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New VX high-capacity grape harvester

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New VX high capacity grape harvester photo harvesters vineyard

The new VX high-capacity grape harvester helps to increase the lead of Braud technology in terms of innovation, harvesting quality, comfort, capacity and multifunction.
Specialising in large vines with abundant vegetation, the new VX is the worthy successor to this spirit of innovation and excellence. Again, harvesting quality and multifunction were at the heart of its design: new shaker system with flexible rear attachments and new quick shaking rod engagement (for vines), possibility of adjusting SDC shaker system using a New Holland destemmer – separator control mechanism.
The new patented system for quick harvesting head uncoupling and quick attachments coupling, along with a new boom for all the front attachments, are revolutionising existing standards. If you add to this all the competence of the New Holland dealer network, their teams’ continued training in all the latest technologies, as well as the availability of our original parts and all the possibilities of tailor-made financing offered by CNH Capital, it is clear that the new New Holland VX high-capacity multifunctional grape harvester constitutes, by far, the leader in its market.
New multifunction
The new harvester has been designed for use throughout the year, from prepruning to grape harvesting. In order to achieve this, a new patented system
to couple and uncouple the harvesting head and a new front boom, to be fitted with attachments, have been developed.
Exclusive and patented Destemmer – Separator
A revolutionary and patented design, completelydevoted to the quality of the harvest.
New engines
All conform to the “Tier III” standard; New Holland’s new engine offers the VX7090 all the power necessary for every condition of use.
New Anti-Skid hydrostatic transmission
The new hydrostatic transmission with which the new machine is fitted provides the advantages of substantial torque rise, optimised transmission with a new high-capacity hydrostatic pump and increased manoeuvrability.
New shaking system: three times
Gold medal winner The new patented and several times award-winning (Gold medal Sitevi 1988 and 2003, Eima 2003) shaking system guarantees perfect grape harvesting
and total respect for vegetation.
Content of site subject to change without notice. Please contact us for the most current information.

497 Edison Court Ste G
Fairfield, CA 94534
Phone: 707-864-5800
Fax: 707-864-5879

Useful ERO Grapeliner SF200

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Useful ERO Grapeliner SF200 photo harvesters vineyard

Here is an overview of the equipment features available on the ERO Grapeliner. Basic equipment includes numerous useful functions, such as a flat-screen display showing all harvest parameters at a glance, or the harvesting routines which you can set up yourself and save. With its comprehensive range of special equipment, the ERO Grapeliner can be adapted to particular needs and circumstances. Contact us so that, together, we can build the optimum grape harvester for your applications.

ERO-Geratebau GmbH
Simmerner Str. 20
55469 Niederkumbd
E-Mail: info@ERO-Weinbau.de

Reliable and competitively priced Grape Harvester

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Reliable and competitively priced Grape Harvester photo harvesters vineyard

Reliable and competitively priced grape harvester. Based in Mildura, Victoria, Australia, UR Mildura manufactures a range of mechanical grape harvesters and specialised vineyard equipment which we sell worldwide.
Using the latest research and development, we incorporate technology to provide versatile harvesters for individual harvesting solutions.
Reliable and competitively priced, our harvesters are designed to fully accommodate the needs and expectations of our customers.
Come in and explore our website and discover more about us.

UR Mildura
5 Byrne Court
phone (03) 5022 8811 – - International +61 3 5022 8811
fax (03) 5022 8599 – - International +61 3 5022 8599

Innovative DEUTZ-FAHR Grape Harvester

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Innovative DEUTZ FAHR Grape Harvester photo harvesters vineyard

Innovative DEUTZ-FAHR Grape Harvester. DEUTZ-FAHR has been shaping the development of agricultural machinery for over 100 years, with revolutionary inventions, innovative concepts and its legendary closeness to its customers. For 75 years now DEUTZ-FAHR tractors have been an established name for everyone in agriculture.

Viale F. Cassani, 15
24047 Treviglio
Tel: 0039 0363 4211
Fax: 0039 0363 421 638
E-mail: info@samedeutz-fahr.com

Very robust, well-engineered low maintenance, reliable grape harvester

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Very robust, well engineered low maintenance, reliable grape harvester photo harvesters vineyard

New Holland SB65 Grape Harvesters
This latest model includes larger capacity soft buckets capable of handling very large crops with little or no spillage. Full floating head for less post and vine damage. Spring loaded bucket frame to allow machine to open up over posts up to 450mm diameter. Hydraulic head adjustment, front and rear posts move together, positive hydraulic lock. Exceptional cleaning capacity w/-all four fans working through drop zones. Picking head adjustments available are, picking width, three different stroke settings and the bow in the rods are all variable to suit different picking conditions. Low picking head speeds, longer picking rods, floating head and soft buckets all contribute to less vine and trellis damage.
The New Holland BRAUD SB65 is a very robust, well-engineered low maintenance, reliable grape harvester.

New Holland Agriculture
c/o CNH America LLC
621 State Street
Racine, WI 53402
Email: na.topservice@newholland.com

Self propelled sugar-beet harvester 2 rows MB2200

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Self propelled sugar beet harvester 2 rows MB2200 photo harvesters beetroots

Self propelled sugar-beet harvester 2 rows MB2200. A continuous technologic development together with more than 62 years of experience in the agricultural-industrial field, allowed to reach the perfection in the actual production: a rich and complete range of machines in Land Moving, Spraying and Sugar-beet. A production of very high quality, in particular for the range of backhoes and self-propelled sprayers, the top range of Mazzotti, investing lot of efforts in this field, offering many different models and reaching the definition of leader in Italy. Always granting technical quality as peculiar in whole Mazzotti products.

via Dismano, 138 – 48124 Ravenna RA
tel. 0544 64284/64306
fax 0544 67712

Six row sugar beet harvester Rootster 604

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Six row sugar beet harvester Rootster 604 photo harvesters beetroots

The six row sugar beet harvester Rootster 604 with its 4 tonnes bunker capacity was first launched at Agritechnica 2007 in Hanover. For the one pass system the flail topper FT 300 or defoliator BM 300 are available for attachment to the front linkage of the tractor.
For a new dimension, the 9-row sugar beet harvester Rootster 904 has been developed. The 4.5 m wide intake unit is suitable for 45 or 50 cm wide rows. Based on this machine is the 8-row sugar beet harvester Rootster 804 suiting the demands on the Northern American market for 22 inch (56 cm) row widths. Both systems are especially developed for the conditions in Eastern Europe, the former CIS, Northern America and China.
To minimize drives over the headlands there is an optional steering stub axle fitted with automatic centre steering available. Another advantage is the new LRC remote control. This controls the driver of the trailer for the complete unloading into the trailer and releases the tractor driver of the Rootster so that he can focus on the digging process.
Also for all Rootster models is the new automatic track assistance system Root Runner. Available as an option it reduces the driver pressure so that he can fully concentrate on the digging process.

Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG
Hunteburger Str. 32
49401 Damme
Phone +49 5491 666-0
Fax +49 5491 666-2297
E-mail: grimme@grimme.de

High-yield Sugar Beet Harvester

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High yield Sugar Beet Harvester photo harvesters beetroots

Sugar Beet harvester
Kongskilde UK markets sugar beet equipment from Thyregod.
In early 2000 Kongskilde acquired a share in the Danish company Thyregod. Renowned in the UK for its range of trailed 2 and 3-row sugar beet harvesters Thyregod enjoyed the market share in this sector of beet harvesting. With Kongskilde UK located in a significant sugar beet area it was decided later in 2000 to appoint Kongskilde UK as the sole importer for the Thyregod range.

Hempstead Road, Holt
Norfolk NR 25 6 EE
United Kingdom
Telephone: 01263 713 291
Telefax: 01263 713 922
E-mail: mail@kuk.kongskilde.com

Efficient and Durable Sugar Beet Harvester, Type: Semitrailer

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Efficient and  Durable Sugar Beet Harvester, Type: Semitrailer photo harvesters beetroots

WIC sugar beet harvester
Type: Semitrailer
Aggregated with tractor, h.p.: from 170
Quantity of harvested rows: 6
Row width, cm: 45-56
Lifter point type: Passive cogged dogging disks
Bunker volume, m3: 4
Operating speed, km/hour: 6,5-7,8
Productivity, hectares/hour of main time: 1,6-2,1
Number of cleaning stages: 3
1 stage Tilted chain transporter of area 4 m2
2 stage 4 pairs of scrubbing rolls with auger coiling
3 stage vertical transporter of additional cleaning/supply to a bunker
Number of maintenance staff, persons: 1
Dimensions, mm
Length: 6252
Width: 4605
Height: 3995
Load for tractor hinge, kg: 2270
Mass, kg: 7700
Rotation speed of ВОМ, rpm: 1000

2 Brovarska str.,
Prolisky vil.,
Borispol district,
Kiev region,
Ukraine, 08322
(044) 490-77-81
(044) 490-77-80
(044) 490-77-82

Good Quality 03 HM Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine

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Good Quality 03 HM Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine photo harvesters beetroots

ALP – 03 HM Sugar Beet Harvesting Machine.
Our Company works on the sector of manufacturing agriultural machines for 40 years. We are one of the leading companies in Turkey and we have been exported many agriultural machinery to all over the world.
We invite all companies connecting about our sector to have quality, fast solutions and great after sales service.

Organised Industry Area
City: Konya
Country/Region: Turkey
Zip: 42200
Telephone: 90-539-9208353
Mobile Phone: 905399208353

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