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Ideal for Runner-system Pre Pruning Machine

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Ideal for Runner system Pre Pruning Machine photo vine pruning shredders

Pre Pruning Machine. New system to cut the vine shoots in the winter period.
Ideal for runner-system or guyot type of espaliers. It pulls out the vineshhots which have been already cut and conveys them to the center of the row, leaving them whole in order to facilitate the collecting process or cutting them in small pieces by using a mower.

Via Valcunsat 5
City: Casarsa della Delizia
Province/State: Pordenone
Country/Region: Italy
Zip: 33072
Telephone: 39-0434-871271
Mobile Phone: 0039 3346867344
Fax: 39-0434-871272

High-perrofmance SG Spur Pruning Machine

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High perrofmance SG Spur Pruning Machine photo vine pruning shredders

The SG Spur Pruning machine with full electric over hydraulic controls allows more responsive tilt, lift, side shift and top head cylinder operations.
Operators can accurately set machine to cut precise spur lengths.
Patented poly discs allow for operation of the pruning machine around posts and Vines.
Opens up the canopy for spray/light penetration.
Average ground speeds of a SG pruning machine is between 1.8 and 3km per hour depending on operator experience and ground conditions.
Prunes VSP, Scott Henry and Smart Dyson trellis systems.
Easily adjustable cutter discs and poly discs for different vineyards
Use the spagnolo storage stand for easy removal straight from tractor

Spagnolo Engineering
E-mail Fred in Australia: sales@spagnolo.com.au
Australian Workshop Address:
San Mateo Avenue (over 16th Street)
Mildura Victoria Australia
Workshop Telephone: Fred Spagnolo 03 5021 1933
Mobile Telephone: Fred Spagnolo 0409 967 915
Postal Address:
PO Box 2766 Mildura,
Victoria Australia 3502
Phone: 03 50211933

Hydraulic Driven Pre Pruning System

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Hydraulic Driven Pre Pruning System photo vine pruning shredders

Clemens Viticulture – Vine Care – Pre Pruning Systems
Using dual cutter heads with hydraulic drive the Clemens Pre Pruners can make fast and clean work of the more labor intensive task in the vineyard.
Each cutter head is driven by its own engine oil.
The opening drive and hydraulic system is designed so that the vine can also be used by the Clemens mechanical shoot lifter and tying machines.
Clemens have developed a variety of Pre Pruners to ensure many vine canopies are matched to the mechanical pruning.
Automatic Post detection systems are available for the Vario Model.
Mount is made easy by utilising the same Liftinf Mast as the Clemens Trimmes and Clemens Leaf Removers.

Clemens Technologies
439 Maroondah Highway,
Lilydale VIC 3140
Phone: +61 3 9735 5933
Fax: +61 3 9735 2405
Email: clemens@clemens.com.au

Innovative G175V Vine Harvester

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Innovative G175V Vine Harvester photo harvesters vineyard machinery and equipment vineyard agriculture and food processing

Vineyard Harvesters
G175V The variable width solution for very narrow rows.
The G175V is a straddle tractor for one or two rows depending of the width of the plantations. It benefits from the variable width technology. This technology, known and mastered by GREGOIRE with the G90V and G135V, is thus reintroduced on a model that benefits from the latest breakthrough of the brand. To perfectly adapt it to the vineyard, it comes in two chassis versions: high or low.
G175V :
This model designed to straddle over two rows and work in rows from 0,90m is particularly suited for vineyard of Maconnais, Chablis, Beaujolais, Champagne, Jura and Savoies.
Equipped with a 6 cylinders Deutz engine of 187HP, of Poclain dual cylinders wheel motors with Twin Lock anti skid system, of the GREGOIRE slope correction system and available in two chassis versions (high and low), the G175V model is designed to work in the most extreme slope conditions.
Its ARC picking head equipped with the GREGOIRE suspension system assures an exceptional harvest cleaning sample. The watertightness length of 2278mm assures a very high work rate.

89, avenue de Barbezieux, BP213 Chateaubernard,
FR-16111 Cognac cedex, France
Tel. +33 545 822 349
Fax. + 33 545 829 443

Self-propelled Grape Harvester A90-130-170

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Self propelled Grape Harvester A90 130 170 photo harvesters vineyard machinery and equipment vineyard agriculture and food processing

Self-propelled harvester, A90-130-170
This new range is placed under a sign of excellence. It has the advantage of all our experience. It offers machines of the highest level in terms of forward movement, manoeuvrability, comfort and design..
Their quality, both in design and production, and their advanced technological ensure efficiency and reliability.
The main new features are a more spacious and comfortable cabin, access by ladder and safe catwalk and wider high rate conveyers.
There is still the articulated double chassis for automatic guidance.
The harvest quality requirements are guaranteed by double cleaning, vertical shaft lower suction pipes and belt upper suction pipes.
Investing in an ALMA SELF-PROPELLING MACHINE gives a combination of effiency, know-how and low maintenance costs.

ZI du Bois des Lots
26130 Saint-Paul-Trois-Chateaux
phone: +33 (0)4 75 04 70 38

Multi-Function Power Unit for Year-round Vineyard Operation

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Multi Function Power Unit for Year round Vineyard Operation photo harvesters vineyard machinery and equipment vineyard agriculture and food processing

The Oxbo 4420 is a multi-function power unit for year-round vineyard operation including harvesting, spraying, pruning, mowing, and other common vineyard tasks.
The Oxbo 4420 represents the next generation in multifunction performance–maximizing fruit quality without sacrificing productivity. The 4420 exemplifies Oxbo’s commitment to moving our vineyard products forward. The 4420 represents the culmination of over 250 changes since the original introduction of the Korvan 4012. A tight turning radius and 30-inches of industry leading side-to-side leveling make it the machine of choice in the most demanding vineyard conditions. The powerful turbo charged, Tier III engine is positioned low for enhanced stability, easy maintenance, and economical operation.
Power unit:
Features & Benefits
Center mount cab: Optional comfortable, air conditioned cab is center mounted for optimal visibility in all harvesting conditions
Multi-function design: The 4420 easily switches between modules; interchangeable controls provide true multi-function abilities
Powerful chassis: Provides a tight turning radius and industry leading 30-inches of side-to-side leveling
Ground drive system: Automatically directs full power to the correct wheel for increased stability and operation
Low mounted engine: 275hp, Tier III engine mounted low for stability delivers clean, consistent, and economical performance
Fruit quality
Picking system: The proven soft-touch bow rod system provides optimum fruit removal while minimizing vine or fruit damage
Bucket conveyance: Made with high quality materials for long service life, the high capacity buckets gently carry, not drag, your fruit for a clean whole berry end product.
Three-fan cleaning system: Our industry leading system has proven the most effective at removing debris and M.O.G. at unique directional transition areas.
Backed by product support
Oxbo backs all our vineyard equipment with over 50 years of experience designing, engineering, building, and supporting niche market harvesting solutions. Oxbo stands behind every power unit and module with readily available parts and in-field service support.
Superior spraying
The Oxbo 4420 is available with both a three-row and a five-row sprayer module. The powerful 4420 chassis, delivers high spraying speeds over multiple rows for increased efficiency in the vineyard. Both configurations feature Croplands™ Quantum Mist fan heads to deliver complete coverage and excellent canopy penetration.
Targeted, high volume air for the ultimate in spray coverage for vines. Using high volumes of air generated by each of the 5-blade SARDI fans, turbulent, spray-laden air is delivered exactly where it works best — targeted to the leaves and into the fruit zone.
Product tank: 700 gallon, stainless steel
Rinse tank: 50 gallon, fully contained
Product pump: 66gpm
Hydraulic lift and row spacing adjustment as well as hydraulic forward folding for maneuvering in the field

Oxbo International Corporation
7275 Batavia Byron Road Byron,
NY 14422-9535, US
Phone (585) 548-2665

Cost-effective and Reliable UR Mildura Trailing Harvester

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Cost effective and Reliable UR Mildura Trailing Harvester photo harvesters vineyard machinery and equipment vineyard agriculture and food processing

UR Mildura Trailing Harvester
We design machines to suit the wide variety of vineyard setups in production today. Our experience has assisted us to identify and include features which give our machines a world-wide reputation for harvest excellence.
Our harvesters have standard features which allow them to be partially dismantled for transport in shipping containers at a greatly reduced transport time and cost.
Virtually all components of the harvester are either manufactured in Australia or are sourced from Australian suppliers. All assembly takes place in Mildura including final testing and detailing ready for shipment.
New heads, with width adjustment in picking mode, ensure setting up is simple for everybody who has a basic understanding of vineyard operations.
We have added features including joy stick control, auto steering and power reducing hydraulics to make the long hours spent harvesting a little less tiring. The colour LCD screen gives the current status of all of the operating parameters and allows the operator to make adjustments without leaving the driving position.
We have set out to manufacture a reliable machine in the same style as traditional bucket machines, with proven ability and ease of maintenance, which is cost effective to both professional contractors and farmers alike.

UR Mildura
5 Byrne Court
(03) 5022 8811 – International +61 3 5022 8811
(03) 5022 8599 – International +61 3 5022 8599

High Clearance Grape Harvester

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High Clearance Grape Harvester photo harvesters vineyard machinery and equipment vineyard agriculture and food processing

Grape harvesters are high clearance, vehicles with high centers of gravity that must often harvest on steep inclines and rough terrain.
Poclain Hydraulics Twin Lock transmissions offer benefits specific to grape harvesters:
Outstanding traction control and torque transfer performance
Unique controllability and precision
Dynamic hydrostatic braking
Within a very compact package
Improved ergonomics
Reduced vehicle operating costs

Route de Saint Sauveur

Ergonomical New Pre-pruner Machine

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Ergonomical New Pre pruner Machine photo vine pruning shredders

New pre-pruner machine removes vine canes and is ideal for all varieties, important for efficient vineyard management and cost containment. It remains only for the finishing touch of occasional clearing of the wires as most of the canes are removed from the wires, therefore reducing the pruning time by at least one third. It is also possible to mount on the same frame the summer trimming machines either rotating knives or reciprocating blades, the side shoot remover and leaf-stripper machine. The CPS has electrohydraulic controls and one ergonomical joystick with 8 functions that allows it to work on slopes due to 2 tilting functions, sideways and backwards/forwards, that permits easy entry and exit of the rows.

Rinieri S.r.l.
Viale dell’Appennino 606/B
47121 Forlì (FC)
Tel – 0543 86066
Fax – 0543 83418
General informations: info@rinieri.com

Lightweight Vineyard Pre Pruners

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Lightweight Vineyard Pre Pruners photo vine pruning shredders

Vineyard Equipment – Pre Pruners
A retaliatively new machine to the Munckhof product line, this machine is far superior to competitors using saw blade-and-carriage technology, because this machine pinches the cane instead of cutting it. the benefits of pre pruning with this method are.
Eliminate wire breakage: high RPM blades in blade-and-carriage machines catch wire ends and can cause long delays while wires are fished out of the carriages
Reduction of sawdust buildup: the pinching action produces little sawdust, which can clog up radiators and cause tractor overheating.
Reduction of weight: the lightweight blade towers easily reduce the overall weight of the machine by half
Reduction of cost: this machine is affordably priced, smaller operations that could once not justify the cost of pre pruning now have affordable pre pruning options.

Munckhof Manufacturing
Box 308
Oliver, BC V0H 1T0
Phone: 250.498.4426
Fax: 250.498.4460
Email: officemunckhof.com

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