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Digital position control leaf stripper

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Digital position control leaf stripper photo vine leaf strippers

Digital position control leaf stripper
This leaf-stripping system consists of one or several heads, a high-speed airflow and a deflector with the profile of an aeroplane wing. Air circulating at high speed (280 km/h) tangentially to the deflector results in a significant vacuum which sucks in vine leaves to the right of a classic cutter bar. The leaf stripper heads are equipped with digital position control enabling them to exactly “copy” the leaf cover of the vine. This control features a flexible flat sensor whose movement in space is recorded by ultrasound sensors and which supplies data in real time, thus permitting optimum positioning of the heads on the row of vines.

65, Avenue de Treville
64130 Mauleon-Licharre, France
Tel. + 33 5 59 19 20 10
Fax. + 33 5 59 19 20 11

Forged and fully heat treated garden pliers

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Forged and fully heat treated garden pliers photo vine pliers

Garden pliers
Forged and fully heat treated blade
Strong spring for smooth cutting
Non Slip and comfortable grips
Easy release lock for easy operating
Idea for grafting
Size: 8″
Material: 55# steel

Zhangjiagang Maoshi Garden Tools Co., Ltd
HongGuang Jing Feng Town Zhangjiagang City
Code: 215625
Fax: +86.512.58563567
Mobile: +86.139.13614114

Horticultural Tie-back Tool LIG 150 Vine Pliers

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Horticultural Tie back Tool LIG 150 Vine Pliers photo vine pliers

Horticultural Tie-back Tool LIG 150 Vine Pliers
Model: 32-150
Shipping Weight: 0.91lbs
Manufactured by: Isaberg Rapid AB

Militello Farm Supply, Inc.
2929 Route 39
Forestville, NY 14062

Rapid LIG 175 Vine Pliers

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Rapid LIG 175 Vine Pliers photo vine pliers

Rapid LIG 175 Vine Pliers
Quick and simple to use. Only one hand needed to dispense staples. Used with C 75 staples (galvanized or aluminium), the LIG 175 provides a high quality of stapling on branches diameter 6 to 20 mm.
Use steel staples if you want the staples to decompose in 1 season. Use aluminum staples if you want them to last several seasons. The LIG 175 provides the ultimate solution for plants, shrubs, fruit bushes, and vines. Along with Rapid C75 and C85 staples, the system enables you to keep even larger branches in place, maintain direction of growth, and provide resistance against wind damage. An ideal horicultural fixing tool that produces time and cost savings, supporting natural growth and improving your efficiency.

Ample Supply Company
1401 S Prairie Dr
Sycamore, IL 60178
Phone: 815-895-3500

Hog Ring Type Vine Pliers LIG 150

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Hog Ring Type Vine Pliers LIG 150 photo vine pliers

For attaching and fixing vines. Hog ring type pliers instantly secure vine to trellis wire as quick and easy as you can squeeze the handle. Only one hand needed to dispense staples. Lightweight wire opens as vines grow. Steel staples decompose in about one season. Aluminum staples are available if you want them to last several seasons. Use on branches 4 to 14mm. It has a staple capacity of 50. Model LIG 150. NOTE: The other model (LIG 175) is the recommended size for grape vines.

Orchard Valley Supply, Inc.
Toll Free 888.755.0098
Email: info@orchardvalleysupply.com

Pellenc Leaf-remover

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Pellenc Leaf remover  photo vine leaf strippersThe chain mail distorting drums roll along the foliage and and adapt perfectly to the vine’s shape while going around the grapes. The quality of the work is optimal thanks to the drums which position themselves at the height of the foliage and automatically adapt their operating speed to the forward speed of the tractor or carrier in real time. The foliage is worked in depth and the leaves are stripped whole with their stalks.

Leaf removal force is progressive, from gentle to powerful, and indepepndent for each side if necessary. Working speed varies from 4 to 6 km/h depending on the health and condition of the vines. In the event of impact, a module retraction system ensures the vines are not damaged. The leaf remover operates in all types of trellised vinyard, from narrow planted vinyards with thin foliage to wide planted vinyards with thick foliage.

multifunction carrier

38 or 48 cm module with rotating drum
Hydraulic output required:
Hydraulic carrier

Pair of front cutting bars

How to contact us
Postal mail :
Pellenc SA
Route de Cavaillon BP 47
84122 Pertuis cedex
Tel : 33 (0)4 90 09 47 00
Fax : 33 (0)4 90 09 64 09
E-Mail : pellenc.sa@pellenc.com


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401 SUCTION LEAF STRIPPER WITH ROLERS AND FLANGES photo vine leaf strippersOMA leaf stripper is equipped with a fan which sucks up and attracts leaves towards the two rotating rollers, one of them made up of multiple flanges; by this way it is able to thin out most vegetation without damaging shoots and bunches of grapes , improve the microclimate and allow a better ripening.

OMA leaf stripper can be applied to the front part of the tractor; it can be used in the period after the blossom time (development into a fruit), in order to ease the treatments with the products for the defence of the vine. On the other hand, if is used before the grape harvest, it facilitates the grape- harvesting operations and reduces working time.

Suction blower diam. cm. 60
Required pump capacity 25/30 l. – max 40 l.
Two rollers: 1 in teflon and 1 in rubber

O.M.A. s.r.l.
Construction, Repair and Sale of Farm Machinery
Regione Stazione, 5 – 15010 Alice Bel Colle (AL) – ITALY
e-mail: info@omasrldiroffredo.it
Tel.: (+39) 0144-74146


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LEAF STRIPPER MOD.111S photo vine leaf strippersOur company was one of the first in the world to deal with leaf-stripping machines using suction action, as early as 1994. Mass production started in 1996 with the 110 mod.
We currently offer a type of machine that sucks and strips leaves. The leaves are drawn to a timing case bearing a rotating perforated roller, thanks to the suction pressure created by an axial fan inside the timing case. During rotation this surface comes into contact with another roller made of rubber. The leaves are then incorporated inside the timing case by the combined action of the rollers that tend to pull off the whole leaf or a part of it. This plant material is expelled by the air flow generated by the axial fan.
The leaf-stripping intensity can be regulated by the operator.

The machine is mounted at the front of the tractor and, thanks to the hydraulic movements controlled by the tractor driver from the console, the framework can be used even in the most difficult hilly conditions. In fact, the following movements are possible:
1) Upward movement: 600 mm.
2) Lateral movement: 300 mm.
3) Transverse angle with respect to advance: +/- 20°.
There is also a version with a reversible head to enable you to operate on the side of the row that is less exposed to light.

Viale Castagnetti 7
T +39 523 998815
F +39 523 998777

Langlois Single Row Vine Stripper

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Langlois Single Row Vine Stripper photo vine leaf strippersWith the Langlois Vine Stripper, the job of vine stripping becomes merely tidy up work. By stripping out through the top of the rows, only short canes and cordons (either very young vines or stunted growth) are left behind. The bulk of the discarded canes are removed by the mechanized Vine Stripper eliminating the “grunt work”.

Correct prune cuts are very important for optimised stripping effectiveness and ensures the best cane selection for fruiting wood in the coming season.

We believe that, by using the Cane Stripper, you will save costs, time and manpower allowing you to focus your skill, time and energy on the all important pruning cuts.

ETA Collard SA
11 rue Jeannd d’Arc 51150
Bouzy France
Corinne Collard
0033 326 57 01 12

Model VS98D Vine Master Pre Pruner Cage System

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Model VS98D Vine Master Pre Pruner Cage System photo vine leaf strippersThe BINGER defoliator EB 490 for viticulture is newly developed. Two rollers turn in opposite directions to pull
leaves in the grape cluster zone.

A suction blower supports this process. One roller is made from plastic and shaped in a special way to create the suction effect. The second roller is made of an extreme flexible material.
Two horizontal guides ensure a safe distance from vines and posts to prevent damage without the use of an
expensive parallelogram guidance system.
An adapter set up for ERO hydraulic lift is also available. The defoliator can be opened without tools for easy cleaning.

For one-sided operation a 180 degree reversible set up is available. It can be mounted to the hydraulic
side shift of the BINGER hydraulic lift base for leaf cutting.

Niagara on the Lake, ON phone: (905) 468-5016, fax: (905) 468-5676, e-mail: info@vineyardmachines.com

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