New VX high-capacity grape harvester

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New VX high capacity grape harvester photo harvesters vineyard

The new VX high-capacity grape harvester helps to increase the lead of Braud technology in terms of innovation, harvesting quality, comfort, capacity and multifunction.
Specialising in large vines with abundant vegetation, the new VX is the worthy successor to this spirit of innovation and excellence. Again, harvesting quality and multifunction were at the heart of its design: new shaker system with flexible rear attachments and new quick shaking rod engagement (for vines), possibility of adjusting SDC shaker system using a New Holland destemmer – separator control mechanism.
The new patented system for quick harvesting head uncoupling and quick attachments coupling, along with a new boom for all the front attachments, are revolutionising existing standards. If you add to this all the competence of the New Holland dealer network, their teams’ continued training in all the latest technologies, as well as the availability of our original parts and all the possibilities of tailor-made financing offered by CNH Capital, it is clear that the new New Holland VX high-capacity multifunctional grape harvester constitutes, by far, the leader in its market.
New multifunction
The new harvester has been designed for use throughout the year, from prepruning to grape harvesting. In order to achieve this, a new patented system
to couple and uncouple the harvesting head and a new front boom, to be fitted with attachments, have been developed.
Exclusive and patented Destemmer – Separator
A revolutionary and patented design, completelydevoted to the quality of the harvest.
New engines
All conform to the “Tier III” standard; New Holland’s new engine offers the VX7090 all the power necessary for every condition of use.
New Anti-Skid hydrostatic transmission
The new hydrostatic transmission with which the new machine is fitted provides the advantages of substantial torque rise, optimised transmission with a new high-capacity hydrostatic pump and increased manoeuvrability.
New shaking system: three times
Gold medal winner The new patented and several times award-winning (Gold medal Sitevi 1988 and 2003, Eima 2003) shaking system guarantees perfect grape harvesting
and total respect for vegetation.
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Useful ERO Grapeliner SF200

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Useful ERO Grapeliner SF200 photo harvesters vineyard

Here is an overview of the equipment features available on the ERO Grapeliner. Basic equipment includes numerous useful functions, such as a flat-screen display showing all harvest parameters at a glance, or the harvesting routines which you can set up yourself and save. With its comprehensive range of special equipment, the ERO Grapeliner can be adapted to particular needs and circumstances. Contact us so that, together, we can build the optimum grape harvester for your applications.

ERO-Geratebau GmbH
Simmerner Str. 20
55469 Niederkumbd

Reliable and competitively priced Grape Harvester

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Reliable and competitively priced Grape Harvester photo harvesters vineyard

Reliable and competitively priced grape harvester. Based in Mildura, Victoria, Australia, UR Mildura manufactures a range of mechanical grape harvesters and specialised vineyard equipment which we sell worldwide.
Using the latest research and development, we incorporate technology to provide versatile harvesters for individual harvesting solutions.
Reliable and competitively priced, our harvesters are designed to fully accommodate the needs and expectations of our customers.
Come in and explore our website and discover more about us.

UR Mildura
5 Byrne Court
phone (03) 5022 8811 – - International +61 3 5022 8811
fax (03) 5022 8599 – - International +61 3 5022 8599

Innovative DEUTZ-FAHR Grape Harvester

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Innovative DEUTZ FAHR Grape Harvester photo harvesters vineyard

Innovative DEUTZ-FAHR Grape Harvester. DEUTZ-FAHR has been shaping the development of agricultural machinery for over 100 years, with revolutionary inventions, innovative concepts and its legendary closeness to its customers. For 75 years now DEUTZ-FAHR tractors have been an established name for everyone in agriculture.

Viale F. Cassani, 15
24047 Treviglio
Tel: 0039 0363 4211
Fax: 0039 0363 421 638

Very robust, well-engineered low maintenance, reliable grape harvester

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Very robust, well engineered low maintenance, reliable grape harvester photo harvesters vineyard

New Holland SB65 Grape Harvesters
This latest model includes larger capacity soft buckets capable of handling very large crops with little or no spillage. Full floating head for less post and vine damage. Spring loaded bucket frame to allow machine to open up over posts up to 450mm diameter. Hydraulic head adjustment, front and rear posts move together, positive hydraulic lock. Exceptional cleaning capacity w/-all four fans working through drop zones. Picking head adjustments available are, picking width, three different stroke settings and the bow in the rods are all variable to suit different picking conditions. Low picking head speeds, longer picking rods, floating head and soft buckets all contribute to less vine and trellis damage.
The New Holland BRAUD SB65 is a very robust, well-engineered low maintenance, reliable grape harvester.

New Holland Agriculture
c/o CNH America LLC
621 State Street
Racine, WI 53402

Spectrum Extra-Wide Grape Harvester

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Spectrum Extra Wide Grape Harvester photo harvesters vineyardSpectrum Extra-Wide is designed to harvest the new 52″, 60′ and 73″ DOV raisin trellises. These very wide yield trellis systems can yeild 6 tons of raisin per acre.

Standard Features

* Frame Lift
* Hydrostatic Drive
* Sealed Switches
* Joystick Controls
* High Density Closure System
* Four Wheel Drive
* Sharp Steering
* Four Blower Cleaning
* Hydraulic Tilt Picking Mechanism
* Conveyor Spray System

American Grape Harvesters
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Quantum Grape Harvester

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Quantum Grape Harvester  photo harvesters vineyardThe Quantum Grape Harvester is the preferred harvesting tool on many California grape growers and custom grape harvester operators. Although it can be equipped with any picking mechanism, the trunk shaking Mantis is preferred. With its rated 36 inch side to side leveling capacity and 6 cylinder Cummins power plant it can operate in nearly any vineyard with 8 foot wide rows

Standard Features:

* Frame Lift
* Hydrostatic Drive
* Sealed Switches
* Electric over Hydraulic Controls
* Pressure Compensated Hydraulics
* Quad Blowers
* Four Wheel Drive
* Curtain Guards
* Quick Release Belt Tensioners


* Automatic Leveling
* Row Finder
* Turning Brakes
* Tool Box
* Cleated Pickup Belts
* Cresent Pickup Belts
* Demoger
* Sorting Conveyor
* Sidewinder
* Tiltup
* Rotary Pulsator
* Mantis
* Magnets
* Auxiliary Rear Platform

American Grape Harvesters
5778 W. Barstow Ave
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Self propelled grape harvester G152 BC

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Self propelled grape harvester G152 BC photo harvesters vineyardMulti function self propelled grape harvester G152 BC

For 1.70m wide vineyard
depending on trellis width

- Sideway unloading system.
- 6 cylinders engine 160hp at 2100RPM.
- Multi function high performing machine.
- Possibility to work with different engine speed.
- Hydraulic lift 600mm.
- Twin-Lock driving system.
- Cruise control.
- HHA, hydraulic head adjustment.

Harvesting module
- 2 680L central bin with sideway unloading.
- Unloading height 2500mm.
-1 950 mm frame clearance.
- Emergency stop at the rear of the machine.
- 650 mm between conveyors.
- 22 right and 22 left catcher trays
- Water tightness length 2650mm.
- 14 shakers.
- 320mm wide conveyors.
- 3 fans as standard

Structure, driving and engine
- Welded frame.
- Hydraulic lifting 600mm ( 25% slope correction).
- Hydraulic tank 185L with filtration system.
- 165L fuel tank.
- Deutz 6 cylinders engine 160hp.
- 160 hp at 2100 RPM.
- Hydraulic wheel drive.
- 4 Poclain wheel motors 2010cm3.
- Front tyres 380 x 85 R24.
- Rear tyres 480 x 70 R28.
- Twin-Lock Anti skid system.
- 4 working lights.

Lakeview Vineyard Equipment Inc.
40 Lakeshore Rd. RR#5, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario Canada L0S 1J0
Ph.: 905-646-8085
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GRAPE HARVESTER: BRAUD SB SERIES photo harvesters vineyardThe unique Braud S.D.C system allows you to harvest with maximum output, while avoiding damage to the vineyard and safeguarding the quality of the harvested grapes. The shakers of the S.D.C system are produced of a very flexable material and bent into an arc. The ends of the shakers are fixed both sides are maintained at a constant distance from the center of the machine. This creates a harvesting tunnel with a wide intake area, narrowing towards the center where the actual shaking takes place and the creates an opening again at the rear of the machine. A drive mechanism varies the curves of the shakers in an alternating cycle to ensure that one shaker reaches its maximum curvature when the other is in its straightest position.

The S.D.C system allows you to control the lateral movement of the shakers, and hence the effectiveness of the shaker system. The distance between the shakers can also be adapted, with a consequent reduction in the number of shakers required in a given fruit-bearing zone. This reduces the number of impacts to which the vine is subjected and thus the risk of damage during the harvesting. The new shaker tubes have a hollow structure – a Braud patent – which means that the shaker speed can be increased without risk of breaking them.

Tractor Base
Multi-purpose system Standard
Engine Iveco
Power 120 hp 117 hp 140 hp 150 hp
Engine type 6-cylinder Turbo
Displacement 12.82 ft 19.22 ft 19.22 ft 19.22 ft
Fuel tank capacity 55.47 gal 55.47 gal 59.43 gal 59.43 gal
Integrated Hydrostatic Transmission
Type Anti-Skid system
Standard front type 13-6 R 24
Standard rear type 16-9 R 28
Transverse leveling, electrically controlled from operator’s platform 30% 30% 30% 35%
Ground clearance 2 ft 2 ft 2 ft 2.6 ft
Emergency stop Standard
Operator’s Platform
Adjustable steering column and seat Standard
Computer monitor with digital read-out Standard
Multi-control lever Standard
Braud cab Option Option Standard Standard
Battery isolator Standard
Harvesting Unit
Type Pivoting, self-aligning
Patented S.D.C. system Suspended on 4 silent blocks
Shakers Bow Rod
Settings for shaker effectiveness 3
Number of shakers 14
Variable distance between guide plant with automatic resetting .7 to 1 in

West Coast
497 Edison Court Ste G
Fairfield, CA 94534
Phone: 707-864-5800
Fax: 707-864-5879

Korvan 3216XL

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Korvan 3216XL photo harvesters vineyardThe Korvan 3216XL was designed to accommodate wider trellis systems. With the hydraulically adjustable bow rod head, the 3216XL can pick up to 42-inch cross arms in 10-foot row spacings. The 3216XL give you the ability to pick multiple trellises with the same harvester

Korvan 3216XL optional features

Tires & Traction
- Traction torque hub package
- Trelleborg® rear tires, Michelin® radial front tire
- Michelin® radial front and rear tires
- Michelin® front tire
- Brake steer system
- Posi-traction

- Left side over-the-row conveyor and fourth fan
- Gondola discharge chute
- Trailer discharge chute
- Left dump bin and fourth fan
- Left side recycle bin
- Right side dump bin
- Inspection seat
- Magnet cleaner
- Reversing buckets

Other Customization
- Air conditioned cab with rear mounted control box
- Fluorescent light package
- Total control joystick
- Side specific automatic leveling
- Steering light system
- Hydraulic head spread
- Food grade hydraulic oil
- Catwalk and rear access ladder
- Lower trash remover
- Rear ladder
- Post stabilizer kit
- Beater tube extension plates
- Nylon catchers
- Remote greasing

Picking Systems
- Rotary picking head package: Orbirotor® shaker system with 3/8-inch rods
- Bow rod picking system with hydraulic head tilt
- Quad rod picking system with hydraulic head tilt

Length: 16ft 11in (5.16m)
Width: 12ft 9in (3.89m)
Min Height: 11ft 9in (3.56m)
Min Height w/ cab option: add 1ft 10in (0.56m) to height
LIft: 24 in (0.61m)
Tunnel Height: 6ft 6in (1.96m)
Throat Width: 4ft 5.5in (1.36m)
Weight: 15,700lbs (7,121kg)
Weight w/ cab option: 16,700 (7,590kg)

Oxbo Manufacturing Locations
7275 Byron Road
Byron, NY 14422