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Small Vacuum Tanker 8000 Litre Pump

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Small Vacuum Tanker 8000 Litre Pump photo tankers septic tank emptying

Small Vacuum Tanker. Range in size from 1150 to 2000. Comes with an 8000 Litre pump. Many wheel sizes available. Choice of sprung drawbar. Many different colours.
CROSS Agricultural Engineering
045-524134, within Ireland, or
00 353 45 524134 International
045-524631, within Ireland or
00 353 45 524631 International

Shot Blasted ST Vacuum Tanker

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Shot Blasted ST Vacuum Tanker photo tankers septic tank emptying

ST Vacuum Tankers. Manufactured using high quality steel our standard specification uses 6mm rolled barrels with internal baffles to reduce liquid surge during transport and includes rear hydraulic gate valve with inverted spreader plate, 4.5 metres of suction hose, sight glasses front and rear, ratchet type parking brake, parking skid, LED lights and hydraulic brakes.
All our tankers are shot blasted and undercoated with a two pack under coat before we apply a high build two pack paint top coat.
Richard Western Ltd.
IP13 9RP.
Telephone: 01728 723224.
Fax: 01728 724291
Email: sales@richard-western.co.uk

The Highest Standard Slurry Tanker

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The Highest Standard Slurry Tanker photo tankers septic tank emptying

All tankers are built to the highest standard with impolosion rings to give maximum support and are available in sizes ranging from 1150 gallon to 3000 gallon.
All tankers come with standard fittings as follows:
Hydraulic Brakes
6″ filler and discharge points
3″ sight glass
A blanked off side fill point
15ft of 6″ suction hose
Half inch/2″ washdown adaptor plug
6″ quick attach suction hose filler
8000 ltr pump on 1150 to 1650 gallon tanks
10,000 ltr pump on 2000 to 3000 gallon tanks
Sprung drawbar standard on 2000 to 3000 gallon tankers
Belmont Plant & Equipment Ltd.
Clonboniff Belmont
Birr, Co. Offaly
Phone: 090 6457319 mobile 086 8255220
Fax: 090 6457558
Email: info@belmac.ie

Type “TMP” Slurry Tanker

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Type TMP Slurry Tanker photo tankers septic tank emptying

Type “TMP”. These tankers can filled completely by a centrifugal pump, also at large sucking depth and thickly slurry. An ingenious system prevents an overfilling of the machine. The centrifugal pump can be deactivated about a manual transmission through which only the compressor is required to empty the tank. Through this less strength is needed and fuel is saved !
Tel.: 0043/2786/2311-0
Fax: 0043/2786/2311-12
e-mail: office@kirchner-soehne.com

Odor-free, Rust-proof FRP Septic Tanks

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Odor free, Rust proof FRP Septic Tanks photo tankers septic tank emptying

FRP tanks are used for different kinds of application viz:
We manufacture FRP Septic tanks employing recognized principles of biological science, Oxidation and settling process.It works by the introduction of free oxygen, Aerobeic micro organisms and clean and clear waste water is produced by the system.Available for 5 persons to 50 persons.The tanks are designed for undergrount installation.
Septic Tank is odor-free, rust-proof, environmental-friendly, easy to install and, besides periodic inspection and pumping of the Septic Tank, lasts for decades with no maintenance.
Hengrun Group Co., Ltd.
North Fuqiang Road, Zaoqiang County,
Hengshui, Hebei, China
City/Province: Hengshui/Hebei
Country/Region: China
Zip/Postal Code: 053100
Telephone Number: 86-318-8222061
Fax Number: 86-318-8238869
Mobile: 86-13931808425

Tow Behind Seed, Fertilizer Spreader

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Tow Behind Seed, Fertilizer Spreader photo spreaders fertiliser

Tow behind seed,fertilizer spreader
Spreading Width 7-9 Metres
Professional manufacture of broadcast spreader
This tow behind quad grit spreader can be used for many applications for spreading seed, fertiliser or sand etc. This can be towed behind an ATV, Ride on Mower, Car or Tractor depending on the coupling connection. Complete solid steel construction with pneumatic wheels and maximum hopper capacity of 159kg.
hopper-2mm steel panel
159kg Steel Square Hopper Capacity
gear box:heavy-duty cast iron,and oil bath gear
wheel:15″/6.00-6 pneumatic wheel, precious powder metal bushing
coupler:2 inch coupler
surface finish: powder coating
color: red&black avaliable
package:plywood crate
Instructions Included
12 Month Parts Warranty
Shipping Weight Approx 100Kg
Qingdao Jiahui Machinery Co., Ltd.
Wangtai Town,Jiaonan city
City: Qingdao
Province/State: Shandong
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 266400
Telephone: 86-532-86115852
Fax: 86-532-86115852,86228155

High Quality Lawn Fertilizer Spreader

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High Quality Lawn Fertilizer Spreader photo spreaders fertiliser

High quality lawn fertilizer spreader.
1.good quality, high productivity
2.big volume
3.homogeneous ability
4.many types for choose
CDR fertilizer spreader
Shandong Everbright Foreign Trade Co., Ltd.
Room456 ,Jingshichuangye Center ,
No.1509 Qingnian Road ,
City: Dezhou
Province/State: Shandong
Country/Region: China (Mainland)
Zip: 253000
Telephone: 86-534-2107071
Fax: 86-534-5082009

8-Gallon (Dry) Push Broadcast Spreader

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8 Gallon (Dry) Push Broadcast Spreader photo spreaders manure

8-Gallon (Dry) Push Broadcast Spreader.
hopper capacity: approx. 8 gallon (dry)/100 lb.
17,500 sq. ft. coverage; roughly 1/3 acre.*
rustproof poly hopper and spreader plate increase product life.
steel rod flow control (no cables) for precise coverage.
up to 10′ spread width for reliable coverage.
spreader setting recommendations included for easy use.
Agri-Fab, inc.
Customer Care:
(800) 448-9282

Power Manure Spreader HSC-1000

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Power Manure Spreader HSC 1000 photo spreaders manure

Power Manure Spreader HSC-1000
You can alternatively choose engine type or oil pressure type
* Features
You can alternatively choose engine type or oil pressure type
2 levels of speed can be controlled depending on sort of manure
It can spread all kind of fine, watery and rough manure.
The only Korean device of automatic alignment and 4-wheel steering system
Smooth transmission by vehicle mission
Transmission is possible while driving
It offers silent work by durable warm-gear of special steel
* Special Functions
4-steps of spreading speed
You can control 4 steps of spreading quantity
Round Spread Table
4-5m of spread width by round revolutionary table
Oil Pressure operation lever
Easy control by one-touch lever
Chain drive
It has firmness as chain driving type
219-1 Dongam-ri Eumbong-myeon
City: Asan-SI
Province/State: Chungcheongnam-do
Country/Region: South Korea
Zip: 336-861
Telephone: 82-41-5347420
Mobile Phone: 82-10-8814-1653
Fax: 82-41-5347422

Heavy Duty Welded 11 Gauge Steel E-Z Manure Spreader

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Heavy Duty Welded 11 Gauge Steel E Z Manure Spreader photo spreaders manure

Our Model 25 is only $1495 plus estimated shipping deposit based on Midwest of East and West Coast, if actual shipping is less than this estimate we will refund the difference! see note below.
E-Z Model 25 and E-Z Model 35 Manure Spreaders are constructed from heavy duty welded 11 gauge steel. The 25 bushel or 35 bushel models are ideal for the small hobby farmer or small equestrian ranches, yet these spreaders are heavy built for hard use. In fact these manure spreaders are so well built they can be shared or rented out to neighbors.
We do have larger models up to 75 bushel available, just drop us an e-mail for a quote.
For the quality workmanship and heavier materials used in these spreaders you will quickly note that similar competitor models using thinner metals are priced much higher. The E-Z Model spreaders are still manufactured one at a time in a small Amish shop in Ohio. The Amish build quality products with lower overhead, thus we are able to pass on this type of old time American manufactured value product to you at a much lower price. Please allow a 3-4 week build time.
The E-Z Model 25 has an overall length of 8’ and the E-Z Model 35 has an overall length of 9’. Both models are only 3’ tall for easier loading, and are only 60” wide to maneuver in between tight spaces in the barn. The sides are durable powder coated steel, while the floor is equipped with tongue and groove poly recycled plastic lumber and the wheels have rubber tires. The unit utilizes heavy duty roller chains and sealed bearings for years of service. The floor conveyor utilizes heavy T-Rod Web Chain to prevent breakage with a full load. Both models have trailer tongue jacks.
Since these are Amish built, steel wheels and single horse hookups are available if you want to use these spreaders in an historical living history farm or ranch.
Both the Shredder auger and chain floor conveyor are powered from the wheels. Two operating handles on the front engage or disengage these power units.
Both models can be pulled by a 10 H.P. or lager garden tractor/ATV at a ground speed between 5-6 MPH. At this speed the shredder will throw a 10’ wide path.
With the heavier metal the empty weight is 700 lbs for the Model 25 and 750 lbs for the Model 35, if you are planning on using one of these spreaders on hilly steep terrain, safety consideration should be given to the unit loaded with heavy wet manure and the size of the tractor or ATV you plan to pull it with. The compounding weight going down a steep incline may overpower the brakes on a small garden tractor or ATV causing it to flip over while making a turn.
Shipping is not included in the price. This item will need to be shipped truck freight from South Central Ohio to a business address or a freight terminal in your city, so it is priced F.O.B.
To ship to a business address in the Midwest we estimate the cost is $300 or less, to ship to the East or West Coast we estimate $475 or less.
You may select the shipping estimate and apply a shipping deposit below.
You may also select F.O.B direct shipping quote and we will obtain a quote to a business address in your city.
We will refund the difference of the shipping deposit to you of our actual shipping cost. If the actual cost is higher, we will cover the additional cost up to 10% above the shipping deposit.
If the actual shipping cost is still above this amount we will contact you for the additional amount or upon your request provide a full refund before processing your order.
We can also arrange for dock pickup at the factory if you are within driving distance to South Central Ohio.
For shipments outside the Continental USA please select F.O.B. and we will obtain a shipping quote.
We can obtain a shipment quote to a residential address but the cost will be considerably higher. If you do not have a business address, generally for a small handling fee a local tractor implement company will accept delivery and allow you to pickup from their location.
Shipping is based on the truck being able to access a loading dock, fork lift or other easy on off loading or the unit on a pallet. Lift gate charges will be extra.
Cottage Craft Works, LLC
P.O. Box 771
Brookshire, TX 77423 USA
Office Hours 8-5 M-Sunday
P: 281-638-0050 CST
F: 281-391-4387
Main Email: Info@cottagecraftworks.com

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