discharge and sensor control filling of the following machine upon completion of the mix cycle. The operator can also choose to immediately discharge the contents on pressing of a button.
Safety is not forgotten on this machine. As well as the discrete electrical safety devices inside the control box the MX1600 also features a prominent Emergency Safety Button and an electrical lid interlock which prevents the operator from opening the mixer whilst it is operating.
The MX1600 is provided with a 2m long discharge elevator for transporting the mixed media to the following machine. Also include is a start / stop sensor that can be set to accurately maintain the soil level in the following machine.
The MX1600 is designed for blending the following common substrates.
Perlite / Vermiculite / polystyrene
Expanded clay
The MX1600 is provided with a watering bar already fitted and only requires connection of a solenoid valve and flow metering device (not included)(optional extra)

Argus Pacific
P.O.Box 232,Narre Warren LPO,Webb St
Narre Warren, Victoria, 3802
call free: 1800 731114

Mobile Substrate Mixing Machine

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Mobile Substrate Mixing Machine photo substrate mixers

mixing and elevating of different kinds of peat and soil substrates
mixing capacity: 1,5 m³
automatically working by means of photo eye
turning movement mixing-elevating hydraulically driven
mobile machine

Demaitere bvba
Roeselaarsestraat 171
B-8890 Moorslede
Tel: 0032 (0) 51/77.70.36
Fax: 0032 (0) 51/77.11.13

Innovative Flower Pot Filler

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Innovative Flower Pot Filler photo flower pot filling machines

Flower Pot filler,bare root potter,potting machine,pot filling.

U.S.Global Resources
10242 59th Ave. South
Seattle WA 98178 USA
Tel: 206-722-3999
Fax: 206-721-1140

User-friendly Machine for Filling Large Pots

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User friendly Machine for Filling Large Pots photo flower pot filling machines

The Unimax XXL is the latest development from Javo. This user-friendly machine is for filling large pots up to 70 litres. The machine is built on a Unimax base which is extended and uses an automated adjustable filling program to set a working pace.
This pot filling machine is easily adjustable for varied pot sizes.
The machine takes away the heavy work of large pot filling by turning the pot and putting a measured amount of soil in a 2 stage operation. The machine puts the pot automatically in position for filling. When the pot is finished it is moved to the take off position. The Javo Unimax XXL is equipped with a unique soil return system for any un-used soil.
The Javo Unimax XXL means more possibilities with the same reliable technique.

Javo bv, Westeinde 4,
P.O. Box 21,
2210 AA Noordwijkerhout,
Tel.: +31 252-343121,
Fax.: +31 252-377423,
E-mail: info@javo.eu

Double-Head Semi-Automatic Pot Filling Machine

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Double Head Semi Automatic Pot Filling Machine photo flower pot filling machines

Double-Head Semi-Automatic Pot Filling Machine
This series of filling machine is a new division which is developed bu our own company according to the advanced foreign technology. Using piston-type metering principles, combining electrical with pneumatic function together, it performs many advantages, such as, reasonable design, compact structure, stable and reliable performance, accurate measurement, lightweight and flexiblity, good adaptablity, being easy to use and so on. This series of filling machine mainly consists of two species: Single-head and Double-headed (The non-calibrated products of multiple-head could be customed. ). In order to meet different customers’ needs, each species can also be made into several patterns: Vertical filling machine or horizontal one, and floor-standing one or desktop one, and filling machine’s drums with stirring or without stirring…
Electrical components and pneumatic components of the standarded series comes from the Japan’s Omron, and Taiwan’s Airtec respectively. If requested, German’s FESTO or Japan’s SMC pneumatic components could aslo be supplied. After the special treatment, This series of products’ piston cylinder, piston, seals and other parts can be applicable for high-temperature 80-98 temperature filling. It is widely used in a variety of viscous materials, semi-fluid, paste, sauces, especially the granule-containing materials filling and a variety of filling volume are provided to choose from.
Features of this series of filling machine:
1. The body of machine are mainly made by the high-quality stainless steel and aluminum production, so they are very beautiful and sanitatary and in full compliance with food hygiene requirements;
2. They canbe operated by hands or automatically. with manual and automatic continuous filling function. And manual operation and automatic operationing can be switched quickly;
3. Fast connection makes dismantling, assembling and cleaning more convenient.
4. Electrical and pneumatic components are imported products, which has stable and reliable performance and excellent quality;
5. with several available anti-drip filling-heads, they are lightweight, convenient, and highly adaptive.

Guangzhou Shengchuan Packaging Equipment Co., Ltd.
No. 4 New Industrial Area D, East Village,
Qingluo Road, Shawan Town, Panyu District,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
City/Province: Guangzhou/Guangdong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 511486
Telephone Number: 86-20-84740771 84740778
Fax Number: 86-20-84740775
Mobile: 86-18665066883

Artificial Flower Making Machine

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Artificial Flower Making Machine photo other machines machines for florists agriculture and food processing

Artificial Flower Making Machine
Our company is an industrial handicraft machinery develops the factory, presently uses the machinery and the electronic technology is the entire automation which a body produces (feeding to end product box) the handicraft machinery (star flower machine), improved the former star flower production cycle long, the labor cost to be high completely, rejection rate higher characteristic. Raised the production efficiency greatly, and operates the worker most little to be possible simultaneously to control three machine’s operations. And this machine may act according to the product the request, is suitable many kinds of different processing materials for example: (paper tape, cloth weave belt, ) moreover to be possible to adjust the colored size, the turn, the angle, and so on willfully the correlation technique parameter. Cong Ershi produces the product is more perfect.

Monalila Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Dadao Bei141,
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
City/Town: Guangzhou
Province/State: Guangdong
Country/Region: China

3D Digital Flower Printing Machine

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3D Digital Flower Printing Machine photo other machines machines for florists agriculture and food processing

3D Digital Flower Printing Machine
Application field:
Sign making shop
Photo studio or film development shop
Screen printing
Garment, Textile and fabric, such as the T-shirt, flag, handkerchief, neckerchief…
Leather, shoes, clothes, crystal and other crafts & gifts industries
Leather, shoes industries
All kind of factories of art items with image
It is a compliment to screen printing production and heat-transfer industries as it can do some jobs which are very expensive or not possible with the traditional printing
Products Advantage:
Equipped high quality core accessories; Super printing resolution; Precise position;
Intelligent Anti- Scratch printhead system ensures the life of printhead last longer which reduces the cost of printing. The patent for this is under process;
Two levels ink filter system ensures printheads will not be clogged easily;
Nearly 10 years of professional experience ensures stable machine performance, low falure rate and long lifespan;
Manufacture in large volumes ensures low price and high cost-ratio;
Excellent after-sale service, maintenance solution with full range of accessories and completed comsumables supply system

Kunming Bo Yi Chuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.
1006, Unit A, 28#, Baiyun Road, Panlong Area,
Kunming, Yunnan, China
City/Province: Kunming/Yunnan
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 650233
Telephone Number: 86-871-5624180
Fax Number: 86-871-3302964
Mobile: 86-13888345650

Professional Flower Bag Making Machine

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Professional Flower Bag Making Machine photo other machines machines for florists agriculture and food processing

Flower Bag Making Machine
Our Machine Approved by ISO9001, 2000.
USE: Suitable for the material of BOPP, PP, PE, CPP etc which can be heat sealing, For example: Making flowers bag, tower form bag, umbrella bag, necktie bag, bottle form bag, fruit bag etc. Erose profiled bag, also can be used making common, hot cutting plastic bag.
Feature: Computer control, stepping motor material-feeding, length-making discretionarily, photoelectric correction, auto meter counting, feeding down and up, frequency adjusting speed, high position barking.
Main machine material: Profiled bar, armor plate.

Wenzhou Ruizhi Packing Machinery Co., Ltd.
Zhenglou Industrial Zone, Pingyang,
Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
City/Province: Wenzhou/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 325200
Telephone Number: 86-13868382221
Fax Number: 86-577-63785677
Mobile: 86-13868382221

Eget Digital Flower Printer (SP-F06B1)

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Eget Digital Flower Printer (SP F06B1) photo other machines machines for florists agriculture and food processing

Eget Digital Flower Printer (SP-F06B1)
1. Printer Size: 430mmx280mmx250mm
2. Power: 20W
3. Net Weight: 3.5kgs
4. Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 60Hz
5. 1.3 million high resolution camera
6. Present prompt photo-taking
7. Strong present write and edit
8. Fast drying and waterproof
9. Automatic flower holder adjust system
10. Openly million designs saved
12. Portable, fashionable and streamlined plastic shell
13. Gross Weight: 9kgs
14. Packing size: 598mm*346mm*334mm

Eget Hi-Tech Co., Ltd.
No. 92, Haier Road,
Qingdao, Shandong, China
City/Province: Qingdao/Shandong
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 266101
Telephone Number: 86-532-88990529,88991688
Fax Number: 86-532-88991161

Plastic V-Shape Bag Making Machine for Flower Pack (RFX-800/900)

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Plastic V Shape Bag Making Machine for Flower Pack (RFX 800/900) photo other machines machines for florists agriculture and food processing

Plastic V-Shape Bag Making Machine for Flower Pack (RFX-800/900)
This machine is a multi-functional, high-quality, high-efficiency hot-cutting seal bag machine, designed and made by our technical staff, according to the market demand and our country conditions. This machine is humanized and adopted in the world advanced frequency conversion technology and computer control systems of single slice. And it have several excellence, such as, strong applicability, automatic high, easy to handle, orient precision high, energy-saving, excessive pressure and protection, noise, etc. The products are fast-selling in Middle East, Southeast Asia and all parts of the country.
Main function
This machine is controlled by the computer, there is frequency conversion that adjusts the speed, electric eye following, adjustable function of various specifications, easy to operate. Suitable for different bags such as flower bag, tie bag, umbrella wrapping bag, etc. To process.
Main function:
1. This machine uses the liquid crystal computer to touch the screen control, may initialize the system bag speed, makes the bag length, establishes in advance approves/the inferior quantity to carry on automatically counts, pre-alarm, after in groups/inferior quantity knock off.
2. The computer control burns the knife temperature, may carry on the lock following to the temperature.
3. The host electrical machinery speed controls with the frequency changer, the revolution steady province electricity, the ease of operation is relaxed.
4. Uses the photo cell tracking, accuracy control system bag size.
5. Uses the high-level import silica gel conveyor belt, the service life long, makes the bag to be artistic.
6. The belt dashed line spot breaks the function
7. The special-purpose cutting tool, uses in view of the fresh flower bag, the tie bag, Umbrella the packing.

Ruian Ruifeng Packing Machine Co., Ltd.
No. 4, Guangming Road, Shibajia Industrial Area,
Ruian, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China
City/Province: Wenzhou/Zhejiang
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 325200
Telephone Number: 86-577-66800288
Fax Number: 86-577-65885280
Mobile: 86-13736940533

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